Types Of Landing Pages: The 10 Your Brand Needs To Know

In today’s digital world, customers see plenty of ads and emails. Amidst all that, if they click an ad or email from your brand, it is only fair that they expect that ‘click’ to add value to them. Rewarding them with a productive landing page is one way most marketers do this. 

There are so many ways to look at a landing page. It can be a page that sells or a page that drives traffic. It can be one that brings leads or gathers customer information. Any which way, it is a page that rewards both the customers and the brands. That’s why marketers love landing pages so much. 

Landing Page Design by Kimp

However, there are so many different types of landing pages. Using an irrelevant one or one with a poor design will all mean wasted effort and money. So, you should know how and where to use the different types of landing pages. With this in mind, you will be able to come up with a landing page design that converts. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about the most common types of landing pages that businesses can benefit from. But before that, let’s tell you why exactly you should worry so much about landing pages. 

Why Do You Need A Landing Page?

Landing Page Design by Kimp

In content marketing, just when you think you have the best plan in place, a new trend comes up. But landing pages are timeless marketing tactic that marketers around the world swear by. In fact, 48% of marketers spend time creating a landing page for each of their marketing campaigns. So, if you are still contemplating the need for one, here are a few benefits that make the case for the different types of landing pages: 

  • From email marketing to lead nurturing, you need the emails of interested customers for so many things. And landing pages are easy ways to collect them.
  • If you wish to analyze how your current campaign is performing, you can use landing pages as an effective performance monitoring tool. 
  • Landing pages give you a clean and convertible platform to advertise your new product or an upcoming sale. 
  • Securing a sale becomes easier when you use landing pages to shorten the sales funnel. 
  • Adding more landing pages is a good way to strengthen your marketing efforts. In fact, according to Hubspot, increasing the landing page count to 10 or 15 helps increase the leads by 55%

While these are advantages we commonly discuss for landing pages, the actual merits depend on the type of landing page design you choose. So, let’s talk about the different landing page types you can use for your business. 

Different Types Of Landing Pages: Working With the Right One for Each Campaign 

When you start planning for your landing page design, you might have a lot of questions on your mind. One way to answer most of them will be to explore and understand what each type of landing page does. Somewhere down the line, you will be using most of these different types of landing pages for your campaigns. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and discuss the most effective types of landing pages out there. 

1. Types of landing pages: Squeeze landing page

As crisp pages with great conversion rates, squeeze pages help brands in lead generation. They help gather the one most important customer detail that can be used in many ways – the email address. 

This is a short-form landing page with a single motive, to accumulate customer email addresses. You can build on this information by using a customized email campaign that converts your leads into customers. 

Landing Page Design by Kimp

To get customers to actually key in their email address in the form, here’s what you can do:

  • Create a crisp and clean copy with an eye-grabbing headline
  • Tell your customers what’s in it for them
  • Include descriptive text guiding your audience as to the information to input
  • Add a CTA button that follows your brand’s primary color scheme 

Something else to consider is explicitly stating your privacy policy by providing a direct link on this page. This will make it easier for customers to trust your page and provide the information you ask for. 

Kimp tip: Squeeze pages are expected to be the fastest loading pages. You might have a lot to say but a squeeze landing page design should be concise. So, you can use graphics to make your statement. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words. 

Wondering how you can squeeze valuable information for your customers onto a small squeeze landing page? Choose Kimp Graphics for the best landing page designs. 

2. Types of landing pages: Splash landing page 

When you have different versions of your website to be displayed for different global audiences, a splash landing page comes into the picture. This is the page that is displayed right before the user enters the website. It might be a page that asks the users to select the region from which they are browsing, or perhaps their age in the case of stores selling age-restricted content. 

Keep this page straightforward. Your brand logo and your standard color schemes and fonts should all remain prominent. And the content displayed should be clear and legible. You should also try and state why you require this information from the user. Keep the CTA and the selection area easily accessible, preferably at the center of the screen. 

3. Types of landing pages: Sales landing page 

This is perhaps the one landing page design that most marketers struggle with. It is the page that customers land on when they click on your paid sale ads. Paid ads could be designed for many things but they are ads that you design to shorten the sales funnel and get customers to place an order with you. For such ads, a sales landing page plays a big role.

In the above example, clicking a Facebook ad directly takes you to the page where you buy the online guitar course. To improve the conversion of this page there are details like the lesson plan and a trailer for the course. When customers know what benefits they get upon placing that order, they will be more willing to make the payment. 

If you noticed, in the above example, there are two CTAs and a clear color-based distinction to set them apart. If customers do not buy the course for themselves, they can buy it for someone else. Giving customers options like these will help improve the chance of conversions. But too many CTAs can bring down the effectiveness of the page. 

Kimp tip: Sales landing pages are useful when you have a single product or service to focus on. Ads that lead to sales pages are often accurately targeted. Customers who end up on this page are genuinely interested in your products. So, you need to promote your brand the right way to give them a reason to choose your brand. 

Wondering how to get landing page designs that will increase your ad-based sales? Talk to the Kimp team today and get sleek landing pages designed for your ads. 

4. Types of landing pages: Lead capture landing page 

With a squeeze landing page, you get customers’ email addresses and that’s enough to start targeting interested customers. But when you have to delve a little deeper, you need a few more details in addition to their email addresses. 

You can use a lead capture page at the top of the funnel. This will be when the customer first encounters your business. In such cases, keep the form for collecting information short and easy to work with. Like the squeeze landing page, this one also works better when you clearly provide your privacy policy regarding the customer information that you’re collecting. 

Landing Page Design by Kimp

Most brands try to incentivize customers to provide the additional details requested on this page. This could be in the form of store credits or some discount codes that they can use when they place their first order with the brand. 

The lead capture page will provide information in a little more detailed manner than the squeeze pages. Most brands ask for names along with phone numbers as the additional fields on this page. Customers will be ready to provide such details only when they trust your brand. So, use catchy graphics and an interactive layout to convey the message clearly to customers. 

5. Types of landing pages: 404 error landing page

This is a landing page that many businesses ignore but when you use it right, even missing links can help build a strong connection with your customers. Broken links happen. But how you deal with them might be that factor that differentiates your brand from your competitor. 

Take a look at this 404 landing page of Coschedule and you will understand what we mean. 

The brand could have simply displayed a “missing page” or “broken link” message and that would have done the job. But the creative description of the situation and the GIF displayed are what make the page memorable. 

When a brand treats even broken links so creatively, it is only natural that they are meticulous with what they offer, right? Well, that’s what your customers will think about your brand when you have a thoughtfully designed 404 landing page. In fact, you can use this page to direct traffic to other important pages like Coschedule has by adding links to a home page or other internal pages. 

6. Types of landing pages: Thank you landing page 

Thank you landing page designs are important because they appear after your customer has interacted with your brand. It is either after they subscribe to your newsletter or register for an event you conduct. This page does two main things:

  • It expresses your gratitude to your customer and makes them feel acknowledged 
  • And it helps them stay informed about the steps they should take next. 

You can creatively add CTAs to your Thank You landing page as in the above example. These CTAs are often adding the event to the customer’s calendar or sharing it on social media. Encouraging customers to spread the word is a good way to increase quality leads for your campaign. 

Some brands even use this spot for upselling or increasing brand awareness. You could include additional information like: 

  • How to use the digital product they subscribed for 
  • What other add-ons can help optimize the utilization of the currently chosen subscription 
7. Types of landing pages: Coming soon landing page 

In marketing, it is all about building anticipation. Some brands use the power of anticipation to their strength. When you have built a strong social media presence, you can use the coming soon landing page to announce:

  • An upcoming service
  • Changes to your website 
  • A rebranding campaign 
  • A big announcement that will excite your customers

All such announcements can be displayed to give a flavor of your brand even before you actually introduce your brand. Graphics, typography, and everything else on this page should thrill the customers and make them look forward to the big reveal. 

Of course, the countdown section should be clear. You can also add an option for customers to submit their email addresses in order to be automatically notified at the time of the announcement. 

Landing Page Design by Kimp

In the above example, there is a phone number included so as to encourage customer interactions even before the launch. It shows customers just how responsive you are and how easy it will be for them to learn about what you plan to offer. 

8. Types of landing pages: Pricing landing page 

A pricing page is where you help strengthen the sales funnel by clearly breaking down the pricing for customers. If you are offering subscription services or if you have just two or three digital products for customers to buy, show them how these products or plans compare against each other. That will be one way to make the purchase decision simpler for them. 

Your home page might display the basic information about your brand. But the pricing landing page design will be all about the product or services you offer. You can use infographics or comparison charts to help customers compare the key features. Of course, towards the end, there will also be CTA buttons leading to respective sales pages for each item. 

In the above example, a Facebook ad takes you to the pricing comparison page of Hostgator. This pricing page allows users to become fully aware of the choices they have and helps them choose one as well. 

9. Types of landing pages: Click through landing page 

A click-through landing page is used to make the navigation through a sales funnel a tad bit simpler. This comes in handy when you have complicated products or services to offer or if they happen to be expensive. 

Click-through pages often do not include a direct CTA to place an order. Instead, this page includes a link to a free trial. In the process, you collect customer email addresses so that you can target customers and gather feedback or try to win them back if they do not purchase your product after the trial. 

The ad above takes you to the Pixical website’s click-through landing page where you can book a trial class before actually paying for one. The page helps the brand establish its reputation among new customers by giving a brief overview of essential information like instructor details and some program details on the same page. 

10. Types of landing pages: Unsubscribe landing page 

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your customers just do not want to receive your emails any longer. As a brand that respects its customers, you should make the unsubscribe process smooth and easy for customers. Maintain absolute transparency here. 

The unsubscribe landing page design you choose could be something as simple as “you are successfully removed from our mailing list” or something more creative like this one from Puma below. 

Source: HubSpot

When you exercise your creative flair even on an unsubscribe page, there is the slightest chance of winning your customers back. Add a CTA to rejoin on the same page so that customers can subscribe again if they have changed their minds. 

Redefine Your Landing Page Designs With Kimp Graphics 

30% of the top-performing landing pages incorporate videos in them and 36% include testimonials. So, it’s clear that social proof, and demonstrating value go a long way in the different types of landing pages. But how you organize this content to create beautiful landing page designs is what really sets your brand apart. With Kimp Graphics you get to explore the most popular landing page types and you can have them fully customized to suit your brand’s visual identity.Sign up for a free trial today.