How to promote a marketing agency using Video

While it has become common knowledge that video marketing holds the power to transform your business, not every business still uses it. It can be the fear of the unknown or it could be just that they don’t know how to make the most of it, but the gap definitely exists. And the faster a business bridges this gap, the sooner it can reach its audience effectively.

Within all industries, it is definitely the B2B companies that have not yet adapted to the new video-first world. For a long time now, B2B marketing has been relying on traditional models and has followed a sales-first model across campaigns. 

But the time has come to understand that B2C consumers and B2B consumers are the same people, so there is no reason not to use similar tools (with a little differentiation) to reach out to them. 

This definitely applies to marketing agencies too. If you run an agency, the strategies you apply for your customers can help you boost brand awareness, improve engagement, and build a stronger lead pipeline for your agency too. 

In this blog, Kimp brings you a round-up of the best video marketing ideas you can leverage for your marketing agency’s growth. 

Video marketing for B2B industries 

Before we dive into the video ideas section, let us take a minute to understand video marketing in the context of B2B marketing and campaigns. While video is booming everywhere and you cannot scroll through any channel without encountering one, what about results? 

Well, according to recent studies, 87% of video marketers who have leveraged LinkedIn video claim it to be an effective channel. Twitter video has also seen tremendous growth in the last couple of years. The platform’s official statement is that Tweets with video attract 10x more engagement than those without. Also, video ads have a 50% lower cost per engagement. 

This means that video is a premier tool across the two most impactful B2B marketing channels. 

Customers too prefer video to learn more about a product or service, telling us that video is a good tool for sharing educational content on the internet. 55% of buyers agree that they use video content to aid their decision-making. And that is why your video marketing efforts almost guarantee a positive return on investment.

While video proves to be an effective medium to reach B2B audiences, leveraging video in the right way has another hidden advantage for marketing agencies. When you reach your audience effectively via these channels, it is also a silent but strong indicator of your expertise. This is your proof of concept. If you can reach them, you can help them reach their target audience too. 

There is nothing to lose but everything to gain by entering the world of video marketing for your agency. 

So why wait? 

Wondering where to begin. Don’t worry, the next section has it all covered. 

7 Videos you need to promote your marketing agency 

If you are a marketer pitching video marketing to your boss or are a marketing agency owner, you may be thinking that video marketing is expensive and time-consuming. Yes, while it can be both these things, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. 

There are many videos that you can produce for your marketing agency within budget and without even appearing on camera if you do not wish to. 

And as promised, here is a roundup of the best video videos you can use to promote your marketing agency. 

1. Company Introduction video

An elevator pitch can make or break your business,  right? The right company introduction video has a similar impact, if not bigger. In these times of reducing attention span, it is impossible for a customer to know every business out there and also remember them. As a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to make this information accessible to them. 

Traditionally, a customer knows about you via your social media bios or your “About US” page. But, we know that video trumps images and text, so why build an old-fashioned text-based page when you can create a company introduction video?

Create a video that talks about your story, your missions, vision, and values in addition to the services you provide. 

Company Introduction video example 

Possible placements : 

  • Your About US page 
  • YouTube Channel trailer 
  • LinkedIn cover story video on the CEO/Agency Owner’s profile 
  • Pinned post on Instagram 
  • Pinned Tweet on Twitter 

Kimp Tip: Since the company introduction video has a very versatile placement possibility, it is best to design/shoot it in portrait alignment. That way, you can use it for maximum impact. If you need a longer video for your website, work with your design team to shorten it for social media. 

Looking for a team to create an attractive company introduction video for your agency without heavy production? Connect with Kimp Video today! 

2. Testimonials 

Social proof is the biggest influencer in this world. No matter who vouches for you or who you use in your advertising campaigns, nothing can win over your potential clients such as your existing clients singing your praise. According to a recently published study, 62% of consumers tell us that they trust people in their community more than journalists, CEOs, or even scientists. 

This is the time to take word-of-mouth marketing to an even bigger level. We are sure you have many loyal customers who would love to share their experience. They may have even left reviews via personal emails, social media platforms, and Google. But unfortunately, your new clients may miss these places. 

So why not make the most of this valuable piece of content by presenting it in a format that your potential clients would love to see? Yes, we are talking about video testimonials. 

If you can, always work with your customer support team or direct clients to record a quick video of their experience with you. That can make a world of difference. If they are too camera shy, ask for an audio testimonial that you can later parse over the project video or use an animated video format to showcase it. 

Possible Placements : 

  • YouTube Channel
  • Social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter
  • Newsletters 
  • Landing pages 
  • Video Ads 

Kimp Tip: Testimonial videos are not always the most engaging ones. And that is okay, but design them such that they can hold the audience’s attention till the end. Add captions and subtitles, while keeping it as short as possible for maximum impact. If you can adapt a storytelling route, then longer videos work it. 

Example of a testimonial video 

Check our guide on presenting testimonials here

3. Behind-the-scenes video 

Let’s face the truth that even B2B marketing has to be entertaining to hold your customer’s attention. While they appreciate a straightforward and educating video, not everything has to be perfectly serious. A little entertainment can help them relate to the brand and also connect with it on a more personal level. 

Behind-the-scenes video is the perfect way to showcase the lighter side of your marketing agency while showcasing your team, process, and values. It also happens to be one of the most versatile videos because it can be educational, entertaining, humorous, narrative, or even in the form of a quick video blog. 

Authenticity is a significant pillar for any marketing or branding exercise. And what can build authenticity and persuade customers to trust you than a sneak peek into your process? 

So bring your customers one step closer to your brand by showing them how you work your magic. Showing is always better than telling. 

Kimp Tip: Behind-the-scenes videos work brilliantly on social media, if you know how to get the edit right. Work with a professional team like Kimp Video to sync them to the latest trending sounds for Instagram Reels and TikTok, or even add effects to spice it up. 

Want to know how it works? Connect with the Kimp Video team today! 

4. Explainer videos 

Out of all the videos that are the easiest to produce, educational videos are the ones that bring the best results. As stated in the previous section, customers prefer gaining information about products and services via videos than other mediums. And for a marketing agency, this is great news. 

It is the easiest to create, you already have the content at hand, and you can create these videos without having to ever appear on camera. 

Sounds great, right? 

Explainer videos can center around a topic around your niche, a technical concept, news items that your audience may find interesting, and so on. As long as you find that is relevant to your target audience, you can create an explainer video on any topic. 

Possible placements :

  • Video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Slideshare, and so on
  • Social media platforms 
  • Product pages on your website
  • Blogs and articles for SEO efforts 
  • Newsletters 

As you can see this is a very popular and versatile tool in video marketing. Use it well. 

Did you know that adding animated elements and interesting audio to your video can make it more engaging? Connect with our Kimp Video team to amp up your explainer video content today! 

5. Case studies 

If there is one way to leverage video content is to display your expertise and show your customers that you can make a difference in their lives. Reviews, testimonials, and explainer videos are a few ways to do that. 

But they are still very transactional in nature and sometimes you need the magic of storytelling to bring it all together. And that is why using video case studies in your marketing campaigns can make a huge difference. It is all rolled into one. With the right content, you can help customers see who you work with, explain the concept and challenges, and show you bring out the change. 

Most marketing agencies already have a few case studies on their website but they hardly get any views. This way you can improve its reach and distribute it to a larger audience base. 

This is an ideal piece of content to attract TOFU (top of the funnel) audience and also convert BOFU (bottom of the funnel) customer base. Position it the way it works for you, case studies have immense potential any way you look at them. 

6. Interviews and Podcasts 

While everyone claims that B2B marketing has changed, there is one concept that has been a constant over the years. And that is definitely the need for a B2B business to establish itself as a subject matter expert and a thought leader in the industry. This need is more prominent when you work in a competitive industry like marketing. 

Building personal brands and showing your customers that you know what you preach becomes very important. The audience that turns to you for knowledge today will become your customers tomorrow and that is the absolute truth. 

So how can you take thought leadership to the next level with video? 

  • Launch an interview series on your video streaming channels to introduce your audience to a horde of knowledge 
  • Create and publish a podcast on industry-level topics and become a part of their everyday routine. 

These two simple techniques can help you boost brand awareness and occupy a large part of your customer’s time, which will eventually lead to higher sales. 

Kimp Tip: Intellectual property like podcasts and Interviews are literally worth their weight in gold in the content marketing world. Make the most of them by repurposing for social media and other channels. 

Check our guide on video repurposing for more ideas. 

7. Sales and process videos 

Product videos have dominated the world of B2B videos for a long time now. As they should. When customers can access all the information they need about your offerings via video, it improves your conversion rate by 80%. But how do you replicate this result for your marketing agency? 

Since you do not have a direct product to promote, try these videos for similar results : 

  • Create onboarding process videos to tell your customers how you approach a sale and what they can expect on signing up with your agency. This removes a lot of doubt from them and encourages them to get on the call with you. 
  • Your services are your products. Elaborate on the process you follow in helping them achieve their marketing goals. Reveal as little as possible, to make them click that signup button. 
  • If you have a proprietary tool, you can also create a demo video to attract your client base. 

Possible placements : 

  • YouTube channel
  • Product pages on website 
  • Onboarding page on website 
  • Welcome email 
  • Landing pages 

Boost your B2B video marketing strategies with Kimp 

When you spend your day working on client marketing campaigns, working on internal campaigns can feel too exhausting. But they are equally important if not more for the continued growth of your marketing agency. 

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