5 Ideas For Social Media Infographics + Tips For Your Own

Ray has a new app out in the market. The app helps people manage their energy usage. So he wants to establish a content marketing strategy that educates people on energy management, conservation, and analysis. 

But, he knows that people don’t really have the attention span to listen to, or view, lengthy educational content. So, he needs content that is short, quick to scan, and engaging.

Ray is now at a crossroads. He has to choose between his love for informative long-form content and the visual short-form content that is apparently a success everywhere. 

If, as a small business owner, you are in the same dilemma, we have some good news for you. 

Consumers do love long-form content if it’s served up to them in the right ways. So if you want to spruce and repurpose up your long-form content, and leverage the power of visual tools while also providing information, you need Infographics.

Repurpose long-form content like a pro with Infographics 

Long-form content is every marketers’ favorite format for search engine optimization (SEO), generating organic traffic, and increasing user engagement numbers across all platforms. But, it’s challenging to get consumers to consume it and click on your CTAs. 

This is when content creators and marketers turn to visual aids to bring important content to life. One of the most effective visual aids, in this case, is an infographic.

Infographics utilize the power of design to enhance the value of text-based content you have. To borrow a well-known cliche, a picture speaks a thousand words. That is why infographics become the best format to amplify the text and make it accessible to everyone. This includes the customers who are on your page to just scan the text and move on. 

With Infographics, you can:
  1. Reach a wider audience by appealing to the sensibility of people who want information in bite-sized snippets. 
  2. Repurpose long-form content for social media platforms
  3. Create shareable content to drive organic growth 

All this is good to know, but where are the numbers to support this argument, you ask? 

Studies show that 65% of people remember information better when there are visual aids in the content. Infographics deliver the same content in 39% less time when compared to a blog or article. 

84% of people agree Infographics prove to be an effective medium of communication for B2B marketing. 

Even though infographics have a universal appeal, you get an especially high ROI when you use them on social media.

Creating Social Media Infographics

Creating infographics for your social media feeds? Keep in mind the design for your web platforms has different requirements than those for social media platforms. 

This is because customers have different expectations from the content they seek on social media platforms vs. websites or blog sites. 

So, it goes to say that the process of creating social media infographics is unique too. 

When you speak to your design team about the infographics you need to include these key points:

  1. A detailed outline of the content to be included. This means providing notes on the content that needs to be emphasized (e.g. headlines), and indicating the sequence in which the information should flow. 
  2. A Style Guide, including but not limited to, notes on the content and tone, color palette, typography, and overall styles. 
  3. The target audience for this infographic, so that the team can choose design elements, imagery, and style that align with them. Include any and all relevant details such as gender, age, income levels, and the social media platforms you’ll be posting to. 
  4. The call to action for the customer.

Social media can be quite unforgiving. It takes hardly a few seconds for someone to scroll past your content. Providing these essential details to your design team can help them grab the audience’s attention more easily. 

Another important note to remember about social media infographics is that it cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. Platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn have different format requirements, user demographics, and content styles. 

So don’t just reuse your content. Repurpose and redesign the same content in different manners for them to be shareable across platforms. More on this in later sections.

5 Ideas for Social Media Infographics + Best Practices 

We have covered the importance of infographics in your content marketing strategy, especially for social media platforms. You now know what to communicate to a design team for the infographic to have the potential to go viral.

But, what infographics work well on social media? What are the ideas you can transform into infographics so that your brand can educate and add value for your target audience?

To answer these questions and help you get started with social media infographics, Kimp has curated the best social media infographic ideas for your brand.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

1) Process Description 

How-to queries flood the internet on virtually every topic. Usually, people choose to create blogs or detailed videos to answer these how-to queries. But, an easier and cost-effective way to incorporate How-to and process description content in your marketing strategy is via social media infographics.

Infographics have a general flow to them which is perfect for a detailed step-by-step breakdown of any process. 

You can also include images so that customers can visualize the process better and appreciate your helpful and well-designed content. 

This infographic format works best for content like:

  1. Recipe visualizations
  2. Software installation tutorials 
  3. Workflow descriptions for a client 
  4. Repurposing product demonstration videos
Process Description using an Infographic by Kimp

Kimp Tip: Create a visual flow for your infographic so that the process is easy to follow. Using custom illustrations and bespoke graphic designs can make this easier and enhance the value of your content for the customer. 

Professionally designed infographics help you leverage color psychology and incorporate branding elements for a better impression on your customers. 

If the process is too long, consider breaking it down into pieces for Instagram carousel posts, Facebook, and LinkedIn, too. It will improve the readability of the infographic. And you can always link it back to the full-sized format.

2) Location-based Infographics 

Did you know that the oldest infographic known to us was a map? Yes, indeed. Check out our blog on the history of infographics for more on this. 

If you are looking for ideas to create social media infographics that promote your brand, let history serve as your inspiration. Yes, we are talking about maps. 

If you’re a small business owner, local clients are likely very important to you. And as businesses begin to reopen, generating foot traffic for local stores is proving to be a challenge. 

To combat this, you can create an infographic of your store or business location(s). This visual format will reach more viewers and also make it easier to remember. 

Location/map format infographics work especially well for:

  1. Event Venue companies 
  2. Artists with upcoming tours 
  3. E-commerce companies wanting to highlight service locations

Kimp Tip: Location-based social media infographics offer the perfect opportunity to create a touchpoint with your brand. Use elements of your brand identity, such as your logo, storefront design, or a mascot, to reinforce your brand identity and associate with your location. 

Need an updated brand identity that strengthens your content marketing? Consider a Kimp Graphics subscription. You’ll be able to update your brand identity and get your designs done for a flat monthly fee!

3) Comparative Ads 

Comparative ads are really effective in infographic form. They promote brand awareness and push a potential customer from the consideration stage to the purchase stage. 

Want some examples? Just think of the powerful comparative ad campaigns between Apple and Samsung, Apple and Microsoft, Google and Apple, and so on. 

But, not every business can shoot an elaborate video to prove why they should be the customers’ choice instead of their competitor. 

Social media infographics to the rescue. The style of this content lends itself to comparative ads quite naturally. It paints a picture in the customer’s mind and makes their decision easier. 

For people who really like to make a Pros and Cons list, this type of infographic is a godsend for their purchase process. 

This format works across the industry and knows no bounds. You can compare:
  1. Two services by the same company (Free vs. Pro versions for example)
  2. Two direct competitors in an industry 
  3. Two different products from the same market, and so on.
Source: Emantras 

Kimp Tip: Comparative ads work because they are concise, and infographics enhance this value by adding visuals. Try to use original design representations of your product or service using graphic design, custom illustration, or edited high-quality pictures. 

Comparative ads are possible without extensive budgets for shooting. All you need is a passionate team like the ones at Kimp Graphics. Intrigued? Sign up for a free trial to get started.

4) Evergreen content 

At the beginning of this guide, we spoke about how infographics are the best way to repurpose content for social media. This is true for all long-form content pieces, but there is something, in particular, you must focus on – evergreen content.

Evergreen content is content that focuses on topics people are always looking to learn more about. And it has some of the best share, engagement, and save/bookmark numbers on social media. These numbers are vital to improve the reach of your pages and grow your audience base. 

It works across platforms with no expiry date. These types of content become great infographics. Some evergreen content with the potential to become social media infographics include: 

  1. Listicles 
  2. Product reviews 
  3. FAQs
  4. Fitness Tips 
  5. Product Ingredient Breakdown
  6. Content curation that is based on categories such as “Summer Products”, “The Best Skincare Products”, or “The Most Affordable Brands”, etc.  

Kimp Tip: When you repurpose evergreen content, you immortalize it. So, ensure that the imagery, tone, style, and color palette matches your content, customer base, and brand personality.

Keep the text to a minimum and choose to communicate via images and illustrations. Need some help? Kimp Graphics can handle both graphic design and custom illustrations to bring out the best in your infographic.

Infographic design by Kimp about a product’s ingredients 
5) Infographic Videos

Okay, here is something that we think will blow your mind away – infographic videos. Yes, we know videos are expensive to plan, shoot, and edit. That’s why we’re talking about a completely different approach for your business. 

In some cases, an infographic can be so long that it’s hard to embed in an email or a tweet. What do you do then? How do you summarize that 3000-word article in an easy-to-consume way? 

You can create animated infographic videos that take the customers on a journey of information and data with no shooting expenses. This can be a 1-minute video for Twitter or even a 30-second Reel or Tik Tok video if that’s where your customers are into.

Infographic videos are an ideal choice:

  1. Where the content flow is important, such as with process videos
  2. If you want to animated images in the infographic, 
  3. When your customers belong to a demographic that prefers videos over images.

Kimp Tip: Choose a design agency that can undertake graphic design, animation, and video creation. This way you’ll have consistency across your designs no matter the format.

Kimp’s graphics and video teams specialize in creating informative, engaging, and animated videos. 

An infographic video by Kimp using animation 

Revamp your Social media marketing with Infographic designs from Kimp 

Infographics require effort, design sense, marketing knowledge, and a lot of flair for experimentation. The content and visuals both have to shine equally.

Walking this tightrope is actually a task that excites the design teams here at Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video.

We enjoy creating such valuable designs for our clients and watching them reap the benefits. We want you to join that list. Our team can help you deliver informative content to your audience in a way that excites and engages them. 

So why wait?

Sign up for the free trial today and check out our services for yourself. With unlimited revisions and uncapped designs, your social feeds are about to get a whole lot more engaging.