6 Ways To Share Customer Reviews On Social

Looking up stores and products online before even considering buying them is a ritual we all have. Can you even remember a time when your step in making a decision wasn’t “Googling”? And more than the product, people look at what others have to say about it. 

Reviews and testimonials have a greater value than any other content a business can share on the internet. It authenticates your business and provides a frame of reference for the type of experience customers can expect from your brand.

So it’s no wonder that so many businesses use reviews in their marketing. Oftentimes just by posting screenshots or sharing directly from review sites. But, there’s so much you can do to get the most out of your reviews.  

This Kimp Guide will give you some innovative ways to use your customers’ reviews. And that’ll help you reinforce why your brand is worth a second look. 

Before we get into it, let’s take a look at how and why reviews and testimonials play a vital role in your social media marketing and advertising campaigns. 

How Testimonials on Social Media benefit your brand

Social media gives you a lot of power to influence people around you. Brands and influencers use this to gently nudge people towards their products and services, in addition to what they recommend. 

As a business working your way through the social media maze, customer reviews and testimonials can help you get to higher engagement and conversion rates faster. 

Testimonials and customer reviews grow your brand’s social currency by:

Establishing trust 

Customer reviews and testimonials have the advantage of being absolutely real. There is no gimmick or promotional activity in them as such. They are from paying customers. Witnessing the value you offer through the feedback of your customers builds trust for your brand and its products amongst your social media audience.

Accelerating sales conversions 

Most customers are apprehensive of buying things over the internet because of their inability to inspect the product or service by themselves. Customer testimonials help them cross that barrier and help them make that decision easier. 

Reviews are a powerful social media tool that can drastically change your sales conversions. They humanize your brand and provide social proof for each one of your claims.

Setting the right customer expectations 

A lot of times customer experience goes sour because it is hard to set the right customer expectations over the internet. Businesses usually end up underselling or overselling their services, unable to project reality into their messaging. Here, reviews and testimonials come to the rescue. 

They allow you to offer customers real insight into your process. And they also provide unfiltered information straight from someone who just engaged with your business. That clears up a lot of confusion. 

Soliciting testimonials – tips and tricks 

Now, if you want to make customer reviews and testimonials a major part of your social media marketing campaign, you need to know how to source them.

There are many avenues to solicit testimonials from customers, such as:

Source: Unsplash 

You can solicit reviews in-person too, and repurpose it later for your social media. In-person survey-based review processes can be helpful in retrieving detailed feedback. 

Kimp Tip: Video testimonials can be quite effective at making a good impression on your audience, but they can be hard to record. Especially if the customer is doing it themselves. So be sure to give your customer detailed instructions on how they should record their testimonial. Not sure about what these specs would be? Talk to your design team! 

Kimp Video can transform video recordings into an engaging and touching testimonial with editing to ensure that they’re engaging and on brand.

6 creative ways to share customer reviews on social media 

We just discussed the merits of sharing customer reviews on social media and the different places you can solicit them. But, it is not enough to seek testimonials from the customers and just share them as such on social networks. 

Grabbing customers’ attention is extremely difficult as every social network is overflowing with content and creators. After spending substantial effort in getting these testimonials, it would be a shame if they don’t get the attention they deserve.

To solve this issue, Kimp brings you six creative ways to share your customer reviews on social media. 

With these ideas, you can transform your customer reviews and testimonials into powerful tools for your brand.

Let’s get right into it.

1) Interviews

Stories and conversations always engage people on social media. Transforming your customer reviews into an interview format makes them clear and concise. And also takes the pressure off the customer to hit all of the points you need them to. 

The interview format reviews also allow you to ask the right questions to the customers so that vital information about your business comes across clearly. But, be careful to not make the interview feel too scripted.

Some ways to share customer reviews in this format are: 

  • Choose from your regular and loyal customers, who feel comfortable on camera, and have left you a review. Ask questions that prompt them to give more detailed info about their review. You can do this via video or audio. And the questions can be added as a text layover and/or a voice over that you record separately. 
  • If the customer is not comfortable being on camera, you can use animation (include animated text) and graphic design to break down their review in an interview/Q&A format. Bonus points if you get an audio recording that can work as a voiceover. 
  • Want to connect with customers who haven’t yet left you a review? Send them a questionnaire and then repurpose their answers into a video/carousel post for your social media feed.

Kimp Tip: You may have noticed how video and audio quality play a crucial role in making these posts a hit. That is intentional. We cannot stress it enough. Ensure that your customers record their videos with ample lighting, no noise disturbances, an excellent quality mic, and professional attire. If you will be with them for the recording, ensure you bring along a ring light and conduct the interview in a soundproof room.

2) Video Testimonials 

Sometimes, reviews, like our customer interactions, are short and sweet. They may not have enough content to turn them into an interview format, and you can’t exactly chase after every customer to give you longer reviews. That will just turn them away from you.

But, video content does really well on social media – especially testimonials. So what’s the workaround? Well, use what you have, but with style. 

If you ask your customer for a video testimonial and they send you back a one or two liner video, you can still jazz that up. Get your video editing team to add an intro, product footage, text overlays, and an exit frame. Voila, you have an engaging video testimonial. 

Text overlays, product images or recordings, and transitions make video testimonials meaningful and easy to consume, as well.

You can also compile the videos you receive from different customers for the same product/service and use them to promote that particular offering. 

Video testimonials have a higher engagement rate across different channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram Reels, YouTube, and Twitter. 

Kimp Tip: Every platform has a different requirement in sizing, quality, and formatting. Keep this in mind and have your videos resized and tweaked as needed for each platform. Also, native videos work better than links, so you’ll want to upload your videos directly.

A testimonial edited by the Kimp Video team.

This video is a great example of how you can take a customer’s video testimonial and edit it with details and graphics to enhance its value.

3) Social Media Ads 

Social proof sells, there is no doubt about that. We just discussed how it accelerates sales conversions and builds trust for your brand. Which is what makes it ideal to use in advertisements too. So, repurpose your customer reviews as video or graphic designs for your digital advertisements.

You can also use them on your landing pages. These are crucial touchpoints in a customers’ journey. Reinforcing the value in your brand, and why your product or service is the right choice to make, can really make a vast difference in the entire process. 

Testimonials can be a nice addition to your promo videos for a particular product or service too. 

Kimp Tip: Video ads are a better choice for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can add text overlays and closed captions to enhance the accessibility of these advertisements. 

4) Feed Posts and Stories 

Repurpose your customer reviews for your social media feed and Stories. This can be very helpful in consistently showing your audience how your customers feel about you. You can even start a weekly feature when you share customer reviews. On your feed, you can use:

  • Google My Business reviews
  • Facebook business page reviews
  • Reviews received via surveys
  • Email reviews 
  • Third-party platform reviews 

Include a picture, name, and the product in discussion when you share these reviews on your social media feed. But, as we know, just sharing them like that will not be enough. So get creative by:

  • Pulling an intriguing quote from the review and turning it into a branded graphic design post with your company’s logo, product image, and customer details. 
  • Creating an audiogram from an audio recording.
  • Using click-bait titles before sharing the review so that customers stay and engage longer with the content. 

You can also use these types of designs in your stories too. And that’s in addition to reposting any positive mentions, tags, and customer feedback. Don’t forget to create a highlight as well so that anyone who comes across your profile can access these posts quickly and easily. 

Kimp Tip: Posts with images and videos have a higher reach than text on social media. Create branded graphic design-based images and videos with a professional team so that these posts also match the aesthetics of your social media profiles and your branding.

5) Customer Journey Feature 

This format of sharing customer reviews works well for businesses and brands like salons, fitness centers, healthcare providers, and other cosmetic brands. People love stories, especially the ones with character arcs, inspirational aspects, and genuine change. 

So, that’s why the Before/After images you see on a Gym’s page are a tremendous hit. By including the customer’s feelings about this journey and your role in it you can create some really moving posts.

It shines a direct light on the work you do and makes it more real than ever. You can choose to feature customer journeys via images or videos. Whenever possible, always strive to share these journeys in video format. 

Videos engage people and also make them stay on your profiles for a long time. You need both to improve your reach and also to effectively transmit your messages to your audience.

Apple’s customer journey story compilation of how the Apple watch played a key role in customers’ lives shows you how powerful testimonials in story form can be. 

6) GIFs 

This may be the most fun format for sharing customer reviews and testimonials on social media. GIFs are a crowd favorite, and they are also one of the shareable content forms. People use them in their everyday conversations, so the relatability factor is high.

When securing video testimonials or interviews becomes a challenge, you can create your own custom GIF with customer photos and quotes. GIFs help you share a lot of information in a small format and keeps the tone light and casual.

It is the perfect blend of whimsy and professionalism. Also, brands who use GIFs in their social media marketing agree that the response is indeed tremendous for this format.

This GIF spruces up a review and makes it more noticeable and fun. The animation really makes people pay attention to the content and that’s what you want from a testimonial post. 

Kimp Tip: Request high-resolution images from clients for your testimonial and review posts. This way your custom GIFs, and other types of posts, will look great while raising brand awareness too. The Kimp Video team can help you create GIFs that are authentic, informative, and true to your brand as well. 

Spruce up your Customer reviews and testimonials with Kimp  

Satisfying a customer and getting them to send you a positive review is a hard enough job. And optimizing your reviews for social media can become too much to handle on top of all that.

Leave that work to a professional team with a design subscription like Kimp Graphics, Kimp Video, or Kimp Graphics+Video. Our design teams understand the value of presenting social proof in a manner that attracts your customers’ attention instantly.

And we do it for a flat monthly fee. Something that’s super convenient since sharing customer reviews is not a one-time exercise. It’s something you have to do on a regular basis. 

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