7 Health And Fitness Logo Ideas + Best Practices To Try

Have you noticed that the number of fitness brands and influencers on every social media platform has gone up drastically in recent times? Every lifestyle product now has a range that caters to the health-conscious clientele. You are not the only one to notice this, and yes, it has become a major trend in recent times. 

We live in the golden age of health awareness. Customers are increasingly investing in solutions that allow them to stay in shape, track their health, and make it fun while doing so. 

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The health and fitness industry is growing exponentially, and more and more brands are entering this space with many unique offerings. Currently, the global wellness industry stands at a whopping valuation of $4.75 trillion. As the competition rises, brands have the additional responsibility of standing out amidst the crowd. 

And one of the best ways to do this is via branding. 

Importance of Branding in the Health and Fitness Industry 

As you may know, it is getting increasingly harder to gain and keep customers in the ever-growing health and fitness industry. The health mania on social media with influencers promoting a myriad of brands every day is just one factor. Another factor is that customers don’t feel a connection or a unique bond with the brand they associate with. Since all of them offer similar solutions, the brand feels interchangeable to customers.  

With a message and identity-driven image revamp, you can change this. And that is how branding helps you. 

By developing a meaningful brand identity for your venture in the health and fitness industry, you can : 

  • Create a unique and memorable visual identity for your health and fitness brand 
  • Demonstrate your values and services in an easy-to-remember manner to the audience 
  • Develop a messaging baseline for all your future marketing campaigns
  • Attract the right audience by communicating your value adds and services effectively 
  • Represent your brand consistently on different mediums via branding colors, logos, fonts, and specific imagery. 

Health and fitness do not mean the same to everyone. Each customer has a different requirement, and you can attract the customer who fits your equation with the ideal branding. 

But how do you approach branding in health and fitness? 

In other words, how do you quantify it and transmit it into the physical world to reach your customers? 

The first step of transferring your brand identity and values onto a visual medium is always a logo. The logo becomes the face of your brand and gives the customer base a tangible entity to relate to, engage, and remember you by. 

Specifically, a logo in the Health and Fitness industry is an extension of your brand itself and serves you in your growth trajectory positively. 

Understanding the unique challenges and requirements you face in health and fitness logo ideas, the Kimp Graphics team has put together an inspiration book for you. 

These logo ideas will give you an idea of the major trends in the health and fitness industry. You can choose to adapt something out of these and consult the Kimp Graphics team directly for logo design ideas for your brand. 

Let’s get right into it. 

7 Health and Fitness Logo Ideas 

Logo ideas are usually one of the biggest challenges brands face while crafting their visual brand identity. There are so many options out there that settling on one can be a hard process. 

An ideal health and fitness logo design must : 

  • Invoke energy, a sense of action, and happiness in the customer 
  • Be easy to remember and understand 
  • Related to the brand’s values, such as nutrition, mental health, sustainable dieting, and so on. 

With these basic principles in mind, let us explore some of the most popular logo ideas for the health and fitness industry in 2021. 

1. Imagery-centered logos 

The first and one of the most popular logo ideas for a health and fitness brand is the one where the logo revolves around a pivotal image. More and more brands are now opting for this model. 

When you choose this logo design idea, you have a great visual advantage. Studies show that it is easier to remember an image than text. So incorporating a powerful and meaningful image in your logo raises your brand’s recallability. 

Logo Design by Kimp

Choose an image that resonates with your brand’s value and holds some significance to the overall product or service you deal with. For example, dumbbells, CrossFit equipment, or a muscular body are some popular images used in gym logos. 

Health and fitness brands such as Gym, fitness studios, or healthcare brands usually have a physical entity to brand. This can be a bottle, gym equipment, or even some merchandise. The imagery enhances the value of these physical entities as well. 

Kimp Tip: If you opt for this logo design idea, ensure that the imagery is simple enough to replicate across mediums such as signages, posters, merchandise, and billboards. Complicated and detailed images become harder to print. 

Source: Wikipedia
2. Wordmark logos in bright colors 

Brands that want to become a household name usually go for the wordmark logo, i.e. the name of the brand plays the role of the logo as well. This is also quite a popular logo design idea in the industry. Most Gyms, studios, or wellness solution providers choose this route. 

But a new variation in this popular logo design idea is here. And it is the incorporation of bright colors into the logo design. Now, this idea is rapidly catching fire because : 

  • Customers notice contrasting colors faster than monotones, especially in the crowded marketing space. 
  • Contrasting colors as a brand color theme is extremely versatile and easy to replicate across mediums
  • Having light and dark colors brings in action and energy to the logo, and that is perfect for brands in this industry. 

Kimp Tip: If you decide to opt for this logo design idea for your brand, ensure that the brand colors in your Wordmark logo are complementing each other without fighting for attention. You can also choose meaningful and relatable colors for your brand. 

For example, women’s health brands usually choose Pink or Red colors. Gym brands opt for a color that works well with black, and a natural dieting product may choose green and brown to denote its connection to nature. 

3. Soothing colors 
Logo Design by Kimp

While popular choices for a logo design in the health and fitness industry center on dark and bright colors, there is a new trend in town. Usage of pastel colors or other color palettes that are traditionally associated with calmness, peace, and overall happiness can do wonders for your brand. 

Most of the customer requirements from the health and fitness industry today center around mental health. People increasingly realize that physical health and mental health have a close connection. 

So if you are a brand that prioritizes or centers your offerings around mental health, using the above color palette is a great idea. These color palettes also go well with logos with nature-inspired imagery, which is again a common trend in logo ideas in the health and fitness industry. 

Kimp Tip: Pastel shades and other soothing color palettes are attractive but can be hard to replicate on print. They also may have to be dealt with carefully against other colored backgrounds, say your website or social media posts. So try on a few versions of the logo in different scenarios before you finalize it. 

4. Combination mark logos

As we detail it in our blog on popular logotypes, a combination mark logo is a combination of a graphic/abstract logo and a wordmark logo in most cases. When brands want to make their brand name popular, but also have a visual element in their logo design, they choose this model. 

The advantage of choosing this logo design idea is that you can use the logo with both the brand name and graphic design or even separately. For example, the visual element can suit best for a Favicon, while your signage in the studio carries both the elements. 

The most popular logo designs are combination works. The difference between this and the image-centered logo design is that usually in this model both the image and the text have equal importance. The below image features a combination mark logo designed by Kimp.

Logo Design by Kimp

Kimp Tip: Combination mark logos are easier to remember and improve your brand awareness by allowing the customers to relate your brand name to a visual design. Ensure that the design’s color and style match the styling of the text for a consistent branding experience. 

5. Minimalistic logos 

Minimalism is gaining popularity on all design fronts. Right from web design to logo design, people are seeing the benefit of having less to understand and relate to. Minimalistic logo designs in the health and fitness industry bring out the same effect that the usage of soothing colors does. 

Logo Design by Kimp

By keeping the logo simple, you improve its recall value by a huge mile. In many countries and cultures, we also see minimalism as a sign of luxury, sophistication, and finesse. So for brands looking to attract elite clientele and project a sense of luxury, minimalist logos are a great choice. 

While working with your design team for a minimalistic logo, ensure that it is simple but meaningful. Oversimplification of logo designs can lead to the entire meaning being lost, defeating the design’s purpose entirely. 

6. Repetitive patterns 

Have you noticed that over the last couple of years, mandala patterns seem to have taken the world by storm? If not, just look it up in Google, it will immensely fascinate you. A major reason for the growing popularity of this pattern among designers and audience is its calming and addictive nature because of the symmetric repetitions. 

Calm and peace are something most health brands want to emulate in their brand identity. While you don’t have to consider mandala patterns in your logo design ideas, there is merit in the power of repetitive patterns. Most people found them meditative and pleasing to the eye. 

Logo designs for your health/fitness brand can benefit from these repetitive patterns. For yoga studios or mental health-associated brands, repetitive patterns can denote spirituality and a sense of stability. 

The love for symmetry and spiritual symbols will bring many folks to your brand via these logo designs. 

Kimp Tip: Experimenting with color schemes and palettes for the pattern in your logo design can further enhance its effectiveness. Try to include colors from the same palette or analogous color schemes for a pleasant and meditative effect. 

7. Emblem logos 

Customers expect traditional and institutional values from health and fitness brands. Even as the industry evolves reaching out to younger and more varied clientele, it is still seen as a conversation field. Emblem logos are the best choices for brands looking to demonstrate traditional values and atmosphere in their brand identity. 

Many popular brands still continue to use emblem logos. You do not have to stick to the traditional crest design but can vary it as you choose based on the brand personality and target audience. 

Emblem logos are also easier to use across mediums such as social media, print advertisements, websites, and so on. 

Health and Fitness Logo ideas for your Brand: Best Practices 

No matter what logo design is your favorite for your brand, the Kimp Graphics team brings you some tips to make them even better. 

These tips or best practices for logo designs center on the design elements for your logo. As they say, well begun is half done. So, here we go. 

  • Let’s begin with color. Logo designs play a major role in securing a good first impression for your brand. Branding and color psychology have connections that date back decades. While designing a logo, choose colors that work well in cultural contexts, align with your values, and bring out the desirable reaction from your audience. 
  • After color, comes the second most important decision, and that is typographical choices. The styling of the fonts signifies a great deal about your brand to the audience. Whether you are conservative, playful, or a mix of both, you can communicate this via the font choices. Check our guide on font choices for your brand here. 
  • After color and font, it is time to select the logotype for your brand. Wordmarks, brand marks, abstract logos, or emblem logos have their relevance in different scenarios. You must understand your brand personality and figure out what suits it the most.  
  • Post the selection and deliberation on these design elements, focus on the usability of your logo design. The perfect logo design idea for your health and fitness brand is versatile to cater to different mediums, easy to print, scalable, and flexible enough to use across various branding materials. 

Create unique and memorable logo designs for your Health and Fitness Brand 

Starting a business in the health and fitness industry requires a lot of determination, investment, and long hours. Customer acquisition, retention, and improving your brand’s value in the market is a constant challenge for many. But with the right branding campaigns, you can make all of this easier for you. 

With the Kimp Graphics team with you, you can create logo designs, branding guidelines, and so much under a single subscription plan. And there is no limit on how much you can do too. We offer unlimited revisions and design requests. 

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