KIMP’s Picks 5th January: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

Hello there! Welcome back to another KIMP’s Picks Edition. The holiday season has been crazy. The social media space has been a roller-coaster of updates and discussions from some brands. And total silence from others. 

If you are all set to embrace the new year in front of you and if you are looking for a quick refresher on the share-worthy discussions that happened on social media these past few days, then we welcome you to the KIMP’s Picks 5th December Edition! Your weekly dose of inspiration and updates from the worlds of marketing, AI, design, and more. 

In the Marketing Realm 

Google might soon display recipe carousels 

The Google Search results page has been evolving continuously to make the interface more user-friendly. And to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Next in line is probably the addition of carousels to the search results when a user searches for recipes. 

Search Engine Roundtable is a popular source of search-related information. They shared the below post briefly discussing this impending update to Google Search. 

This upcoming feature in Search is a good reminder for brands to start investing in quality visuals so as to make the most of the image-centric Search results page. 

Finding the right partnership for your business 

Partnerships are crucial to a brand’s growth. But a lot depends on choosing the right brand to partner with. As a reminder of this fact, AdWeek, a leading source of marketing and advertising insights shared the below post. 

The post discusses a recent partnership between Nike and Dove for the  Body Confident Sport program. The partnership brings online coaching tools to help young girls feel more confident about their bodies. Evidently, this combines the core values of Dove and Nike creating something more wholesome and unique. 

Both brands align with incorporating inclusivity in their approach. Both brands have been known for their courage in taking a stand for various societal issues. Therefore, the partnership feels like a great fit. The post shared above goes on to analyze various other aspects that make this partnership an inspiration for brands working on their partnership plans. 

Tapping into TikTok marketing 

TikTok is no longer just about short-form videos. It’s also been slowly evolving into a search engine. If you can recall, we discussed this in September when there were talks about TikTok working on introducing Google Search Results in TikTok Search. So, yes, with all these updates, TikTok is becoming a crucial platform for marketing. 

Keeping this in mind, if you are planning to strengthen your TikTok marketing approach, then the below post from Social Media Today is for you. The post details 5 effective tips like researching competitors, hashtags, and top-performing ads, finding the right influencers and leveraging the AI ad tools on the platform. 

A thoughtful direct mail campaign 

Working on your marketing strategy for 2024? Then here’s a reminder to include direct mail marketing in your list. 

Dubai Festival City partnered with Operation Smile and created a heartwarming direct-mail campaign, The Ramadan Scratch & Smile Cards. Ads of The World shared the ad in their post below. Though an old one, this is a good example of how meaningful ideas can make a mound of difference in marketing. And how direct mail marketing can make a big impact. 

Has the cookie-free future arrived? 

Marketers have been well aware of the fact that a cookie-free future is imminent. And recently, Google announced Google Ads Data Manager, a new ad measurement tool that allows advertisers to monitor and measure their ads better in an age where cookies are not an option! 

This anticipated change is already happening. Google is reportedly planning to make Chrome a cookie-free space by the end of this year and some serious updates in this direction are happening in January. 

American multinational technology company shared the below post discussing this update. In fact, a lot of people and tech companies have been talking about this recently! This is your reminder to anticipate and adapt to the evolving digital landscape

Influencer marketing trends to look out for 

The influencer marketing landscape is expanding unstoppably. So, if you haven’t already leveraged this marketing powerhouse for your business, then now is a good time. 

Wondering where to start? Then the below post is for you. AdAge, a renowned source of advertising & marketing technology news shared the below post discussing the anticipated influencer marketing trends for 2024. From leveraging long-form videos to expanding influencer content creation beyond social media feeds, the post discusses several intriguing trends for the year. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Exploring the dynamic evolution of Google’s Search & Discover 

When it comes to creating content, understanding how Search works is one of the main concerns. Because you want your content to get discovered. Search Engine Journal, an online publication of Search and Marketing related news shared the below post discussing the evolution of Search. So, if you are looking to fine-tune your content strategy based on how Search is changing, this post is for you. 

From the increasing demand for social features among mobile users to the improved personalizations on the Discover Feed, Web Stories With Ads, to Notes with AI-generated images in SERPs, the post covers a lot of aspects about the recent changes that Google Search has been undergoing. 

Understanding social media content in 2024 

Digital marketing expert and co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, Neil Patel shared an insightful post discussing the types of content that are anticipated to perform best on social media. 

The post shows how short-form videos continue to be the most prominent options when it comes to generating engagement. And when it comes to text-based content, this happens to be How-To posts. Another great insight to take away is that Instagram is probably the most favored platform for user-generated content. So, if you are working on revamping your social media content strategy for this year, then this is a post you cannot miss. 

Enhancing your YouTube video performance 

Looking for ways to improve the performance of your YouTube videos? Then YouTube has the answers. They shared the below informative video discussing a few quick and effective tips for brands and creators to pay attention to when creating and uploading videos. From adding cards to clear calls to action at the end screen, the post highlights various useful ways to make a YouTube video more engaging. 

So, work with a professional video editing team to help boost your YouTube video performance. 

In the Design Realm 

Rebranding design inspiration 

Popular furniture brand, Herman Miller has an updated identity which is a nod to the brand’s identity from the 1960s. The new wordmark logo looks clean and clutter-free and is a simple timeless design. Creating a versatile design system for the brand was the intention and the refreshed identity perfectly captures that. While doing this, the design still retains the iconic monogram. 

It’s Nice That is a great place for creatives and marketers looking for branding and marketing design inspiration. They shared the below post discussing this new brand identity for Herman Miller. 

Canva brings gradients to more places 

Gradients are visually appealing and versatile too. If you have been exploring the various ways of using them in your design, then you will love this new update from Canva. In the below post, they spoke about the new feature that lets you add gradients to line elements and borders. 

Canva has been actively bringing in a lot of innovative design and editing features. If you are finding it tough to keep up with them, and if you are looking to work with a design team to simplify this process, then get a KIMP for Canva subscription. 

Making the most of Adobe Premiere Pro 

Do you use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, then here’s a video for you. Adobe shared the below video highlighting how the Emmy-nominated editor Joanna Naugle utilized Adobe Premier Pro and in the workflow. 

The detailed video shared in the post delves behind the scenes of the editing process highlighting the capabilities of the Adobe Premier Pro tool and its many applications. Among other things, the process shows how user-friendly the tool is and how the presets help save time and effort. 

Walt Disney’s works from 1928 enter the Public Domain in 2024

There’s one topic that has gained the attention of a lot of people recently and that is the fact that the 1928 version of Mickey Mouse, as seen in “Steamboat Willie,” is now in the public domain. This comes after the lapse of the 95-year copyright protection on the portrayal of these characters. This indicates some loss of exclusivity for certain early character portrayals. The public will now be able to use the public domain version of these characters in their creative work. 

Boldly minimalistic packaging design inspiration 

Exploring the bold side of minimalism is one of the anticipated graphic design trends of 2024. PackagingOfTheWorld, a leading source of packaging design inspiration shared a post that exemplifies this trend. 

The packaging design featured here is for a coffee brand. It incorporates big bold fonts featured on a clutter-free simple layout. What adds a unique dimension to this minimalistic design is the vibrant contrast that the design incorporates. This is one way to tap into the trend of bold minimalism. 

In the AI Realm 

A round-up of the AI research advancements from Meta 

2023 truly has been a great year in the AI landscape. And Meta is among the many tech companies that were pretty active in AI research. Want a quick recap of all the cool AI advancements that Meta announced last year? Then here is a round-up they shared. 

From their image segmentation model to their very popular open-source language model (Llama 2) and the recent generative AI tools Emu Video & Emu Edit, the post gives a brief snapshot of all the exciting things that Meta has recently been working on. 

AI comes to the physical world

As proof that Microsoft is serious about their AI research, they recently announced that the Windows PC coming in 2024 will feature a dedicated key to quickly access Copilot, Microsoft’s very own AI chatbot (formerly Bing Chat). 

This is a reminder that intelligent computing is reaching the consumer market faster than anticipated and is no longer a tech reserved for professionals. This is also a possible indication that Microsoft has serious plans for bringing in more customization and capabilities to Copilot. And that Copilot will soon become a critical part of the Windows experience. 

There might soon be a paid plan for Bard 

Another popular AI chatbot that made big waves in 2023 is Google’s Bard. Currently, Bard is free to use, unlike ChatGPT which has paid plans with exclusive features. Technology news website 

Engadget shared the below post discussing in detail the speculations around an upcoming update to Bard. Reportedly, there might soon be a Bard Advanced plan available as a paid plan to users, adding exclusive features. There is no clear information about the possible tiers and pricing yet a paid version of the AI chatbot seems imminent. 

Siri but with AI!

In July 2023, there were rumors that Apple was working on a ChatGPT rival. And now there’s more news on this. According to MacRumors, a popular source of Apple news and updates, Apple is working on an upgraded version of Siri that will introduce generative AI capabilities into the existing tool. This is yet another huge consumer-facing advancement of AI. 

The GPT store is coming soon 

In November, OpenAI announced an update that allows users to build custom GPTs. Since then, there has been a lot of anticipation around the launch of the GPT store. And the time has finally arrived. Reportedly, this is happening next week. 

The below post shared on the X page of AI Research Tools, where you’ll find useful AI news and updates, discusses this. 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

X’s Verified Organizations is now more small-business-friendly 

Nothing has been the same ever since Twitter became X in 2023. But that’s not all. There has been a lot of focus on the paid verification option on the platform. The hefty price for verification is one thing that kept several organizations from opting for the Verified status. But now to tackle that and to make the plans more convenient for small businesses, X has announced a Basic tier in the Verified Organizations plan which will be available at $200/month or $2000/year. 

Job posting on X seems to be a hit 

Another big announcement on X was the job-posting option. With the platform making it easier for creators to create their online portfolios on the platform and get discovered by employers and by making it easier for employers to post jobs, the brand took a daring move competing with LinkedIn. Seemingly, the decision has worked in X’s favor. In a recent post, they announced that currently there are over 750K job postings on X. In the same post, they also shared a short list of some of the well-known global organizations currently hiring on X. 

All the exclusive features in Snapchat+

Talking about paid plans on social media sites, Snapchat is another popular platform that’s focusing on this approach, with its Snapchat+ plan. As a way to promote this plan and to attract more subscriptions, they shared the below post highlighting all that one misses out on not choosing Snapchat+. 

From pinning a best friend to changing chat wallpapers, the post discusses a few features that are currently exclusive to Snapchat+ users. 

Updates coming to Bluesky 

There is a new decentralized social network silently gaining popularity as a micro-blogging platform and that’s Bluesky. Ever since X started expanding and evolving from its status of a microblogging platform, there has been a gap in that area. Bluesky is touted to be one that can possibly fill this void given its growing popularity. 

Popular technology news site TechCrunch shared the below post discussing the updates coming to Bluesky. Reportedly, this platform is changing too by introducing an in-app video player and an audio player. 

Let’s Wrap Up! 

That was quite a lot, wasn’t it? Yes, the year has started with a bang and we’re pretty excited to see what 2024 has in store. If you are worried about missing out all the social media favorite discussions, stay tuned and we’ll be back with another round-up of all the exciting posts and insightful discussions. Until then, stay inspired and keep exploring!