Podcast Marketing: 9 Ways To Repurpose & Promote A Podcast

The world is an ever changing place, especially online. People keep changing their preferences, and there is always a new kid on the block to look out for.

But sometimes, old favourites come back to life, and people embrace them with open arms. 

Podcasts are a content format that seems to have brought radio vibes to the internet. While Podcasts have been around for a long time, superior-tech and streaming platforms have given them a new life from 2018. 

From 500 thousand active podcasts, we now have close to 2 million podcasts as counted at the start of 2021. Not to mention the thousands that kicked off in 2021. 

So if you are planning to launch one, we want to tell you that the time is now. Podcast audiences are also increasing the time they spend listening to audio content. 

You just have to find a niche audience that will appreciate and enjoy your content. And the key to that is employing the right marketing techniques.

The importance of Podcast Marketing 

With over 2 million active podcasts worldwide, it is easy to get lost in this overpopulated content world. And as we said, a podcast’s success heavily depends on its native audience. So finding and connecting with your target audience has to be one of your top priorities as a podcast creator.

Understandably, marketing your podcast will help you take it to an audience base that will appreciate it. And since the internet and specifically social media generate the highest traffic to podcasts, this is definitely working in that respect.

Promoting your podcast can also bring out other tangible and intangible benefits such as:

  • Generating brand awareness for you as a creator or the brand you are representing/ creating the podcast for. 
  • Bringing in a large volume of traffic, hence making it lucrative for brands to advertise/collaborate with you. The podcast advertising market is on the rise, and this can be a great opportunity to monetize your content. 

Now that the advantages of promoting your podcast are out on the table, let’s take a look at how you can do it.

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Getting the most out of your Podcast Marketing through Repurposing

Podcast production is no easy feat. There is a lot of effort, time, and resources that go into ideating, creating, editing, and securing a publishing platform for your podcast. Promoting your podcast strategically means that no effort goes to waste. 

While there are many avenues to promote your podcast to improve its reach, the best source right now is repurposing your podcast content. 

Repurposing your podcast content involves creating additional content pieces from the existing podcast and making it suitable for audiences on different promotional platforms. You may wonder how exactly does podcast repurposing help in promoting? We’re glad you asked. 

  • The beauty of repurposing is that it takes you so much beyond the podcast audience’s purview. You can take your content to blog readers, social media users, and any content consumer. If the content connects with them, they will come to your podcast.
  • There are hundreds of social media platforms on the Internet today. Promoting your content here will ensure you have a steady flow of new consumers coming your way. But a podcast is not by itself something most social media platforms cater to. So, repurposing is how you can leverage these platforms to promote your content. 
  • Repurposing your podcast into audiograms, long-form articles, blogs, and social media content helps your SEO efforts and is vital in generating traffic to your website. 
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Podcast Marketing: 9 Ways to Repurpose and Promote your Podcast to Drive Traffic 

As we all know, podcast content is not ideal for most digital platforms, such as social media, blogs, brand websites, or third-party content sites. So to promote your content, you have to convert it or repurpose it suitably. 

The Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video Team bring you 9 ways to repurpose and promote your podcast across different communication channels. 

With no further ado, let’s get right into it. We have divided the content into pre- and post-launch so that you can get your content calendar for podcast promotion ready in no time. 

Pre-Podcast/Episode Launch Podcast Marketing

1) Buzz Generation 

Buzz is the word. No matter what you are going to launch, buzz helps to get the momentum going. So a long week of buzz generation with podcast promos, trailers, countdown stories, and teaser content can help you hook your audience in.

Podcast trailers and teasers can be tricky since most creators have the audio ready before the video. Also, the video may not be publish-ready most times since it is for a podcast. In such cases, using audio snippets and some graphic designs to create a trailer is a great idea. 

Designed videos are no lesser than produced ones and perform well as trailers on the website, social media, and streaming platforms.

The Audiogram turned into a Podcast Trailer above is a great example of how you can repurpose your audio content for Youtube, one of the world’s largest streaming platforms. 

2) Social Media Posts

There is no one size fits all solution for marketing, especially digital marketing. You need a little of everything to constantly stay in your audiences’ view. Another method to repurpose your podcast content for promotion is creating Podcast release posts. 

For social media posts and image posts for podcasts, designs that include the creators’ faces and relevant imagery have a higher engagement rate. With these, you put a face to the audio content and keep the audience connected to you.

The poster above from NPR’s code switch using illustrations is a nice touch. Instead of just adding the book cover or the speaker’s image, they took a step ahead to make it personal. And it works! 

Kimp Tip: You can use the same posters in your Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories to promote the podcast episode once it’s out. And use the swipe-up link sticker available on Stories on Instagram to drive traffic too. 

3) Email marketing

Across all industries, email marketing campaigns have the highest ROI rates. This is because customers trust emails over any other digital communication. One reason for this is also that it is a voluntary relationship. So, announce new episodes, podcast launches, and an important guest on your podcast via newsletters. 

You can include audio snippets, GIFs, quotes from the podcast, and the designs we discussed for social media. This will make the newsletter more interactive than a text-based format. 

If you have a link in hand for the podcast, include it in your designs with a reminder countdown so that it becomes easier for your audience to access it on launch day.

This email inviting existing subscribers to become podcast listeners is a good example of effective newsletter design. It is simple, highlights the CTA and opens with an engaging cover image. 

Kimp Tip: Newsletter design elements such as color, font, design, and layout play a vital role in getting customers to click on your CTA. You can use a Kimp Graphics design subscriptions to get highly converting newsletters designed, that hit all the right notes in design, visual hierarchy, and messaging. 

4) Website 

Your website is probably where you get most of the traffic. And the people who land there are all qualified customers who are interested in you, your brand, and what you have to offer.

Announcing podcast launches is a great way to ensure that you build another channel of communication with your audience. You can include this information on a dedicated landing page on your website with links to the streaming platform, or just include a banner with the current podcast episode info for anyone to click on. 

Create a Podcast cover for your Podcast to display on your website and also to improve brand recall for the content. 

PS: The same podcast cover will look great on a billboard or outdoor signage with a QR code to the streaming platform. Podcast audiences can come from non-digital platforms too. And it is time to consider crossover opportunities for both these worlds.

Launch and Post-launch Podcast Marketing

Okay, buzz generation is under control, and now the podcast is out. Chances are people missed the early announcements or just started following you on your social media platforms, or forgot about it altogether. So, once the podcast is out, it is time to get back on the content train.

5) Audiograms 

Let’s begin with a content type that seems to be the most popular on the Internet right now, even edging out video at times. Yes, that is audio content. Audio needs less effort to engage and understand than video but gives you the same emotions of video content. 

How do you leverage audio content on social media platforms? The answer is audiograms. An audiogram is typically an audio snippet playing over a static image (graphic design, illustration, or a photograph). While this is a major phenomenon on Instagram, audiograms as a way to repurpose podcast content is slowly catching on everywhere.

So, go ahead, extract an important part of the conversation and turn it into an audiogram for social media. This format works well on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat, to name a few social media platforms.

Kimp Tip: The cover image is very important for the success of audiograms. Most social media users have a default mute play in place, so make sure that you include captions in your audiograms. And the cover image must be well designed and not obstruct the caption placement. 

Sign up for the Kimp Graphics + Video subscription, and our teams will take care of all these elements for you.

6) Combining audio & video 

Audio content is growing, yes, but you don’t overturn classics in a day. Video content still reigns supreme across all digital platforms, and podcasts still get prime views on YouTube. So, if you want your podcast to reach every corner on the Internet, then you must truly consider adding a camera to your podcast. We understand if you are apprehensive about the video production quality. 

But you must remember that people come to you for engaging content. And video is a way to put a face to the audio and amp up engagement levels. Above all, you can always improve the quality and aesthetics in post-production to an extent. 

Adding the video element to a podcast also makes it suitable for repurposing into IGTV videos, Facebook Watch Videos, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram Reels, stories, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Kimp Tip: If you are not comfortable adding a camera to your podcast sessions, do not think that you have to miss out on the benefits of video. Kimp Video can create podcast videos for you that align with your brand. 

Or, we can help you compile audiograms based on topic, content, or guests with a static image as a background. Sign up for a Kimp Video subscription to explore all of these opportunities and more!

7) Interactive content 

If there is anything that gets more engagement and shares when compared to video, it is interactive content. And most popular content forms under the interactive category include Memes, GIFs, gamified content, and Infographics. 

Each one of us has funny moments that are extremely GIF and meme-worthy. Well, seize the opportunity and make some for your audience. If you have video content for the podcast, you can work with a design team to use one of the frames to create GIFs or memes. 

Gamified content can be anything from puzzles, match the quote to the episode, or This/that on stories. 

Infographics, on the other hand, are a hybrid of educational and interactive content. Turn the statistics and case studies from your podcast into bite-sized information with infographics. Include relevant images and Voila! You have social media gold. 

Kimp Tip: You don’t have to stick to Interactive content just during the podcast launch or when a new episode is out. You must post consistently on all platforms to capture your audience’s attention in the long term. So, you can use these design ideas for podcast promotion during the gaps in episode launch too. 

8) Long-form content 

When the podcast is out, you have catered to an audio and video-centric audience successfully. But, there is still an audience for the written word on the Internet. Blogs still get quite a lot of traffic, not to mention the advantage of long-form content in SEO efforts. 

Transcribing your podcasts can help you create impressive blogs for that audience niche and make substantial progress in your SEO efforts. Even for blogs, you can include audiograms, video snippets, and infographics to make it readable. 

Having authentic media in the blog also improves the backlink rates, improving your SEO scores. 

9) Image Quotes 

Remember when social media was full of quotes on images? Well, social media tends to include a wider range of content today. But it is still super effective to repurpose your podcast content for social media, websites, and blogs. 

When you create image quotes from your podcast, work with a designer to ensure that the image supports and does not dominate the quote. The design here must intrigue the audience and make them listen to the entire conversation instantly.

Image quotes can also serve as podcast covers, cover images for video snippets, and audiograms. 

Enhance your Podcast Marketing efforts with Kimp 

Creating a podcast is a monumental task. And now that you have done it, we think it’s time to get some help to promote it far and wide. 

Podcast marketing is complex, vast, and needs a nuanced approach. When you market across channels, you want a team that understands branding consistency, design principles, and marketing strategies. 

And the design teams at Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video have got you covered. 

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