KIMP’s Picks 29th September: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

Yay, it’s Friday! Which means that it’s time to revisit all the trending and insightful content from social media. Yes, we get it. Social media is pretty overwhelming. Blink and you miss a trend. But that’s not a problem anymore. Because, come Friday, we bring to you a roundup of the most share-worthy social media posts from the week. 

This way you do not have to worry about missing any important AI news or marketing tips or design insights or even social media updates. They are all right here. So, are you ready to dive into the KIMP’s Picks 29th September Edition? Let’s go. 

In the Marketing Realm 

Porsche celebrating “60 Years of the 911”

Porsche commemorates the 60th anniversary of the legendary 911 at the IAA Mobility trade fair in Munich with a massive outdoor sculpture installed spanning the entire exhibition space. Famous Campaigns, an online source of inspiration for unique marketing campaign ideas shared the below post featuring this outdoor campaign from Porsche. 

By paying homage to its heritage, the brand deepens its emotional connection with enthusiasts. This event also demonstrates the value of experiential marketing in creating memorable brand experiences.

Tinder’s creative campaign to woo its audience 

Design Taxi is a great source of inspiration for creatives. They shared the below post on their X page highlighting a recent campaign from Tinder, one that a lot of people have been talking about on social media. 

To sum up the article, Tinder has teamed up with London tattoo studio Sixty Ink and opened a pop-up tattoo parlor. The objective is to help Tinder users get a cover-up tattoo over any existing tattoo that reminds them of past relationships. 

The campaign comes from an observation that there has been a 183% increase in the mention of the words “tattoos” and “tatts” in the Tinder bios in the UK since 2021. Seeing the opportunity there, the company came up with this novel idea for boosting customer engagement. 

The Guardian’s “Not For Sale” campaign 

In collaboration with Lucky Generals, The Guardian came up with a creative campaign titled “Not For Sale”. This omnichannel campaign includes content shared on digital platforms in video format as well as bold and bright outdoor posters and ads in various places. The idea of the campaign is to emphasize the newspaper’s unique reader-funded model.

The Art & Design magazine, Creative Boom, shared the below post discussing this bold campaign from The Guardian. 

Social media has been talking about this campaign a lot recently because this marks the newspaper’s first brand campaign since 2019, embodying a fresh, creative approach that highlights its unique position in the media landscape.

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s emotional campaign 

Creative Bloq is a great place to find quick art and design inspiration. They shared the below post focusing on a recent heart-touching campaign from Alzheimer’s Research UK. 

This poignant Disney-inspired ad with the tagline “change the ending” was launched to raise awareness about dementia’s impact. The ad aims to emphasize the need for research to alter the course of dementia and educate people about its effects. To deliver such a powerful message, the ad strongly leverages emotional marketing

Google adds conversational experience in Google Ads

Google Ads have been evolving at a rapid pace. Most of the recent updates have been to keep up with the fast-growing AI tech. Google has also been adding more AI capabilities to its tools, particularly in the advertising segment. 

In a recent post, Google announced the start of its beta testing for the conversational experiences in Google Ads. 

According to Google, these conversational experiences are meant to use AI to help advertisers instantly gain insights about keywords, titles, and other nuances to perfect their campaigns. This comes along with automatically created assets which is yet another AI-driven feature for Google Ads. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Content discovery trends to look out for 

There has been a steady increase in the production and consumption of content in the digital realm. While consumption patterns have remained more or less similar, the way people discover content has changed drastically over the years. So, how do you ensure that your brilliant content gets noticed? By knowing everything you need to know about content discovery. The below post from Content Marketing Institute, a renowned authority on content marketing, discusses this topic. It talks about 5 critical content discovery trends that every marketer needs to know about. 

From creating videos to educate the audience, to making your content easily searchable on social media, understanding user intent to personalizing the content, the article discusses a lot of essential metrics to enhance content marketing. 

The key to better ranking on ChatGPT 

Using ChatGPT to improve website ranking is something many talk about. But have you thought about getting ChatGPT to rank your website? When you ask ChatGPT to recommend services in a particular category, it displays a list of them. Have you ever wondered on what basis these services are chosen? Have you ever wondered how to get your service to be listed in such responses? Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and a marketing expert talks about this in the below post. 

To sum up, he discusses 6 core factors that seem to matter to ChatGPT when comparing and ranking websites. These include brand mentions, relevance, reviews, age of the product/service, recommendations from other websites, and authority. If you are looking to strengthen your content plan for a better online presence, this article is an insightful one.

A Story Arc refresher 

Marketers know well about the importance of storytelling in marketing. A good narrative is what strikes the right conversations at the right time with the right customers. But coming up with his “right narrative” seems quite challenging. That’s where understanding the concept of Story Arc helps. The online marketing community Girls in Marketing shared the below insightful post as a quick refresher on Story Arc. 

The post highlights the effectiveness of leading with a hook and addressing pain points before delivering the message. This is a great strategy to fine-tune your content for the digital platforms especially when you are struggling to tackle the multichannel approach. 

In the Design Realm 

Yonex All England gets a bold new brand identity 

If you are working on a new campaign or thinking about rebranding and if you need ideas from brands that have recently done it, then the X page of It’s Nice That is a great source of inspiration. 

The below post was shared this week highlighting the recent rebranding campaign for Yonex All England. 

Monopo London has unleashed a striking rebrand for the historic Yonex All England badminton tournament, infusing it with vibrant neon colors and shuttlecock-inspired patterns. Amidst these changes, the new identity retains the signature roundel logo for brand recognition. 

 By understanding the essence of the sport and its visual appeal, Monopo London successfully creates a dynamic and memorable brand identity that resonates with both long-time fans and new audiences.

Editing hacks for Canva Pro 

The editing capabilities on Canva have been getting better by the day. Canva shared the below video giving a glimpse of what it looks like creating digital ads using Canva Pro. The video gives a sneak peek of some of the most popular Canva Pro features like background remover. 

Canva truly can change your design workflow when you know the right features to leverage. Finding it hard to keep up? Leave the job to professional designers who can up your Canva design game. 

Adobe Photoshop is now available on the web 

Adobe earlier released a beta of the web version of Photoshop and now it’s available to users in all Photoshop plans. The below announcement came from Adobe regarding this. 

With features like Generative Fill, Adobe design workflow has changed. Now with the introduction of the web version, users can explore all these options without having to download and install the software before getting started. This version includes all the acclaimed features like Generative Fill, Generative Expand and Contextual Taskbar.

The unique brand identity for RATIO 

The next post is from The Brand Identity, a huge source of inspiration for marketers and designers. The post talks about the new brand identity designed by the design studio Landscape for RATIO, an innovation campus on Hollis Street. 

One of the main aspects of this brand identity is the unique custom typeface created for the brand. This way, the brand font stands out and even the simplest text-based ad will turn heads. 

The new brand identity is meant to capture the idea of a blend of “scientific rigour and warm humanity” that RATIO wants to reflect. 

The creative typeface for the brand shows how professional designers can help craft the most stunning identity with the simplest of details like brand fonts even with a simple monochromatic brand palette. 

Tropicana’s refreshed packaging design crafted for the young audience 

Partnering with STORMBRANDS, Tropicana has introduced a new packaging design for its Smoothies range created for kids. Packaging Europe shared the below post discussing the details of this new packaging design. 

Tropicana once had the worst rebranding mishap that cost the brand millions of dollars and a lot of customers. This step therefore comes as a calculated move from the brand with strategic details to ensure that the packaging is in line with the target audience while also staying true to the brand’s original identity. 

The new design is fun and vibrant but it also takes cues from the well-recognized packaging design of the brand and incorporates the signature “straw” element to the fruit. This is the brand’s way of staying as close to the brand identity this time. 

In the AI Realm 

Web browsing is back on ChatGPT 

In early July, OpenAI disabled the web browsing capabilities on ChatGPT. This was in response to some users reporting that the tool was coming up with irrelevant responses and the team withdrew the feature so as to fine-tune it before launching. This past week, OpenAI announced that the feature is live again. According to OpenAI, ChatGPT will now display links to sources as well. 

Only about a week ago, Google announced some critical updates for Bard. (Check out the KIMP’s Picks 22nd September edition for a quick overview of this). So with Bard catching up quickly, OpenAI needs to push ChatGPT forward to keep up in the race. Web browsing through Bing is likely to give ChatGPT this nudge. 

Talking about giving ChatGPT an edge, OpenAI introduced a few more updates as well. And that’s what this next post is about. 

ChatGPT can now “see, hear, and speak”

Teasing some upcoming updates, OpenAI posted the below video giving a preview of what ChatGPT would look like in the coming weeks. 

The post discusses the anticipated voice and image capabilities on ChaGPT which would allow users to add images and voice-based prompts while using the tool. According to OpenAI, audio responses are coming too. These are some serious updates and they’re all set to revolutionize the way users interact with generative AI. 

Generative AI by Getty Images 

Getty Images is the latest to debut in the generative AI space. The visual assets giant recently announced its Generative AI tool to help users generate commercially safe images. Powered by NVIDIA’s AI capabilities, this tool is for generating original visual content. 

What sets this tool apart is that the designs generated are said to be commercially safe, and ready to scale and Getty Images also compensates contributors through this tool. What’s even better is that according to Getty Images, all the legal protection offered for other Getty Images is also available with these AI-generated ones. 

Google was accidentally indexing Bard chats 

Conversations with AI chat assistants like Bard are meant to be private and several users assume this when using these generative AI tools. However, users recently started sharing on social media that Google seems to be accidentally indexing chats on Bard. Fast Company’s article shared below discusses this issue at length. 

While this was not an intentional leak from Google and though Google is working to prevent such instances in the future, incidents like these remind us that several generative AI tools available today are still experimental. And there’s so much room for improvement. After all, Google calls it the “Bard Experiment” still! 

Amazon invests $4 billion in Anthropic

Anthropic, an AI startup recently announced its strategic partnership with Amazon. Reportedly, Amazon is investing $4 billion in this partnership which is a move to mutually benefit both organizations. 

As for what Amazon aims to achieve with this partnership, its developers will likely have access to Anthropic through Amazon Bedrock. The collaboration is also a measure to help Amazon “create net-new customer experiences”. For Anthropic, the partnership means access to Amazon AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips for its foundational models. 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

New AI features on Meta 

Meta recently announced a host of AI experiences across its apps. These features include AI Stickers powered by Llama 2 and Emu. This feature will allow English language users to generate stickers using AI. another notable feature announced includes AI image editing for the posts you create on Meta apps. Finally, there’s Meta AI Assistant that will provide a conversational experience to users on Meta apps. 

Receive messages only from subscribers on X 

X has been rolling out several new updates every week. So, yes there’s something new this week as well. Elon Musk took to his X page to announce a quick tweak that was recently added. X Premium users can now filter their messages by allowing DMs only from subscribers. This is a move to increase subscriptions by giving users a reason to subscribe to their favorite creators on X. 

Calling options on X are likely to be available only to Premium users 

Another privilege on the cards for X Premium subscribers is that the audio and video calling options on X which has been a popular topic of discussion on social media, is likely to be reserved for X Premium users. 

Social Media Today, an online publication that talks about all the critical social media updates shared the below post discussing this anticipated change coming to X. 

This and several other exclusive features announced for Premium users are possibly X’s way of encouraging more Premium subscriptions. 

Chat Ads API for Snapchat

Microsoft Advertising and Snapchat are partnering to introduce sponsored links in Snapchat’s My AI chatbot. This collaboration leverages Microsoft’s Chat Ads API and generative AI technology, allowing brands to engage with Snapchat’s mobile-first audience.

The partnership aims at helping advertisers increase their ROI by increasing mobile impressions. Microsoft and Snap plan to monitor advertiser feedback post this feature and work on their chat offerings further. This collaboration is likely to be a major milestone for generative AI in chat advertising. 

TikTok Creative Assistant 

TikTok recently announced the introduction of Creative Assistant for its video creators. This AI tool is likely to augment the capabilities of Creative Center on TikTok. However, the new feature aims at making an advertiser’s job simpler. In-stream recommendations as well as scripts and other inputs for campaigns are some of the benefits that Creative Assistant will bring to video creation on TikTok. 

Wrapping up 

A week full of updates from marketing, AI, and social media! That was quite a lot to catch up on. So we’ll give you some time to sink in these updates and make the most of them in your marketing strategies. For more updates, stay tuned and we’ll be back next week with a post filled with share-worthy social media post recommendations just like this one.