Fitness Branding – 6 Effective Tips To Change Your Game

There are several kinds of businesses in the fitness industry. Some offer personal training as individual consultants. And then there are the local gyms. Finally, there are also brands that sell fitness-related merchandise including home-gym accessories and fitness clothing. Does your business belong to any of these categories? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, we are going to talk about the nuances of fitness branding. Particularly design-related inputs that can help. 

Shall we begin? 

Fitness Branding – 4 Reasons Why You Should Take It Seriously 

  1. Did you know that one loyal gym member is worth nearly $517 annually? So retaining a customer means having a steady cash flow. And loyal members are more likely to try your new services. If you have new fitness programs you would like to test then you should try selling them to these customers to see if the idea will work. Strong fitness branding is indispensable when it comes to building loyalty and retaining customers. 
  2. The digital fitness & well-being sector alone is projected to earn a revenue of US$14.39bn in the year 2022. So, if you are offering virtual fitness services, now is a great time to grow your business. As more and more fitness consultants are using digital platforms to shape their fitness brands, you do not want to be left behind. 
  3. We know that nearly 80% of new memberships in a gym come from millennials and GenZers. And what better place to work on your brand awareness than the one platform these two generations are present on almost every day! Yes, we are talking about social media. So strong branding on social media is something that fitness brands cannot ignore. 
  4. Boutique fitness studios are expected to grow rapidly and this trend is likely to grow by 17% by the year 2025. And this is an area that still has a lot of potential. After fitness brands started pivoting post-pandemic and as people’s interest in fitness has started increasing, boutique fitness studios that offer personalized fitness programs have been quite popular. Since this is a new area that many brands are venturing into, you can make a huge difference provided you have a strong branding approach. 

So fitness branding is something any fitness brand cannot ignore. Let’s look at some tips to fine-tune your approach. 

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Fitness Branding Approach 

1. Create designs that resonate with your target audience

Identify and record the details of your target demographics. Gender and locality are not enough. You need to get more specific when it comes to describing your target audience. Are they people who are looking to manage their weight? Or are they seniors who are looking for gentle fitness routines? When you pinpoint these fine points you will be able to come up with better designs for all your branding and marketing efforts. Why is this important? We’ll tell you. 

Right from the cues for coming up with a relevant brand name to identifying the right brand identity elements like taglines, your understanding of your audience can be beneficial in many places. 

For example, to come up with a copy that talks in your customer’s language you should understand them well. Can you identify the target audience in the below social media design? 

Fitness brand social media design by Kimp

The above design will immediately grab the attention of people who are struggling to lose weight. The copy and the imagery together make it clear that it is a fitness program intended for those who want to trim those extra few inches. As you can see, the design is simple but on-point. To come up with such easy and effective ideas you need to understand your customers well. 

Kimp Tip: Social media presence has now become a strong element in branding. And this holds good for fitness brands too. In fact, there are many fitness trainers who make the most of the social commerce trend. They reach out to their target audience and sell their training programs through social media. 

Want to create a social media page that backs up your brand identity? Get in touch with the Kimp team today. 

2. A logo that speaks for itself 

While talking about branding, logo design is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. So, let’s address that first. For your branding strategy to work, you should focus on your logo first. A good fitness logo design will be:

  • Authentic – so people will take notice of your brand.  
  • Visually memorable – so that people will remember your brand even if there is a lot of competition already and even if other new fitness brands pop up. 
  • Straightforward – so that people instantly understand if your brand is for them. 

The actual design of your logo and what goes into your logo depends entirely on the kind of brand identity you want to establish. But both individual fitness consultants and local gyms and fitness brands need logos. 

If you are a fitness consultant, do you still need a logo? Yes! Your name might be your brand name in this case. Even then you can create a monogram that captures the essence of your fitness brand. And this can be used to represent your unique personality, traits that make you special in the competitive world of fitness. Here is an example. 

Fitness logo design by Kimp 

For a fitness center or gym, you can focus on the services you offer. And based on who your target audiences are, you should also define a personality for your brand for your audience to connect with. Your logo will be a representation of this personality. You can use symbols, fonts, and colors to capture these details in your fitness logo. 

Fitness logo design by Kimp 

For more ideas on fitness logos and best practices, check out our blog here

3. Brand colors that reflect your brand personality 

The colors you use tell a lot about your brand. So, identifying the right brand colors is one of the most important steps in fitness branding. For example, colors like red and yellow are high-energy colors. They work really well for fitness brands consisting of fast-paced workouts and strength training. 

Fitness brand social media design by Kimp 

If your fitness brand deals with diet-related consultancy green color might capture the focus on organic and clean ingredients. 

Fitness logo design by Kimp 

And, pastel colors might work well for fitness brands that offer services like yoga training. 

Fitness brand social media design by Kimp 

These are just a few interpretations. You can always find the right colors that represent your brand’s values and services. Your efforts do not end with identifying these colors. You should focus on adding more meaning to these colors. For this, your brand colors should appear on all your fitness brand marketing materials. This includes both digital and traditional ads. 

When you work with a designated design team at Kimp, you can be sure that the visual style in one marketing design does not deviate from that in another. Therefore, establishing your brand identity through your brand colors becomes easy. 

4. A business card that boosts your credibility 

Now that you have your logo and brand colors ready, there is one other brand identity element that can significantly boost your brand’s credibility. And that is – a business card. 

Business cards might sound old school. But in a sea of fitness enthusiasts who only show their presence through social media, if you are able to give your customers a tangible element like a business card, it shows how unique you are. It shows them that you take your business very seriously. And it shows how invested you are in your business. In short, a well-designed business card helps you rise above your competitors. 

And a business card feels more relevant if you have a physical studio space where you provide your services. It does not have to be a fancy place with state-of-the-art-equipment. It can even be a small rented studio. Even when you have very little you can do about adding your brand’s touch to the physical space, you can still make an impact through strong branding designs like business cards. 

Do you think a business card makes a difference in today’s social media age? Of course! However, considering that you need to keep the doors open for omnichannel marketing and your customers might look for more than one communication channel, ensure that your fitness brand business card is relevant to the digital age. Include details like your social media handle, and website address along with your contact information. To make it even more meaningful you can also add a QR code linking to the map location of your studio space. All these little add-ons can add more value to your business card design. 

Here is an example. 

Fitness brand business card design by Kimp 
5. Don’t underestimate the strength of traditional advertising 

For your branding elements like the logo design and brand colors to make an impact, you need to create advertisements that help people remember these brand elements. And this includes traditional ads like flyers, billboards, store signage, brochures, postcards, and everything else that feels relevant to your business. 

Traditional advertising is particularly useful for local businesses like gyms and fitness centers. People know about your brand through the flyer they saw or a billboard they crossed. So, especially in the early stages of building your brand, you should implement strong designs in these traditional channels. 

For example, consider a billboard design that highlights the need for a good fitness routine to break free of stress. If this billboard is placed at a bus stop near a tech hub, then professionals waiting for their bus after a stressful day will want to give the advertised fitness program a go. 

Notice how traditional marketing channels let you reach out to niche audiences at a point where you can make the most impact! That’s why it is worth investing in them for strengthening your fitness brand. 

Fitness brand ad designs by Kimp 

In the above example, you see two different visuals but you can instantly tell that they are both from the same brand. The colors and fonts used in these designs make this connection possible. So, if a customer who saw a billboard ad of your fitness brand receives a flyer and quickly gets the connection, his interest in your brand will be piqued. This also goes with our previous tip of using brand colors consistently. 

6. Social media as a tool for branding 

Today social media plays a vital role in helping people get exposed to the relevant brands, to connect with the brand, and understand the brand better. So, social media is crucial in fitness branding too. 

You can use your social media pages to build brand awareness. This begins with creating content that focuses on the value you create for your customers. 

For example, telling that you help people in their weight loss journey is not enough. You should show how your approach is different from the other weight loss programs out there. Do you talk about home-based workouts? Or a fitness regime that is free from stringent unrealistic diet plans? Highlight these facts. Social media can be of great use here. 

Add informative posts to show your command over the niche, and customer testimonials to show proof of what you promise. For ideas on the kind of posts, you can use to build your fitness brand on social media, check out this blog on fitness brand Instagram post ideas.

Kimp Tip: Your cover image will be the face of your brand on social media alongside your profile image which will be the logo in most cases. Since the cover image brings a larger space to communicate your message you can add your brand tagline and contact details or even a motivational quote that aligns with your brand’s values. These are little details that strengthen the interaction with your customers. 

Here is a social media cover image designed by Kimp. 

Fitness brand social media design by Kimp 

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Fitness Branding Simplified With Kimp 

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