8 Tips To Create Unforgettable Product Launch Videos

Product launch day is D-Day. Product development is a time-consuming and expensive process. Before a product hits the market, every business has already spent a lot of time, money, and resources on it. 

So the launch day is significant beyond measures. And a big part of this are your marketing strategies. 

People invested in the marketing process plan the launch day with the same intensity they spend on development. After all, you want the product to sell and reach as many customers as possible. And there is nothing like the instant gratification that comes from a successful launch day. 

So anything that can make this day a success in the long term and short-term is a welcome input, right? That’s why we’re bringing you the best tips that can elevate your product launches like never before. 


Well, your ace in the hole are product videos. Especially product launch videos. Now you may think yes, launch day marketing is important, but why emphasize videos so much. 

Keep scrolling to find out. 

Make your product launches a success with video marketing 

Video marketing is huge on social media. Customers love them, and so social media platforms love them even more. Video content also speeds up the process of building meaningful connections and closing sales. That’s what makes it so great for product launches. 

By using video in your product launch campaigns, you can : 

  • Better communicate the product features and impress customers on its value in their life. 
  • Showcase the product in use and cross an emotional barrier of uncertainty with the customer. 
  • Engage and entertain customers by including a dramatic flair to the product’s story. In an attention-deficit economy, this is a significant advantage. 
  • Improve the reach and engagement rates of your product launch content. Videos rank high on shareable content and get an additional boost from social media networks too, making them ideal to skyrocket your reach during a launch. 
  • Effectively persuade customers towards purchase decisions. Over 90% of customers agree they watched a branded video before completing the purchase of a product. Those are some great numbers! 

TLDR: Videos can improve your communication, messaging, engagement rates, and persuasion metrics during product launches. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to amplify your product launches with video marketing, right from ideation to creation. 

Above is one of the most popular product launch videos on the Internet. It does everything, right from product features to animation to styling.

The different types of product launch videos 

Now, the possibilities are truly endless and mind-boggling once you decide on video marketing for product launches. Depending on your audience, industry, product, and budget, you have a variety of options.

Cinematic launch videos 

Drawing inspiration from every Marvel movie you can, create an entirely dramatic and cinematic launch video for your product. This type of product launch video attracts the customer and appeals to their aesthetic sense. And it pairs this with a compelling story. This video can make the final product reveal something absolutely magical.

You can opt for a teaser, trailer cut of the actual product video with dramatization, or design an animated product preview too.

These videos have powerful editing, transitions, and background music that add flair to the launch.

Educational videos 

During product launches, the more information you put out about a product’s usage, features, and value, the better. Keeping that in mind, educational videos or explainer videos can truly change the course of your product launch.

For a customer who is uncertain about the product and if they should invest in it, these product launch videos can persuade more effectively. 

Informative videos win hands down against a blog or an article because of the visual medium. You can bring out demos, How-To videos, feature previews, and USPs in a video much more effectively than in a textual format. 

People retain visual information more than what they read, so creating explainer/educational videos also helps you deliver the message via an efficient medium.

Unboxing videos 

YouTube creators and reviewers have made unboxing extremely popular. Now anytime a product drops, customers look for unboxing videos. Traditionally, content creators and influencers create these videos. But, if you want to control the narrative and the standard of communication, then collaboration can help.

Work with a popular content creator or influencer to create an unboxing video for your social media platforms. You can control the edit, the branding, and the product focus while also showcasing a typical unboxing process.

The Unboxing video above by FiiO is an outstanding example of how brands can create faceless but engaging videos to supplement their product launches. 

8 Tips to Create Unforgettable Product Launch Videos 

Getting down to the most important section of this blog, let’s look at the formula for creating some of the best product launch videos. 

In a competitive world, messaging and marketing become as important as development. At Kimp, we know how difficult and expensive video creation is. That’s why we take pride in creating engaging product launch videos for our clients that don’t break the bank.

And we want to help you create some great videos too! Below is a list of tips from the Kimp Video team so that you can completely ace your product launches:

1) The Mood Board sets the tone 

The secret of creating the perfect video goes way back, even before you connect with the right design team. Yes, it begins at the product development stage itself. When you conduct competitor research, don’t stop at their product features. You must also analyze how they market the product.

Study your competition to note what they do best and what doesn’t work for them. Armed with this knowledge, create a design brief with a mood board of the elements you want to include. 

The mood board and the design brief will determine the effectiveness of the final output. If you have a clear vision, then the path becomes easy. For example, if you can choose between a rustic or contemporary video style and understand what type of background music your audience will respond to best, you have done half the job.

For the other half, connect with the right design team that understands these requirements and translates them well on screen. 

Kimp Tip: Choose design teams that offer free trials or test runs that allow you to understand their design style. Compatibility with your designers is vital for a successful output. At Kimp, we offer a 7-day free trial so that you can size up our workflow before committing. 

2) Customize your videos 

Are you confused by the title of this section? Of course, you will opt for customized videos. But the level of customization is what cinches the title. Hopefully, you are a brand with an omnichannel presence. This means you’re already present on, and posting content to, multiple marketing channels. And that your product launch videos must be optimized to perform well across channels too. 

Work with a design team that can tailor your videos based on the best practices for each platform. 

For example, if you are working on a product launch video for your website, you will feature it on a dedicated product page. This page already has plenty of information about the brand and products. So, a video with just the new product and few details will work.

But if the product launch video will serve as an ad, you need sections that cater to brand awareness, CTAs, and product details too. 

While the central element is the same, the treatment varies for achieving maximum results. 

Kimp Tip: Repurposing video content can solve the issue of recurring expenses on creating too many customized videos. However, you must ensure that you do not lose the message in the process of repurposing. 

With a Kimp Video subscription, you can work with expert video designers and editors who can deliver this for you. Book a call with the team to learn more about what you get with a subscription.

3) Understand your target audience 

Your video is all about the visuals and the design treatment, correct? In one word, it is the aesthetic that makes the product video come together. Now, your brand may have an audience base that spans generations, but will the product work if you try to market to everyone in different ways? Not likely.

We know that niches bring results in marketing. So, you must understand your target audience, and the common preferences amongst them, for your product launch video to bring you the best results.

You can use third-party customer insight tools on Facebook, Google, and Twitter to understand what your audience’s common preferences are. This will help you create a product video that will make an impact during your launch. 

Read our guide on designing for different target audiences for more on this!

4) Tailor your videos to social media algorithms

When you post videos that take into account how social media algorithms work, you get much bigger ROIs. How to do that? Let us break it down for you. 

  • Create short, crisp, and engaging videos to improve your engagement rates. People watch short videos on loop, get to the end easily, and interact more with them. And Voila! You are trending. 
  • Facebook and Twitter studies tell us that people watch most of the videos on mute. So, optimize the video for a mute play by adding text overlays and closed captions. You also make the video inclusive in this process.
  • Next, people browse websites, advertisements, and social media platforms on the phone more than any other device. So, at Kimp, we follow a default mobile-optimized format. You should too.

Check out our detailed guide on social media and videos here

Need help creating and optimizing product launch videos for social media? Work with a team that can deliver edits, repurposed video content, polished raw footage with different treatments. Work with the Kimp Video team for all this and more!

5) Use Videos to create buzz 

Product launch videos do not have to be all serious and dry. You can have some fun with them and use them to rope your audience in. 

And buzz generation is very important. When the time for the launch comes, you want all eyes on your product so that word spreads quickly. In the rapid-fire world of digital marketing, that is very important.

Videos are the perfect means to create buzz. With teasers, trailers, gamified videos, animated cinematic shots, and product previews, the possibilities are limitless. 

People share videos more than any other content form, so chances of getting on your potential customers’ radars also becomes higher. 

Kimp Tip: Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Did you know that’s the full idiom? So don’t overdo it with just building anticipation. Be sure to create plenty of content that gives your audience the satisfaction of knowing what all the hype is about. And between the two strategies you’ll get the views and engagement you want.

6) More show, less tell 

Your product launch videos must impress your customers so much that they click “Add to cart” immediately. Now, in that excitement, it is very easy to go overboard and want to share everything about your product. But remember, less is more. 

And whatever you highlight as the most important aspects of your product? Make sure they’re impeccably presented through a great design.

Show your product in action, if possible, being used by actual people who resemble your target audience. You can also show how to use the product, what difference it makes in a before vs. after shot, or bring in social proof of customers raving about it if you run a beta.

The product launch video seen above by GoPro is perfect. They don’t tell you the specifics and USPs but show it brilliantly. The editing and transitions make the video extremely engaging.

7) Add your unique Brand Personality 

Your product launch videos must also reinforce your brand’s personality and the value it offers. That’s because your customer will judge your brand and your product when they see content about your product. So bring in that X-factor that makes your business click with the audience. 

As a rule, avoid trend hopping, since trends come and go. They also may not connect with your audience as best as authentic content will. 

Create meaningful content that connects with the audience and is consistent with your brand identity for an enhanced user experience.

The product launch video above by OnePlus is truly magical. OnePlus did not go for the smooth, sleek, and sophisticated format that most smartphone brands adopt. The brand understood what they represent for the audience, and that is a fun, stylish, and fast experience. The product launch truly reflects that.  It is a OnePlus advertisement through and through.

Kimp Tip: Translating brand values into a video can be challenging. And so when you try to DIY or work with a freelancer, it is easy to just mimic something that is trending. But a talented team with a detailed brief will find ways to highlight your unique brand personality.

With Kimp Video subscriptions, our designers take time to understand your brand before delivering the output to you. That is why our revisions are far and few with high customer satisfaction.

8) All’s well that ends well

They say all’s well that ends well. So ensure that you stick the landing for your product launch videos. 

Yes, it’s good if the customer saw your product video and got impressed. But it can’t just end there. It is your responsibility to guide them ahead on their buyer’s journey. 

The perfect product launch video has the CTA in place with exit frames that leave a lasting impression on the customer. An abrupt ending can mean that you lose the customer because you did not give them direction on what to do next.

Create unforgettable Product Launch Videos with Kimp 

Picture this. You are in the last stages of product development. It is coming along well, but the pressure of marketing is setting in. After the marathon of development, you want this to go well, so you can reap the rewards. 

Enter Kimp. We will take care of all your graphic design and video design needs. Everything from landing pages to social media to ad design, we do it all. And the best part is we offer unlimited design at a flat monthly fee. 

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