8 Ways To Repurpose Video Content Across Channels

Social media marketing is growing at an unprecedented rate. Any business without a substantial digital presence is at a direct disadvantage in the market. And that’s true irrespective of the size and industry.

However, nailing your social media marketing can feel daunting and complicated without a game plan.

Every network has a specific demand in terms of content form, and you have to play by the algorithm’s rules if you want to see results. Chances are you’re facing this challenge.

You want to create a presence for your brand on social media, but you don’t have the time or resources to create a bunch of different types of content.

Thankfully, you don’t have to. If you are an entrepreneur, social media marketer, or a small business owner, we have just two words for you – video marketing.

Across marketing channels, video marketing is the favorite. The results you get are unparalleled with any other content. So if you’re strapped for time, focus on video. 

Yes, creating videos for different social media networks with their different formats can seem difficult, not to mention expensive. But there are a lot of ways to work around that. And the most important and effective is repurposing. 

Kimp has curated a list of ways you can make the most of your video content via repurposing. But before we get into that let’s take a step back and take a look at the power of repurposing.

Why repurpose video content?

Video marketing is truly killing it in the last few years. And it is only going to get more prominent from here. All major social networks are altering their algorithm to highlight video content more and more. Schemes to incentivize creators to push more video content are also in the works.

Having said that, you may wonder if you should honestly repurpose your video content or just give in and shoot more. 

Well, believe us when we say repurposing your video content is actually beneficial for your brand. When you repurpose your video content, you:

Improve the reach of your valuable content 

Conceptualizing, shooting, editing, and posting video content is an unending process. But often each video itself is a goldmine of shareable evergreen content. So, why restrict it to one platform? If with a little editing and format tweaking, you can make it available to another set of social media users, go for it. Why lose out on getting the most results across platforms? Content creation is necessary, but there are days when redistribution trumps creation. 

Send a cohesive and consistent branding message 

Every message you put out there is a part of your branding. And it is your responsibility to ensure your customers receive a consistent experience from you across all channels. Repurposing your video content to suit each platform and its unique audience allows you to achieve this vital branding objective. 

Optimize your marketing spend 

Let’s address the obvious here. Yes, when you repurpose your video content, you save time, money, and resources that go into creating an individual video. And this is a great thing. As a brand, you have to optimize your budget to reach more customers and invest in advertising models with higher ROI. Saving video costs can indeed help you improve your ads. More on that in the next section. Read on! 

With so many benefits, it is time to dig into the ways you can repurpose your existing video content for better benefits.

8 Ways to repurpose Video Content across Channels 

When you decide to focus your marketing and content creation efforts on video, you set yourself up for a lot of hard but also rewarding work. Video is currently the superstar of the content industry. 

With video repurposing ideas, you can make your content and brand shine the brightest across every channel possible. And we can now put all the time you’ve already spent creating videos to great use. 

Let’s roll.

1) Video Ads

Digital advertising campaigns can be a pain to get right. Copyrighting, target audience, platform, budget, and so on – the variables are many. But, you can solve all of those across channels with video ads. That too, repurposed from your existing video content.

We all know video ads perform infinitely better than text-based or image-based ads. But, you can reduce your expenses and the uncertainty of the video’s performance by repurposing existing video content. 

Go back to your analytics and pick out the best-performing video on that platform or across all platforms. Now, all you have to do is: 

  • Alter the aspect ratio and size as per the platform’s requirement 
  • Design an inviting thumbnail for the video 
  • Add text overlays, closed captions, and CTA to convert the video into a video ad
  • Edit and create introduction/exit frames for the video 

Voila! Your best video is on its way to becoming your best-performing video ad.

Some video ideas that you can repurpose into video ads are:

  • Product Demo videos
  • Customer Testimonial videos 
  • Brand Journey videos 

Kimp Tip: Video ads between 15-30 seconds perform the best on Facebook and Twitter. Ensure that the final edit is inviting and meaningful. To convert a long video into a concise video, enlist the service of a professional team. 

Also, did you know you can repurpose user-generated video into ads too? All you need is branding overlays, editing, and the Kimp Video team for it.

Nike’s brand story feature video would make a great ad with minimal editing. 

2) Short-form Video Content 

We live in the era of attention deficiency and content overload. Video works, but many people now realize that. So, even in a niche marketing segment like video marketing, there is a lot of competition. 

A great way to grab attention to your long-form video and improve the engagement of your social media networks, newsletters, and explainer videos is to repurpose them into short-form content.

Short-form video content performs really well by converting your video into digestible, easy to consume, bite-sized content. You can use them across platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Tiktok, and Facebook. 

You can also improve the traffic on the original long-form content by making the short video engaging and intriguing. And by linking to the full-length video in your description and caption.

Kimp Tip: Tweak the video to suit the platform you’re posting to so that you get help from the algorithm and also enhance the viewer experience. Details like video orientation, quality, aspect ratio, and size can make or break the engagement you are looking for.

Source: The Verge
3) Video compilations 

Well, if you can break the video down into smaller pieces, does the reverse work? Yes, it does, and quite well too. 

If you are a business that usually produces short-form video content, you may think you don’t have enough footage to repurpose it across channels. But, you do have enough, and all those snippets make great compilation videos.

Brands usually produce a lot of content along the same lines, topics, or themes. Compiling them into one long-form content for your website, YouTube, SlideShare, or other video-dominant platforms is a great hack.

You provide access to curated content to your audience with a single click; why would anyone not want it? 

Some great Video Compilation ideas include:

  • Curating your brand’s best moments for a year in review 
  • Creating a YouTube playlist on similar videos. 
  • A compilation of customer testimonials and review videos 

You also help your SEO efforts by compiling these topics in one place and increasing the related keyword density on the internet. 

Kimp Tip: You don’t want your compilation videos to look like a clumsy, cluttered mess. Pick the videos for a compilation with care, understanding aesthetic, messaging, and continuity in mind. Or you can simplify this by handing the video library to a professional that can transform it into a seamless compilation.

Above is a compilation of customer reviews by Kimp.

4) Webinar Repurposing 

Do you conduct a lot of webinars? Don’t just share recordings with students or use them as a reference for your future classes. 

Webinars are honestly worth their time in gold, according to us. They have your face, your voice, and a ton of valuable knowledge that comes directly from you for your audience. You can do so much with those elements that would even please the finicky algorithm Gods of social media channels. 

Repurpose your webinar videos into:  

  • Summary videos for social media: share highlights from your remarks as educational content for your social media.
  • Highlight reels for promotion: use them on your course invite page, social media, newsletters, and so much more.
  • Online courses: People are always afraid of committing a time for any activity. So, turn the webinars into pre-recorded online courses by splitting them into smaller modules. Record a small intro for each section, or have your video editor use stock images to create that. You can even give these as a lead magnet for your next product’s promotion.

Kimp Tip: Lighting, audio quality, and closed captions make a great impression on the viewer. So, spruce up your webinar recording with your editing team before releasing it to the public. A Kimp Graphics + Video subscription can help you add thumbnails, captions, text overlays, and transitions to turn the webinar into engaging video content.

This Webinar highlight reel’s edit is so good, it is pretty much an advertisement for the next one. 

5) Social Media Content Ideas 

Social media marketing and content generation are hard. You have to show up every day with new ideas, and the wheel never stops. But, if you have quality video content, no matter in what form, you will get results.

Yes, you can post the same video on social media with editing and trimming, but it is time to look beyond that. 

Content Marketing
Repurpose video content for your social media content calendar by: 
  • Turning snippets of the audio that intrigue the audience into an audiogram 
  • Making well-edited footage of your video into teaser or trailers. 
  • Adapting videos to Stories for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat: Edit them into 15-45 seconds long footage to keep it engaging
  • Incorporating them as social media cover videos (e.g. a Facebook cover video) 

By doing this, you can improve the engagement of your individual social media feeds. And also maximize how much you leverage the original video. 

You can also repurpose video content into other forms of content: 
  • Convert the content of the video into Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest posts. Try to use the visuals from the video itself for best results and message consistency. 
  • Pull quotes from the video with a screen grab and post them on your social networks as an image post. 
  • Create an Infographic from the video content. Infographics are the second-most shareable content form, and with this, you improve your chances of reaching more people with your content. 

With all these ideas, be sure to link back to the original video wherever possible (e.g. captions, descriptions).

Kimp Tip: Social media has a very high visual component. Your branding, feed aesthetics, and overall visual identity play a vital role in the success of your content. Spare no expense in ensuring these are on point. Only the best will give you the best results. The aim is to intrigue and invite people to the content, and a professional design subscription like Kimp Video can help you with that.

6) Add Social Media Videos to your Website 

Your website is your home on the internet. In an ideal world, all your best content has to be here so that you present your best to everyone who visits it. Unfortunately, a website is one place people miss out on updating and optimizing in the race against time for social media content.

Video content can improve the experience of your website by leaps and bounds. Here are a few ideas you can try: 

Video on Landing pages 

Landing pages with videos have a higher conversion rate. Videos also make people stay longer on your page and even share their details with you on forms. 

You must place the video in the right place, and it has to blend in with the landing page design. Including customer testimonials, video ad snippets, or product demo can work wonders, provided you get the visuals right. 

Kimp Tip: Edit your video’s orientation, design, and size to fit the landing page’s purpose and not the other way round.

Source: Impact

A Video is prominently placed on Impact’s landing page above to drive results. 

Video Sales pages 

You create so many product highlights, how-to videos, and demo videos for social media and newsletters. Make the most of that and add it to your product and sales pages, improving your conversion rate.

When the customer sees more engaging content they’ll stay on your site for longer. This improves their connection with you and also improves your ranking in search engines. Win-win! 

Kimp Tip: Embedding video on web pages can get tricky because of the size and quality issues. Kimp Video can help you optimize and resize your videos without compromising loading time or quality.

7) Outtake content 

Okay, this is not exactly repurposing video content, but it is an innovative way to use all the footage you spent hours recording. Like we saw in the sections above, most platforms have specific requirements for the video duration. 

So, sometimes some segments have to be left out. Outtake videos are an opportunity to create content from those clips too. Release those clips as exclusive content on your social network to promote the content of the actual video, or just as a standalone video.

A good editing team will also help you go through behind-the-scenes clippings, and blooper reels from your raw footage to create something seamless. BTS and bloopers humanize your brand, and also are some of the most engaging video content for social media.

Kimp Tip: Outtakes need text overlays and minimal editing to make them meaningful. Bloopers and BTS also need editing, even if they are more of a candid feature. Branded and compact videos enhance their value on your feed.

8) Podcasts 

Long-form video content is time-consuming to produce. You can use this format for educational content and interviews. But have you noticed how this format always seems to perform less than the short-form, quick to digest content? We can blame fast-paced consumption habits for this! 

The trouble with educational content and interviews is that they are not always suitable for repurposing into the reels-esque format. However, it is possible to repurpose them into Podcasts.

Turn your long-form video content into bite-sized, podcasts episodes your audience can listen to on the go. Your podcast audience is there to learn and engage, so you can hook them up by editing the video into concise audio eliminating all other elements. 

Kimp Tip: Investing in quality audio equipment, like a great mic, allows you to repurpose content across formats more easily. That said, don’t overthink the conversation flow in your long-form video. A good editor can help you chop and splice together your content as needed. 

Elevate your Video Content with Kimp Video 

Now that you are at the end of this guide, we hope you agree that video content is digital marketing gold. You can do so much with it. 

We also hope you noticed that repurposing video becomes more effective with the perfect editing and design team. Kimp Video can be that team for you. 

Kimp Video can transform your one video into many pieces of video content. All for a flat monthly fee, so that you don’t worry about how much each product is setting you back by.

We want you to make the most of your content! Our years of experience working in graphic and video design can change the face of your marketing campaigns.

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