B2B Video Marketing: 8 Types Of Marketing Videos You Need Now

If you are here, you know that the best way to take your content marketing up a notch is to invest in marketing videos for your B2B campaigns.

Trust us, the results will straight up feel like magic. 

Video content has had a tremendous growth curve in the past decade, and it is only going up from here. While YouTube entered our lives years ago, video marketing’s popularity has skyrocketed recently. And it is a welcome shift as marketers today swear by the impact of video in their marketing campaigns. 

You know firsthand that selling a B2B product or service is a demanding job. The layers of approvals, the endless meetings, and the constant follow-ups can be truly hard to manage. 

What if we told you that videos solve all these woes for you? 

We know, we know – sounds too big a promise, but our next section on the impact of video in B2B marketing will prove us right.

The Impact of B2B Video Marketing 

Video marketing is the holy grail for a lot of businesses and the B2B market is no exception. In fact, 62% of B2B marketers agree it is the most important format of content for them currently. 

This is from the marketers’ end, right? Let’s flip the coin. What are the buyers telling us about video marketing? 72% of people agree that video is more effective than text for learning about a product or service. And 84% of customers agree that video has convinced them to buy a product. SaaS companies increase their chances of closing a deal by 41% by using video. 

These are very impressive stats, especially when you know that a B2B sale is the result of a copious amount of research and vetting. 

Not just sales, B2B video marketing can bring you a lot of significant indirect benefits as well. 

88% of consumers agree they spend more time on a website with video than one without. For more video marketing statistics, you can check our report here.

The Benefits of Videos in B2B Marketing 

Before we go any further, let’s spell out the benefits of B2B video marketing besides direct sales and revenue increase. We know that video marketing is incredible for generating leads and closing deals. 

But what if you are looking for other benefits, too? Can video help? The answer is a resounding yes. 

B2B video marketing can:

  • Aid your SEO efforts: If you want to rank for a particular keyword, we strongly recommend creating videos around that content. Videos come up even before the paid ads snippet on Google, so they can boost your SEO efforts enormously. 
  • Enhance the reach of your social media profiles. Every social media platform is video-centric today, and the ones that aren’t, are trying to be. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are becoming major channels for B2B marketing. Video gets the most engagement here. 
  • Engage your audience better than any other content form can. 

We think we have built a pretty solid case for B2B video marketing, and all we have left to do is to outline what to create. And for that, our next section is coming right up.

Let’s dive right in. 

8 Types of B2B Marketing Videos you need 

Video content makes it easy for you to execute account-based marketing, and most B2B firms swear by it. But why? Because video is highly versatile and allows you to target customers at different stages of their buyers’ journey. 

In this section, Kimp has curated the top 8 types of B2B marketing videos you need for successful growth this year. Let’s check out what they are. 

1. Videos for brand awareness

The immediate priority for any brand beginning their marketing campaign is reaching customers. How can you make them aware of your presence while also putting your value proposition forth? And that is why we launch brand awareness campaigns.

In these campaigns, the aim is just to inform the customer about your product/service and establish the value you provide. So how can video help with that?

What do you think your customers will prefer – reading a 4-page brochure about your brand or seeing a 1-minute video? Of course, the video wins by a large margin. 

So, a branding video is a must for every B2B marketing campaign. It can explain the origin of your brand, mission statement, the problem you aim to solve, and your USP. Check out this list of Instagram Reels ideas for more ideas to help generate brand awareness.

Check out the video above by Kimp for one of our customers. It gives a clear snapshot of what the brand has to offer and how they can help potential clients. 

Kimp Tip: Branding or brand awareness videos work brilliantly in the initial stages of the buyer’s cycle and also when you want to convert the customer from a consideration stage. So, embed them in your welcome emails and cold opening emails to reinforce the value of your brand in the customer’s life. And be sure you’re mindful of the principles of color psychology in marketing in these videos!

2. Comparative Videos 

Do you remember the infamous Samsung vs. Apple ads? They are one of the best examples of comparative videos. The B2B market is full of stiff competition, and you need every edge you can get. 

Create engaging and informative comparative videos for your brand to show why you must be your customers’ top choice. 

We know B2B purchases go through endless rounds of scrutiny, and it always boils down to two or three competitors. Cross this barrier if you want to bag the deal. 

Make your content speak for itself with comparative ads. Just drop in this video to your buyers with a detailed specification comparison sheet. If you design the video well, you will not need the spec sheet at all. 

You can convince the customer with visual aids, icons, and actual visualization of the solution. What more does a customer need? 

Every B2B marketing campaign needs a high-performing comparative video to blow the competition out of the water. Wondering how to create one? You have the product, and Kimp Video has the design team ready. 

3. Product demos 

The next type of B2B video marketing that reduces the friction from your sales process is a product demo. B2B transactions usually involve sizable transactions. That is why the process of closing a deal is so long. But what we often forget here is that most people go into meetings with pre-made decisions based on the content they have consumed. 

And that is why we recommend converting your product specifications and manuals into engaging product demo videos. When the customer is researching your product, this product demo video will give abundant clarity on the product, its usability, and how it fits their problem specifically. 

You can either record a video with your team member demonstrating the product or service (a screen share, in that case) or opt for an animated video.

Above is a feature demo video by Trello. The video checks off a lot of boxes  – like including closed captions for accessibility, and animations to highlight features on the screen. 

Kimp Tip: Optimize your product demo videos so that you can repurpose them across various marketing channels, such as email, social media, and video hosting platforms. Keep it short and include closed captions/text overlays so that customers play it in a mute mode, as most do, and still get the info they need.

Looking to edit and optimize your product demo videos? Try a Kimp Video design subscription. 

4. Educational videos 

Closing a deal is great, but if you want that account to stay with you and refer more leads, you must consider post-sales customer experience too. Educational videos, such as How-to videos, tutorials, webinars, and training sessions, play a vital role in that. 

You may have a straightforward product or a complicated service. Either way, doubts are natural from the buyer’s end. The easier it is for the customer to address these doubts, the better they feel about your brand. 

How-to videos and tutorials can also help customers understand the product in remarkable detail. This, in turn, helps them make the purchase decision sooner. 

From a resource point of view, sharing a detailed and well-done How-to video and tutorial can reduce the load on your customer support team. Since you already answered the smaller questions in the videos, they can handle bigger issues. Better customer support means happier customers. 

Kimp Tip: Educational videos do not have to be boring. Include animations, memes, GIFs, doodles, and illustrations to make the learning process fun for your customers. These techniques can remove the barrier in understanding complex concepts too, which is a big win for any brand.

IBM’s video on the hybrid cloud shows how videos can make educational content engaging. 

You can also educate your customer via video on your value proposition with an engaging video, just like this video from Kimp does. 

5. Testimonial videos 

What do you do when a deal is stuck for quite some time with the customer stalling because they aren’t quite sold on moving forward? Do you offer to share the contacts of your previous customers to reinforce trust in your brand? It’s a pretty good tactic – and it works.

Testimonial videos replicate the same result on a much bigger scale. 

Customers are more likely to trust your brand when the opinion comes from an actual customer rather than a PR piece or your content marketing efforts. Leveraging social proof is the oldest technique in the book, and video is a medium that makes it the most engaging.

Video allows customers to see the person giving the review. Even if your existing customer is not comfortable in front of the camera, secure an audio message, and Kimp Video can piece it together for you.

Kimp Tip: You can compile testimonials by product, industry, and service to showcase the benefits your brand brings to the table. Curate reviews and testimonials for your social media too. Sharing reviews on social media can build a trustworthy image for your brand in the market.

Looking for ways to showcase testimonials and reviews? Check out our guide here for inspiration. 

6. Case studies 

We know you are doing a great job helping your customers, but how will your prospective customers know that? Showing your audience the difference you make converts them into customers faster.

Case studies can be quite dull and long. They often have too many numbers, lines of text, and can take a long time to arrive at the point. And that is why we recommend repurposing your reports and presentations into video case studies that can drive conversions for your brand. 

With a little animation, explainer text, and the right soundtrack – the case study will be nothing less than a movie.

This video by Salesforce for Barclays has a great impact with a little stock footage and editing. You can create a great case study video. You can also incorporate the testimonial videos at the end, as they have done. 

Showcase the case study videos on your website product or service pages to speed up conversion.

Kimp Tip: Irrespective of the nature of the video, brevity is your strength in B2B video marketing. Stick to shorter, crisper, and quick-to-understand videos for the best results. It also makes it easier to share the video on various marketing channels. 

7. Storytelling videos 

As we said, not every video is meant to convince a customer of a product or help you close a transaction. Some videos simply exist to create an emotional connection with your customer base and ensure that you remain relevant in their lives. 

And for this purpose, we bring you the format of storytelling videos. We all have seen ads where only a certain drink can satisfy a person’s thirst. Or only a certain car can give you an incredible driving experience. You can create such videos in the B2B marketing segment, too. 

It takes around 6-8 interactions with a brand to form a lasting impression on the customer. So the more you create meaningful content, the better are your chances of generating brand recall. 

Storytelling videos must engage your audience and showcase how you can solve a particular problem for them. You can create seasonal or topical videos in this format as well. 

These videos can improve the CTR of your social media video ads and also build a healthy impression of you amongst your customer base. It is the fastest way to become a household name.

You can try a highlight reel video like the one below.

Or maybe you want to go for something a little more creative like an animated video featuring custom illustrations, like one our Kimp Graphics + Video clients did:

Kimp Tips: Storytelling can be as simple or elaborate as your budget allows. It is not about the theatrics but the sincerity in the message and your success in conveying that matters. 

8. Product videos 

We already covered product demos and educational videos, so what is this? Well, a lot of hard work goes into creating a product. So, we strongly believe that we must match that hard work in launching and promoting that product. Hence, this is what we recommend for our B2B customers to make their products shine. And yes, this applies to our SaaS customers too. 

  • Product launch videos: This includes teasers, trailers, countdown videos, and BTS of the product creation process to engage the audience across channels.These work brilliantly on social media, newsletters, and advertisements. 
  • New feature video: Sometimes, it is not a whole new product but just a new feature. Record demos to highlight its value add to your customers to increase sales and sign-ups. 
  • Product promotion videos: Once the product is out in the market, we must leave no stone unturned to bring it to the customers’ attention. So create cinematic promotional videos, demos, specification breakdown, and customer review videos. 

Launch your B2B Video marketing campaigns with Kimp 

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