Graphic Design Trends 2024: 8 Keys To Mastering Your Marketing

It’s that time of the year again! Designers are buzzing with anticipation predicting the graphic design trends 2024. Of course, the never-ending debate remains – to follow or not to follow design trends! But leaving that aside, we need to acknowledge the fact that we live in an era where FOMO dominates. Consequently, even the most conventional brands with strong visual identities have experimented with one or more design trends in the recent past. After all, staying relevant means staying informed. 

Moreover, we live in times when a mere TikTok trend can make or break your cool factor. Hence, knowing what’s trending is a necessity rather than an option.

In conclusion, discussing the anticipated graphic design trends 2024 can give you a strategic advantage. It’s your chance to jump on the bandwagon early if you are feeling adventurous or at least prepare for the wave rather than being taken by surprise when all your competitors start adopting the trend. 

A word of caution before we begin our list of the graphic design trends likely to make it big in 2024: once you know all the trends to look out for, identify and focus on the ones that you think will be most relevant to your industry and to your brand. And of course, the ones you think will resonate best with your target audience. 

Now, are you ready to hear about the anticipated graphic design trends 2024? Let’s dive right in! 

Graphic Design Trends 2024: 8 Possible Trends to Keep an Eye Out for

1. Making peace with the future of AI in design 

Just about a year ago when generative AI tools started making headlines, the creative world went crazy. The burning question was – “will AI replace human graphic designers?”. But then slowly as the tools started evolving perspectives started shifting. Today AI has become an integral part of the design workflow for various designers. 

Rather than viewing AI as a competitor, several designers and design companies around the world are now embracing AI to improve their designs. So, we believe that one of the most popular graphic design trends 2024 is likely to be the harmonious acceptance of AI in the design workflow. 

Whether it be Magic Studio for Canva designers or Firefly capabilities for designers who work with Adobe tools, there are plenty of options for those open to embracing generative AI for generating ideas and editing their designs. 

Earlier, Coca-Cola came up with a campaign titled “Create Real Magic” with their custom web-based AI platform powered by GPT-4. The brand allowed designers to create original artwork using AI. On another note, they even created a new flavor by obtaining inputs regarding customer preferences, from AI, partly using AI to generate the new beverage’s label design as well. 

So, yes, when big brands are warmly welcoming AI into their workflows, you must definitely give it a shot. 

2. Dreamy designs built based on surrealism 

If you think a dreamlike setting is reserved only for the art landscape, think again. Because we live in an era where the thin line between art and design seems to be fading in several places. Brands are seen switching to more artistic visual narratives to grab attention and stand out in a visually crowded space like social media. 

Previously we spoke about generative AI becoming a critical component in the design landscape. This is also a possible reason behind the popularity of surreal designs. Because generative AI tools like DALL.E and Midjourney allow you to reimagine surreal landscapes in seconds. 

Take a look at some of the design samples generated by users on DALL.E in the below image. Notice how there is a blend of the real and surreal in several of these designs. That is a potential indication of people’s inclination toward surreal designs in the coming future. 

As can be seen, surrealism provides a way to escape the mundane and introduce an element of intrigue even into the most ordinary scenes and themes. So, if you think pushing boundaries and making a statement reflects your brand’s personality then try exploring surrealistic themes in your marketing designs. 

How can you create surrealistic designs? 

  • Use dreamy color palettes. 
  • Distortion effects and juxtaposition of elements in your design also bring in a surrealistic vibe. 

In fact, contrary to the misconception, surrealism does not always have to be an extravagant unrealistic leap from reality. Even subtle deviations count! Take the below social media design for example. It carries a hint of surrealism because the image deviates from the cliched solid background or a gym/fitness studio backdrop and goes with a dreamy forest setting instead. 

Social media design by KIMP 
3. The bold resurgence of maximalism 

Minimalism has been a timeless trend but now we see several brands slowly shift their focus to maximalism. We have been hearing a lot about Brutalism and anti-design which are all inclined toward maximalism in some way. Therefore, we believe that this one deserves a spot on the must-watch graphic design trends 2024. 

In an age where visual content competes for attention, maximalism cuts through the noise. And that’s exactly what several brands are looking for. As a matter of fact, maximalism is not just about adding in excess but about attention to details, about making a statement, about creating a unique identity. 

This is also one of the most versatile among the graphic design trends 2024. From posters to merchandise like t-shirts, this is one works in several places. When using maximalism, ensure that despite the abundance of prints and patterns, there’s no deviation from the focal point. 

KIMP Tip: Remember that when you choose maximalism as the core theme in your marketing design, colors are going to be the strong points. There is a medley of bold and beautiful colors used to create a maximalist design. However, that does not mean a lack of visual harmony. 

To retain balance when working with bold colors, choose analogous or complementary color schemes and choose colors with a strong purpose in your design. The below design, for example, uses a triadic combination. 

Social media design by KIMP 
4. Nostalgia – designing for tomorrow with inspiration from yesterday 

Yes, nostalgia has also steadily been trending for the past few years and we believe that it deserves a spot in the graphic design trends 2024 list. Because nostalgia in marketing and branding designs is not just about looking back at the past but about deliberately embracing the familiar. 

With AI and a variety of other tech rapidly evolving, things are shifting at a rapid pace. So, when your designs manage to transport your audience back to the past momentarily, the designs feel like a warm embrace, a comforting anchor. 

We’ve seen Y2K design trends being discussed this past year. For 2024, it could be any retro theme that aligns best with your brand’s vibe, the most relatable era that your customers can feel connected with. 

The success of films like Oppenheimer and Barbie reminds us that the allure of yesteryears still remains. Why, even consider the Wes Anderson trend which was one of the most hyped social media trends this year – vintage theme again! There have been several such instances that show that love for retro might continue in 2024 as well. 

Subtle sunburst patterns, vintage fonts, and illustrations can all help bring a retro theme into your design, like the social media design below. 

Social media design by KIMP 

KIMP Tip: To make your vintage theme work, incorporate subtle nods to specific eras rather than overwhelming your audience with clichés. And choose the era that resonates best with your target audience staying away from references that they do not understand. 

5. Instil authenticity through hand-drawn illustrations 

In a world dominated by technology, the rustic charm and authenticity in hand-drawn illustrations are unparalleled. That’s why we think this will be one of the unique directions to look out for among the graphic design trends 2024. 

With hand-drawn illustrations, every stroke carries a touch of personalization and we live in an era where brands crave to deliver personalization and stay human. Therefore, this trend goes beyond creating aesthetics – it helps craft a memorable visual narrative. 

So where can you use hand-drawn illustrations? The applications are plenty – logo designs, social media posts, flyers and posters or even packaging designs like the example here. 

Packaging design by KIMP 

As can be seen in this packaging label example, hand-drawn illustrations have the ability to add a unique dimension to your design and therefore make your your product stand out! Furthermore, this can be combined with other graphic design trends 2024, like nostalgia for example! This versatility is what makes this trend special. 

6. Dynamic animated typography to tell a story 

Animated typography allows you to breathe life into your text and deliver your message in the most engaging manner. So, when discussing graphic design trends 2024, this is yet another trend to discuss. 

Animated text helps enhance the dynamics of any design – whether it be a social media post or an email or even a small web banner ad. And on digital interfaces like landing pages and websites, animated text can be used to attract attention to the crucial information on the page. Moreover, animated text also gives you a way to add a creative flair to your design and therefore deliver the message in the most memorable way. 

The below post shows a simple social media post added by Pepsi recently. It depicts the impact of animated text. 

KIMP Tip: As can be seen, the transitions and the chosen font styles all align with the refreshed brand identity that Pepsi recently introduced. Similarly, you can use animated typography to reinforce your brand’s personality and add more depth to your brand’s visual identity. 

Need help designing social media posts with animated typography? Get a KIMP Video subscription! 

7. Sustainability-focused designs  

Going green is a trend that dominates the graphic design trends 2024 list predicted by several designers. But this approach is about focusing on actual sustainability measures and not mere designs that attempt to greenwash. 

This trend is particularly about brands getting more vocal about their sustainability efforts and creating promotional campaigns and social media posts to add momentum to their move. 

In the packaging design realm, this includes the use of eco-friendly materials combined with nature-inspired sustainability-focused designs. To make the most of this trend that strikes the right chord with customers of various demographics, ensure that you align your brand values with the message rather than merely talking about sustainability. 

So, how can you craft visuals that resonate with nature and eco-friendly themes? 

  • Use organic shapes 
  • Nature-inspired illustrations 
  • When using photos, prioritize natural elements 
  • Incorporate earthy and organic color palettes 
  • Integrate icons associated with sustainability, like the recycling symbol seamlessly built into the brochure design here: 
Brochure design by KIMP
8. Exploring the bold side of minimalism 

Minimalism and boldness sound like oxymorons but recently, we’ve observed some brands break that perception. So, the next one on our list of graphic design trends 2024 is bold minimalism, a style that takes the strength and practicality of minimalism and adds a daring twist to it. 

This can be in the form of bold and bright colors with just a handful of elements and minimal text combined with ample negative space. Or it could be a simple and clear message with subtle colors and ample negative space but with big bold styling in a sans-serif font. These are just a few ideas to begin with. 

Take Nokia’s rebranding in 2023 for example. The refreshed logo is a minimalistic makeover of the old one. It is a sleek modern and clutter-free design. However, the color is bolder and more vibrant than the previously used blue in the old Nokia logo. 

Another good example is the refreshed brand identity of Western Union. Take a look at the minimalistic branding designs in the below image. The bold yellow adds a creative twist to the simple fuss-free design. 

Both these examples show how several brands have been actively adopting minimalism with a bold twist. This is perhaps an indication of a more creative form of minimalism to surface in 2024. 

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While these are just a few predictions to begin with, we’re sure the graphic design trends 2024 list will grow longer as the year unravels. Once you observe a trend taking shape, if you wish to experiment with it by tweaking a few of your branding and marketing designs before your competitors shroud your brand, then you need a dedicated team of designers to work with. That’s where an unlimited design subscription that assigns a designated design team, like KIMP, comes in handy. 

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