KIMP’s Picks 17th November: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

It’s that time of the week again, and we’re here to usher in the weekend with our Friday (or as we like to call it, Friyay!) roundup. Keeping up with the ever-shifting social media landscape feels like a challenge. We get it! And as you wade through the week, it might be tough to stay on track with your social media Feeds overflowing with updates. That’s why every week we sift through social media to bring to you a resourceful weekly roundup. 

From the must-know trends to priceless insights, we bring to you viral posts and some hidden gems in the realms of marketing, AI, and design. So, are you ready to kick off the weekend with a scroll through the highlights from the social media landscape? Let’s get the ball rolling. 

In the Marketing Realm 

Lead Gen campaigns to get a makeover on Meta 

Do you advertise on Meta platforms regularly? Then you should know about the Lead Gen campaign updates that Meta is bringing right in time for the holidays. Social Media Today is a renowned social media news site. They shared the below post summarizing some of the Lead Gen campaign changes coming to Meta. 

One of the notable updates includes the introduction of Q&A flow in Ads Manager for ads with “starting a WhatsApp chat” as the CTA. Additionally, for ads that click to Instagram DMs, advertisers will now be able to share exclusive coupons with users who finish the Q&A flow. 

Finally, there’s also a new ad format that Meta is testing, called the “Instant Form”. This reportedly will allow users to select and submit information in multiple forms simultaneously. 

Do marketers prefer creator marketing to paid ads?

Adweek brings all the latest news in advertising. They shared the below insightful post discussing the shifting landscape in the allocation of marketing budgets. 

According to Adweek, 92% of brands plan to increase their creator marketing budgets in 2024, with 36% planning to spend half of their digital marketing budget on creators. While paid ads are still quite popular, brands are continuing to invest more in creators as creators effectively influence purchase decisions.

Tips to make your PPC text ads clickable 

We live in an age of banner blindness and ad blockers. How then do you make the advertising budget you spent on PPC ads work? Search Engine Land has the answers in the below post. 

The post highlights 7 easy and useful tips to help advertisers enhance their PPC text ads. From throwing the spotlight on seller ratings to getting verified on the respective advertising platforms to boost credibility, the post talks about several useful hacks for advertisers. 

Talking about paid ads, Google Ads continue to be some of the most popular options. So, this next post is about Google Ads in particular. 

Different types of Google Ads – an overview 

Semrush, a popular online platform that specializes in online marketing tools shared the below post about the different types of Google Ads. 

The post briefly discusses the benefits of Google Ads and then goes on to discuss the different kinds like Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads, and App Ads and how they work. So, if you are planning to transform your paid advertising strategies, this is a resourceful post to check out. 

Google Search is evolving 

Google shared some exciting updates recently and in the below video and the featured post, they summarized some of the crucial updates coming to Google Search. This is a quick refresher to understand how Search is changing. 

One of the most useful features announced is the option to Follow specific topics or search terms that you regularly go back to. The aim here is to customize the Search experience for users. Another experimental feature to look forward to is the option to add notes to media displayed in Search. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Leveraging Document Posts on LinkedIn 

Social Media Examiner brings all the latest social media news and updates and some handy insights on crafting social media content, like the below post for example. 

This post gives an overview of Document Posts on LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn is reportedly taking down all carousel posts from the platform on December 14, 2023, you now need to start planning your strategies for Document Posts. Given that this post type supports up to 300 slides and can be downloaded as PDFs, they can be brilliant tools in lead generation on LinkedIn. So, how do you plan to use Document Posts on your brand page? 

More users now use TikTok to get news updates 

Popular think tank Pew Research Center shared some thought-provoking statistics about the way social media users use different platforms and the types of content they consume. One of the notable details in the graph is the surge in news content consumption on TikTok. According to the data shared, about 43% of TikTok users head to the platform to get news updates. 

As can be seen from the graph, there has been an upward trend in terms of news consumption on platforms like TikTok, and Instagram while a downward trend on WhatsApp, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). 

In the Design Realm 

A quick Canva Magic Studio tip 

Canva’s Magic Studio simplified generative AI for creatives. And the below post from Canva highlights one of the most exciting features in the Magic Studio bundle. The short video gives a preview of the Magic Grab feature. 

As can be seen, the Magic Grab feature lets you quickly grab elements and move them in order to switch backgrounds or reposition the elements within the design. 

For a quick overview of Canva Magic Studio, check out our blog here. Or if you are looking to work with professional designers for your Canva projects, sign up for a KIMP for Canva subscription. 

Logo design inspiration 

Creative Bloq, an online reserve of design inspiration, shared the below post discussing a creative logo designed for the UK charity Cats Protection. At first glance, it looks like a simple wordmark logo. But look closely and you’ll notice the clever symbolism built into it. 

From customized font strokes to subtle illustrated symbols, the logo incorporates nuanced details to clearly present the message. The purpose of the logo redesign was to steer away from the old brand image of being old-fashioned. The new and sleek logo has a more contemporary vibe to it perfectly achieving the intended objectives. 

Brand identity design inspiration 

When you are looking for design inspiration, The Design Blog is a great place to go. They shared the below post featuring a playful brand identity design created for a pottery space, Lodoso. 

Good brand identity design is one that accurately captures the unique personality of the brand and that’s exactly what the fresh identity for Lodoso achieves. From the visual elements to the fonts, the brand has used cool and adaptive designs that perfectly capture the “made with clay” theme. 

Besides, the vibrant colors that the brand uses keep the brand approachable and focus on the brand’s objective of creating spaces where people have fun and feel part of a community. Similarly, when you create brand identity designs, ensure that the typography, colors, and visual elements that form the foundation of this design are aligned with the brand’s personality. 

Holiday p[ackaging design inspiration 

The global design community Dieline featured a special packaging design project for some holiday packaging inspiration. The project featured here is for the collaboration between the brands Ruby and BjornQorn. 

The packaging design featured here preserves the brand identities of both brands by retaining their logos prominently. And to set the mood for the holiday season the design uses a big red bow which is the attention-grabbing element in the design. While also featuring Ruby’s core ingredient, the hibiscus flower, the design also integrates Christmas symbols like the holly to stay on theme. 

In the AI Realm 

Humane’s AI Pin is here 

There has recently been a wave of physical devices powered by AI like the physical AI video editing device introduced by Runway which we discussed in our previous KIMP’s Picks edition. And now the much anticipated AI-powered physical device, Humane’s AI Pin is here. 

Humane shared the below video as an introduction to the endless capabilities of this device and the future of AI. Put simply, this AI Pin is more like a smartphone that you can pin to your outfit and project onto an intended surface. From answering questions to helping you find information and recall something you saved, the capabilities of the Humane AI Pin look like it’s straight out of a Black Mirror episode! 

Bing Chat is now Copilot 

Microsoft has given a drastic makeover to Bing Chat and has integrated it seamlessly into more browsers this time. The rebranding is to set the stage for a more unified Copilot experience across various Microsoft products. 

If you have been following our KIMP’s Picks series you might recall that Google had announced the availability of Bard across Google products and now Microsoft has joined the league. These show how brands are moving towards streamlining their AI capabilities to enhance user experience. 

Airbnb takes a bite out of the AI pie

As AI is delving into all industries, Airbnb is one to hop on the bandwagon recently. Fast Company shared the below post discussing Airbnb’s acquisition of the stealth AI startup, GamePlanner.AI. 

While there is not much information about the startup, there’s news that the company recently introduced an AI-powered photo tour tool which sounds pretty relevant to the kind of features Airbnb would benefit from. We’re pretty excited to see what AI functions Airbnb taps into. 

Testing for GPT-5 is on the cards

GPT-4 brought with it a lot of new capabilities across OpenAI’s tools. And now reportedly, the team is testing GPT-5. Rowan Cheung, Founder & CEO of popular AI newsletter, The Rundown, shared the below post discussing this. 

As can be seen from the post, there is no timeline defined so far but the upgrade might include better capabilities introduced by training with large-scale datasets. 

Is Amazon working on a ChatGPT rival? 

Business Insider shared a post discussing Olympus, an AI model that Amazon is reportedly working on. 

In the KIMP’s Picks 29th September edition we discussed Amazon’s investment in an AI startup, Anthropic. And now news about Olympus is the next big leap from Amazon in the AI landscape.

How will this new AI model perform in the already crowded AI chatbots realm? Not to forget, X recently announced Grok! We’ll have to wait and watch the changes that unravel. That brings us to the next post which gives a brief overview of the current status of AI text generation tools. 

The battle of AI text generation 

Statista shared a resourceful infographic depicting the real scenario in the battle of AI text generation tools. Statista shared the data to indicate the kind of crowded space into which Grok has made its entrance. 

ChatGPT seems to have a clear dominance in the market followed by Jasper Chat and YouChat. So, how will the new tools like Grok and the upcoming ones like Olympus change the market? We’re as excited to get our answers as you are! 

Meta’s text-to-video generation tools 

In the below post, Meta announced its new text-to-video generation and image editing tools Emu Video & Emu Edit. 

Early announcements about Meta’s work on Emu came during the Meta Connect event and now Meta has announced more concrete updates about the tools. Keeping in mind the need for high-quality videos these days, Emu Video reportedly uses a factorized approach. It’ll be pretty exciting to see how these tools compare against the existing AI-powered image-editing and video-generation tools. 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

New features on Threads 

In a struggle to keep Threads active Meta has consistently been introducing new features. Adam Mosseri head of Instagram, announced a couple of updates on Threads in the below post. 

Post by @mosseri
View on Threads

The new features include the option to delete your Threads profile without affecting your Instagram profile. Another new feature is something you might already have noticed. You’ll now be seeing Threads post recommendations right on your Facebook and Instagram Feeds. This is a measure to help Threads users increase their reach and probably to help improve the incoming traffic to Threads as well. 

New tools for Instagram creators 

On Instagram, Adam Mosseri announced some useful tools focused on creators. This includes a new set of filters for the photo posts on the platform. And in terms of the Reels posts, the updates include enhanced video editing options. Clip-wise editing like rotating and cropping will now be available so you can instantly create and edit your Reels videos without having to rely on external video editing tools each time. And finally, there will also be text-to-speech voices to make your videos more interactive. 

X brings chat window to Livestreams 

X has been changing slowly and steadily over the past few weeks. And the introduction of the live streaming option has been a big hit among gamers in particular. To make things even more interactive within the live stream, X has now announced the availability of a chat option. This is much like the live chat on YouTube live stream and aims at keeping the conversation alive during a live session. 

YouTube will soon introduce a way to moderate AI content 

Search Engine Journal, a popular source of marketing news, shared the below post discussing some upcoming features on YouTube. 

As can be seen from the post, to tackle the problem of spreading false information with deepfakes, YouTube might make it mandatory for creators to label AI-generated content. Additionally, the platform might also soon allow users to report content featuring deepfakes of well-known individuals and request the removal of such content as well. 

An exciting new feature on TikTok 

TechCrunch brings all the latest tech news and they shared the below post about a new feature on TikTok. 

According to TechCrunch, this feature comes as a part of TikTok’s partnership with Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. The feature allows users to identify songs from videos on TikTok and directly save them to their playlists on the respective music streaming platforms. So, no more hunting for that catchy tune you come across in a TikTok video! 

That’s a Wrap! 

As we bid farewell to the week that was, we hope this social media roundup brought a spark to your Friday and fueled your creative curiosity. Cheers to the weekend and the endless possibilities that await in the coming week. We’ll be back again with another weekly recap post to help you catch up on all things new in the realms of marketing, AI, and design.