Real Estate Infographics: Your Guide To Infographic Designs

Everyone tells you how it is a challenging time to be in real estate, right? While people are buying and selling properties, the uncertainty in the market is bigger than ever. While the industry tries to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the great resignation is here, and that is hitting the commercial sector.

But it is a buyer’s market so everyone is looking for a great real estate agent. If you can establish that you can give your customers what they need, they will stop looking instantly. Nobody likes the endless hunts and reading endless documents. Everyone wants a good real estate firm to take care of them. 

Given the uncertainty and challenges in this industry, content marketing is the only savior for the real estate industry in 2022. With the right content and marketing tools, you can make a huge impact on your customer.

And if you want to leverage content marketing for real estate, you cannot miss Infographics. They make reading complicated details easy and are great for brand building too. 

In this blog by Kimp, we take you through the world of real estate marketing and guide you on how to leverage infographics to the fullest. 

So with no further ado, let’s get into it. 

Real estate marketing in 2022 

We know that the real estate industry is going through a bit of transformation currently. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed living conditions, working conditions, and even how people invested before. 

How has that impacted real estate marketing in 2022? What are companies doing to get ahead in the industry amongst their peers? 

The overwhelming consensus seems to be that content marketing is the way to go. Digital marketing efforts supplemented by intelligent content are the only way to win over the customers’ trust and stand out in the market. Traditional methods alone will not cut it anymore. 

So what content should you be putting out there? 

Well, a study tells us that 56% of companies that have invested in content marketing rate have prioritized visual content. 

That is because people are visual learners, they remember information in a visual form longer than they would from a text. 

Real estate companies have the onus of making their customers feel comfortable with technical, financial, and legal information. If you show them you can make this easy on them, they will gravitate towards you. 

Customers seek out informational content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Website, and search engines. So this is where you want to be with your content. This is where they are looking for real estate agents too, as 33% of customers have opted to work with an agent to sell/buy their home. 

But how to make complicated information easier to perceive? 

We know it sounds hard, but it can be a hoot if you work with real estate infographics.

Real estate infographics – what are they? Is it really a thing? It is, and scroll on to read more. 

What are Real estate Infographics? Why do you need them?

Infographics are a visual aid that marketers use to simplify complex data and supplement it with data visualization tools, graphic designs, images, and more. Real estate infographics are designs that closely pertain to this field uniquely. 

Some infographic designs are specifically useful for the real estate industry. They can be a flowchart, a map representation, or a visual list. Actually, the design can be anything you want as long as it is engaging and serves your purpose. 

Isn’t a map easier to read than the written instructions? The charm of Infographics is on similar lines.

Designed by Kimp

Every real estate marketing plan must include infographics with no exceptions. But why? What are the best benefits? 

  • Infographics bring you engagement on your online platforms. Yes, across social media and search engines, they have the highest engagement rates, just below video. 
  • They are really great for SEO and building backlinks. Infographics show up first for every search, even before the relevant blogs. So if you want to be on the first page, this is your chance. 
  • Visual marketing has a unique appeal to the clientele. It creates bite-sized information for customers so that they can easily consume it. 
  • You can improve your conversion rates when working with a real estate infographic. It makes for the perfect landing page design so that the customers get all information in a single place and can know your value instantly. 

We hope you are now convinced that using infographics in your real estate marketing can create a huge impact on your success. 

Now, let’s move on and check out some ideas that you can implement in your content marketing plans. 

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8 Infographics Ideas for your Real Estate marketing

We have already established that informational content is the flavor of the season for real estate marketing. And with good reason, buying or selling a property is an extremely complicated process. But it is also emotional for many. 

Balance these sides in your infographic designs so that you come out on top and become your customers’ first choice always. 

Kimp has compiled a list of popular real estate Infographics that customers love, and you can use for best results. 

Let’s check it out. 

1. Show the monetary value of hiring you 

Hiring a real estate agent or a real estate company is a tough call for many. Everyone thinks that listing their property online can get them sales easily. And it is a buyers’ market like we said. So, now it is your job to show what your customers stand to gain when they hire you. 

In most cases, it is the money and the budget that cinches the deal. But unfortunately, going over complex financial details can be very complex and a little dull too. So jazz it up and make the data appealing to your customer. 

Use icons, symbols, and other visual aids to show how it can be financially beneficial for them to hire you. 

Source: Pinterest

Kimp Tip: Use the right colors when you are talking about money. The color blue brings a sense of trust in the customer, while the color green signifies happiness and prosperity. Leverage similar design aids and psychology to impress your customer. 

Looking for help to do this? Kimp Graphics is just a click away. 

2. Real estate Stats and Figures 

Do you remember the last dinner party you attended where someone did not discuss the current market and shared their predictions? Your customers too hear these days in and day out which makes them confused. Now, we don’t want that, do we? But the catch is most customers do not want to sit and read reports to understand the current situation. 

That is why you need a real estate infographic that breaks down complex statistics and makes it easier for them to remember. Now, when you do this as part of your social media marketing plan, they begin to trust you. They associate you with good news and clarity, and you become their favorite source. 

Designed by Kimp

For simple designs, you can use a similar template as Kimp Graphics did here.

3. Document list real estate Infographics 

Informational content is leading the pack in the real estate industry. One piece of information that everyone always seeks is regarding documentation. What does a new home buyer need? What does a seller need? And most importantly, where do you access the many forms one needs in this process? 

Well, what if you create an Infographic listing all the documents that a potential customer will need? An infographic changes the vibe of this list from a simple checklist to something customers can understand and relate to. 

  • You can list them sequentially so that they know the order. 
  • Add a few images and icons to detail what the document is all about. It helps remembrance too. For example, energy bills, and water bills can come with the appropriate symbols (lighting and water drop), so they remember easily. 
  • Use a colorful theme so that it stands out on social media too. 
4. Price breakdown Infographic

Are you tired of explaining the terms and conditions to your customers? Do you want to build something that makes it easy for everyone involved in discussing prices and price breakdowns? 

Well, then you need a well-designed infographic. 

Yes, there are so many ambiguous-looking price items in the quote that it can stump anybody. Even if it looks straightforward to you, it may not feel the same to a customer who is probably hearing some of these terms for the first time. 

So do your customer a solid and develop an infographic that breaks down the various price line items in the quotation in a way that it is clear what they are for. 

Remember the trick with the water and electricity bill? That comes in handy here. You can even color-code similar items so that the customer can read them easily. 

Chances are you have very similar templates for your offerings, so create an Infographic template from a team like Kimp Graphics and get this going. 

Your customers will appreciate the transparency and will be more inclined to close than ever. 

5. What to look for in a realtor 

Yes, Infographics seem to be the best format to repurpose all the informational content you have, but that does not mean that you can’t slip in some marketing material too. In fact, it is the perfect medium to repurpose the marketing listicles you have on your blog or website. 

Customers are more likely to engage with infographics, so make your best appeal here to get your point across. One of the best topics for this medium is “What to look for in a realtor?”

You can tell them how to find the best real estate agent or realtor while also promoting yourself. Broken into points with visual aids, the customers will understand and remember this straightaway. 

Another way to step it up is by including a list of services that you or your firm provides so that customers know you tick all the boxes. 

What more do you need? 

Kimp Tip: If you want to appeal to the emotional side of your customers, use images and icons of family, babies, and happy couples. You can also pick the colors and fonts your audience will like the most if you have the buyer persona handy. 

6. Process flow 

Continuing with the theme of making your customers’ life easy, let’s move on to the next type of infographic – the process flow infographic. From finding the right home to closing escrow is a long drawn process, and they sometimes overwhelm customers with the many steps in between. Many actually take a step back from investing because of the lack of awareness.

Moreover, much of this process is specific to property types, jurisdictions, and local regulations. 

Breaking down this information is an engaging and easy-to-understand infographic that can be a lifesaver. It also makes your job easier because you do not have to explain it again and again. 

Kimp Tip: If your marketing plans are location specific, we strongly recommend updating this infographic for each of those so that you can run individual campaigns and attract the right audience.

With Kimp Graphics’ unlimited design subscription, create as much as you want at no additional charge. 

Designed by Kimp
7. Interior and Home Improvement Guide 

Who knows what a buyer wants more than a realtor? You interact with them every day and can share insights that can put any design magazine to shame. So why not monetize this and help your customers at the same time?

Interior decor guides and home improvement guides come in handy for customers looking to make their homes suitable for sale. Buyers love them too because it shows them what is trending and is a great form of validation. Everyone loves that, right? 

This also goes really with the infographic format because it is highly visual, and with this format, you can show them what floors are in trend instead of telling them.

Some guide ideas include :

  • What colors are trending 
  • The fall interior guide 
  • What floors fetch a premium, to mention a few. 
  • How to maintain your home for better valuation
  • Breakdown of the architecture styles of high-value homes 

Be as visual as possible here. A collage format suits best here, but you can attempt a catalog-style infographic too. 

Need a team to draft this up for you? Connect with Kimp Graphics today! 

8. Location Infographic

We know that in real estate; it is location, location, and location all the way. It is what decides the value of a property and the chances of your success in closing a deal. When the asset is so important, shouldn’t you be pulling all stops to ensure it shines across your marketing material? 

You can list down the benefits but we know that most customers will skip that page and make you repeat them. This is okay if the customer is next to you, but what if they are on social media? 

That is why you need a location-specific infographic that shows the map of your area with the following markings : 

  • The properties you have in that location 
  • Schools, colleges, and hospitals nearby 
  • Civic amenities such as parks, skating rinks, and so on 
  • Neighborhood stats on safety, valuation, and demographics 
  • The state of roads and other infrastructure 

This is just an example, you can keep it small or big as you think it suits your business goals. 

Maps were the oldest infographics, so we know they work. Use icons, real images, and color codes sections to bring out the best features. 

Ace Real Estate Infographic design with Kimp

It is absolutely the best time to invest in content marketing for your real estate firm. Customers are finally looking to invest again, and the markets are opening up too. But the competition is at its highest making it a buyers’ market. 

Work with a professional and qualified team to supplement your content marketing with visual aids, especially infographics. 

Designing the perfect Infographic is a tough line to balance. You need it full of information but not cluttered. And in real estate, you need a universal template but personalized design.

Work with Kimp Graphics to get unlimited designs, revisions, and custom designs at a flat monthly fee. No hidden charges and no long-term commitments. Just subscribe once and renew if you want to. 

Sounds great? 

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