KIMP’s Picks 4th September: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

As another exciting week unfolds, we’re here with the KIMP’s Picks for the September 4th edition. If you’re new here, this is KIMP’s weekly round-up of social media inspiration, designed to help you stay in the loop. If you’re a marketer or entrepreneur trying to keep up with the ever-evolving world of social media, this post is just what you need.

Today, we’ve got all the insightful and trending posts, along with some hidden gems of wisdom in marketing, graphic design, and AI. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

In the Marketing Realm 

Did you know that marketers use about 18 data sources? 

As a marketer, you have to keep running even to retain your current position. Therefore, it helps to understand what other marketers and doing and how they are doing it. Did you know that most of them use around 18 different data sources to gather information and work on their strategies? The below post from Think With Google elaborates on this a little more. 

It talks about leveraging Google Cloud to bring all your scattered data to one point and make more sense of it. The video goes on to talk about 3 different tools in Google Cloud that help unify your existing data for better data-driven decisions in marketing. 

Capri Sun’s campaign with a hint of “mischief” 

For those times when you are running out of ideas for your campaign, Ad Age is a great place to look for inspiration. Ad Age shared the below post highlighting a “back to school” campaign from Capri Sun, a renowned beverage brand. 

The ad humorously presents its drink pouches as “kid-noise canceling technology” offering a much-needed “50 seconds of calm” during the busy end-of-summer season. The creative ad from the brand has made a lot of parents smile! That’s the kind of magic that happens when you know your target audience well. 

Tackling GA4 migration 

Moz, one of the leading SEO tools providers shared the below post on their LinkedIn page. The featured article outlines 10 essential aspects to consider during the migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

The article emphasizes the importance of correctly configuring settings, such as timezone and currency, for accurate data analysis. Enhanced measurement, event tracking, conversions, defining domains, filtering internal traffic, handling unwanted referrals, custom dimensions for event parameters, and extending data retention are among the key factors discussed. These tips ensure a smooth transition to GA4 and enable more precise tracking and analysis of website data.

Google Ads is introducing a Limited Ads Serving policy

Search Engine Land brings all the latest Search-related news for brands and advertisers to know. They shared the below post on their page highlighting a policy reboot to Google Ads. 

The recent update to the advertising policy is to combat scams and misleading advertisements. According to these updates, new advertisers will undergo a “get-to-know-you” period where Google Ads may limit impressions. This step is reportedly a measure implemented to push legitimate advertisers.

Bud Light makes a comeback 

Marketing Week is another great source of marketing campaign inspiration. The below post was shared on their page this past week discussing a recent hit from Bud Light. 

Bud Light’s recent ad, “Easy to Sunday,” released in conjunction with the NFL season, is poised to help the brand recover from previous controversies and boost short-term sales.

The ad portrays sports fans enjoying NFL games with Bud Light, reconnecting the brand with its core consumers. While its long-term brand-building potential is modest, it excels in driving short-term sales, making it crucial for the brand’s recovery following a sales decline (of about 14.1%) linked to prior issues.

The campaign shared by Marketing Week is a good example of bouncing back from a marketing setback. 

Lidl’s recalling “PAW Patrol” snacks in the UK brings all the latest consumer news from brands big and small. The below post shared on their page talks about Lidl’s recent recall of “PAW Patrol” themed snacks. 

This issue is making headlines in the UK because of the website URL displayed on the packaging. Reportedly, the URL redirected users to explicit content. 

This incident comes as a reminder that brands should conduct thorough due diligence when licensing their intellectual property to maintain a safe image. It also shows that regularly checking online content associated with licensed products is crucial to addressing inappropriate use promptly and protecting brand integrity.

In the Content Marketing Realm 

The power of video content 

When you need to find data to back up your understanding of various marketing trends where do you go? Statista is one of the most popular sources of statistical facts to understand various markets. 

The post below by Statista emphasizes video content’s power in today’s world. 

According to the data shared, content creators make the most money from video posts on various social media platforms. Another perspective here is that the report highlights the increasing costs of influencer marketing which is also indicative of their increasing demand and effectiveness. 

Repurposing your video content 

Later is a leading social media management tool. On their page, they shared the below post featuring a video that talks about repurposing video content. 

The video goes on to briefly explain some ideas on repurposing video content like:

  • Posting your TikTok content on Reels and Shorts 
  • Repost them on text-focused platforms like X 
  • Converting long-form YouTube videos to Shorts 

Citing examples for each idea, the video goes on to tell you how to easily keep your video content calendar loaded. 

Taylor Swift Eras Tour making headlines again 

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour has been one of the trending topics of discussion on social media. And it is making headlines again. This time it is for a movie version of the contest which is about to be released for a wider group of fans around the world to be able to witness the grandeur. 

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert film achieved record-breaking ticket sales within 24 hours of the opening of the ticket sales. This success demonstrates the power of content marketing, using a concert film to engage and attract Taylor Swift’s fan base. It’s a prime example of leveraging existing content (the tour) to create additional revenue streams and strengthen the brand.

The strategy here is also an example of the need for multi-channel marketing amidst growing competition. 

About buyer intent keywords 

Finding the right keywords is one of the biggest challenges most content marketers face. The below post from Search Engine Journal, a great place for Search-related insights, talks about tackling this challenge. 

The featured post talks about buyer intent keywords that reflect different stages of the buyer’s journey, and play a pivotal role in maximizing website conversions. 

Buyer intent keywords are search terms used when considering a purchase, expressing varying levels of intent. Focusing on these keywords increases visibility among prospects actively looking to buy, enhances credibility, and attracts more qualified visitors. By optimizing for such keywords, businesses can improve their conversion rates.

The post featured here discusses the need to understand your audience’s pain points, motivations, and objections to create relevant content and target the right keywords.

How are content marketers leveraging AI? 

AI has become an integral part of content marketing these days. But have you ever wondered how marketers around the world are using AI in their workflows? Then the Content Marketing Institute has all the answers right here in this post. 

The survey found that about 47% of marketers use AI in the ideation process of the content creation workflow and a close proportion of marketers use AI for research. 

Additionally, based on the study, a majority of marketers fear that there will be a drop in the demand for skilled writers. Whereas, about 25% of them still do not use AI tools. Amidst all this, learning new technology like AI and content management systems seems to be among the top skills that marketers are focusing on acquiring. 

Ideas for LinkedIn Content 

Social Media Examiner, a media company that shares all the latest marketing news and tips shared the below post on LinkedIn content. The post goes on to discuss the most effective types of organic content that marketers can use in order to boost the reach and engagement on their LinkedIn pages. 

From personal stories to event information, and employee advocacy, the post gives a brief idea of various content types to explore. So, if you are working on your LinkedIn content calendar anytime soon, add these ideas to your list. 

In the Design Realm 

Adobe Illustrator tips 

Who would say “no” to some good design tips, right? Adobe shared the below tips for Adobe Illustrator. The video in the post goes on to discuss some cool and useful tips that help designers add more details to their designs with gradients and textures. 

From linear to radial and freeform, Illustrator lets you experiment with 3 types of gradients in your designs. And there are plenty of ways to modify the gradients and colors later to fine-tune your results as well. 

AI tools on Canva 

Canva’s AI offerings have been increasing steadily. And these are a pleasure to use. In the below post, Canva explains a few simple tricks to use its many AI tools when creating business presentations. From background removal to quick replacing of design elements and rewriting the content in your designs, the video covers several aspects of using AI in Canva design. 

So, if you haven’t used AI tools on Canva and do not know where to start, the video is sure to inspire you. 

Want to make the most of Canva designs? Get a KIMP for Canva subscription. 

LG’s human-centric rebranding 

Creative Review magazine discusses design news and design trends on its social media pages. In the below post, Creative Review talks about the rebranding campaign that LG is working on. 

The rebranding updates so far include a 2D animated logo which was introduced by the brand in April. The other aspects of the rebranding are designed to “bring a smile back to the world of technology”. 

There have been a few campaigns released so far including some outdoor ads featuring new characters Joy and Ryder. The designs so far look fun and fresh for a tech brand. 

If you have been following our weekly round-ups you might remember that we discussed kinetic brand identities and their growing popularity last week. LG’s new rebranding posts also establish the growing popularity of kinetic brand identities. After all, adding a little movement to your logo and core brand elements adds a new dimension to your branding. 

Exploring the power of hand-drawn creativity in packaging design 

Your packaging design is one of the most impactful tangible assets of your brand. Therefore, you need to get really creative in order to make an impression on your audience. And when you need fresh ideas, Packaging Of The World has the best designs to inspire you. Like the below post showcasing the use of hand-drawn designs to add a personal touch to packaging design. 

The design consists of hand-drawn typography, fluid and fun shapes, and an overall playful vibe. The design is complemented by the choice of colors. On the whole, this is the kind of packaging design that makes a statement. 

In the AI Realm 

Google SGE now available in more countries 

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) has been a huge step in the world of AI. But it was only available in the U.S. Last week, Google announced the launch of generative AI in Search in Japan and India. 

SGE allows users to better understand topics, discover new perspectives, and find information more efficiently. Since its launch, Google’s generative AI has been receiving good response, especially from its younger audience in the age group of 18-24 years. 

Inferences from Gartner’s Hype Cycle 

When there is a topic everyone seems to be talking about, it’s natural to wonder whether it is just an unwanted hype or a trend worth exploring. Gartner’s Hype Cycle is known to explore the “maturity, adoption, and social application” of specific technologies. Based on the results for 2023, Gartner posted a quick snapshot in the post below. 

So, these are the technologies worth your time and attention in the current year. Without a doubt, Generative AI is on the list. 

Using AI for content moderation 

Moderation of content is one of the applications growing in popularity steadily. Activision, known for games like Call of Duty, is the recent company to explore this feature. 

The Verge, a leading source of technology-related information, shared the below post outlining the use of AI for content moderation in Call of Duty. 

According to the post, Activision is partnering with Modulate to introduce “in-game voice chat moderation” powered by AI called ToxMod. This step is to implement a more sensible and real-time moderation of voice chat so as to curb any instances of “hate speech, discrimination, and harassment”. This is a good example of incorporating AI to improve user experience. 

Google’s AI copywriting tool 

The Generative AI LinkedIn page is filled with all the trending updates in the world of AI and AI tools. The below post shared by Generative AI talks about Google’s newest AI offering, TextFX. 

With Google’s PaLM 2 at its core, this tool comes loaded with 7 features to improve your creative writing workflow. From creating a simile to creating semantic chains, and curating alliterations, there are so many cool things that this experimental AI tool from Google can do. 

Google’s Duet AI for Google Workspace

Yes, the next AI news on our list is also from Google. Google recently announced Duet AI, a generative AI tool that supports text generation, data analysis and so much more. But all these applications are for Google Workspace in particular. 

If you have been using different external AI tools for creating meeting notes and presentations then Duet AI is all set to simplify your work. Google is also bringing an option for users to chat with Duet AI and quickly grab answers based on their content. 

Simplifying ChatGPT in classrooms 

Users have found endless ways to use ChatGPT and the tool has also reached classrooms. Teachers are using ChatGPT in many ways to improve their workflows. Recently, OpenAI announced the launch of exclusive guides for teachers using ChatGPT in their classrooms. 

This includes ideas on its various applications in the classroom to prompt ideas for different occasions and so on. So, teachers coming up with lesson plans using ChatGPT, as well as those creating AI tutors with the tool can all find inspiration from the guide. 

Exploring the Canva plugin on ChatGPT

Plugins expand the capabilities of ChatGPT and make it easier to integrate this generative AI tool into your workflow seamlessly. Among the many plugins recently made available, Canva plugin is one of the must-try options. 

Paul Couvert, Founder of discusses the use of the Canva plugin in the post below. His post demonstrates how easy it is to use ChatGPT to create Canva visuals for your brand. 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

Instagram will soon support longer Reels 

Social Media Today is where you can find all the must-know social media updates. The below post shared on their page brings to focus the recent Reels update from Instagram. 

Reportedly, Instagram is testing longer videos for Reels. 

Instagram’s possible integration of 3-minute and 10-minute long Reels mirrors TikTok’s introduction of longer video uploads. Not to forget, Instagram discontinued its long video format (IGTV) only last year! 

X will soon support calls 

Talks about audio and video calls coming to X have been floating on social media for a while now. But concrete information came from Elon Musk himself through the below post. 

Based on the announcement, audio and video calls will be available both on the mobile app and on the website without asking for a phone number. This sounds a lot similar to what’s offered on Meta’s Messenger. 

X might be collecting biometric data 

Situations have been quite volatile for X these past few months. With a lot of new features being introduced and policies being revised, a new possibility has raised concerns among users. Tech Crunch, an online technology newspaper, shared the below post talking about these possibly upcoming policy updates to X. 

As per the post, X might soon be collecting users’ biometric data as well as employment details. All of these align with the platform’s announcement of hiring features. In another report, there are talks about X planning to use public data in training its AI models. All of these updates to the policies are likely to cause a lot of friction in the usage of the platform. 

Snapchat Dreams 

Snapchat is introducing a new feature called Dreams, delving into generative AI selfies, following the release of its My AI chatbot earlier this year. The SnapChat team gave a quick preview of this upcoming generative AI feature in the below post. 

Dreams can be found in the Memories section of the camera roll, offering packs of generative AI selfies, such as doppelgangers or back-to-school themes. These are to be available as paid packs within the app and are to be introduced in a phased manner before the global rollout. 

Threads is testing better search features 

Threads received a spectacular welcome but then the usage started dropping steadily. However users and brands have not yet given up on the platform fully. And the team has been working on introducing various new updates to keep things exciting for the Threads users. One of the recent updates has been a much-awaited one – keyword search. 

Renowned social media consultant and industry analyst, Matt Navarra shared the below post discussing the search feature currently being tested on Threads. 

And so, to conclude… 

And there you have it – a whirlwind tour of the best in marketing, AI, and graphic design for the week. We hope you’re leaving with a fresh perspective. Remember, the digital world never sleeps, so stay tuned for more exciting updates next Monday.