KIMP’s Picks 8th December: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

Welcome to KIMP’s weekly social media round-up. This is where we take you on a journey through time as we revisit popular posts, updates, and hidden gems on social media. These are posts that summarize the latest trends and insightful discussions on marketing, AI, design, and more. 

So, are you ready for the KIMP’s Picks 8th December edition? Let’s go! 

In the Marketing Realm 

The Pantone Color Of the Year 2024 is here 

And what does that have to do with marketing? Well, every year, the Pantone Color Of The Year brings with it fresh design trends and of course, beautiful color palettes to explore in the coming months. 

A lot of brands hop on the trend creating social media posts, ads, and even limited edition products to celebrate this biggest color announcement of the year. And this year’s Color Of The Year announcement from Pantone is here. 

So, the Color Of The Year 2024 is Peach Fuzz – a soft velvety tone that is modern and elegant as well. One of the best things about this color is that it’s pretty versatile. We’re curious to see how brands leverage this color this year. 

The most desired Christmas gift in the U.S. is perhaps not what you think! 

Statista shared an infographic showing the most desired Christmas gifts this year. So, if you are working on a holiday gift guide to drive your email campaigns or social media posts, or wondering what kinds of products to promote, this graph gives some ideas. 

Other than money, gift cards seem to be in popular demand. So, customized gift cards are great additions to your catalog if you wish to target those last-minute shoppers. 

Mastering Reddit marketing 

Social media marketing mostly focuses on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. And Reddit is rarely on the list. However, the discussion forums on the platform are great ways for brands to get up close with their customers and establish meaningful conversations with them. 

Search Engine Journal, a leading authority on search and marketing news shared the below resourceful post on Reddit marketing. 

The shared post delves into some best practices for brands planning to add Reddit marketing to their strategy this coming year. Given that the holiday season is here and people seek ideas and inspiration for shopping on discussion forums like Reddit, now is a good time to start! 

Have you heard about CosMc’s yet? 

For the past few days, people on social media have been talking about CosMc’s. What are they? They are McDonald’s newest venture – coffee-shop-styled restaurants. Reportedly, this is part of McDonald’s plan of expanding its market

The Time Magazine shared the below post discussing this announcement from McDonald’s. 

Venturing into new markets requires an understanding of consumer preferences. Done right, strategic expansions like this one can be hugely beneficial to brands. 

Email marketing tips for the holiday season 

Brands are already driving their holiday campaigns while some are busy with their last-minute campaign prep. Whichever category you belong to, you must remember that personalized communication channels like email take precedence, especially during the busy holiday season. 

Email marketing expert Chase Dimond shared the below thread discussing some valuable insights and ideas for brands working on their email marketing strategies for the holiday season. 

From analyzing data to segmenting the audience intuitively and shifting focus to content, he discusses several useful tips in the below post. 

A creative campaign inspiration 

London-based animation company NOMINT and The World Wide Fund have come up with a creative stop-motion video that is making waves in the marketing realm, for the creativity and efforts that went into the campaign. 

Creative Review, a leading source of inspiration for creatives shared the below post discussing this campaign. 

The “We Can’t Let Our World Go Up In Smoke” campaign is to raise awareness about the climate crisis. The notable fact is that the team used smoke to create the actual stop-motion video since the theme is to voice against the surging use of fossil fuels, the main contributor to our climate problems. 

The dedication of the team that created the video and the authenticity of the idea are striking all the right chords and winning hearts! This shows the power of emotional storytelling in markeitng. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Changes coming to the Video Mode in Search 

Want your page to show up in the Video Mode in Search? Then video should be the main content on your page. Google recently announced this change coming to Search. The goal is to spare users the inconvenience of scouring through lengthy pages to find videos after initially visiting for the video content.

Accordingly, long blog posts where videos supplement the text, videos on product details pages, and videos displayed on video category pages might not receive priority

SEO predictions for 2024 

Understanding the anticipated SEO trends for the year is a good way to build a robust content plan. Wondering where to start? Here’s a post you might love. 

SEO expert Matt Diggity shared the below post highlighting some of his SEO predictions for 2024. 

From the evolution of AI content to the changes that Google SGE has brought with it, he discusses various aspects of SEO along with some useful ideas on how to prepare for these trends. 

Do you focus enough on Reels? 

According to Meta, Reels garner about 200 billion plays per day. Consequently, this is a content format you cannot ignore. 

Marketing Week, a popular source of marketing-related news and insights shared the below post discussing the criticality of Reels in the current social media landscape. 

Along with some details about the impact of Reels for brands Marketing Week has also shared some useful tips for brands to create Reels to better connect with their audience. 

In the Design Realm 

Canva’s Translate feature 

Things have been busy in the world of Canva. If you are a designer you’re probably finding it hard to keep up with all the new features being introduced. Canva shared the below post highlighting yet another useful feature on the platform. 

The video gives a peek into the translating capabilities of Canva focusing on how you can translate not just text but also a batch of design elements containing text.

The logo battle between Nike and Skiman 

Nike has raised a legal concern against the skiing equipment brand Skiman. 

DesignTAXI regularly talks about design news and insights. They shared the below post highlighting this dispute between Nike and Skiman. Take a look at the logos side by side and you’ll instantly understand what the dispute is about. 

As can be seen, the Skiman logo is very similar to the Jumpman logo of Nike’s Air Jordan brand. There is a thin line between inspiration and imitation. Some designs make it appear like this line was ignored. This highlights the need for brands to thoroughly analyze the market to understand existing logo designs so as to create unique logos and avoid getting into legal battles. 

Coca-Cola’s introduces fresh packaging design to welcome the holidays 

Among the many ways in which brands celebrate holidays, tweaking the packaging design to integrate festive elements is one of the most impactful. Global packaging design community Dieline shared the below post throwing the spotlight on the festive packaging design introduced by Coca-Cola. 

Custom typography, fun illustrations of festive symbols, and other thoughtful add-ons have transformed the packaging design. So, if you are looking for some last-minute festival aesthetic inspiration, this campaign is a good one to begin with. 

Wondering what symbols to add to bring on the Christmas vibes in your marketing designs? Check out our previous blogs on Christmas symbols here

People have been talking about a possible flaw in the new Wonka poster

Did you find anything strange in the new Wonka poster? A lot of people have been talking about one little detail, a possible editing flaw in the poster. Creative Bloq, an online art and design inspiration destination discussed this design flaw that users have been pointing out. Reportedly, it has to do with the possible editing of an original photo of Timothée Chalamet standing up to create a design where he’s seen sitting down. 

Social media discussions like this one continue to highlight the fact that even big brands make mistakes. And people are scrupulous. So it’s crucial to pay attention to details and double-check before sharing content that represents the brand! 

In the AI Realm 

McDonald’s to deploy chatbots to create better employee experiences 

Google shared the below post announcing their recent partnership with McDonald’s. Reportedly, the duo is working on developing a chatbot for McDonald’s. The chatbot is meant to boost the internal process and help teams and employees as well as to improve customer experiences. 

Considering that a big chunk of sales for McDonald’s come from digital channels, AI-powered chatbots sound like a useful enhancement to the workflow. 

Alibaba’s new Animate Anyone tool receives mixed responses 

A new generative video tool developed by Alibaba has everyone’s attention at the moment. The tool manages to create near-realistic videos using still photos of models. Except for some minor flaws that can only be captured when you look close, these videos are near perfect which is quite intimidating. Because just with generative image generation we’ve seen a surge in deepfake images circulating on the internet. 

This new development in generative video means that anyone would be able to create a deepfake video with just one photo. Tech-focused online newspaper TechCrunch shared the below post discussing the strengths and risks in this generative AI technology in detail. 

Meta introduces 20+ new generative AI features into its ecosystem 

Meta has been very active in the AI realm. And in a recent post, they spoke about the new assortment of AI features coming to their ecosystem. These features include the reimagine feature on Messenger and Instagram, Reels in Meta AI chats, Feed posting editing features, suggested replies in DMs and so much more. 

These generative AI features are meant to enhance user experience on the platforms, allow creators to create and manage their content more efficiently and businesses to drive more engagement to their pages. 

Google announces its “largest most capable” AI model – Gemini 

Perhaps one of the biggest AI announcements this week has been Google’s Gemini. This ChatGPT contender is reportedly coming as an upgrade to Bard. The natively multimodal model is reportedly being tested to run on diverse devices ranging from data centers to mobile devices. 

Getty Images joins hands with Runway for new AI applications 

In the below post, Runway, a popular AI research company, shared the news of their partnership with Getty Images. Reportedly the partnership aims at catering to a plethora of enterprise AI applications. 

In particular, this is about bringing generative video capabilities to enterprises. 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

Cross-app messaging will soon leave from Meta apps  

The popular social media news resource Social Media Today shared the below post highlighting a critical update coming to Meta. The post discusses Meta’s decision to remove cross-app messaging in the ecosystem 

Based on this update, if you have been chatting with Facebook accounts through Instagram or making calls, you will not be able to do so from mid-December. This does come as a bit of a hassle to some business accounts that have currently been relying on cross-app messaging. The above post discusses some of the challenges that come with this transition and some of the reasons behind this decision. 

Instagram brings Partnership Ads 

Social media platforms are all gearing up with their holiday prep by introducing new features to benefit brands and customers alike. Instagram is the next one to join the league with their Partnership Ads. According to their post here, the many types of Partnership Ads like those with people tags, Paid Partnership Branded Content, posts with product tags, and others yield a 53% higher ad CTR. This can be a huge plus for brands looking to squeeze as much out of their year-end marketing budget as possible. 

Grok is coming to X next week

Grok has been receiving good response from users and there was news that this generative AI tool would soon be available within X. The time has finally arrived. Based on a post they recently shared, X Premium+ users in the U.S. would be able to access Grok within X on the web as well as on the iOS and Android mobile apps. This will make the experience more seamless. 

Streamlabs’ to allow streaming to X 

Recently, live streaming has become quite popular on X. Now popular streaming service Streamlabs has announced that live streamers would soon be able to directly stream to their audience on X.

As conveyed in the post, additional features like multistream, the options to create custom alerts and a host of other features are also coming to Streamlabs users streaming on X. 

Tag topics on Threads 

If you are wondering whether Threads is still alive, it very much is! The new features that the team has been adding to the platform consistently are proof! In a recent announcement, they demonstrated the option of tagging topics in posts on Threads. This is intended to make it easier for users to find content. 

WhatsApp strengthening security in chats 

WhatsApp is bringing the View Once option to its chats, particularly for voice notes. So, when sending a voice note, you’ll be able to select the “View Once” option so that your voice is not saved. This is meant to add an extra layer of protection to voice messages. 

If you have used disappearing photos on Instagram you probably know what this is. 

Time to Wrap Up! 

That brings us to the close of the KIMP’s Picks 8th December edition. As you can see, there have been a lot of exciting updates from big brands in the world of AI. On the other hand, in the marketing segment, brands are ready to welcome the holidays with their creative campaigns. And social media platforms are continuously evolving as well. Amidst all these changes, keeping up feels like a challenge. But fear not, for we do this round-up every week. So, stay tuned and we’ll be back with another set of buzzing posts and insightful discussions next week.