Fitness Posts For Instagram: 7 Ideas Your Fitness Brand Needs

Running a gym or a fitness brand is tough. Let’s face it. It’s not just about the competition from local gyms. You also have competitors trying to steal your customers with their strong online presence. Without a doubt, now is a good time to join the race. After all, creating your fitness brand’s social media channels is pretty simple. 

When we say social media, there’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and many more. Whether you embrace them all or focus on one at a time depends on two things:

  • Where are your customers? 
  • Will you be able to keep up with the algorithm? Keep in mind that the frequency of posting, and the amount of engagement to expect, vary from one channel to another. 

Considering such details, Instagram is one place that many fitness brands are actively focusing on. Not convinced? We’ll give you two quick stats.

  • Millennials continue to be the strongest drivers of revenue for the fitness industry. In fact, they spend over $7 billion on health club memberships, annually. 
  • Nearly 50% of millennials use Instagram as their communication tool to get in touch with brands. 

So, millennials are great targets for your gym brand. And nearly half of them will contact you through Instagram. Consequently, it makes perfect sense to start thinking about your Instagram strategy today. But what do you post? How do you make your brand outshine the competition there? We have all the answers. In this blog, we’ll give you a few quick ideas on creating fitness posts your Instagram followers will love. 

7 High-Impact Ideas for Fitness Posts for Instagram

1. Keep those fitness tips coming 

Information is wealth. Information is engagement too! As a fitness brand providing a lot of information on your Instagram page, you achieve two things:

  • You are showing people your command over the niche 
  • And you are increasing the chances of people sharing your post. As a result you’re bringing in new followers. Or in other words, new members in your gym! 

These fitness tips can be anything from common mistakes in workout routines to educating your audience about the different types of workouts. If you can find a way to link back the content to your fitness brand’s offerings, it would make a big difference. 

Kimp Tips
  • Keep the copy crisp. Try to break down the information into simpler points. This way you can create a carousel instead of a single post. 
  • Use illustrations to add more clarity to your post. Information with supporting illustrations would be easier to understand. Like the below social media design by Kimp.
Social media design by Kimp
2. Workout videos 

There is no better motivation for workouts than seeing others work out. That’s one reason why many fitness brands regularly share workout videos on the gram. 

Here’s a workout reel shared by Dohertys Gym. Videos like this one are sure to motivate you to hit the gym. 

With videos like these, you also get a chance to feature actual people working out in your gym. Don’t forget to tag them and give them a shoutout. Celebrities or fitness influencers frequenting your gym can be an added strength to highlight. 

Kimp Tips
  • Remember that you can share both short-form and long-form videos on Instagram. So create bite-sized workout videos for Reels and some long ones shot in real-time. Letting people learn workouts from your page will help you emerge as a reliable name in the industry. 
  • For Reels, besides regular footage, you can use simple animated explainers like this one from the American gym chain, LA Fitness. When you create these animations as GIFs, they can be reused across social media platforms. Or even in your emails. 
3. Talk about diet 

No workout is complete without a supportive diet. It doesn’t matter whether your fitness brand caters to diet consultation. Diet-related information is something that allures all kinds of demographics. 

“Food and drink” continues to be the third most popular topic amongst fitness posts for Instagram. With nearly 43% of users expressing interest in it. So, you can go beyond your niche and reach out to customers who are looking for diet and nutrition advice. Expanding your reach becomes a reality with diet-related posts. 

LA Fitness has a dedicated podcast called Living Healthy. And it regularly shares diet and fitness-related insights there. Here is an Instagram post on the LA Fitness page giving a peek into one such diet-related episode. 

Kimp Tips 
  • When you create posts on diet and nutrition, identify keywords and emphasize them. For example, the word “protein” gets all the attention in the below image. Anyone who is looking to track their protein levels will immediately notice this post. 
Social media design by Kimp
  • Notice the use of brand colors to highlight the keyword. This is a good way to help people remember your brand color. 
  • From the direction in which the athlete is facing to the yellow triangle in the background, everything points you toward the copy. Use such visual cues to build hierarchy. So, even if you have images to make the post visually appealing, you can be sure that viewers do not miss the key information. 

Kimp Tip: When you have a lot of information to share, podcasts are great channels. Creating audiograms like the one we saw above, from LA Fitness, will boost the performance of your podcast. 

Want to create audiograms for your fitness brand podcast? Sign up for a Kimp Video subscription.  

4. Talk about equipment 

You can create posts that talk about the right way to use particular gym equipment. Or you can also showcase creative ways to incorporate different equipment in workouts. With posts like these, you also get a chance to showcase the infrastructure in your gym. 

Here’s a quick tip on the Instagram page of Gymshark Women. 

Or, you can also talk about any new equipment that you have recently added. This will be a brilliant retargeting strategy. Customers who have not stepped into your gym recently will be motivated to renew their membership and start again. The below post by Bunker Gym, Australia is a good example. 

Kimp Tips
  • Imagery strengthens your equipment-related posts. Instead of a simple image of the equipment you are talking about, you can also add a picture of people working out with it. Video demos, like the one from Gymshark Women, are even better. 
  • Regularly talking about different gym equipment helps you talk about the kind of workouts that customers can expect in your gym. To keep these equipment posts visible, you can create a template with your brand colors in focus. Have a look at the example below. 
fitness brand social media design
Social media design by Kimp
5. Beyond fitness and workouts 

Relatable content appeals to people. Take a look at this post on the Instagram page of The WOD Life. 

The above post is fun and relatable. Posts like these bring a smile to your face. Any gym-goer will be tempted to share such posts with their workout buddies. 

Kimp Tips
  • When you create videos like the one above, you need to have a strong copy to make them more effective. Add text overlays or animated typography to bring your videos to life. 
  • But yes, keep the text size small so that it does not interfere with the actual footage or animation. 

Want to create text overlays or edit your existing footage to create videos for Instagram? Choose a Kimp Video subscription. 

6. Use the space for announcements 

When there is simply no time to get those flyers printed and handed out to all your target customers, you have Instagram to the rescue. Any last-minute announcement or sneak-peek into what’s brewing in your gym will keep your Instagram audience engaged. 

Here’s one such announcement post on the Instagram page of Emporium Gym. 

Kimp Tips
  • Announcement posts might be rare. But you do not want your customers to miss them. So, remember to use strong visuals in them. 
announcement posts on Instagram
Social media design by Kimp
  • Always create a supportive Story post for your announcement. Instead of merely adding a link to the post, you can create a poll or ask a question and then add the post link as the answer. 
7. User stories and testimonials 

By regularly taking time to create posts highlighting user stories through your fitness posts for Instagram, you achieve the following:

  • You build trust in new customers and prospective leads
  • Provide motivation through proof 
  • And you are creating a sense of community by focusing on the people

Pound Fit bundles up reviews along with trainer details and other useful information in its posts. Like the post you see below. 

Or add the reviews to your Story and then retain them in the highlights section. Here’s one such post from the Emporium Gym. 

Kimp Tips 
  • Before/after images work well for such user stories. In this case, adding a simple line of text to summarize the user’s journey will add more value. 
  • You can highlight reviews in the form of snapshots or even testimonial videos. Remember to add images related to the features highlighted in the review. 
  • Or you can add an actual customer image with credentials. This shows others why they should trust the review. 
Review post for fitness brand
Social media design by Kimp

With a single Kimp Graphics + Video subscription, you can create all your posts including images, videos, and illustrations for Instagram. 

A Few Additional Tips to Recondition Your Instagram Grid

Well, you now have a bunch of ideas, to begin with. But a lot depends on how you execute these ideas. After all, you cannot put them all onto your grid at once. This will create more chaos than purpose. And a chaotic Instagram feed with no particular hierarchy is not going to send good signals about your fitness brand. So, how do you set things straight? Let’s find out. 

First of all, you should have a social media style guide in addition to your regular brand style guide. If you have seen the Instagram grids of brands like Apple and Nike, they have very different aesthetics when compared with the rest of their marketing materials. This reflects the unique goals they have for each platform.

But no matter the differences across platforms, they are always consistent within any given platform.

Is that the case with your brand? Maybe you’re trying switching up your usual marketing aesethetic on Instagram to create a more Instagram-friendly channel for your customers. Or maybe you’re doing it because you’re running a special campaign. Irrespective of the approach, your designs for Instagram might be slightly different from your designs for regular ads. And these differences could be in terms of the tone of the copy or the design style. So, having a social media style guide pays off. 

Another tip to keep in mind is that you should not deviate from your theme. This could be anything from using a particular color (your brand color) in all your posts. Or using specific colors in posts pertaining to campaigns. Whatever the visual theme you have in mind, record it in your social media style guide. And ensure that every post you create follows this theme. 

Looking for more ideas? We have a separate blog post on the types of Instagram aesthetics you can create. You will also find effective tips to clean up your Instagram grid and align it with your brand. 

Create Stunning Fitness Posts For Instagram With a Kimp Subscription 

These are just a few ideas, to begin with. If you need more interesting ways to boost your fitness brand’s Instagram marketing, check out our other blog here.

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