8 High-Impact Marketing Video Ideas Your Business Needs

Creating content constantly is no easy task. You’ve got to come up with new ideas, make them relevant to the customer, and execute them every day so that your reach does not suffer.

To add to this, social media platforms revise their algorithms now and then, leaving your content marketing strategy in a lurch.

Customer content consumption patterns have also changed over the years. Today, internet users look for short, engaging, but informative content served to them in engaging ways. 

That leaves you with well designed graphics, videos, and GIFs. 

And while there is a time and place for each of these formats, there’s no denying the impact of one in particular.

Incorporating videos into your content marketing can skyrocket your reach, improve engagement rates, and delight your customer base. And it is a format that all social media platforms seem to love. 

Choose Video to Supercharge your Marketing

If you want to give your customers what they want – then video is the answer. The number of hours consumers consume videos is constantly rising. And it is now at 18 hours per week. 

Customers are not just watching videos but also making purchase decisions based on them. 84% of online users based their product decisions based on a brand’s video. Explainer videos, How-To videos, and product demos have also significantly affected conversion rates across brands.

Okay, customers seem to like videos, but what are brands/marketers saying? According to Animoto, 64% of businesses saw a new client based on their video marketing strategy. And Hubspot found that video also is one of the most popular types of content for improving engagement rates among marketers.

Embed Videos in your Content Marketing strategy 

If the previous section had the same effect on you as it did on us, you must be wondering how to leverage video yourself. And how to consistently create video content to support your marketing efforts.

Shooting new videos, editing them, and coming up with new ideas is a challenging and expensive task. 

But you can seamlessly embed video in your content marketing strategy with a little planning and content repurposing.

Kimp Tip: Not all video content needs expensive locations and high-tech gear. Did you know you can also design engaging videos with some creative editing and animating? We’re talking about Kimp Video, of course. 😉 Find out more here.

8 High-Impact Video Marketing Ideas for your Business 

It’s not just enough to have great video marketing ideas. When you introduce videos into your content marketing strategy for the first time, it is essential to understand your customers’ preferences. Videos that fail to add value are often a failed investment.

Plan and tailor your content to the different segments of your target audience. From those who you want to become aware of what you offer, to those who you want to help decide on choosing you.

This way you’ll be able to attract and engage potential customers throughout their buyer’s journey. And you’ll be able to reach those who are existing customers too!

Spreading out your video content across different stages of the buyer’s journey is a technique that will bring you higher ROI. 

Now to the most critical segment – what videos to create and how to use them effectively for your business?

At Kimp, we create innovative, engaging, and effective videos for our customers to use as part of their video marketing. And we free them up to work on other aspects of their business.

Check out our list of 8 high-impact video marketing ideas for your business with examples to guide you through.

So, without further ado. Let’s get started.

1) Video Ads 

Video advertisements have a higher reach, engagement rate, click-through rates, and ROI. The best part of creating a video ad is you can use it across different social media platforms such as Facebook. YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. All you have to do is have it resized and tweaked.

Video Ads work on customers who are just stumbling on a product and customers on the brink of conversion. Did you know that comparative ads have a great effect on the conversion stage customer, more than any other ad form? These ads involve highlighting why your brand is superior to others in your niche. 

Videos also improve the score and reach of your brand profiles as customers stick around longer for this content and engage with it too.

Videos are highly shareable, which is an advantage when you choose to advertise using this format.

A Brand Awareness Facebook Video Ad by Calm

Brand awareness ads must focus on the problem statement and express empathy with the customer. Show them you know how they feel and offer a solution that builds awareness of your brand as the solution. 

Here, the music and the imagery are consistent with those used across every Calm ad. No matter how your marketing video ideas vary, consistency in branding is key.

A Comparative Ad Example – Google Pixel 3A vs. iPhone X

The 16-second ad above was enough to share that for the convenience of fast charging, Pixel is the way to go. These ads from Google comparing different features in both the phones, establish the supremacy of Pixel 3A and are a great hit with customers. 

Kimp Tip: Impressed by the Google vs. Apple video ad, but afraid to experiment because of the price? Opt for an animated video that uses the product images to bring out the same message.

Mission accomplished but without expensive shooting costs. And here’s another tip – with Kimp Video you can work with a dedicated design team to bring your marketing video ideas to life!

2) Expert Interview 

Are you a small business working in a niche industry? Do you have a hard time convincing your leads of the merits of your product vs. the conventional option? 

Well, in that case, you are in luck because video content will come to your rescue here. 

Establishing authority in your domain is crucial in today’s competitive market if you want to improve your conversion rates. If you serve a niche industry, then even your brand awareness hinges on it.

Expert interviews lend credibility to your product, business, and also inspire the customer to try your service. 

Long-form educational content like this performs well on YouTube, your Website product page, and LinkedIn. 

But it’s not just the content itself that matters. The thumbnail must be attractive enough for customers to click the play button. Get an interesting and eye-catchy image by the Kimp Graphics team for your videos. 

Kimp Tip: Do you have a podcast on Spotify or Apple music? Did you know you can turn it into a video using the power of design and animation? 

One of the top podcasters in the U.S. “Financial Feminist” repurposes her podcasts into videos for her YouTube channel. Check out an example below:

3) Company Update/Overview 

Are you a fan of straightforward marketing video ideas? Then look no further. A company update/overview video is a great way of raising brand awareness is to create a video that talks about your business, its origin story, employees, office setup, and/or business model.

Everyone likes to see what goes behind the curtain, and origin stories are always sure to gain you some engagement and interest.

But why choose video for it? Well, when was the last time you read an “About Us” page on a website? Long-form text is really not going to cut it. 

Small businesses usually have fascinating stories to tell, so it is time to leverage videos to bring those stories to life. 

You can add these to your LinkedIn Page, Website About Us page, or your YouTube Channel. 

Repurpose them into smaller snippets of “Meet the team”, “Office Tour”, and “Origin Story” if your platform of choice happens to be Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Short videos work better there. 

You can also use these videos in your introductory newsletters for fresh additions to your email list. Include the word video in the subject line to improve your open rates.

Kimp Tip: Did you see how animations, transitions, and the voice-over made the video so easy to watch completely? You can also create an engaging video for your business without expensive shooting gear. 

Repurpose your About US page into graphic designs using Kimp Graphics, and get the video from Kimp Videos.

4) Product Demonstration 

84% of people say that they decide to purchase a product or service after watching a brand’s video. 

So, it stands to reason that every brand looking to nudge the customer from the consideration stage to purchase needs one in their toolkit.

Product demonstrations work for product-based companies and service-based companies. Service-based companies can use storytelling to depict how their offerings work for their customers.

Your product demos lay the baseline for all expectations of your clients. It is important to get them right. Keep the branding in place, use actual products, and use animations wherever possible to explain the concept in detail.

The best part about these types of marketing video ideas is that they work across all platforms and can be repurposed into an ad too.

A Product Demonstration by Blendtec

Kimp Tip: Fine-tune your video for each platform’s size and style requirement. If the video is originally for YouTube, resize it and speed it up before you post it on your Instagram. 

And remember to get a great thumbnail designed for your video for best results. 

5) How-To Videos or Screencast Videos 

You might be wondering how product demonstration videos are different from How-To videos. Product demonstration videos explain how a product works and highlights its design.

How-To videos for products and screencast videos for services focus on the utility and how it benefits the customers.

You can create many such videos for a single product in different scenarios. Let’s assume you are creating How-To videos for editing software. Your videos would centre around how the product works for videos, images, GIFs, or audio. 

If you have an app-based product, you can also run How-To videos using the screencast format for the customers to get a realistic view of its usage.

These videos show the customer the effort you put in not just selling the product but also ensuring that they get the best out of it. 

An example of a How-To Video by Discord.

Kimp Tip: Editing is a crucial step in making any how-to video engaging. Hire a professional team to make this process easier and amp up the quality of your video.

6) FAQ 

Customers are always going to have questions about how things work. But if you know your product and buyer personas, you know what the questions are going to be. 

So, why spend time answering them over and over when you can create a video that does it for you? Creating an FAQ video:

  1. Saves you time and effort 
  2. Reduces the hours spent on such interactions 
  3. Displays your subject matter expertise to the customer
  4. Reduces friction towards a purchase for a customer in the conversion phase

FAQ videos perform well across social media platforms. You can use it as a Pinned tweet on your Twitter account, curated Instagram Guide, and share it with your client via an “Abandoned cart” email. 

Kimp Tip: FAQ videos can be fun too. Your customers need this information, and you need them to view it fully to avoid any misinformation. Using animations, professional editing, and good graphic designs can enhance the standard of your FAQ video.

CryptoTab Browser has a fun, informative, and engaging video on FAQ with over 200k views.

7) Seasonal Videos

As a small business engaging with your customer online, you create topical content all the time. Even big brands like Starbucks and Walmart create seasonal greetings-esque content.

If you choose to create videos for this occasion, you can create brand awareness, engage existing customers, and improve the traffic on your social media pages. 

All in one with just one Christmas or Easter or Halloween themed video.

Seasonal videos are also easy to create, short-form content that performs well on all platforms. 

So, get cracking. 

Kimp Tip: Take a cue from Starbucks and use animated branded videos for your seasonal videos. Ditch stock images and invest in unique content that takes your branding identity ahead. 


Starbucks’ Holiday Greetings with lots of animations and branding throughout the video.

8) Announcement

Another popular marketing video idea for social media, newsletters, and your website pages is an announcement video. 

Announcement videos bring in huge interest from customers – it could be a new product, a new sale, discounts, giveaways, or a loyalty program announcement. If you say it with a video, you will make a bigger impact. 

Embed the announcement in the Header of your website or send it in a newsletter. This video works great for an existing customer you want to entice back for a sale.

Product launch teaser by Swatch

Kimp Tip: Announcement videos are all about the details – what you hide, what you reveal, and the drama. Ensure that you keep the text to a minimum and make the visuals shine.

You can also launch teaser videos before the announcement to pique interest. With Kimp Video’s subscription-based model, you have all the freedom to create without worrying about additional charges.

Choose Kimp to create an impact with your Videos 

The general consensus is that videos are tough to make and can cost a ton. That may be true for design agencies and other design services but not Kimp.

At Kimp, our designers take pride in challenges and deliver nothing but the best with record turnaround times. And, our subscription-based model means you can ramp production up or down as you need to with one or more subscriptions – all while paying a flat fee.

So get to dreaming up your marketing video ideas.

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