KIMP’s Picks 7th August: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

Ready for a weekly dose of inspiration from social media? Here’s the KIMP’s Picks 7th August Edition with all the buzz, trends, and share-worthy posts in marketing, AI, graphic design, and more. 

Get set for a quick tour of trending posts and insightful content that’s been turning heads and sparking discussions. Let’s go! 

In the Marketing Realm 

IKEA’s brilliance in OOH

Global outdoor ad spending is estimated to reach 45 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2024. So, yes, this is still an area that marketers need to focus on. But if that does not convince you, the below campaign from Ikea should. 

Have you heard about IKEA’s traveling blue bag? This creative outdoor campaign consists of a 19-foot-tall outdoor sculpture which is a scaled-up version of the signature IKEA blue bag. The best part is that this outdoor campaign is optimized for the digital era with its AR experience that customers can unlock upon scanning the QR codes on the sculpture. 

Marketing Birds, a great source of marketing updates and inspiration, shared the below Tweet highlighting this creative outdoor campaign from IKEA.

GA4 has a lot of new features 

The introduction of GA4 (Google Analytics 4) has been a popular topic of discussion among advertisers. Amidst this, Google announced a host of new features for App campaign measurement and performance. These features are for app marketers tracking metrics like in-app purchases. 

The below update was posted on the Google Analytics page throwing the spotlight on these new features for app marketing. 

Meta ads won’t be the same anymore 

One of the reasons why marketers use social media ads is the amount of personalization they offer in terms of targeting their preferred audience segments. Based on a few recent data protection-related discussions in the EU, users will be asked for their consent to targeted marketing. Marketing Week, a great source of marketing news and insights share the below Tweet discussing the changes that this step brings to Meta advertising. 

Retaining the human touch in marketing 

Among the many segments that AI has transformed, marketing is one. From content creation to scheduling and ideation, a lot of tasks are taken care of by AI tools today. But amidst all this, retaining your brand’s human side is crucial. 

David Meerman Scott, an online marketing strategist, shared the below Tweet featuring a post that talks about the need for a human side in marketing. From tackling any bias to creating content that appeals to human readers, the post covers many insightful tips for staying human in the world of AI marketing. 

Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg cage fight 

You must have come across several discussions regarding the cage fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Last week, Elon Musk confirmed this on X in the below Tweet. The Tweet also mentions that the fight will be live-streamed on X with the proceeds going to charity for veterans. 

Zuck’s response to this was on Threads: 

Post by @zuck
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Well, this is not entirely “marketing” but the kind of discussion that this topic is evoking and the way the topic puts both the brands in the spotlight shows a lot about the brands themselves. And it also shows the power of personal branding for entrepreneurs and how they can use their personal brands to help attract attention to their brands. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

The secrets to better search ranking 

Creating content that ranks well in search is one thing that several brands strive to achieve. Algofy, 360° performance marketing agency, shared the below insightful post giving a brief overview of some of the critical ranking factors for brands. From focusing on the user experience to improving site performance, creating mobile-friendly sites, and prioritizing credibility, the post covers the key factors to start working on in order to achieve better SEO performance. 

Talking about SEO, a lot changed with AI taking center stage and with AI entering the world of search as well. So, the next post talks about SEO particularly in the AI-dominant segment. 

Making SEO work in an AI world 

How do you prepare for the AI era? How do you make your content rank well with AI making its presence felt in several places? Content Marketing Institute, a leading authority in the world of content marketing shared the below post answering all these questions. The post highlights 23 expert tips for content marketers to know in order to update their SEO strategy in the AI era. 

From asking AI tools to review your content for gaps in SEO to ideating better topics and content with AI tools, the post talks about a lot of practical tips. 

The need for video storytelling 

Fostering meaningful customer connections is one thing that many brands struggle with. The below post talks about a way to tackle this. 

Social Media Examiner a media company that talks about marketing updates and insights, shared the below post giving a peek into the need for video storytelling for brands. The post also quickly lists down a few quick tips to begin leveraging storytelling in your marketing strategy. 

From creating relatable stories about the brand to sharing customer stories and important milestones, the post covers many quick and useful insights. 

SEO headlines for a stunning first impression 

Do you think that coming up with a great SEO headline is one of the most challenging aspects of content creation? Then this post from Semrush is for you. On its Twitter page, Semrush featured a blog post that talks about the essential steps to come up with an SEO-friendly headline for your content. 

When you do read the blog post featured, do remember to check out the handy templates added toward the end! 

A secret to finding trending TikTok templates 

If you have been struggling to get noticed on TikTok and if you have been exploring the trending templates on the platform, you know about CapCut, the free video editor that comes in handy for TikTok video creation. 

The below post was shared on the LinkedIn page of Later, one of the most popular social media management tools in marketing. The post gives a few effective tips on finding the best TikTok templates on CapCut and thus increase the chances of your post getting noticed on the platform. 

In the Design Realm 

BBC Cricket has a refreshing new identity 

The image of cricket has been changing drastically over the past few years, like the introduction of new tournament formats. The aim is to attract more viewers from the younger generations while also retaining the existing audience. In line with these measures, a brand new identity has been revealed for the BBC Cricket brand and it’s a great source of design inspiration for anyone working on their branding designs. 

The specialty of the new identity is the energy the color palette packs and the flexibility it brings. On the whole, the bold new look is definitely a trendsetter in the world of design. Creative Review, a leading graphic design magazine spoke about the BBC Cricket rebranding design in the below Tweet. 

From the sneak peek of the new brand identity, you might notice that the chosen colors are the highlights of the new design. That comes as a reminder of the critical role that colors play in a brand’s identity. The next post also covers the ‘color’ aspect of a popular brand. 

Have you seen the signature McDonald’s arches in blue? 

In a McDonald’s store in Arizona, the golden arches of McDonald’s are not golden – they are blue. When the store first opened, the one condition to fulfill was that the arches were to be in blue and not their signature golden yellow because reportedly, the gold did not go well with the natural aesthetics of the region. 

The Design Museum shared the below Tweet highlighting this less-known fact about the Arizona McDonald’s store. 

In this case, the brand has been using its logo and brand colors so consistently that even with the color change the logo still remains recognizable. 

Illustrations to elevate your packaging design 

Brand packaging is an impactful tangible brand element that can make or break a brand’s relationships with its customers. Brands are always on the lookout for ways to add a personal touch to their packaging design. Illustrations come in handy in this aspect. 

Dieline, the go-to hub for design and packaging inspiration, recently spotlighted a brilliant packaging masterpiece, featuring captivating illustrations. In a prior blog discussing packaging design trends, we highlighted illustrations as a trend to watch and designs like this reaffirm the enduring allure of this creative wave.

Font inspiration for cultural branding 

Font psychology is something you cannot ignore when working on your branding designs. Because the fonts you choose for your brand should reflect your brand personality and also resonate with your audience. Finding it challenging to choose the right fonts for your brand? The below post from I Love Typography is a good source of inspiration for fonts for cultural branding. 

In the AI Realm 

Meta’s multimodal AI model – CM3leon

Tech brands around the world have been coming up with new tools and features incorporating generative AI and Meta is not an exception. In a recent announcement, Meta spoke about CM3leon (pronounced like “chameleon”) which is a model for both text-to-image and image-to-text generation. 

In addition to image generation which is possible with most AI art generators today, CM3leon will also be able to help with text-based image editing. 

Tinder’s AI photo selection 

Leading news website Mashable shared the below Tweet highlighting an upcoming feature on Tinder and this involves using AI to build dating profiles. 

While brands are exploring new ways to use AI, Tinder is reportedly working on a way to incorporate AI to help people find the “best pictures” to feature on their profiles. 

GPT-5 trademark shows a lot of cool features to look out for 

DataChazGPT who regularly talks about GPT updates, SEO, and more, shared the below Tweet focusing on the news about OpenAI reportedly filing for GPT-5 trademark. More than the fact that GPT-5 is not far away the contents in the trademark filing have grabbed the attention of social media users. Details like “conversion of audio data files into text” show that GPT-5 is likely to be a multimodal model. 

All the ChatGPT updates you should know about 

OpenAI has been working on improving the ChatGPT experience to keep up with the rapidly-evolving generative AI realm. Last week, OpenAI announced a bunch of new updates for ChatGPT. The below Tweet gives a peek into these updates. 

From Prompt examples to suggested replies, the updates include refinements to existing features. 

Google Search Generative Experience now brings videos 

SGE is all set to change the way Search works. Leveraging generative AI, Google’s SGE displays AI-generated responses for quicker answers. These responses earlier included an array of images and now Google has announced that videos will be part of the displayed responses. 

Search Engine Land, a great source of inspiration for Search-related news shared the below post highlighting this upcoming feature on SGE. 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

Instagram’s upcoming AI capabilities 

LinkedIn and X have been rolling out a lot of updates incorporating AI into the platforms and Instagram is all set to join the league. 

Search Engine Journal regularly shares the latest search news on its LinkedIn page and the below post highlights a few AI capabilities that Instagram is reportedly testing. 

The post talks about 6 of the rumored generative AI features like AI-generated content labels, DM summaries, Story image editing, stickers, comments, and AI chatbots. 

X – a throwback 

With the discussions regarding the Twitter to X rebranding and the effectiveness of the new brand identity slowly settling down, X shared the below Tweet highlighting the milestones from the 9 months leading up to the rebranding. 

The featured post talks about all the background work that has been happening within the company since the time Elon Musk announced an upcoming rebranding for Twitter. 

The ad formats on X 

The changing advertising scenario on X is one of the hottest topics of discussion in the marketing world. One of the recent observations is that most ads displayed on the platform look a lot like regular posts and are therefore hard to discern. 

Social Media Today, a popular online platform for social media-related news and insights shared the below post discussing the changing ad formats on X. The post also goes on to talk about the possible outcomes for advertisers.  

Ad revenue sharing on X 

Ad revenue sharing is now available to more content creators on X and therefore the company spoke about the rules and requirements for creators to avail of this feature. The revenue-sharing option is currently available only to X Premium (formerly X Blue) subscribers. Elon Musk shared the below Tweet highlighting the eligibility criteria for ad revenue share. 

And that’s a wrap! 

With that, we would like to wrap the KIMP’s Picks 7th August Edition.  We’ll be back with another weekly social media round-up next Monday! Until then, stay tuned! Keep your Feeds refreshed!