How To Design A Health Brand’s Instagram Aesthetic

The internet is responsible for the inception of many new-age businesses. Businesses that did not exist five or ten years ago. But healthcare and health-promoting products do not belong to this category.  

It is one of the earliest industries in our society but the way the industry operates has definitely gone through a huge transformation in recent years. And social media is one of the major reasons for it. 

The advent of internet accessibility has given customers a lot of options to choose from, breeding competition in the industry. Not to mention that health-conscious people are a lot pickier, so companies need to spend more time convincing their customers. 

While you may think that something as small as an Instagram aesthetic does not matter for the growth of your brand in the health industry, the market says something different. 

Our customers are highly visual creatures, and we already know they are spoilt for choice. So to grab their attention and to stand out in the market, your visual identity has to be perfectly on point. 

Instagram is easily the best platform on social media for healthcare brands, so your Instagram aesthetic becomes a vital point of your visual identity. 

In this blog, the Kimp team covers all you need to know about building one for your brand. 

Let’s get started. 

Health Brand Instagram Aesthetic – Why do you need one? 

There are many markers of good branding identity, and visual identity is just one of them. So why are we stressing so much about it? 

Well, for starters, the current generation’s attention span is constantly reducing. Research also shows that our brain processes images and videos 10000x better and faster than text. So the images, colors, font, and design elements of your branding identity will leave a lasting impression on them. 

Coming to the Instagram aesthetic, we need to understand the dynamics between social media and consumers in the healthcare industry’s context. 

In the backdrop of COVID-19, people have become extremely health-conscious. The number of brands they follow from the health industry is on the rise. In fact, they agree that they use social media to access important healthcare information over other channels. 

Not to mention that the traditional marketing channels do not work that well for the younger generation. Millennials and Gen Z are old enough to make their and their family’s healthcare decision, so brands need social media to reach them. Instagram has the highest concentration of younger generation consumers, so obviously, this is a platform you cannot miss. 

But even on Instagram, the competition is stiff, and customers are wary of inauthentic brands. How do you communicate your values at the first glance itself? What can help you stand out from the herd? 

A professional and meaningful Instagram aesthetic can help you attract your customers and keep them engaged for a long time. 

All in all, something as straightforward as an Instagram aesthetic can change the game for you. 

Excited to implement it for your brand? Wondering how to get started? Don’t worry, our next section is coming right up. 

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Building an Instagram Aesthetic for a health brand 

So by now, you know that the Instagram aesthetic is a visual style that you adopt for all your posts on your Instagram profile. But can you choose anything that you feel looks nice? What are the deciding factors? 

Let’s take a look. 

1. Instagram Audience Analysis 

Like all other things in branding, a health brand’s Instagram aesthetic begins from the audience data. Yes, you need clear data on your target audience on Instagram – their demographics, most followed accounts, their spending habits, and so on. 

This way, you can pick the content that resonates best with them and the design style that suits them and the content. 

Culturally, each generation has a preference for a specific color, font, or even image. Knowing the audience starts you off on the right path. 

2. Instagram brand personality 

Next up after knowing your audience is knowing yourself as a brand on the social media platform. How do you want to appear to your audience? Do you want to project a friendly demeanor or stay business-like? 

For example, a black and white text-based aesthetic comes off as a conservative brand, while a brand that publishes reels in color pop feels innovative. 

So pick a personality to send the right message to your audience. 

3. Content Management 

As we mentioned in the previous section, the content you post also indicates your personality, values, and more to your audience. So the Instagram aesthetic you pick must be compatible with it. 

But how do you do that? Well, by mapping out your content marketing strategy before you design your Instagram aesthetic. Understand your goals and list the content formats you will be working with. We recommend videos, carousel posts, Instagram reels, and IGTV videos, with a few photo posts. The more you have variety, the better your reach is.

If you have a smaller budget, start with a couple of formats and then expand. But ensure that you pick an aesthetic that works on your content style. 

4. Social Media Branding 

You have the details of your audience, and you know what personality you want to project on Instagram. Your team has mapped out the content formats too. What is next, you ask? 

Well, it is time to get designing. But before you dive into Instagram aesthetic, work with your design team to get your social media branding. It is basically a branding kit but for specific social media platforms. This contains the logos you use, story highlight covers, cover images, and so on. Your Instagram aesthetic has to work with this, so having this handy works best. 

That way, you don’t run the risk of branding inconsistencies. 

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Now that we know the process of building a health brand Instagram aesthetic, what are the elements to look out for? What is a must-have, and what must every brand avoid? 

Well, let’s decode some of the most popular health brands on Instagram and understand this in detail. 

Decoding a health brand Instagram Aesthetic 

Every visual identity has four salient elements but what goes into each of these elements differ based on the platform or medium of usage. So what may work for your offline branding may not completely work for your Instagram aesthetic as well. Especially for healthcare brands who usually do not invest in visual identity as much as other industries. 

So what to look out for or plan for? 

1. Colors 

As we mentioned before, healthcare is one of the oldest industries of our society. So many of their branding markers are quite traditional and run the risk of looking similar. While this is completely fine and even recommended for offline branding, the case of the Instagram aesthetic is different.

Designed by Kimp

You see traditionally white and blue are the colors the health industry has been using to represent themselves. These colors stand for purity, trust, and professionalism. And pink is always the color of choice for feminine healthcare providers. 

But the younger generation on Instagram may find the overuse of these colors boring or too generic. It may not be enough to attract them to your profile. 

We recommend choosing gender-neutral colors such as Purple, light blue, red, orange, or green in your Instagram aesthetics. Find new meaning in these colors. For example, red represents heart health, and green represents cleaner living. 

Build an Instagram aesthetic around these diverse colors based on your audience and brand personality as well. 

Kimp Tip: If you or your client is apprehensive of completely abandoning the industry standards, we understand. How about building an Instagram aesthetic that celebrates your traditions but incorporates the new colors too? 

Yes, that is possible with a little imagination. If you want a team that can deliver this, book a call with the Kimp Graphics team today! 

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2. Font 

After color, if something attracts your audience to your profile, it has to be the font. On social media, the saying “How you say matters more than what you say” is completely true. The internet feels quite strongly about fonts and will be quick to call you out if you pick the wrong one to represent you.

With such strong emotional connections to this design element, it bodes well to pick the right one. But pick one that can convey the values you go for. 

But what is the right choice of font for a healthcare brand? 

Designed by Kimp

If you want to go the traditional way, you can work with Serif fonts (as you see in the above example). This will convey an impression that you are conservative, business-like, and consumers must only expect informational content from you. 

But if you want to be a brand that posts memes and trending reels, we recommend picking from the script range or even whipping up something custom. This way, you can tell your customers what you want to without even any misunderstanding. 

Kimp Tip: Custom fonts are a great solution to your font dilemma. But it is not always necessary. A good design team can help you pick the right font from the many varieties available on the internet. Just ensure you have the right licensing for it. 

At Kimp Graphics or Kimp Video, our team checks the license details before using any design asset. This can save you a lot of trouble after going live. 

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3. Images 

You have tackled the color and the font, what is next? Well, the best Instagram accounts, or even brands in general are known for their consistency. And this means fixing a design style or approach for your image and video productions as well. 

For example, if you have a product, what is the product photography style you wish to adopt? You must ensure consistency across all images and videos from then on. It can also be the images you use to convey your message. Do you use actual product images or people’s faces, or do you go the custom illustration/ doodle way? 

Either way, you must pick a style that resonates with your audience and work with all your content styles. For example, if you want to focus on products more then doodles won’t work. 

Designed by Kimp

In addition to the image selection, the treatment matters the most as well. Do you use black and white images or color pops? Can a grainy filter or a warm light filter preset work on the content you post? 

Experiment with these questions to arrive at the best Instagram aesthetic for your health brand. 

4. Themes 

Last but not the least, it is time to pick an Instagram theme for your health brand. You may wonder how is it any different from the Instagram aesthetic? Well, a theme is a format you pick to convey your message on the platform, and the aesthetic is the emotional response the customer takes away from it. 

For example, in the example below, the brand has chosen a text-heavy Instagram aesthetic. That is a medium of information delivery. But, the font and color schemes tell the audience they are a professional and conservative brand. That is the Instagram aesthetic. 

You can pick an Instagram aesthetic of your choice from the vast selection available. If nothing strikes your mood, work with a design team to come up with something unique. 

Some popular themes in the healthcare sector are texty Instagram themes, colorful Instagram themes, tiled layouts, monochrome themes, and so on. Popular examples from these themes are below for reference. 

Source: Instagram

Design the best Instagram aesthetic for your health brand 

Social media for health brands is a different ball game altogether. You would not think that it is this important or complicated. But hey, the internet has changed the way we work, and this is just one more addition. 

But the good news is that the same internet and social media have also given us the tools to win over our audience. Instagram aesthetic is probably one of the most effective tools in those. 

Looking for a team to develop an engaging and effective Instagram aesthetic and ensure consistency as well? 

How about Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video? With unlimited design requests, revisions, and service across 100+ categories with no long-term commitment, it is a pretty sweet deal. 

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