2021 Ecommerce Marketing: Designs That Will Boost Sales

One of the biggest misconceptions about an ecommerce business is that marketing for it is easy. With everyone basically living on the internet, it can seem like reaching an audience shouldn’t be too hard. But, the reality is quite far from it. 

Anyone who runs an ecommerce store will tell you how hard it is to tailor marketing campaigns to different customers. And to do this in ways that stand out amidst the noise on the internet. 

This only became harder with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing most businesses to go online and further crowd the digital shopping space.

In these circumstances, a successful ecommerce business has to innovate, experiment, and work really hard to ensure its sales numbers don’t see a dip.

Especially since ecustomers today look for an experience when they shop. And they’ve come to see their personal shopping choices as an amalgamation of their values, brand connection, and convenience. Above all, they want to buy from brands that resonate with them. 

If you want to stand out among the thousands of ecommerce stores on the internet, you need something special. You must go out of your way to add some magic to your customer’s shopping experiences. And remove the fatigue that comes with scrolling through what feels like a million products a day. 

Does all that sound very idealistic? And how can you do this when you’ve only got virtual touchpoints?

Glad you asked. We have an answer, and it is so simple that you are going to be ecstatic.

Visual Commerce – Your solution to Boost Sales 

Visual marketing is the process of leveraging the power of visual design aids and data formats to enhance your marketing campaigns. Similarly, visual commerce includes:

  • Enhancing the visual content on your ecommerce store right from the store design to the product pages
  • Utilizing user-generated visual content such as images and videos to highlight your products effectively
  • Creating an interesting and engaging shopping experience for the customers by using visual aids

Everyone enjoys shopping in the comfort of their home. However, the pandemic has made people miss some aspects of the physical shopping experience. As an ecommerce business, you’ve got to tap into this through engaging visuals.

Visual marketing brings consumers one step closer to the product and entices them to click the checkout button. Not just that, by giving importance to graphic design in your ecommerce store, you enhance brand awareness and leave a clear impression on the customer about your brand.

This in turn will make your customer acquisition and retention process easier. 

Understanding and utilizing design aids in eCommerce marketing will give you the edge you need to compete in this cut-throat industry.

But can you just create a static marketing design kit and be done with it? How does design feature in every step of your business? 

Well no, it is not a once done and dusted process. And marketing designs for ecommerce businesses are nuanced and customized to what the customer seeks from your brand at every step. 

Let’s explore this concept a little more in detail.

Ecommerce Marketing: Designing Campaigns to connect with the customer at every stage

Since you run an ecommerce store or work on promoting one, we know that you clearly understand your customer’s journey with you. Every stage in a buyer’s journey requires a specific content piece that solves their query and helps them move to the next stage.

For ecommerce specifically, your designs have different functions and goals at each stage of this journey. Moreover, customer touchpoints like advertisements, emails, websites, or social media profiles need to be modified for each stage.

So, it follows that your designs also have to vary accordingly. 

At times, even the same form of outreach needs a different design based on where the customer is in their decision-making process. 

For a new customer, you could use an attractive Facebook video ad to bring their attention to you, but to make them buy again, that’s not enough. You must build your credibility with pieces like infographics, helpful how-to videos, and attractive user-generated content. 

As the needs vary, the method varies too. 

Understanding and implementing these ideas precisely can take your sales to a new height with minimal input. All you need is an easy to repeat system and a great design team.

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Designs to Boost your Ecommerce Sales in 2021 

Now that we have established the value of graphic design and visual marketing in ecommerce sales, it is time to get down to business. 

No two customers have the same query. For that matter the same customer needs different encouragement at different stages of their journey with you to make the purchase.

So, the Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video team bring you a curated list of design ideas to approach customers at different points in their journey with you. 

Let’s get started.

Ecommerce Marketing & Customer Acquisition 

The cost of acquiring a customer is always quite substantial for any business today. This is because the golden era of information has led customers to a path of immense research and deliberation before making a purchase.  

And in order to get customers to notice you and see value in what you offer, ecommerce businesses spend a lot of money on popular advertising models like Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, and Google ads, to name a few. 

You move ahead in this process with the customer by constantly showing up across all channels and exhibiting value with your brand presence. 

So, what design works where and how? Let’s check it out. 

Facebook advertisements 

Facebook allows you to run targeted advertisements for your target demographic. By designing the ads to connect with their requirement, you can ensure that your click rates go through the roof. Include your brand identity and leverage the principles of good design to make that happen. 

Experts tell us that video sees a better response in Facebook ads as it is a highly engaging medium, and many ecommerce businesses have had an exceptional experience with it. They also help you realistically display your products compared to still images. 

Landing pages 

Your customers land here once they click on an advertisement. Landing pages are an essential step in your marketing strategy. 

And so their design and content  have to be in the same tone as your advertisement to make customers commit to interacting with you. Follow the visual identity chain and ensure that you provide a cohesive and consistent branding experience to the customer. 

As people process visuals faster than text, let the design do the talking and keep it simple. Be clear about what you seek from them and what you offer. 
Check out Kimp’s guide on landing page designs that help your conversion rate.

A landing page design with a strong brand identity by Kimp. 
Email marketing 

Once you’ve built your email list through signs up from your ads themselves, or on your landing page, it is time to reach out to your customers. Your email marketing campaigns are an opportunity to provide personalized service to your customers. Also, seeing how this is a qualified lead list, feel free to bring out the big guns. 

Start by welcoming them to the community and interact to see what they require from you to finalize the purchase process. 

Help them choose your products with helpful informational catalogs, product demonstration videos, infographics, and testimonials from your existing customers. 

Comparative ad campaigns and an explainer on the buying process via emails also reduce friction in the sales experience with the customer. 

Social Media Content 

Organic growth is gold for any ecommerce store, given the escalating costs of paid advertising campaigns. Customers also believe organic results are better than paid search results. 

So, it is crucial that wherever a customer encounters your brand, they witness a unified brand identity that holds their attention.

Social media content ideas that help a customer in each stage of the buying process help you make the customer acquisition process easier. 

Some popular content ideas that work in ecommerce for a new customer are: 

  • Repurposing evergreen content such as blogs and articles into infographics, how-to videos, brochures, informational posters, carousel posts, or short-form video content.
  • Product feature posts
  • Customer review and testimonials
  • Reposting user-generated content 

Kimp Tip: A great hack to ensure customers instantly connect and recognize your designs anywhere is to model them on your ecommerce store design. Right from your product videos to user-generated content, follow a unified brand style and see your click rates touch the sky.

Best Practices for Customer Acquisition Designs:

  • Designs that play to their visual aesthetics sense and add value to their customer experience are what you need.
  • Ensure that you provide a consistent branding experience to the customer. Compose a brand style guideline encompassing all channels to help your designers design accordingly.
  • Include interactive and/or dynamic designs such as videos, GIFs, and infographics wherever possible. They are easier to consume and hold a lot of valuable information in small formats. 
A Brochure Design for Asia Pacific Breweries’ online store by Kimp.

Notice how the brochure above is informative, complements the brand colors, and has a snapshot of how the online shop looks like. It ticks all the boxes in a simplistic manner.

Kimp Tip: You have to strike a delicate balance between too much information and not enough information to make the customer notice you. Innovate with your content marketing strategy and try to provide a little value and a little entertainment too with each design.

Need some help with your designs? With Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video subscription plans, you can make unlimited requests and get unlimited variations and revisions. This means you can A/B test as much as you want to figure out what connects best with your audience.

Ecommerce Marketing & Customer Retention 

Congratulations, you made the sale, and the customer is happy with you. In fact, they now want to buy more from you. Finding a repeat customer from your existing database can be much more gratifying than a newly acquired customer. But it is hard work to keep the streak going.

You need ongoing communication and a strong relationship to ensure that the acquisition process was not a hit and a miss. 

How can you do that? Can design help you here?  

Well, yes, and this is how:

Exclusive email marketing campaigns 

Yes, we are back to email marketing and only because it is very effective. Your existing customers already know you and are willing to lend an ear to anything you say. So, ensure that you get the message right.

With existing customers, you cannot peddle the generic stuff. You have to give them personalized attention to show you are there and care about their needs.

  • Curate a list of products based on earlier purchases and wishlists to send via email. 
  • Use attractive animations and images to show to make the emails engaging.
  • Share exclusive product launches. 
  • Help them make the most of their purchases with helpful insights on how to use a product better or what they can buy to enhance their experience. 
Designed by Kimp.

The design above includes a curated list that brings the products to the forefront without pushing for sales aggressively.

Social media 

Treat your existing customers in the best possible manner on social media. User-generated content can do wonders for your brand and for your relationship with your customers too. 

Repost all user-generated content you find on your social media handles and engage your followers with tags and mentions.

You can also launch loyalty programs and reward programs for repeat purchases and promote them on your social media pages. 

An Instagram Post design by Kimp.

Kimp Tip: Branding is important while reposting and featuring user-generated content on your website and social media pages. Instead of relying on influencers and customers to follow the guidelines, get the help of a professional team to add your brand identity to all your images. 

With Kimp Graphics and Kimp video services, editing and improving the aesthetic of the content is easier than ever. 

Ecommerce Marketing & Customer Recall 

Well, not every customer is going to buy from you regularly. Some buy and then disappear. So it is your responsibility as a brand that you go back out there and woo them back. But you cannot do this by treating this as regular customer acquisition. You need a different strategy if you want to bring customers back. 

  • Offer them a sneak peek and exclusive rights to new product launches. Entice them back into the game with a teaser video and discount coupons via email marketing campaigns.
  • Customers love brands that humanize themselves. Send personalized emails about how long it’s been since they shopped with you and how their wishlist is fast running out. Personalized campaigns are always a colossal hit with customers. 
  • Design retargeting ads on Facebook and Google for these customers in a way that grabs their attention. Use brand colors front and center with intriguing graphic design. If you are choosing videos, ensure that the first 5 seconds pull them in and the quality keeps them going to the end. 
  • You can also incentivize their relationship with you with exclusive discounts and offers in exchange for a purchase or a review.
A flyer design by Kimp

The poster above calls for the customer to leave a review and get a discount on their bill. More than just getting a review this discount is also a way to get them to transact with you again.

Kimp Tip: Visual marketing design aids connect with an emotional part of our brain. Take time to design the color, format, and imagery of what goes into your retargeting ads. Your existing customers have a perception of your brand, so ensure that you live up to it. 

Kimp – Your Partner in Ecommerce Marketing 

Running an ecommerce business is hard, especially in the last couple of years. There is a lot of content out there, and the attention spans of consumers are not getting any longer.

With graphic design and visual marketing, you can ensure that your customers not just notice you but remember you too.

Ecommerce businesses always have many marketing campaigns in pipelines for different customer bases. It can become very expensive very quickly. Skip the big bills without compromising on quality with Kimp.

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