The Introvert’s Guide To Creating Branded Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is one of the most effective tools to make your profile shine on the platform. To capture the younger audience and compete with similar apps, Instagram is now prioritizing Reels in its algorithm.

It has been a drastic change for people who love the app the way it was. It also has significant consequences for branded content creators. 

Image Source: Instagram

Most people are not comfortable creating short-form videos the way the algorithm demands, and for many, the format does not align with their brand image. 

The need for a balance in your Instagram Reels Strategy 

Let’s take the example of Arya, who runs a non-profit in Africa. Her business rehabilitates people living in homeless shelters by connecting with corporates who are hiring and government relief agencies. Most of her donors are in the US, UK, and Canada. Social media is a huge asset for her as she can reach them easily through it.

But, the fact that it’s constantly changing can make it unreliable. Instagram is constantly pushing this format with Remix, Collaborate, and even Reels ads launching worldwide. So, Arya knows she needs to utilize this feature if she wants donors to learn about her venture. 

But her usage of Instagram cannot be the same as just any other creator. Most creator trends are very individual-focused, which may not be an effective strategy for Arya since she wants the focus to be on the cause and not on her. 

Not to mention the fact that she’s an introvert.

In cases like Arya’s, you need a strategy that connects viewers with your business or cause and is powerful enough to make people stop scrolling. 

And one that strikes a balance between creating something you like and something Instagram’s algorithm also likes. 

To crack the algorithm without compromising niche businesses,and introverted small business owners’ comfort zone, we need to understand what makes reels blow up.

How do Instagram Reels blow up?

Are you ever shocked at how many plays one of your Reels gets compared to others that get next to nothing? Is this making it harder to be consistent at creating Instagram Reels for your small business? 

Don’t worry. The Kimp Video team has done some digging. And we’ve turned up the common threads between most branded Reels that blow up. They are simple and actionable points that can help you frame a content strategy without too much trouble.

A popular design account featured this Instagram Reel above by Dave Oh. There’s no person but it’s still a hit. This Reel hits all the right spots in originality, quality, editing, and aesthetics. 

You can apply these principles for your branded Instagram reels too: 


Instagram Reels that use the native trending audio on the app get a lot of support from the platform’s algorithm, helping its reach. The platform has come down hard on importing third-party app-made videos or even videos with other platform’s watermarks. Stick to native videos (created in-app) or import an original video into the app.


A brand’s visual identity and Instagram aesthetic play a huge role in your Instagram Reel’s reach. Since Instagram’s claim to fame was a photo-sharing app, most of the audience still expects carefully crafted stills and videos. 

If you are going the faceless Reel way, use brand anchors as a substitute for your face. People usually relate and connect with faces, so replace them with branded stickers, emojis, or a significant branding element to let your audience know it’s your Reel. When choosing these brand elements, do a social media audit to make sure they’re consistent with your other designs.


Transitions like swipe movements, jump transitions and dissolve motions make Reels interesting and concise. The action keeps the audience hooked while the transitions compress the content into bite-sized videos.

Other interesting editing effects include splicing action shots together, innovative transitions, and filters that improve the aesthetics of the video post-recording. Bad editing and transitions can kill your reach, so watch out. We expand more in the next section on this.


Instagram promotes videos with higher watch-time, so ensure you create videos people can watch to the entirety. If you opt for a full sixty-second clip, make sure you keep it interesting and visually engaging throughout. 

The beginning of the Reel is critical too. Instagram does not promote videos that get ignored in the first five seconds itself. 

Reels with a higher engagement like share, comment, save, and like (in that order of importance) reach a larger audience than those without. 

Before we get to ideas for your reel, let’s understand editing and transitions as they are key to making your Instagram Reel blow up. 

Editing and Transition Tips for your Instagram Reel 

They say the devil lies in the details. We say the devil sits in the edit section of every Instagram Reel. Edits and transitions can elevate the quality of your Instagram Reel, but one misstep can ruin it soon enough.

The Kimp Video Team has compiled a list of editing and transition tricks to make things easy for you: 

  • Use transitions to spice up the Reel. They are also quite effective in how-to videos and transformation Reels. 
  • Correct the lighting, background, and aesthetic using professional editing services and make it attractive for the audience. 
  • If you are combining audios or using a mix, ensure that the video aligns with the audio at every beat. 
  • Alter the Reel speed with slow-mo, hyper-lapse, or time-lapse features to bring action into the video.
  • Use the camera up transitions or a jump transition for best effects.
View the Reel on transitions here.

How Introverts can create a Branded Instagram Reels Strategy

Defining a clear and versatile content strategy is essential for every marketing plan. But, when you cannot just hop on trends and shoot simultaneous videos like most people on Instagram too, you need one even more.

Before jumping in, let’s discuss what exactly branded Reels are.

Well, simply put, branded Reels are promotional content you create for your small business so that you gain brand awareness, recognition, a bigger following, and ultimately, customers willing to invest in your company. AND you can do this without showing your face if the content reflects your brand’s niche honestly. Posts using photos proved this, and Reels will soon follow suit. 

Additionally, it’s important to plan and create Instagram Reels in advance so that you can make sure the quality is consistent. And so that you can concentrate on your business without worrying about promotions so much. To make this process really efficient, entrust the editing and designing to a professional.

You can also use some services to schedule your content to help automate your workflows. Just show up to engage, and you are all set. 

Now that we have the tips and tricks in the bag, let’s look at some content ideas for branded Instagram Reels for introverts and camera-shy small business owners.

After this guide, you will be able to confidently embrace Instagram Reels to grow your page. 

Let’s dive right in. 

Branded Instagram Reel Ideas for Introverts (Minimal On-Camera time + Maximum Value) 

Your Instagram Reels strategy for branded content must be a mix:

  • Educational content that adds value to your audience and also establishes you as an expert in that industry.
  • Entertaining content so that users get hooked and improve your engagement metrics.
  • Inspirational content that inspires people to do business with you. 
  • Brand-related stories that keep your users updated with what is happening in your company. 

Let’s look at some of the faceless reel ideas for each of these categories:

Educational Instagram Reels 

As a business on Instagram, you constantly aim to reach more customers and persuade them to conduct business with you.

Educational Instagram Reels are your gateway for this. Reels have a higher reach and can bring many new followers to your page if they feel they have value in it. 

Also, educational Instagram Reels rank higher on customers’ “save” preferences. When you create more content in this category, your “save” metric goes up, and Instagram pushes your Reels on the platform. 

Now, while you can add value to your customers in many ways, there are some tried and tested options available to you when you don’t want to be on the camera.

How-To Videos: 

Across platforms, how-to videos like demonstrations of product usage, software operation, or an explanation of using a specific feature get a lot of appreciation from the audience. Reading manuals or going through mundane text on your website is tedious for everyone. By converting them into engaging Instagram Reels, customers understand you care about their experience.

You can shoot these videos in the top-down model and have an original voiceover edited in. Or, if it is a technology-based product, you can also opt for animated videos that swiftly show the message. 

Check this animated interior design reel by Jasa Desain Interior & Konstruksi. It illustrates what the brand does, has action shots, professional editing, and is faceless.

Before and After Transformations

Are you an artist? Does your work involve physical transformations? Or do you run a business in the health, fitness, or beauty sector? You have a unique advantage with this Reel type. Your business directly lends itself to transformations that reveal the value of your service to the customer.

Well-edited transformations can be quite engaging and hook the customer in, to see how it all turns out. This trend always works on Instagram, and you can use it to tell your customers about your business. Transformation videos are as inspirational as they are educational too.

The pantry organization Reel above is perfect to understand the effectiveness of Before-After Transformations. 

Kimp Tip: Sound editing and text editing, as well as the transitions, are key to making this type of Reel a success. You can use the snap transition or even the swipe transition. Need some help? With the Kimp Video service, you can easily create an Instagram Reel of transformations.

Entertaining Instagram Reels 

You have to create entertaining Instagram Reels too on occasion because the platform demands that, and the audience also needs a break. Also, you humanize the brand every time you create something just for fun. 

Jumping on trends is a necessity if you want your page to go beyond your inner circle. But, as an introvert looking to create branded Instagram Reels, it can be a challenging task. Thankfully, by understanding what makes trending content blow up, you can rig the game in your favor. 

Some Instagram Reels ideas that work across industry and product categories include:

Trending Audios

No rule says you have to dance or make the same moves as everyone else does with trending audioclips. You can use them to showcase your products, crack a joke, or announce a sale too. 

You can also get your product’s compilation edited to the beat of the song, so that it creates an effect of an action shot, keeping people engaged.

See what Subway did above? It was a popular trend; the company hopped on it while keeping the brand front and center. This Reel reached many and may have even made them crave a Subway sandwich when they saw it. 

Kimp Tip: If you really want to humanize your brand and make the same moves as everyone else, how about a custom animation in line with your brand? It will be fun, raise brand awareness, and let you ride on the train of trending audio. And, Kimp Video can make it for you in a jiffy.

Best of Compilations 

Everyone likes lists, especially the ones that guarantee the top 5 or top 10 products in any category. Listicles and best-of compilations make for easy Reel ideas when you are busy or just going through a slow cycle in terms of business. 

These videos have itemized lists that make people view them to the end. There is no camera time or recording involved in these, so that’s a huge plus again. Here, the focus is all on the brand or the product, just like you want.

The engaging Reel above by Finshots is evergreen, engaging, and speaks of the brand in the right way. An outstanding example of the Best-of Compilation. 

With a Kimp Video subscription, you can create as many listicle videos as you want and keep them for a rainy day. 

Brand Updates on Instagram Reels 

As an introvert looking to build branded content, you always want the limelight to be on your brand and not on you personally. Brand updates via Instagram Reels achieve that. It helps you build a solid brand identity in the market and avoid becoming the face of the brand if you don’t want to.

So, do you want to know what kind of updates work? Read on. 

  • Put the focus back on your customers and what they feel about your business. Share their reviews with a compilation of their messages so that it feels authentic. Get in touch with a designer and add images or video clips of the products they used on the Reel to raise brand awareness. 

This testimonial reel by Genexa should tell you that compilations and aesthetically designed videos can trump on-camera ones too. 

  • Create an aesthetic and engaging product highlight reel. Bring the product’s features out in their full glory with explainer texts and well-designed animations. People love aesthetics on this app, and you should leverage that app to highlight your product.

Kimp Tip: For an aesthetically pleasing Reel, features like the background, brand color psychology, and transitions matter a lot. If you taking care of all this feels like shooting is hard, don’t worry. Contact the Kimp Video team, and we will transform the video into something scroll-stopping.

Inspiring Instagram Reels 

Connecting with your audience is an essential step in converting them into paying customers. Inspiring content ensures that you do that in an engaging and algorithm-pleasing way. 

It is also an easy way to create an Instagram reel that promotes your brand without getting on camera. You have the option to design a light-hearted video with a motivational quote or share your struggles so that customers can feel inspired by you. By using action shots and live videos from your business, you can avoid going on camera for the brand story Reel too.

This motivation Reel by Starbucks is a hit for all the right reasons. It pumps the audience up and makes them want to get a drink from the company right away. 

This approach also humanizes your brand and keeps your profile active on the platform.

Kimp Tip: In both the motivational quote and brand journey format, use action shots spliced together to animate the video and hook your audience. With Kimp subscription plans, you can use the power of graphic design and/or animation to breathe life into your Reels.

Kimp – An Introvert’s partner in creating Branded Instagram Reels 

If you are an introvert, creating consistent Reels can be a tough task. You want your brand to do well, but making Reels and showing up on camera is not something you want to do. And it’s okay. 

You do need the format to push your business ahead, and that is where Kimp steps in. With our experience of working with many brands worldwide, we understand a thing or two about marketing.

We can design your content for you that ticks all the boxes for Instagram and your marketing strategy without you having to record or be on camera too much.

It is a win-win situation and one that comes with a lot of flexibility. The Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video subscriptions have a flat monthly rate with unlimited design requests. You can request as many designs as you want, and we will be right there to support you.

Sign up for the free Kimp Video trial to see how easily you can get catchy Reels made, especially with our expert design team. And if you need graphic design too, consider the Kimp Graphics + Video subscription.