KIMP’s Picks 22nd December: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

Ready to wrap up the week? Then it’s time for this week’s KIMP’s Picks – our weekly social media round-up. This is our quick recap of what’s buzzing on social media – trending posts and discussions in marketing, AI, design, and more. 

So, if you are looking for an end-of-the-week social media synopsis, look no further! Let’s go!  

In the Marketing Realm 

Are you targeting last-minute shoppers enough?

The past few weeks have been all about the holiday marketing craze. But your efforts are going to be incomplete if you do not have a concrete plan to tap into the last-minute shopping craze. Don’t believe us – Google’s data might convince you. 

In the below post, Google reported that there has been a whopping 800% increase in the search for “last-minute gifts” which means that people are still searching for gifts. Optimizing your holiday campaigns for these last-minute shoppers can bring in good results! 

Lessons from some of the greatest ads of 2023 

YouTube has changed digital advertising drastically by allowing brands to reach a wider group of audiences on diverse devices. Wondering how to make your YouTube ads work? Then you might like this insightful post shared by YouTube. 

The post highlights some of the impactful YouTube ads from 2023 based on the number of views and engagement the respective videos garnered. And the post goes on to delve into some of the lessons to take away from these ads in terms of the formats and perspectives that advertisers can play with. 

Tapping into the perks of co-branded giveaways 

Giveaways are great ways for brands to boost their reach on social media. But there’s a secret ingredient that can help amplify these results – co-branded giveaways! The below post from Ad Age, a leading publication in the world of advertising discusses the benefits of co-branded giveaways. The post dives into the nuances of the concept using a case study of a recent giveaway organized by the collaboration of the brands – Olipop, Olly, and Not Your Mother’s Haircare. 

From winning audience trust to extended reach and enhanced perceived value of the brand, there are several benefits to collaborating with other brands for giveaways. So, if you are looking to explore new ideas to boost your social media engagement in the coming year, this is a good one to begin with. 

Oreo is back in the Super Bowl game 

Remember the iconic Super Bowl Tweet that Oreo wowed the world with? Now Oreo is all set to enter the Super Bowl realm again but this time with a spot in the big game. Marketing Dive is a great source of marketing news. They shared the below post highlighting Oreo’s plans for the 2024 Super Bowl advertising. Oreo’s “Dunk In The Dark” campaign set new trends in moment marketing. Naturally, the anticipation is big for the brand’s ad during the game. 

Make the most of influencer marketing in 2024 

Influencer marketing is a trend that brands cannot ignore at least for the next year! Because influencers help bridge the gap between brands and consumers and strengthen brand credibility among other benefits. But how do you choose the right influencers for your collaboration? How do you identify the right type of influencer who can help achieve your campaign goal? The below post from Later, a popular social media management tool, answers all these questions.

The post takes a deep dive into the types of influencers that every brand should know about and some tips to work with each category. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Are videos on Instagram bringing better Reach than on TikTok? 

Working on short-form videos and don’t know which platform to focus on? Then this post from Social Media Today will clarify your doubts. Social Media Today is a leading source of social media news and updates. They shared the below post giving a glimpse into the video videos on TikTok and Instagram for long, short, and medium-length videos. 

It is clear that Instagram has rapidly picked up as a leading platform for video content. So, if you do not already have a strong Instagram content strategy in place, now is a good time to start working on one. 

Are you adding emojis to your posts? 

Sometimes you have the most engaging content but it does not yield the engagement you anticipate. That’s when ice-breakers like emojis can make a big difference especially when it comes to social media content. Popular social media management platform Hootsuite shared the below post emphasizing the need for using emojis in your social media posts. 

As can be seen from the graph, relevant emojis help boost your likes on Facebook by 57% and engagement on X by about 25%. After all, emojis are great attention-grabbers and they also clarify your message when you use the right ones. So, if you aren’t already using emojis in your posts, now is a good time to start! 

Understanding social media content reach 

Neil Patel, digital marketing expert and co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, shared an insightful post discussing social media content reach. 

The observations documented in the post are based on the analysis of over 15,000 social media profiles over 3 years. And the post talks about organic reach in particular. It discusses how external linking leads to a drop in engagement whereas short-form videos increase engagement on most platforms.  

So, if you think that your brand’s organic reach on social media has not been as expected, then this post is for you.

In the Design Realm 

What’s new on Canva? 

2023 has been a big year for Canva with a long list of new features added to the platform. Canva has also been announcing various updates almost every week. The below post summarizes some of the coolest and most useful features that Canva introduced in December. 

So, if you use Canva in your design workflow, then this quick summary is for you. Sketch To Life, Magic Grab Text, and Image Variations are just a few to begin with. How many of them have you tried already? 

Looking to outsource your Canva designs to save time and effort while also making the most of the capabilities of the platform? Get a KIMP for Canva subscription! 

Adobe’s translation tools 

Adobe has been equally active in bringing new features both for traditional design and editing and for AI-powered design and editing. The below post from Adobe throws the spotlight on one such feature that’s useful, particularly during the holiday season when brands are busy gearing up with their campaigns for various audience segments. 

The post gives a preview of the translating feature that can be used by designers to select and translate text in designs to instantly personalize the design for various regions. So, if you haven’t already explored this feature, this is a reminder to check it out! 

Creative packaging design inspiration 

Creative packaging can increase your brand’s popularity on social media. Sounds hard to believe? Then the many discussions that happened this week regarding the packaging design for a new lotion from the beauty brand EOS should prove it to you. 

Popular design news destination DesignTAXI shared the below post applauding the creative packaging design for EOS. 

Design projects like these inspire designers around the world to keep pushing boundaries and exploring creative ways to grab attention. 

Creativity in outdoor advertising 

The above post discussed adding a creative twist to packaging by making the most of the space available. The next one talks about doing something similar with outdoor ads. Yes, you only get a standard billboard space in most cases. But it all depends on how you creatively leverage it to create a showstopper. 

The below post from Marketing Week highlights one such show-stopper that jumps out of the billboard and engages the passers-by. A small 3D twist to a simple design is all it took to create a memorable design for the brand! 

To obtain similar results for your brand, understand the place where your billboard design will be displayed and then choose an idea that creatively engages the surrounding elements and environmental factors to create magic. 

In the AI Realm 

Archive chats on ChatGPT 

OpenAI announced a new feature that improves the usability of the ChatGPT interface. You can now archive your old chats. So, if you have chats that you do not want to delete but find your sidebar cluttered and hard to work with, then do check out this feature. 

AI-powered streaming translation 

Meta announced SeamlessStreaming, an AI-powered streaming translation feature. This allows you to access real-time translation of the content streamed with negligible latency. 

This is Meta’s way of tackling language barriers from hampering engagement in live streams. Meta has introduced this feature along with a set of other AI-powered language tools like SeamlessExpressive, SeamlessM4T v2, and Seamless. Meta’s user-centric AI models have been revolutionary and we can’t wait to see how these tools expand the social media usage patterns around the world. 

Generate AI music with Copilot 

Rowan Cheung, founder of a popular AI newsletter, The Rundown AI, shared the below post. It discusses a recent feature introduced in Microsoft Copilot. The feature highlighted here is AI music generation that allows users to instantly generate music tracks based on text prompts. 

The thread also gives a preview of the feature along with step-by-step instructions on how to use it to generate your own music tracks. Generative AI has come a long way and now this update shows that AI-generated music might be the next big thing to look out for. 

Stable Video Diffusion is now available in the Developer Platform API

In November, Stability AI announced its new AI video model, Stable Video Diffusion. They recently announced that this video model is available in the Developer Platform API. 

So you would be able to access this AI video generator to create short videos up to 2 seconds long and a frame rate of 24fps. Currently, the model supports MP4 output and is likely to open a new wave of AI-video tools. 

The word of the year shows the impact of AI on the world recently announced the Word of the Year 2023 – hallucinate. Yes, the word has taken a whole different meaning ever since the advent of AI tools. 

Hallucinate – “to produce false information contrary to the intent of the user and present it as if true and factual.” 

According to, the search for the word on the site itself, general search trends as well as usage of the word in media have all steadily increased over the past year. All of these show how much AI has impacted the world and how it has intrigued people from various parts of the world. 

Midjourney announces V6

Midjourney’s AI tool has a special place in the world of generative AI. Recently, they announced Midjourney V6, a new upgraded model for better image generation. 

So, what’s new with Midjourney V6? 

  • More accurate prompting
  • Option to add text to your designs
  • Improved upscalers 

Nick St. Pierre, an AI enthusiast who regularly talks about Midjourney shared the below thread giving a glimpse of some of the performance of V6 and how the update compares with V5.2. As can be seen from the thread, the images generated are much more resonant with the prompts and much more refined! 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

X now has an incognito mode in Spaces 

X News Daily, the popular X-related updates page shared the below post about a new update on X. This is the incognito mode in Spaces. 

The incognito mode will allow participants to anonymously join Spaces. This way you can joining discussions and listen to them without being visible to other participants. Additionally, hosts will also be able to select whether or not to allow participants to join in the incognito mode. 

Google brings Shorts Ads to TV 

Shorts is YouTube’s short-form video format designed specifically for mobile video consumption. With the growing popularity of the video format, advertising on Shorts has also gained traction. Google recently announced that Shorts Ads will now be displayed even on TV. This means that advertisers will be able to reach more users by being able to tap into the TV viewership of the platform. 

Custom Add Yours templates 

The “Add Yours” sticker on Instagram is a great way for users to supercharge engagement on the platform. It lets people create trends and allow others to join the trend. The trend has gained steady popularity. 

Recently, Instagram announced that users will now be able to add custom Add Yours templates what’s even better is that you can fine-tune your templates with GIFs, images, and text to create a fully personalized template. If you wish to create shareable content that promotes your personal band through your signature aesthetics, then this might be a great feature for you to explore. 

On a Final Note…

That’s all we have for the KIMP’s Picks 22nd December edition. We hope that our round-up of social media posts gave you a quick snapshot of all the trending and insightful discussions from social media. With that inspiration, keep creating and keep inspiring your audience. And for more social media updates, stay tuned. We’ll soon be back with another round of recap!