NFT Ideas: Let’s Talk Color Trends and NFTs

Ask any artist who has designed and sold an NFT and they’ll tell you how tricky choosing the right colors can be. After all, a touch of color can make a simple silhouette don a futuristic theme or look like an eclectic pop-art image. So you know exactly what we are going to talk about in this Kimp blog on NFT ideas – colors and color trends in the world of NFTs.

NFT design by Kimp

About colors in NFT, there is so much to discuss. To understand the role that colors and color trends have to play in the NFT segment, we’ll talk about 3 things in this blog:

  • The need for choosing the right colors in NFT design 
  • Buying colors as NFTs
  • Trading color-trend-inspired NFTs 

Because for all of these the right color can make or break the idea. In short, if you wish to stay ahead in your game, keep yourself up-to-date with the trending colors. From the electric pink celebrities are rocking to the Very Peri collections that designers have launched. 

So, are you ready to talk colors and NFTs? We are! Let’s get started. 

NFTs – A Refresher 

We already spoke quite a lot about the basics of NFT, the use of NFTs in marketing, design tips and so much more. You can get back to those blogs in case you haven’t read them already! But for now, here’s a quick intro for those new to NFTs. 

An NFT is a non-fungible token. Or in other words, a token that you cannot replace. As you might already know, in the world of cryptocurrencies, you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another as long as the value remains the same. But that’s not the case with NFT. When you buy an NFT with your cryptocurrency, you are buying the ownership of the design. The artist still owns absolute rights for modifying the design. 

To put you in perspective, when you buy an NFT you are more like a fine art collector, but on a digital landscape. When you buy authentic paintings, say from an auction, you own the art. But the artist still has the credits. You can, however, sell the art later. Similarly, when you own an NFT, you can wait for it to appreciate in its value and then sell it. Or you can simply be a collector with the pleasure of owning your favorite NFT. 

And in this case, it is not a tangible piece of panting you are buying. You are owning a digital asset, an illustration, or digital artwork in most cases. Having established the basics now, let’s look at the three trends we promised you earlier. 

1. Why Are Colors Important in NFT Designs? 

A lot of effort goes into coming up with NFT ideas. Part of this involves understanding trending niches and then adopting the right colors to execute the idea. Below are a few convincing reasons why colors are important aspects in NFT design. 

  • Colors play a crucial role in establishing the visual theme. Futuristic themes, retro themes, dystopian styles – there are many to choose from. And a lot depends on the colors you choose. 
  • Colors act as attention-grabbers. For example, the on-demand programmable NFTs on Art Blocks have been quite popular. The Fidenza collection in this, in particular, has intrigued several NFT enthusiasts. If you look at the unique designs in the collection, colors have a huge role to play. Colors combined with patterns help create the unique abstract shapes that sell. This is just one example of how colors can be used to create unique designs that grab attention. 
  • Colors help add a new dimension. Dynamic designs or those with an illusion of motion and 3D designs are quite popular NFT ideas. The color combinations you choose help establish these dimensions in simple illustrations. 
  • If you have seen the best-selling NFTs, many of them feature character illustrations in them. And for character illustrations, emotions are undoubtedly the most important aspects. Colors help you distinguish between happy and melancholic themes. 

Kimp Tip: The color rules are slightly different when it comes to creating digital artwork like NFTs. The idea of sticking with just two or three colors, for example, might not really be relevant in the case of NFT design. Focus instead, on choosing a palette that brings your artwork to life. Because here you are creating designs that people buy for aesthetics. 

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Using color trends for the best NFT ideas 

Now that we have spoken about the importance of colors in NFT design, we’ll tell you why color trends will make a difference. 

  • You will find a lot of people talking about NFTs but only a small portion of them actually buy and sell them. And these few who transact are often the folks who wish to stay ahead in the trends. These are people who know the perks of embracing trends before they explode. Naturally, when you choose trending colors, you are making an instant connection with these people who love the latest trends. 
NFT design by Kimp
  • When it comes to creating abstract art, a lot depends on the color scheme you choose. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with the right colors that trigger the right emotional response from the audience. Color trends are based on deep-rooted color associations. So, using them will be one way to simplify your work. 

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2. Owning Colors in the NFT Realm 

Did you know that you can own a color? You heard that right. After all, a few years ago if someone had said that a set of ape pictures could sell for millions of dollars, it would have been hard to imagine. But we all know and hear about the Bored Ape collection time and again in the world of NFTs. And how they were sold for  $24.4 million in an online auction last year. That’s how crazy and unpredictable the NFT realm is. 

And the newest trend that NFT aficionados are talking about is buying colors as NFTs. Yes, colors, not actual art with the colors but simply the colors. An NFT marketplace called Color Museum, lets you buy colors using cryptocurrency. Here are a few things you should know about this experimental NFT trend:

  • When you purchase a color, you can name it and add a custom description to it. This will be a way to convince more people that the color is worth investing in. And thus improve the chances of appreciation in value. 
  • When an NFT sold on the same marketplace uses the color you own, you earn royalties on the transactions. In other words, you earn not just by selling the color later but also when someone buys artwork that uses the color. 
  • Only 10,000 out of the 16.7million sRGB colors will be available for buying on this NFT marketplace. 
  • Like every other NFT, you will be able to see the complete digital history of the color and thus make informed decisions on which ones to choose. 

As you can see, if this becomes a reality and a widely accepted trend, then you should be ready to embrace it at an early stage. 

Difference between color NFT and color trademark 

If our discussion on buying colors got you thinking about color trademarks, we get it! These sound like very similar concepts. Yet they are so different. And knowing the difference is pretty important in order to make a decision of owning a color. 

  • Color trademark works differently because it limits the usage of that color by others. Some big brands have trademarked their brand colors. For example, the signature robin egg blue you see on Tiffany boxes is the brand’s trademark. So, no other brand in the segment can use the color. Trademarks are meant to establish your unique identity. And also to prevent other brands from mimicking this identity. 
  • On the other hand, with color ownership on an NFT marketplace, you are making the most of the color. You are earning from royalties. So, you want more and more NFT designs to use your color so that you can earn from all their transactions. The more the color appreciates in value the higher would your profit be.
Why color trends make a difference in buying color NFTs

When it comes to buying colors you have thousands of options to choose from. So, how do you know which one is likely to be profitable? Color trends of the year will be a good place to look at. 

NFT design by Kimp

If there are colors that are trending everywhere including in the world of fashion, many NFT designers are likely to use them. Designers might use them as primary colors in their design. Or if the NFT features a character illustration, there is a good chance of the trending colors appearing in the character’s outfit. Somehow, you have better chances of making profits since you know that the color will be used a lot. 

If that does not sound convincing enough, go on to the next section and you will have your answers. 

3. Buying Color Trends Inspired NFTs

If you are looking to dive into the world of NFTs and don’t know where to start, look out for color trends inspired NFT designs. We have a couple of examples to explain this idea. And these examples are also proof that buying trending colors will be a good idea when buying colors in an NFT marketplace become a norm. 

a) Pantone released NFTs featuring Very Peri. (Do check out our other blog on Very Peri, the color of the year 2022 for more information on the color and how to use it)

There were multiple NFT drops that Pantone held in collaboration with artist Polygon1993. These were futuristic-looking designs and they showcase the beauty of Very Peri in its many angles. Similarly, Pantone has plans to create several more NFTs. 

b) Did you spot the bright pink trend in the world of fashion? Nicknamed barbiecore, this trend became popular quite rapidly. And the NFTs released as a collaboration between Mattel (Barbie manufacturer) and Balmain are proof enough to show how color trends are important in the world of NFTs. 

Bidding here is for NFTs featuring avatars in unique outfits. And this is said to be a precursor for NFTs entering the world of fashion. 

So, when you know color trends, you will know what NFTs to buy, what colors to use in your NFT design, and what colors to buy as NFTs. 

Execute Your NFT Ideas With Kimp 

You might have all the bright NFT ideas with you. You might also know what colors you want in them. But when it comes to designing them, if you need to work with an experienced team, the Kimp team is here to help. Kimp has created NFTs of different kinds including character illustrations and more. Your NFT ideas delivered to you just the way you like them. 

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