KIMP’s Picks 9th November: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

As the week wraps up, it’s time to kick back, relax, and catch up on the buzz that unfolded across the realms of marketing, AI, and design. Social media moves fast, but fear not—we’ve got your back with our weekly roundup. Missed a groundbreaking AI revelation? Curious about the latest marketing trends? Eager to explore creative design insights? Look no further. Join us as we quickly look back at some highlights from this past week to help you stay in the loop. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the KIMP’s Picks 9th November edition. 

In the Marketing Realm 

Google introduces a new “small business” attribute

To welcome the holiday season, Google has been adding several new features to its various tools. One of the recent announcements is the option to add a “small business” attribute to the business’s profile on Search and Maps. The idea is to make it easier for customers to find local small businesses to support during their holiday shopping. 

Other than adding the “small business” label, businesses will also be able to customize their product images appearing in Search and add more relevant information to display right on the Search page. 

A resourceful Google Ads guide 

From search news to marketing insights, Search Engine Journal has plenty of useful resources for marketers and entrepreneurs. They shared the below post with an insightful guide for Google Ads. If you are about to set up your ads on Google or if you are looking for ways to boost your current strategy, this is a pretty useful resource to refer to for some quick insights. 

The guide covers the basics including the benefits and applications of Google Ads as well as the key terms to understand. 

Campaign inspiration from Coca-Cola 

Christmas is just around the corner which means that brands are already busy promoting their holiday campaigns. Coca-Cola as a brand has a long-standing connection with Christmas especially with Santa Claus. 

Coca-Cola’s association with Christmas began in the 1920s when they popularized the modern image of Santa Claus in their holiday ads. In fact, the iconic red-suited, jolly Santa we know today was heavily influenced by Coca-Cola’s marketing. Their campaign for this year also follows this path and features Santa Claus in a heartwarming video with a beautiful message that reiterates the beauty in random acts of kindness. 

Because of Marketing, brings the best campaigns from all over the world. They shared the below post highlighting this beautiful commercial from Coca-Cola. 

Some useful tips on LinkedIn Advertising 

LinkedIn has been seeing tremendous growth in recent times and more and more brands are tapping into the platform for their marketing. If you are one among them and if you are looking for ways to boost your LinkedIn advertising strategies, then should check out this post from Social Media Examiner, a leading online resource, providing insights and expertise on social media marketing. The post delves into the basics of a recent AI-powered campaign tool on LinkedIn. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

SEO in SGE times 

Figuring out SEO itself is a complicated task with the search algorithms constantly evolving. And we now live in the age of SGE (Search Generative Experiences) where AI enhances user experiences in Search. So, how do you tackle SEO during such times? Search Engine Land, a leading online publication that talks about Search news shared the below post answering this question. 

The post dives into the anticipated changes in user behavior in Search and the SEO changes these are likely to bring forth. The post also briefly discusses the need to incorporate user-generated content during such times. 

Tackling content marketing for local businesses 

Renowned SEO software company Moz shared the below post detailing content marketing for local businesses. As a local business owner, if you are looking for ways to drive more traffic to your site and expand the reach of your business in the local market, then this guide is for you. 

The post begins with a quick look at the current state of search to understand what you are working with. It also briefly talks about Google’s emphasis on E-E-A-T for content success and then about understanding customer demands for a more effective local marketing approach. 

Useful content guide for B2B marketing 

Content writing in itself is a tough nut to crack and writing content for B2B marketing can be even tougher. Semrush shared the below post with a useful guide for B2B content writing. 

From discussing the differences between B2B and B2C marketing to understanding the impact of B2B content the post covers a lot of basics. And it also goes on to outline 10 different content types and some useful tips to craft them. 

In the Design Realm 

Creating animations on Canva 

Canva recently introduced Magic Studio, a suite of tools to enhance the user experience and bring more design and editing capabilities to the platform. Enhanced animation creation is one of the benefits introduced. The below post from Canva gives a quick peek into this feature. So if you use Canva for creating images and videos on Canva, this is a good feature to explore. 

Finding it overwhelming to tap into all the Canva features? Get a KIMP for Canva subscription. 

Generating video captions on Adobe 

Adobe has also been actively adding generative AI to its suite of tools to allow users to add or remove elements, and a host of other functions. The below post from Adobe highlights one such recently added feature that’s pretty helpful for motion graphics designers and marketers using Adobe tools for video design and editing. The feature discussed here is the Caption Video which lets users add captions to videos and tweak them. 

Generative Fill in video editing 

Another feature on Adobe that is useful both in image and video editing is Generative Fill. This generative AI-powered feature allows you to add elements to your existing design using text prompts. Adobe shared a video where a creator demonstrates how to use features like Generative Fill and Generative Expand creatively to create professional-quality videos. 

Brand identity design inspiration from Goodnotes 

A revamped brand identity design was introduced for the popular digital notes app Goodnotes. Clean lines and sans-serif fonts – the identity captures the “free-spirited” nature of note-taking that the brand wishes to reflect. The Brand Identity, an online resource of inspiration for branding and rebranding shared the below post discussing this new identity. 

There is a subtle playfulness infused into the identity to resonate with the kind of experience that the app wishes to deliver to its users. The refreshed brand identity design also includes a vibrant set of colors meant to capture the colors of crayons – naturally relevant to note-taking. 

Illustration-led brand identity for StepChange

Talking about designs for brand identity, like the impact of colors and fonts leveraged in the above example, the next one leverages the power of illustrations. It’s Nice That is another great source of inspiration for anyone looking for branding designs and marketing designs. They shared the below post featuring the rebranding campaign for StepChange. 

The designs for StepChange emphasize the power of using custom designs like illustrations as the core components in your brand designs. It shows how besides the foundational blocks like fonts and colors, distinct illustrations and visual themes can also become signature elements to represent a brand. 

In the AI Realm 

Google’s Performance Max brings generative AI to advertising  

Google Ads changed when Performance Max was introduced. And now to make things even better, Google has announced that advertisers would be able to generate assets like headline text as well as images for campaigns. Google announced the same in the below post. 

In addition to generating new assets, advertisers will also be able to enhance their current hero images and other elements. This expands the possibilities of generative AI in advertising. 

X’s new AI venture, Gork is here

Answering queries continues to be one of the most popular capabilities of AI and X brings a new dimension to this through Grok. Grok is one of the most discussed products from xAI over the past week. Elon Musk announced the launch of Grok in the below post. 

Grok is X’s AI tool that is meant to be like a more refined contended to ChatGPT but it has access to the internet and is nuanced in many ways. Elon Musk also shared an example comparing the results for similar queries presented to ChatGPT and Grok to show how different these tools are despite being pitched against each other quite often.

OpenAI announces updates 

OpenAI shared the below post summarizing some of the recently introduced features that developers need to know about. 

One of the core announcements is GPT-4 Turbo which reportedly brings GPT-4 Turbo to support 128K context and to access more recent information. 

You can now create custom GPTs

While the above updates predominantly focused on developers, this next post discusses some announcements to excite users. 

As can be seen, users can now create custom GPTs to perform specific tasks, or more precisely, to assume specific roles. This is more like creating your personalized chatbots for specific contexts. The video preview looks pretty exciting and this can be a big leap forward for OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

Inworld AI and Microsoft join hands to bring AI to game-writing 

Digital Trends brings the latest tech news and trends. They shared the below post throwing the spotlight on Microsoft’s recent collaboration with Inworld. The partnership aims at bringing generative AI to game-writing. This is reportedly a step to improve the process of drafting narratives for games – to create scripts dialogues, etc. This will bring more creativity and efficiency to the game development workflow. 

A new industrial copilot 

Another major partnership that Microsoft recently ventured into is the one with Siemens. This revolves around the development of Siemens Industrial Copilot which aims at improving human-machine interactions. The tool is meant to assist in various aspects of automation in the manufacturing sector. 

Generative AI, an online reserve of information and updates in the AI realm shared the below post giving a snapshot of this Microsoft-Siemens partnership. 

Figma’s new AI tool is here 

Planning is a critical part of the design workflow and Figma aims to simplify this with its recent AI introduction, FigJam AI. They announced the same in the below post. 

Whether you are creating icebreakers or meeting planners, FigJam is meant to instantly create templates for a better organization of your ideas. As per Figma, the tool will initially be free to users in all tiers. 

Runway brings AI to the physical world 

Cristóbal Valenzuela, co-founder of Runway shared the below post introducing a physical video editing machine powered by AI, the first of its kind. 

The machine is meant to help with professional video editing tasks like applying styles, animating storyboard images and so much more. This indicates a major step for AI in the creative sector hinting at a shift in the roles of visual effects teams and studios. 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

X Notes will now let you see the original context 

In June X announced the introduction of Notes on media like images. Further adding to this, they made a recent announcement depicted in the below post. This introduces the option to trace back to the original post where the note was added to the image. This allows users to find the main source of the image so as to avoid misinterpretation of the context in which the image was introduced. 

Meta is testing holiday bonuses for creators 

In its below post, Meta announced that it’s testing the option to add holiday bonuses for creators. The idea is to expand the ways in which creators can make money both on Instagram and Facebook. And one of them is an invite-only option for photo views and Reels plays. 

Additionally, the plan also includes the suggestion of strategies for creators with a huge following to nurture a strong community through tailored content. And Instagram Gifts will be available to more creators so as to help them get support from their followers through their content. These announcements are all set to change the monetization game on social media. 

You can now personalize your YouTube channel layout 

YouTube recently announced a host of new features that allow creators to customize the layout of their channel so as to enhance the aesthetics of their page. This includes the option to introduce a For You Feed that personalizes the content delivered to users based on their preferences. Additionally, there will also be Featured Sections, Featured Videos for returning users, and Channel Trailers for new users who are yet to subscribe to the channel. 

Turning off read receipts on Instagram 

The tech news website 9to5Google shared the below post outlining a new and useful update on Instagram. Turning off read receipts in messages is a feature that will probably be coming to Instagram pretty soon. This feature has been available on WhatsApp for a long time now and is essentially coming soon to Instagram too. 

YouTube is experimenting with a new AI chatbot 

Product Hunt is a great place to discover new products and tech. They shared the below post giving a peek into an AI chatbot feature that YouTube is currently testing. Reportedly, this feature will be available on select videos. 

The chatbot is meant to process the video and provide the user with useful information about it. Additionally, the tool might even be able to quiz you to test your understanding if the particular video is an educational one. This is all set to change the way users interact with videos on the platform. 

Closing This Week’s Chapter 

And there you have it! This week’s roundup of insightful posts, trending ones, and some hidden gems. From new AI tools to social media feature updates, the pace of innovation is exhilarating. Remember, staying ahead in the dynamic worlds of marketing, AI, and design is all about embracing change. As we bid adieu to this week’s roundup, keep the curiosity alive and the creative sparks flying. Until next time, keep discovering and keep innovating.