Freepik Review: Up your marketing with premium design assets

Professional graphic design can be expensive and DIY design is time-consuming. When you run a business, time is money, and budgets are sacrosanct. So how do you make your business campaigns successful in this visual-centric world?

Well, fortunately, there are many tools to make this a little easier for first-time graphic designers, marketers, and even small business owners. 

Image source: Freepik

The challenge is figuring out which tools are the right fit for you. As a professional graphic design service provider, we are acutely aware of the challenges that come with this trial and error process. And while unlimited graphic design services like Kimp are available as a design solution, you may want to know more about the other tools that are available to you too. 

While our business model, and a completely remote-only team spanning different time zones are key components of our formula, we use many tools to deliver high-quality designs to our customers. 

And to show you how professional graphic designers gets designs done with ease, we discuss one such tool – Freepik and share how a Freepik Premium subscription can come in handy for small and medium-scale design projects. Before we get to our Freepik review, let’s look at what the tool does and what makes it so popular. 

Kimp’s Freepik Review: An Overview 

When you Google “How do I design a poster for my business?” many options come up in your search results. Some suggest hiring a graphic designer while others encourage you to choose one of the DIY websites to make one yourself. But there is a common element across them all. And that is the mention of the websites that carry templates, mockups, stock images, stock videos, and stock audios to help you create the design as per your preferences. 

Screenshot from Freepik

Freepik is one of the most well-known in that category. 

Freepik is a platform that designers and non-designers can use to gain access to a wide variety of design assets such as stock images, vectors, icons, mock designs, etc. Lately, they have also expanded to stock videos, illustrations, and so on. 

The platform ensures they offer genuine creative and innovative assets to their users by sourcing from individual creators, as per their contributor program. The website is also quite user-friendly and helps you search across categories and examples if you are not sure what you are looking for. If you are someone from a non-design background, then that is an advantage. 

Now, this may sound like any other DIY site that you have come across in your quest to create designs online. But it’s not quite.

Freepik has an arguably better collection of design assets and user interface than most. And that can make a lot of difference when you are looking to create something unique without a lot of time investment. 

Of course, we can’t deny that there are other such websites out there. So at this point, you’re probably wondering how Freepik compares to them. 

And to answer this, we would like to share our experience in dealing with such stock image websites. 

How Kimp uses stock sites as a design resource – and you can too!

Kimp is a professional graphic design service provider, and we create designs for both end-users and for commercial purposes. So, you may wonder how stock image sites figure into this. Can the designs we create using the assets from stock sites be unique? And can they be used in commercial scenarios with no license violations? 

Well in the case of designs being used for resale purposes, we create designs entirely from scratch. But for a wide range of other use cases, the design teams at Kimp tap into stock image sites as one of our resources. We’ll start with a few stock elements, that we edit and enhance, and then build a beautiful design around them.

In fact, each of our dedicated design teams that work with our clients – consisting of 3 designers and 1 project manager – access premium stock libraries to create designs for our clients. 

The nitty-gritty of a successful graphic

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of creating a successful graphic, many elements have to come together. And the quality of each of those elements plays a vital role in the end result. Not to mention that licenses have to be appropriate for commercial usage, and we must use brand-appropriate images at all times. 

Screenshot from Freepik

So whenever we choose to source design assets from any website, we verify the authenticity and the licenses assigned to the images. And our designers are seasoned pros, which means they can easily identify the various design assets they require to create a particular design. This ensures that creating unique designs while incorporating stock images and/or assets is not a challenge. 

We also ensure that we pick assets that can be transformed into unique designs and do not just use the stock elements as they are. To this end, the quality of stock images and design assets available through premium libraries, like Freepik Premium, makes all the difference in creating the best possible designs. 

And if navigating all this sounds a bit daunting, just remember – using these premium design asset websites and stock libraries to create original designs becomes easier with experience. 

Freepik Review: Why your team should consider Freepik Premium 

Yes, websites and libraries like Freepik Premium offer many free assets. But at Kimp, we believe in not compromising even 1% for our customers. And that means only using the design assets that work well with a brand’s style guidelines and offer a superior design experience to the end user. 

We also serve many marketing agencies, some of whom prefer to have their designs white-labeled. So, we only use designs that are licensed appropriately for a single end-user or for commercial purposes as per their preferences. 

That is why Kimp has invested in Freepik Premium accounts, alongside other premium stock libraries, as resources for our design teams. If this sounds like something you could benefit from, then it is time for you to invest too. While we understand that not every business’ DIY efforts may need premium assets, in a visually charged marketing environment like today’s, it is an advantage. 

Freepik’s Premium design assets are: 
  • Unique and innovative 
  • Compatible for commercial or personal usage 
  • In alignment with our customer’s branding guidelines 
  • Carefully picked by expert designers 

Freepik Review: Why do we think you’ll love Freepik? 

Are you still wondering why Freepik? What makes it special enough to warrant a premium account? For a small business, you may only choose to pay for one or two premium accounts across all of your subscriptions, so why Freepik? 

Well, here are a few more reasons to consider: 

Unique contributors to stock image collections 

Freepik has a contributor program and collects some of the finest designs and photos for its platform. While stock images get repetitive on most websites, Freepik has consistently refreshed its library and also instilled variety in its content while doing so. 

We live in a very diverse world. Stock images do not always reflect that, and that can be an issue when you want to create designs that are inclusive and more representative of your target audience’s lives. 

Freepik’s contributor program combats that issue nicely. 

Extensive library 

Most of what a designer or marketer needs is available at Freepik or their partner websites. And that makes your Freepik Premium subscription worth its weight in gold. More often than not, design projects require you to spend endless amounts of time just finding the right design assets. 

Freepik is a one-stop library that ensures that most people do not have to go anywhere else to look for their design assets. They have everything from vectors, icons, templates, stock audio, stock images, stock video, etc. 

Availability of the latest trends 

Consumer preferences are quite fickle, and we all want to deliver the most trendy designs to our clients and target audiences. Or include the most engaging images in our social media designs. Most design asset platforms aren’t conducive to that. And it takes an inordinate amount of effort to sift through their collection.

Freepik has a trendy collection featured right on the homepage so that designers and marketers can pick from the best collection and get started immediately.

Screenshot from Freepik

Freepik Review: 5 ways to use Freepik to create unique high-quality designs 

Ever wondered how your competitors create those stunning designs for their brands and deliver with such quality and finesse? Let us take you through some of the types of Freepik Premium assets that are a part of their arsenals. 

You can also leverage these for your design projects too! 

1) Stock images 

We work with businesses of all sizes and with entrepreneurs too. Marketing of late has become too intense and elaborate for some of them, owing to the many channels there are to navigate now. 

So not every business can afford to shoot professional images to make their designs stand out. But we know that using high-quality images has been long linked to the success of many branding and marketing campaigns.

To make your designs stand out, and fulfill your campaign goals, choose high-quality stock images and photographs from websites like Freepik. 

This platform specifically ensures that they have access to contributors from various backgrounds to showcase a wide variety of photographs. Also, their UI with clearly defined categories makes it possible for you to choose the right design asset for your projects quickly and easily. 

Kimp Tip: When you are picking stock images for your project, understand the industry and the audience you are catering to. That way, you can choose images that reflect them and are truly representative of that sector. 

Freepik Review: Get images with Freepik
2) Vectors 

Working on marketing and design projects in today’s increasingly competitive climate means you need to be able to create professional designs at scale with quick turnaround times. That is only possible when you are working with the best possible resources. 

When you choose design assets from Freepik, you can manipulate them and resize them as per your design’s requirement.

Vectors from Freepik can enable you to create designs that best fit the design brief you have in mind. 

For a small business or an amateur designer, working with vectors helps you avoid spending a lot of time in grunt work and focus more on design composition and effectiveness. 

With a Freepik Premium account, you can download as many assets as you need and that gives you the freedom to work in a way that will allow you and your team to build steady momentum. 

Freepik Review: Get vectors with Freepik
3) Icons

Icons play a vital role in pulling a design together, giving context to the text, and also improving its readability. They also attract instant attention, so choosing the right icons goes a long way toward creating a professional graphic design. 

When you are creating complicated designs like infographics, landing pages, or presentations, icons provide context and improve the strength of the messaging in your design. 

Freepik has one of the biggest libraries of icons and that means you can add personality and uniqueness to your designs easily. You can also access Freepik and Flaticon’s entire library of content when you sign up for Freepik Premium. 

Kimp Tip: Choosing out-of-the-box icons can elevate your designs. But their color scheme, design characteristics, and nature must fit into your branding guidelines. Do not choose just any icons because there is a huge collection available. Try to choose ones that fit your brand story. 

Freepik Review: Get icons with Freepik
4) Fonts 

Every designer knows that fonts tell an audience how to perceive and react to a message. Font psychology confirms this theory and even says that not choosing the right font can sink a design faster than any other design mistake. 

That combined with the power of aesthetics makes fonts an indispensable part of any marketing design. You want only the best and nothing else. And you’ll get this with Freepik. 

Working with a library of commercial license-certified fonts makes it easier to understand what works within a design. 

Freepik Review: Get fonts with Freepik

Kimp Tip: When we pick fonts for a project, we aim to incorporate the brand’s personality to invoke the right emotion in the audience. Customers perceive a lot from the font, so choose fonts that work with your branding and can tie in with the messaging seamlessly. 

Check out our guide on font psychology to know more! 

5) Stock Audio and Video 

Video has been a winner across all marketing channels lately. But it is one of the hardest pieces of content to create. This is especially true if you’re not an experienced designer or marketer who knows the ins and outs of behind-the-scenes videos, vlogs, interviews, and so on. So how do you create videos to reach your audience?

Well, this is where you have to be creative and work on repurposing your existing written or image-based content into videos. And to do that, you can use the stock audio and video footage available on Freepik via their Videvo platform. 

You can create video collages, and montages, or even create quick video ads for your products with these design assets. 

Premium tools vs Premium graphic design services 

We hope this Freepik review, and peek into the professional graphic design industry, was informative for you! If you are an amateur designer or a business just starting to explore visual marketing, then libraries like Freepik Premium’s can be a huge blessing. 

And if you are pressed for time, and are not sure if you can make the creative choices required for more intricate designs, try a professional graphic design service like Kimp. 

Kimp provides unlimited graphic design and video design subscription services at affordable prices for businesses and marketing agencies. With these options, you can be assured that with just a design brief and answering a few questions, the team can whip up the designs you need. Just as you like! 

Our experienced team of designers will take over choosing the stock image, font, icon, and other design assets so that you can work on building your business instead. 

Sign up for our free trial here to see how it works!