KIMP’s Picks 1st December: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

What’s your favorite Friday ritual? Scroll through the trends and catch up on all things you missed? You’re not alone! But what if we made this agenda of social scroll quicker and easier for you? Well that’s where our KIMP’s Picks series comes in. KIMP’s Picks is our weekly round-up of all things trending and insightful from social media.

Posts from brands and popular content creators, discussions on trends, and insightful threads and articles – the KIMP’s Picks 1st December edition is an assortment of inspiring and share-worthy posts for you. Whether you are a marketer looking to catch up on the week’s happenings or a tech enthusiast looking to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the world of marketing, AI, and social media, this post has something for everyone. 

Are you ready for a quick social media spotlight? Let’s go! 

In the Marketing Realm 

Catch up on some crucial online advertising statistics 

With another year coming to a close, are you ready to rethink your marketing strategies for the coming year? Then you might like this post shared by Semrush. Semrush, a popular Saas platform for keyword research shared a post detailing about 93 online advertising statistics for 2024. 

From the general trends to look out for in Google Ads to changes in the mobile advertising scenario, overall social media advertising statistics to trends with respect to each platform, the post packs several useful insights. 

Make My Money Matter shows how to use satire in advertising 

The Drum is known to bring all the latest marketing news and campaign inspiration for brands and marketers. In a recent post, they highlighted a recent ad created for Make My Money Matter. 

The ad features Olivia Colman as “Oblivia Coalmine” – to raise awareness about how pension contributions in the U.K. are indirectly leading to fossil fuel profits. From the scene to the script, everything about this ad taps into satire for an effective and memorable delivery of the message. 

This commercial is a great inspiration for brands looking to go unconventional with their ads especially when there is a strong underlying message to be conveyed. 

Navigating TV advertising 

Popular online magazine Digiday shared the below post discussing gaps in TV advertising. The post highlights some of the common challenges faced by marketers creating ads for TV and how optimizing for one platform does not bring similar results on another. 

The discussion leads to a conclusion of how integrated tracking of ads and comprehensive tools to understand the performance across various channels can make a big difference. 

Market-Specific Conversion Tracking for businesses targeting a global market 

Search Engine Journal shares search and marketing-related news regularly. They shared the below post discussing international SEO success. 

The post highlights the need for market-specific conversion tracking for brands focusing on global markets. In other words, the blog discusses why it is important to focus on SEO performance within individual markets in order to make a difference on a global level. It discusses the benefits of not ignoring such localized monitoring including the ease of identifying the most profitable markets for growth. 

So, if your business has a global presence or if you are planning to scale your business soon, this is an article you cannot miss! 

Tapping into the potential of emography 

AdWeek’s post below introduces a new marketing term – emography. The discussion builds on the term emography and goes on to explain how it involves audience segmentation based on “subconscious emotional profiles”. 

When brands are struggling to understand their customers better in order to deliver a hyper-personalized experience, an approach like emography is definitely worth a shot. While most brands stick to demographic data and psychographic insights, this approach goes one step further in understanding why customers behave or make decisions the way they do. 

The article also presents the example of Domino’s introduction of pizza delivery tracking as an answer to customers’ anxiety in waiting for a pizza as an application of emography. So, are you ready to explore new marketing strategies like this one in the coming year? 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Content marketing statistics for 2024 

Content Marketing Institute is a renowned authority in the world of content marketing. They shared a roundup of crucial content marketing stats in the post below. 

With generative AI bringing new changes to the content marketing realm and a lot of updates happening in the marketing landscape on the whole, taking a moment to understand the evolving trends is a good idea. The post briefly covers the common challenges and types of content in focus both for B2B and B2C content marketing teams. 

Updating content to stay ahead in search 

Renowned marketing expert, Neil Patel, shared an insightful post on X highlighting the need for regularly updating content. Neil Patel highlights the point by citing the example of Wikipedia, a site that has managed to stay on top despite the ever-growing competition. 

The graph shared to capture the data also indicates how a majority of top-performing sites spend most of their time updating content for better SEO performance. Furthermore, Neil Patel also highlights how changing just one image or sentence does not make much of a difference. Instead, focus on refreshing the facts shared and add more content that you think will interest your target audience. 

In the Design Realm 

A quick look at Canva’s new features 

Canva – what started out as a simple online design editing tool meant for non-designers, has grown into a feature-packed tool useful for both designers and non-designers. Canva’s growth over the past few months has been tremendous, especially with the bulk of AI tools introduced in the platform. 

Curious to find out more about all the exciting updates on Canva, then their post below summarizes a few for you. From simple interface changes to updates in the image editing tools, the post gives a brief snapshot of everything new on Canva. 

Finding it hard to keep up with all the new Canva updates? Or looking for Canva designers to simplify your design workflow? Choose a KIMP for Canva subscription. 

Reddit has rebranded

Social news platform Reddit has a refreshed brand identity and we’re loving the cheerful updates to the mascot in particular! The below post gives a glimpse of the all-new branding design for Reddit. 

Rebranding a brand with such a level of market dominance and a loyal community can be quite challenging. To tackle this, Reddit has gone with a design that resonates with its refreshed brand personality. What particularly stands out is the more expressive mascot Snoo. The brand made the right choice of not making many changes to this much-loved mascot. But it’s simply more vibrant and cheerful. 

In an era when brands are shifting from 3D designs to flat designs, Reddit has gone bold with its flat to 3D switch. Is this perhaps a sign that 3D designs will be a trend to look out for in 2024? Well, we’ll have to wait and watch! 

FASTEQ’s packaging design is a lesson in vibrant minimalism 

FASTEQ, with its recent packaging design, challenges the common conception that minimalism is silent and possibly dull. Global packaging design community Dieline shared the below post spotlighting this packaging design. 

While keeping the overall design clutter-free and simple, the brand has opted for a colorful palette that adds a creative twist. Additionally, the text overlays on paintbrush silhouettes create a unique dimension signaling how you can use text placements and styling to create something unique. 

Spotify breaks a few rules with this year’s Wrapped theme

Spotify Wrapped is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends on social media right now. Brands have been sharing their own versions of Wrapped and memes in this theme. But what grabbed our attention is the fluid and creative design theme that Spotify has chosen for this year’s Wrapped. 

It’s Nice That is a great source of inspiration for creatives working on branding designs and marketing designs. They shared the below post discussing this year’s Wrapped’s identity. 

The post highlights how Spotify has chosen to go beyond grids and rules for this year’s theme. The noticeable fluidity in the design is reportedly meant to capture the seemingly chaotic cultural landscape that exists at the moment. 

The design choice here comes as a reminder for brands to look for inspiration from cultural cues and topical themes when choosing visual styles. 

Why should you add a touch of “enigma” to your ads? 

Even the best ideas do not make the intended impact when the design does not effectively communicate the message. That’s why the popular design magazine Creative Review insists on including an element of “enigma” in your ads. So, if you are looking to refresh your design approach, then the below post is sure to intrigue you. 

The post discussed the need for creating a gap, in design, a relevant gap that allows room for the viewer to pitch in and engage with the design. These gaps could be in the form of metaphorical visual representations, or a copy that intrigues the audience without confusing them. When there is room for interpretation instead of the design being too direct, then the ad has a better chance of engaging your audience. 

In the AI Realm 

ChatGPT turns 1 

One of the most exciting topics of discussion in the AI realm is ChatGPT’s first anniversary. Can you believe that it’s just a year since this revolutionary AI tool was launched? The level of impact it has made over the past 12 months makes that hard to believe! 

In celebration of the 1st year anniversary of ChatGPT, OpenAI shared the below video giving a snapshot of the different kinds of users who have benefitted from the tool this past year and the ways in which they have used the tool. So, how has ChatGPT transformed your workflow over the past few months? 

Microsoft Paint gets an AI upgrade 

In a world where creativity and AI intertwine, Microsoft Paint is perhaps the last tool you think of! But Microsoft is taking a step to change that! 

Digital Trends brings regular updates on all the latest trends in the tech world. They shared the below post discussing a new update coming to Microsoft Paint. Cocreator is the DALL.E 3 integrated version of Microsoft Paint that’s all set to bring AI capabilities to this good old image editing tool. 

This is among the suite of features recently announced for Microsoft Paint. In combination, these features allow useful applications like background removal and instant image generation based on text input as well. Will Cocreator be a worthy contender in the world of generative AI image generation? We’ll have to wait and watch for the response from the users. 

Talking about AI image generation, this next post is about another new tool in this category as well. 

Amazon joins the league of AI image generation 

Amazon recently announced its generative AI model, Amazon Titan which includes Image Generator and Multimodal Embeddings. This is in addition to the Text Lite and Text Express tools made available in Amazon Bedrock. 

The Titan Image Generator is currently introduced as a preview where users can generate images with simple text prompts. Currently, Amazon has announced a host of features similar to what most people using AI image generators are familiar with, like background removal, and outpainting as well as nuances like fine-tuning subject orientation and more. 

From the preview shared, it looks like a worthy contender entering the currently crowded generative AI market. 

Another AI tool from Amazon 

Rowan Cheung, the founder of The Rundown, a popular AI newsletter, shared the below thread discussing another powerful AI tool from Amazon named Q. 

As one of the first of its kind, Amazon Q is a generative BI assistant. The privacy-focused chatbot is designed to deliver AI-powered business intelligence making BI simpler and more practical for all business users. From the overview shared by Amazon, Q looks like a big leap in the world of generative AI for enterprise applications. 

Shopping Muse is Mastercard’s new AI tool 

As an answer to the increase in shopping during the holiday season, Mastercard recently announced Shopping Muse, a new AI tool. 

Popular tech website VentureBeat shared the below post discussing this new AI tool from Mastercard. 

Shopping Muse is an AI-powered service that’s meant to make shopping simpler. Powered by the renowned decision engine Dynamic Yield, Shopping Muse is a chatbot that provides personalized shopping recommendations based on the shopper’s requirements and behavioral insights. 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

Pinterest brings a new feature to make the platform more inclusive 

TechCrunch talks about all the latest tech news and they shared the below post about an upcoming update to Pinterest. This new feature called “body type ranges” aims at making the platform more inclusive. 

Have you noticed that when you search for outfit ideas or inspiration for clothes shopping, you often see images of specific skin tones and body types? The results are not very inclusive and hence Pinterest’s new tool aims to address this. The idea is to allow users to filter the results based on their body type so as to get more personalized recommendations. 

Pinterest introduces direct links to make shopping simpler 

With the holiday season just around the corner, several social media platforms are introducing new features to make the shopping experience and the “hunting for ideas” experience simpler for shoppers. Pinterest is the next one to join the league. In the below post, Pinterest discusses direct links for creators. 

As can be seen in the post, small business owners and creators can add direct links to the product in focus. This enables simpler shopping for shoppers and better conversions for creators. 

TikTok’s Creative Cards are a boon for content creators 

Staying active on social media is tough but essential to boost conversions. But how do you stay consistent? Where do you find all the ideas for your content? TikTok knows this struggle too well and hence they have announced a new feature called Creative Cards. 

Social Media Today, a popular source of social media news and updates shared the below post detailing this new feature coming to TikTok. 

Creative Cards is a feature that aims to give content creators content inspiration. So, if you are a small business owner looking to leverage TikTok to promote your business, you might find this feature handy. 

Microblogging is going macro on X 

If you are looking for updates and information regarding any new announcements and features coming to X, the X News Daily page is your place to be. They shared the below thread discussing this possible update coming to X. 

X has changed drastically over the past year with voice and video calls, Notes on media, long-form posts and so much more. Love it or hate it, more updates are on the way and one of them is the feature that will allow you to write and share Articles. This looks like an extension of X’s recent emphasis on long-form posts. Updates like these connect back to the original microblogging structure for which the good old Twitter was popular. 

YouTube is refining its Product Drops tool 

Search Engine Land discusses all things search-related and any crucial updates in the marketing world. They shared the below post about upcoming updates to YouTube’s Product Drops tool. 

The live shopping stream feature was initially made available only to a few creators. Given the success of this tool, more creators will soon be able to access the feature. And to build the anticipation before an actual product launch, the Product Drops tool comes in handy. 

According to the recent update, the tool will be available both for first-party and third-party stores. Moreover, the restriction in prescheduling product drops has been removed and YouTube will now allow creators to drop products at any intended moment during the live stream. All these updates aim at making the shopping season merrier for shoppers and creators alike. 

Let’s Wrap Up! 

Time to bid farewell! We hope that the KIMP’s Picks 1st December Edition gave you your much-needed weekly recap from the world of social media. Yes, there have been a lot of exciting updates from the social media platforms and AI realm this week. And we’re pretty excited to see the changes that these updates are going to bring in the coming future. We’ll be back with another weekly recap next week. Until then, stay inspired and keep innovating!