Crypto Marketing: How To Build High-Impact Cryptocurrency Brands

Marketing financial products can be a bit of a funny thing. 

Consumers tend to see spending money as an attractive and pleasant proposition. And marketing companies cash in on this big time.

But when it comes to financial products that help you maintain or multiply your wealth, people typically think of them as dull and not worth paying much attention to.

Be it investing options, banking solutions, or any other financial product, it is hard to make the advertising or marketing campaigns go viral to reach the masses. 

When this is hard enough in the traditional financial world, you can imagine how difficult it initially was for cryptocurrency marketing to start building momentum. Especially with so little awareness about it. And to this day, the cryptocurrency world is still knee-deep in myths, misconceptions, rumors, and worry mongers.

But over time we’ve seen more and more stories of success with cryptocurrency come to light. And with that confidence and curiosity have piqued for brands and investors alike. This financial model has become the stuff of legends. Steeped in popular culture, the brand awareness for cryptocurrency is growing exponentially every day.

While these recent events will help you grow your brand in the cryptocurrency world, it certainly is not enough. Companies need strong branding and marketing strategies to make a big enough mark in this tumultuous industry. 

This Kimp blog has specially curated and proven cryptocurrency marketing techniques to help you build, establish, and grow your brand. 

Before we get into that, let’s take a look at an overview of this unique financial world.

The Ever-Growing Cryptocurrency world 

The first cryptocurrency debuted in 2009, and the cryptocurrency world has come a long way since then. While bitcoin is still synonymous with cryptocurrency, there are many other new currencies in play today. 

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized financial model built using the safety and traceability of blockchain technologies. It is an attempt at digitizing our money and shifting wealth inequality in the right direction. After making slow progress over a decade, the last couple of years has been extremely favorable for cryptocurrency and its supporters. 

Information and resources to understand this new currency and become a part of this revolutionary concept continue to fill the internet. Many companies have also begun accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, pushing it ahead in its pursuit of becoming mainstream. 

However, as glamorous as it sounds, we must understand that cryptocurrency’s penetration depends on the world’s capacity to mine new coins and access the internet. Not to mention the stigma and distrust that surrounds this industry because of a few scamster companies.

Building a business in this industry is not a simple task, but if you go about it systematically with a few tweaks to accommodate crypto’s challenges, you can be the pioneer in the financial revolution to come.

How to Build Cryptocurrency Brands 

Amidst all the controversy, fluctuating market trends, and uncertainties on regulation, how do you grow your cryptocurrency brand? 

As we just discussed, the more people understand and believe in the power and validity of cryptocurrency, the better the valuations and market stability will be. And if you want the market and customers to associate these benefits to your own cryptocurrency brand, you have to be a louder and smarter advocate for it.

4 vital steps to help you build significant cryptocurrency brands: 
  • You must understand how your target audience thinks and interacts with the cryptocurrency model. Analyze your ideal buyer persona in terms of purchasing power, age, gender, occupation, and locations too. This will help you build a brand that caters to their exact needs. 
  • Be a solution-driven company. There are over 5000 types of cryptocurrencies and allied companies worldwide (and counting!).

    If you want your brand to be on the top of this list, you must understand what is missing in the market and then work towards a product that best fits it. 
  • Once you understand your audience and the market, it is time to grow your company into a brand. Building a brand gives you a unique identity in the market and makes it easy for the customers to spot you and avail your services, even from a distance.

    Define your mission, vision, values, brand personality, visual identity, content guidelines right at the beginning. This will guide all your marketing and advertising efforts in the future. 
  • For your brand and its products to reach your ideal target audience, you must invest in marketing and advertising campaigns. Since there are multiple touchpoints and avenues for customers to reach you, it is beneficial to spread these efforts across digital and other offline mediums.

    Ensure that your marketing campaigns are diverse, tailored to your audience, and live up to your branding image. This is your tool to spread knowledge, break misconceptions, and gain customers’ trust towards cryptocurrency.
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Kimp Tip: Marketing is the one thing that gives cryptocurrency brands the edge they need to win people over to the decentralized financial world.  And in such a competitive industry, design can be your ace in the hole. Especially as humans perceive and remember visually presented information better than text.

Marketing Ideas to build successful Cryptocurrency Brands 

Now that we know that smart marketing and engaging advertising campaigns hold the power of making your cryptocurrency brand a hit among the masses, it is time for an action plan.

In the last few decades have built amazing communication pathways between customers and creators that one can change to suit any industry. The Crypto industry is no exception. If you know your audience and the subject at hand, you can leverage these marketing strategies curated by Kimp and get your message across with ease. Also, there are quite a few restrictions on paid campaigns for cryptocurrency, so marketing with an organic growth aim is your best bet. 

So with no further delay, let’s discuss the marketing ideas that can help you build a record-breaking cryptocurrency brand. 

Build a beautiful website 

Since you work in this industry, you are aware of how hard it is to win trust once someone knows that you work with cryptocurrency. This “someone” could be a payment partner, customer, merchant, and even an investor. The world is a little wary of financial scams now, and cryptocurrency, to a large extent, remains an unknown entity for them.

If you want people to trust you, they have to understand what you are offering them. They have to be ready to evaluate you just like any other company. 

So, start at the beginning like any other firm does. Establish a sleek-looking, easy to navigate, and informative website. Demystify the concept that cryptocurrency is hard to understand and not for everyone on your website.

Your cryptocurrency website will build credibility in the market, improve your digital presence, aid your sales efforts, and further your SEO efforts, too. 

Next time someone says they don’t understand cryptocurrency – just share the website’s URL and let the website work its magic. 

Kimp Tip: Every element on the website speaks of your brand’s image and aids in getting that first impression right. Ensure that right from the icons to the banner, header, and page design, everything is on brand and easy to understand. But these elements don’t exist in isolation. They need to work together to create a great user experience. Another way to leverage design in making cryptocurrency information accessible is to design a web page that is extremely simplistic and is easy to navigate for everyone. 

Need help developing your branding designs? Try out a Kimp Graphics design subscription. 

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Designed by Kimp
Try email marketing

An email list is like gold for any business. More so for a cryptocurrency brand. So much is in constant flux in the crypto industry, and there is a new myth to bust every day. If you want your investors to stay with you and convert those on the fence about investing with you, you need a medium to speak to them directly. And email newsletters present that opportunity.

No matter how accessible social media becomes, emails always have a professional feel. People trust the information in their inbox. Especially since they opted into hearing about it. 

Some email newsletter marketing ideas for cryptocurrency brands include: 

  • Infographics explaining the current trends in the cryptocurrency industry 
  • News round-ups of what is happening with coins and trading 
  • Explainer videos on mining, trading, and various regulations 
  • Memes and fun content to people them engaged with your brand 
  • Giveaways, rewards, and referral programs to grow your community

Kimp Tip: Let’s agree that no matter how exciting the technology is, financial news can be a boring topic. And if you want the newsletters to bear fruit in converting and retaining your customers, you need them to be a little more engaging. Use the visual medium rather than text to convey your thoughts. Studies tell us that emails with the words “Infographic”, or “Video” in their subject lines have higher open rates. 

For more engaging and conversion-heavy newsletter ideas, check out this guide by Kimp. You can also connect with the Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video teams for newsletter designs. Just hop on our live chat to find out which subscription is right for your needs.

Use content marketing 

You can never go wrong by investing in content marketing. If you want customers to choose you above the thousands of other coins in the market, you have to populate it with your brand’s presence as much as possible. And consistent content creation is the only way to get it done with success. 

Content marketing needs many elements to come together for it to perform at its full potential. Here are some tips to make your cryptocurrency marketing a success: 

Diverse content
  • Create a diverse variety of content across digital and print mediums. This can be an informative blog, infographic, a white paper, a newspaper article, a PR note, or a fun social media piece. Your content must inform, engage, and inspire your audience for them to make that journey into investing with you. 
Content distribution
  • As much as creation is important, distribution is even more important. Ensure that you create and distribute content consistently across different platforms. Content repurposing is a great way to ensure that your content reaches the maximum users it can. Check out Kimp’s guide on some ideas you can use to effectively repurpose your content
Long-form content
  • Long-form content is extremely important for cryptocurrency brands. It helps establish you as a subject authority and builds trust among the audience. However, it is best to use design aids to support the readability of long-form content so your audience doesn’t get lost in a sea of text. 
Source: Instagram

Above is an example of informative social media content on cryptocurrency. 

  • Engage with your social media followers and crypto-loyalists by reposting your mentions, user-generated content, and funny memes. Meme culture is huge in the crypto industry. For many people, that is their primary source of information. Leverage this and create topical but branded memes to promote your cryptocurrency brand. 
Source: Instagram

Above is an example of a cryptomeme. 

Cryptocurrency Social Media Posts Designed by Kimp

Cryptocurrency Social Media Posts Designed by Kimp

Kimp Tip: Information is wealth, so you are effectively distributing wealth when you invest and follow through on your content marketing strategies. However, because the internet is overflowing with a lot of content already, you need something extra to attract people to this wealth. Use images in blogs, repurpose long-form content into carousel posts, or opt for infographics to truly elevate the value of your content. 

Need help with your content marketing designs? Work with a Kimp Graphics  design team to see how design can help your content marketing strategies.

Start video marketing 

People love video content. Across social networks, industries, and demographics, it is the most popular content form with a high ROI. A video makes the content easy to consume, engages the audience for a long time, and builds a direct connection between your brand and the viewer. 

Videos also improve the SEO scores for your targeted keywords since YouTube results come up even before your website. A branded youtube channel is a great way to reach new audiences for your cryptocurrency brand. 

Some video marketing ideas for Cryptocurrency brands are: 

  1. Animated Explainer videos on complex cryptocurrency concepts 
  2. Podcasts with industry experts 
  3. How-to videos on mining, trading, verification, and profile creation
  4. Industry trends, news round-up, or product review
  5. Video ads on website banner, social media advertising, and YouTube 
  6. Sharing real customer stories such as growth, trading experience, testimonials, and reviews 

You can use this content on your website pages, blogs, social media platforms such as Instagram reels, Tik Tok, Facebook, or Twitter. 

Kimp Tip: In videos, some factors ensure if it clicks with the audience or not more than the actual content. Your thumbnail, introduction cards, speed of the video, availability of captions, and editing are just some of them. Since video production can be expensive, get the most out of your footage with professional editing services. Want to avoid filming content? No worries. Animated videos can save you a ton of cost without compromising on quality.

Need help with designing your video content? Try out a Kimp Video subscription for video editing and animation services. 

Try local marketing 

We have spoken a lot about digital marketing campaigns for cryptocurrency brands. But the truth is, in this industry, local and community-based efforts are as important as anything you do on the internet. A whole segment of investors wary of the internet will trust your brand more if you have a local presence. 

Some ways to up your game in local marketing include: 

  • Billboards that raise brand awareness for your cryptocurrency brand 
  • Designing flyers and posters to distribute at local community meetups, providing information on the basic facts of cryptocurrency and your services 
  • Advertise your cryptocurrency brand in the local newspapers – seeing a brand’s name in print can be a final push for people who are still in the consideration stage 

Kimp Tip: No matter what your marketing medium is, you must always present a unified branding image to the customer. Choose a design team that can handle both web and print designs to ensure branding consistency in all communications. Be sure to develop a brand style guide so that the designers you work with can replicate your brand style, helping you build brand awareness. 

Source: Crypto Daily

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Managing a cryptocurrency brand is an enormous challenge and will remain so for some time. Marketing is the one weapon that can help you connect with your audience, bring credibility to your brand, and grow as a company.

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