KIMP’s Picks 26th January: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

If you have been following our blog you know what Friday means! If you haven’t then you should know that Friday means a quick social media recap from the KIMP team. So welcome to the KIMP’s Picks 26th January Edition. 

AI updates everyone’s talking about, new tools and announcements from the big brands in tec, insightful marketing discussions, and design inspiration – we have them all right here! So, are you ready for a quick roundup of some of the trending posts and hidden gems from social media this past week? Let’s go! 

In the Marketing Realm 

Marketing shift – an outlook for 2024 and beyond 

The cookie-free future has arrived. Moreover, AI is transforming search. These two big changes summed up means something big for the digital marketing landscape. And Google shared a thought-provoking discussion regarding this in a recent post. 

This post highlights the views of some of the prominent Google leaders and their quick insights on how to tap into the opportunities this big shift is bringing with it. They talk about quick tips and tricks as well as resources like The AI Handbook that have helped their internal teams and processes. This is therefore a resourceful discussion for marketers and others looking to optimize their marketing strategies to adapt to the changes in the digital landscape. 

Quick and useful social media marketing tips 

Having spoken about digital marketing in a broad sense, let’s now discuss social media marketing in particular. The below post from Hootsuite, a popular social media management platform, is a good starting point. The post features a useful discussion on 10 easy and effective social media marketing tips for beginners. 

From understanding the audience to starting with a clear view of the goals, choosing the right platform to creating quality content, this post gets to the brass tacks for marketing via social media. 

Creating customer journey maps 

Understanding what your customers are looking for and where they are in their purchase journey is one of the best ways to optimize your marketing strategies and your marketing content. That’s where the below post from Adobe Experience Cloud comes into the picture. 

The post details a 10-step process for businesses to understand and create customer journey maps. From conducting research to profiling personas based on goals, documenting touchpoints to having a clear view of the resources at hand, the post evaluates a clear process to help businesses create better customer experiences through these customer journey maps. 

Apple’s Mac turns 40! 

On January 24, 1984, Apple made one of its biggest moves – by launching Mac. And this ended up transforming the personal computer segment over the past four decades. 

Priced at $2,495 in 1984, the Macintosh has brought in significant shifts in computer hardware architecture. Mac stands as a testament to Apple’s adaptability, firmly rooted in the ever-changing landscape of technology. Cheers to four decades of innovation! Apple Hub shares all the latest Apple news and their post here celebrates this crucial milestone for Apple. 

It’s time to talk about Google Search Ads fraud 

Have you clicked on misleading Search Ads only to be annoyed on landing on irrelevant pages? Well, you are not alone. Reportedly, about 75% of top companies are victims of Search Ads fraud. And the below discussion from Search Engine Land talks about this in detail. 

When scammers impersonate a brand, does that affect the brand in any way? Yes it does. Because the customers who witness this tend to recall this bad experience when they think of the brand and thus such fraudulent ads end up affecting the brand’s reputation. 

This post delves into the details of the different types of scams that occur in Search Ads and their impact on respective brands. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Creating stunning content from not-so-stunning ideas 

Marketers sometimes find themselves in a position where they have to create content from unimpressive ideas. This post from Content Marketing Institute, a leading authority in content marketing, discusses how marketers can handle such situations. It lays down a few easy steps for marketers to create content even out of the most ordinary ideas. 

The first part of the blog post talks about understanding the intent, aligning the idea with the goals and optimizing the idea to suit customers’ needs and purchase journey. It further dives into bridging the gaps and reaching common ground to create something that works for the brand. So if you are looking for some content marketing inspiration, this post is good to begin with. 

Ideas to create stunning social media posts for Instagram 

Creating social media content can be challenging because consistency makes a big difference. Besides, everything you post on social media represents your brand and makes or breaks customer relationships. So, what can you post on your business’s social media page? Social Media Examiner has a few creative ideas to explore – especially when posting on Instagram. 

The post lists some of the most versatile ideas like educational carousels, product information posts, tutorials product launch teasers, and more. How many of them do you already have in your content calendar

In the Design Realm 

Adobe’s logo animation inspiration 

Animated logos offer a lot of benefits to brands and there are many ways to use them. But if you are wondering how to create them or if you are looking for some inspiration with respect to the types of elements to animate or the transitions to add, then this post from Adobe is for you. 

This post particularly talks about Adobe’s free and beginner-friendly tool, Adobe Express. The post gives a preview of the types of logo animations you can create with the tool. Given that this is a free logo animator tool, it’s quite convenient even for beginners looking to explore some basic logo animations for their brands and campaigns. 

Next up we have some font inspiration 

Every designer or marketer who designs their campaigns knows the struggle in finding the right font for their designs. 

Looking for some font ideas? The I Love Typography page has your back. In the below post, they featured a bold and fun font that can bring any modern design to life. With its fresh new dimension and great readability, this is a cool font to work with. 

Besides, bold chunky fonts are in trend in 2024. So, if you are looking to hop on to this trend and create some fun and eclectic campaigns for your brand, then this is a great font to experiment with. 

Creating presentations on Canva 

With the bulk of AI features that Canva has introduced, creating and editing designs feels so much simpler. They regularly share ideas and sneak peeks to inspire creators looking for some new features to explore and ways to tap into the recently introduced features. Similarly, in the below post, they featured a quick demo of the changes brought into the presentation design interface on the platform. 

It gives a glimpse of how with the Magic Write feature you can transform ordinary presentations into extra-ordinary designs. 

The key to branding an event 

When we think of branding, we think of branding for businesses. But the truth is even communities, products, sub-products, and events require branding sometimes. Creating an identity for such figments of a larger brand might be challenging. Because you need to establish a connection with the original brand but also manage to create something distinct and original. 

Wondering how to do that? Then the below identity design created for OpenAI’s first DevDay conference should inspire you. It is modern, elegant, and subtly connects back to the OpenAI brand identity! 

Now for some web design inspiration 

Microinteractions, fluid layouts, parallax-scrolling, and a host of other trends are anticipated in web design in the year 2024. Awwwards known for its web design competitions shared the below website as inspiration for those looking to keep up with trends and to create something interactive and engaging. 

The featured website is loaded with interactive elements and is engaging in every way. From subtle and enjoyable animations to catchy visuals, the website design scores high in many aspects. Additionally, the interface also taps into storytelling to create a memorable customer journey. 

In the AI Realm 

Chrome gets an AI boost 

From driving tech from the background to surfacing to the consumer touchpoints, AI has come a long way in the past couple of years. And now the popular web browser that a majority of internet users access every day, Google Chrome, is getting an AI boost. 

In the below post, Google gave a gist of these new features. The first one is a smart suggestion on Tab Groups to neatly organize your Tabs on Chrome. The second is the option to create custom themes with AI. And finally, there’s also an AI-powered writing tool! 

Etsy’s Gift Mode is what creative use of AI looks like 

TechCrunch is the one online newspaper you need when you need to stay updated with tech news and they shared the below post about a recent generative AI feature on Etsy. 

So, Etsy has a new Gift Mode as a step to make life simpler for shoppers picking their Valentine’s Day gifts. This AI-powered feature generates personalized gift guides through an interactive online quiz. It gathers information about the recipient, occasion, and interests and comes up with curated gift suggestions accordingly. We know well that gift guides are evergreen content ideas and this personalized approach takes it up one notch, don’t you agree? 

Applications of Runway’s Multi Motion Brush 

Popular AI startup Runway recently introduced something called a Multi Motion Brush that allows creators to instantly add animations to specific elements in a static design through simple brushstrokes. 

This has created quite a buzz in the AI realm. And this past week they shared several posts to throw some light on the many ways in which you can make use of the Multi Motion Brush in your design. The below post gives a preview of using it to create expressions in images featuring human faces. 

Creating songs with Microsoft Copilot 

In the below post, Microsft talks about using Suno on Copilot to create music. There have been a variety of generative AI music and audio tools. These are tools that can create music and audio tracks for videos based on simple text prompts. 

In collaboration with the AI-based music creation app Suno, Microsoft allows users to create songs from scratch including generating the lyrics. The below post gives a peek into what the feature looks like. 

Search Ads are getting better thanks to Gemini 

Google recently unveiled their most powerful generative AI model Gemini which would soon be a part of several Google products. In the below post, they announced that Gemini is also now part of the conversational experience in Google Ads. 

This step is to allow advertisers to find the right ideas and create the most effective Search Ads campaigns. Generative AI intervention will help advertisers with useful suggestions on content ideas as well as keyword suggestions and more. 

OpenAI adds more features for developers

OpenAI has been continuously working on its products to keep up with the rapidly growing competition in the generative AI landscape. In a recent post, they spoke about the changes coming to their embedding models. As per their post, developers can find new text moderation models as well as an updated version of GPT-4 Turbo. Additionally, there is also an updated GPT-3.5 Turbo model priced slightly lower than before.

Google’s new AI video tool

Rowan Cheung, Founder of the popular AI newsletter, The Rundown AI regularly shares AI updates and insights. In the below post, he spoke about a recent AI video breakthrough from Google called Lumiere.

With the generative AI video landscape still in its early stages, Google Lumiere’s list of features seems pretty impressive. From video editing to customization based on defined style, the ability to create videos from images and the option to instantly create stunning cinemagraphs, Lumiere looks like a tool that has the potential to change the generative AI video realm.

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

Instagram DM has a new feature 

Turning off Read Receipts has been a much-requested feature on Instagram. While other Meta apps like WhatsApp have this Instagram did not. A few weeks ago there were talks that the team is working on introducing the feature soon and the time has finally arrived. According to their post below, you now have the option to turn on or turn off Read Receipts in your DMs. 

Have you tried it yet? If not, go to Chat and click on the person’s name. You must find the toggle option under Privacy & Safety in your chat settings. 

View-once mode on Telegram 

Over the past few years, the number of monthly active users on Telegram has been steadily growing. And the platform has also been tweaking some of its commonly used features and introducing some useful ones to boost user experience. Recently, they announced the introduction of the View-Once mode for voice and video messages sent on the platform. This feature was earlier available for media files sent in messages. 

TikTok boosts its accessibility features 

More and more people are now talking about accessibility in design. TikTok is the recent one to join the conversation with its new accessibility-focused features. In a recent post, they gave a preview of a new feature that allows dynamic text size adjustments in the platform. This is meant to make the platform accessible to a wider range of audience.  

This feature lets users enhance the readability of the system text within the platform though it does not affect the text within clips. 

Instagram will now display Nighttime Nudges 

In their post below, Meta announced that Instagram will now display nudges when using Instagram at night. Reportedly, this step is to reduce the nighttime usage of the app by teens. 

The notification will pop up both on Reels and DMs when the teen has been using the app for more than 10 minutes at night. Social media apps have consistently been introducing simple parental control features especially given that there are more and more teens using social media. So, this move by Meta is a welcome one. 

LinkedIn will soon have new audience-targeting strategies 

When it comes to advertising on LinkedIn, lookalike audiences are a useful category for advertisers. But reportedly, LinkedIn is planning to close this feature and bring other audience targeting options. Search Engine Journal, a popular online search and marketing-related news source shared the below post discussing this upcoming update. 

Accordingly, new options like Predictive Audiences and Audience Expansion might soon be available on the platform to allow users to optimize their ads. 

X Spaces gains momentum 

It’s been almost 3 years since X (formerly Twitter) introduced Spaces for live audio conversations. And recently, there has been quite a buzz about it. In their post below, X stated that currently, the usage of X stands at 75 million minutes per day. This shows that Spaces is growing to be a viable platform for brands to build engaging conversations with their customers. 

So, if you are struggling with engagement and looking for ways to leverage X for community building, then Spaces is worth a shot! 

X introduces Passkeys 

Among all the changes that X has been witnessing the recent one concerns security. X News Daily, a go-to source for X-related updates shared the below post regarding a new feature on X along with a preview of the feature as well. 

This is about the introduction of the additional layer of security introduced in the iOS app. You can now choose to have extra password protection which will allow X to use Passkeys for authentication. And this is further strengthened with biometric authentication. Not to forget there were discussions regarding the possibility that X is collecting biometric info a few months ago. 

Time to Wrap Up! 

That’s all we have for this week’s social media round-up. We hope the KIMP’s Picks 26th January Edition gave you a quick and refreshing recap on this past week and ignited your inspiration. Worried about missing out on such crucial discussions on social media? Stay tuned and we’ll be back with another resourceful list of posts to pique your curiosity. Until then, stay inspired and embrace the new!