Landing Page Designs: The Trends + Tips You Need To Know

What is the one thing that every marketing case study talks about? Conversions and clicks. Yes, these are the goal posts for every marketing campaign irrespective of the industry you work in. 

Many imagine that a wide variety of factors drive the success of these campaigns, but more and more, it is looking like it all comes down to a few only. 

Yes, your ad creative, newsletter design, and copy matter a lot. But the experience that a customer has when they click on your CTA or advertisement ensures the final success of your campaign.

Landing pages determine that customer experience. So a good landing page design vastly improves the possibilities of a successful campaign for every brand. 

While everyone knows that a landing page is responsible for collecting user information and converting the leads that interact with your advertisement, there is a little more to it. 

The landing page design, its layout, and many other design elements play a role in how the customer forges a relationship with your brand. So how to get it right? What do you need to completely ace your landing page design every time? 

Well, we have all the information you need right here in this blog. 

Why worry about landing page designs in 2022?

Customer attention is more precious than gold or any diamond in 2022. It is getting harder and harder for brands to reach their target audience and the ad spend required to get clicks on leading social media platforms is constantly on the rise. 

So when you do get their attention, you want the loop to close. You need your customer to click on your advertisement, interact with your landing page, and go on to convert. While this is quite idealistic, it is important for the landing page experience at least to go well. It is a combination of good touchpoints that brings you the leads you seek

Landing page designs help you form a connection with the customer outside of any third-party channel like Google, Facebook. Twitter, or LinkedIn. When you own customer information, marketing becomes easier and cost-effective. 

If customers start dropping after ad clicks, your advertising spend would be for nothing. For that, your landing page designs have to be just right with no exceptions. 

Understanding best practices and the latest landing page trends to leverage in 2022 can set you on the right path. Let’s dive right in. 

5 top landing page design trends for 2022 

When your focus is on conversions and building a community, all you want is your leads to hear what you have to say. This can’t happen without design playing its part well. Yes, across all marketing campaigns, design must lead content marketing for complete success. 

So what is trending currently in the world of landing page designs? What are the tools at your disposal to ensure that every click materializes into a meaningful relationship?

To answer these, let’s take a look at the top landing page design trends in 2022. 

1. Watch where you position your CTA 

Earlier, everyone followed a similar template in all landing pages irrespective of the intent and the content. The CTA was always above the fold and that’s how it worked. But the current landing page design trends are telling us a different story. 

The CTA positioning is not static anymore, but varies as per the context and the marketing intent of the landing page design. Current landing page design trends take the user experience into account and create a visual hierarchy that seamlessly integrates into the message. 

For example, for shorter landing pages, it is an acceptable solution to have the CTA above the fold. This way, within a single glance, your customers can understand the message and the next steps. They do not have to scroll too long for either of these things. Just like you can see in this landing page design by Kimp

Designed by Kimp

On the other hand, if you have a longer landing page design at hand, the CTA cannot just stay above the fold. In a time when attention spans are smaller, distributed CTA buttons can help customers choose when they want to take action and do so immediately. 

Designed by Kimp

Distributed CTA buttons work better for longer pages.

2. Leverage video 

Are you wondering about what to use in your landing page designs to convince your customers to stay with you? Well, we know how important the role of content and sales copy in the landing page can be. 

But, if you want to go by the latest landing page trends, then we suggest you supplement the written word with the power of video. Yes, video can be more effective in conveying your message and moving the customer along their journey than any other form of content. 

Videos transcend mediums and are not just for social media campaigns. Clicks on videos are at an all time high, so a video landing page can ensure that you bank that lead quite easily. 

Designed by Kimp

Kimp Tip: If you are hesitant to ditch words and go fully towards video landing pages, don’t worry, you can always keep the text minimal while the video takes center stage. Just ensure that the video stays above the fold and is short enough to retain attention. Just like this landing page design from Kimp Graphics

Looking for a team that can design the video for your landing page too? Combine a Kimp Graphics subscription with a Kimp Video subscription for the best of both worlds!

3. Keep value in the header 

Of all design principles, visual hierarchy is easily the most important principle that every designer watches out for when they are working with landing pages. Visual hierarchy determines how the customer peruses your landing page and with a little effort, you can ensure they take the route you pick. 

Usually, everyone reads a page top to bottom unless something is grabbing their attention right off the bat. So even if you do not have an hero image to feature, we suggest leveraging the header thoroughly. 

Ensure that the landing page’s header carries the value proposition you are pitching to your customer. And keep it big and bold so that throughout the interaction, they are aware of the offer. This improves your chances of conversion and is a huge win for brand awareness too as the header usually contains logo and brand names. So by association and proximity, the customer connects the value to your brand.

Designed by Kimp

We know this is a long landing page but the large font of the value proposition stands out even when  the customer is scrolling through. 

4. Visual-centric landing pages 

Getting back to what rules in landing pages, let us not forget the power of good visuals. The human brain processes images much faster than text and using images also makes it easy for the user to scan your content. We know how fragile attention spans are, so anything that improves the readability of your landing page must be a priority. 

Everyone uses images in landing pages so why is it a major trend? Well, the thing to note is that the current landing page design trend is a visual-centric design instead of using them as supporting elements. 

Even if you are not able to create a video for every landing page, we strongly recommend using GIFs, illustrations, infographics, icons, and images to make your design shine. Choose to convey your message via these visual aids to see your customers stay on till the end. 

Designed by Kimp

Kimp Tip: Visual-centric landing pages rely on high-quality images to leave a good impression on the user. If you want your users to turn into customers from just one landing page design, use the best quality. And ensure your images are sized and optimized appropriately to avoid impacting page load times. 

Working with a professional design team at Kimp can help you get the right image quality within the size you need for best results!

5. Mobile optimized landing pages 

Have you ever analyzed the source of your web traffic? What device do the majority of users employ to access your website or interact with your content? We know that the answer will be mobile phones. Smartphones have changed the world and more specifically, they have changed user behavior. 

Most search engine queries also originate from mobile phones. This means that irrespective of your medium of choice (PPC, social media ads, newsletters, and banner ads), mobile is the common factor. 

So designing an mobile-optimized landing page must be on your radar even if it wasn’t a leading landing page design trend. But the fact that it is only reinforces the marketing world’s belief on the power of mobile phone users. 

Designed by Kimp

Landing pages that load seamlessly on mobile phones and provide quality experience have a better chance of converting visitors than any other design. 

At Kimp, irrespective of graphic design and video, mobile optimization is our default. 

Landing page design ideas: A roundup from Kimp’s best landing page designs 

While we have seen the top landing page trends in 2022, we need to see what the implementation looks like as always! So here is a roundup of our most popular landing page designs in 2022 with a breakdown of what works best for brands. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Customer-centric Landing Page 

Connecting with your target audience and building a trusting relationship with a community is a challenge no brand can escape on the path to greatness. And this can work via your landing page design too.

Consider this landing page that the Kimp Team designed as part of our graphic design services for a wellness brand. The company has a very young target audience and they wanted the design to impress them.

We know Gen Z and Millennials like meaningful design so we chose a colorful theme to reflect the fresh fruits the brand uses in their smoothies.

Designed by Kimp

In terms of the layout, we kept the value proposition in the header and the CTA above the fold too. That is the first thing the customer will see when they interact with the landing page. But we did not stop there. 

The landing page then goes on to tick all boxes: 

  • Videos in the landing page over text containing social proof of the product 
  • Visually attractive product placements 
  • We placed CTA buttons after each pitch 
  • The design contains benefits in bigger text than the features list

A mixture of good design principles on action for best results! 

2. Interactive and Personalized Landing Page 

Customers are no longer okay with templated landing page designs where the copy calls out to everybody without solving anyone’s problem. Not to mention that the static web pages have been phasing out for a long time now. 

So why not combine the two things customers want in your landing page design? Yes, invite the customer for a conversation with your interactive and personalized landing page design. 

It is not as complicated as you are probably making it out to be in your head. 

Consider this landing page design by Kimp for a music streaming brand. The landing page allows customers to choose what they want to hear by interacting with it. It is a simplistic design but gives customers exactly what they want.

Designed by Kimp

Personalizing your landing pages does not have to be a huge challenge. Simple frames with clear choices for the customer can enhance the user experience by leaps and bounds. Consider the landing page frames below that we worked on for Solar Sense. 

The page starts out with a minimalistic page with the options and then moves on the actual landing page based on the customer’s choice. This way, the customer has a better experience and is likely to stick around. 

On the second landing page design, contrasting colors help bring out the subtle messaging of good vs bad options while the hierarchy makes site visitors seamlessly travel to the CTA at the bottom.

Designed by Kimp
Designed by Kimp
3. Minimalistic landing pages 

Does your brand personality match better with minimalism and a monochromatic color scheme? Are you worried if your landing page design can stand up to the new trends on the block? Well, you are in luck as minimalism is making a huge comeback as a design trend and works well in landing page designs too. 

When you are designing minimalist landing pages, the message is clear and the customer is able to peruse without any distracting elements. We know it sounds harder when the temptation is to put everything you have on the page, but trust us, this way is better. 

Consider this landing page design by Kimp Graphics for Floorwire. It is a clean design with two dominating colors with one supporting color. The design has a clearly defined hierarchy and distributed call to action buttons. All the customer has to do is scroll top to bottom to understand everything about the brand. The usage of icons also helps readability.

Designed by Kimp

Kimp Tip: Minimalist designs usually have two colors (or less) but this design uses the orange color to break the monotony and also highlight the CTA button. Break the barriers a little and experiment to achieve the best results. 

Or you can leave it up to the Kimp Graphics team to recreate the magic we did here! 

4. Scannable landing pages

We know we have been advocating that less is more for a long time. But this may not align with every brand’s vision, so what is to be done in those cases? Well, you just need to find a design team that can help you visualize your content and convert it into scannable landing pages. 

We know that some information is too precious to leave out and that is why we recommend using visual aids such as icons and infographics, as in the example below. 

Just by using color coded sections with icons, the customer now has an easier way to go through the content without it feeling too heavy. And it saves loading time too. The best part is your customer can understand the message even without reading the whole thing, because of the visual aids.

Designed by Kimp

You can also make your landing page easier to scan by emphasizing the images over the accompanying text. That way, when the customer does a quick run through, they can spot what they want and move to the section. This especially comes in handy when there are a lot of options just like the landing page design we did for Ed’s.

Create enticing landing page designs with Kimp 

Landing page designs are crucial for the success of your marketing campaigns. They have to work to get the results you want for your brand.

Yes, there are many factors that contribute to a successful landing page design but it is possible and completely achievable. 

Especially when you have design subscriptions like Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video providing unlimited design services at a flat monthly fee. 

Sign up for our free trial and check it out today!