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7 Inspiring Ideas For International Women’s Day Marketing

Every year International Women’s Day is a celebration and a call to action.

We celebrate the achievements of women across social, cultural, economic and political arenas. And we are called to take actions that will make equality a reality. 

Of late, it has also become an opportunity for small businesses, large brands, and other organizations to connect with their audiences. While there has been some criticism around the commercialization of this important day, there are still many ways brands can take part meaningfully. 

When there is a cause that affects literally 50% of the world, including your team and your target audience, you need to find a way to take part. 

So how do you do that? What are the right ways to take part in International Women’s Day? And how do you ensure you make an impact with your Women’s Day marketing? 

Well, in this blog by Kimp, we take you through the best and most inspiring campaign ideas. And how to achieve similar feats for your brand too.

Let’s get started. 

The Significance of International Women’s Day 

We would be remiss if we downplayed the significance of this day even by a little. A lot of women and young girls, around the world, undergo the impact of a lot of inequality and unfair biases. With International Women’s day, brands and other organizations that can make an impact in changing this status quo come forward. 

And seeing this a ripple effect starts, inspiring conversations and commitments from individuals and organizations. 

Moreover, it is also an opportunity for brands to show their customers that they care about the state of the world and taking a stand for positive change. This is a big factor for Gen Z and Millennials in particular since they primarily connect with brands on social media. And across platforms they keep an eye out for how brands are engaging in social causes, or choosing not to. 

Yes, Gen Z and Millennials in particular expect brands to make real contributions, without it being mere lip-service. 

So how you design your International Women’s day marketing and messaging matters a lot as well. 

Designing your International Women’s Day marketing 

It is good to have a roadmap before you enter into potentially controversial waters. And International Women’s Day campaigns are definitely in this category. Equality is a sensitive subject, so you have to approach it the right way. 

A unique perspective and an out of the box approach also helps you stand out in the crowd. Your customers will value your campaigns more, which means an increased engagement and brand recall value.

Understand the theme 

Running a generic Women’s Day marketing campaign is not going to get you anywhere. Everyone knows when they start seeing pink colored creatives around the first week of March that IWD is around the corner. And they’ll start to see all these posts as one. 

Instead, show your customers that you care. Invest time in understanding what the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is, what the goals set by the UN are, and what initiatives matter to your audience. Modeling your campaigns around these will bring you better success. 

The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is #BreaktheBias. The committee has released a pose that everyone can replicate throughout their campaigns. Brands can replicate the image with their team members and share what they feel about the movement on their official handles online. 

Practice diversity and inclusion

The issue of lack of representation for women of color in feminist movements has been rising up for sometime now. Hence, the current consumer base is consciously checking every brand campaign to see if they are just performative or actually mean business.

And even from a brand’s point of view, it is beneficial to take an inclusive approach. Every business has a diverse audience base where people from all communities, races, and genders interact with them. Why choose to represent and honor a few of them alone in a campaign?

If more people resonate with your campaign, you have higher chances of forming an emotional bond with them.

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Educate the audience 

You may feel like women’s rights and the need for equality and inclusivity are all common knowledge by now. Everyone knows about it, right? How can they not? 

Well, to the contrary, there are a lot of issues that people either do not know about at all. Or only have a cursory knowledge of. So in your women’s day marketing, pick a topic that you resonate with and matches your brand as well. Then, launch informative creatives and campaigns around these so that the customer can see the value in them clearly. 

The ideal platform to launch these educational and informative campaigns is social media. Since Gen Z and Millennials are predominantly active on social media platforms, you can leverage these campaigns to connect with them.

Break stereotypes 

Last but not the least, do you remember how we spoke of pink creatives doing the rounds during the first week of March? Will you not be tired of seeing the same cliched phrases, imagery, and colors wherever you go? It goes without saying that your customers will feel the same way. 

Not to mention that using stereotypical images, designs, and phrases can be really irksome for consumers that are increasingly more informed about equality. So, break the shackles of stereotypes and reimagine your Women’s Day marketing designs. 

You can start by choosing gender neutral colors that celebrate women such as purple, red, and ombre/pastel shades of orange, yellow, and so on. This way, you can show that your brand makes its own way rather than falling prey to stereotypes. 

Looking for trending color choices this Women’s Day? Check our guide on why Purple is the color to watch out for in 2022 here.

7 Inspiring International Women’s Day marketing ideas 

You know the main themes and guidelines you need this Women’s Day, but what are the top campaign ideas to look out for? How can YOU inspire and engage your audience? 

Well, once you are done with this section of the blog, you will have the answers you need. So let’s dive right in.

1. Branding update 

Usually we are a huge fan of keeping branding identities intact across all campaigns. But we think this is an occasion where we can make an exception. A major part of the International Women’s Day celebration is to make the women in your team, customer base, and the general population feel heard and represented. 

So, start by revamping the smaller parts of your branding identity. For example, if you have a male mascot usually, consider introducing a female mascot for your campaign.

You can also update your website, social media handles, and other listing platforms. For retail stores, this extends to updating signage as well. 

Anything you can do to show women that you care about them and are willing to represent them within your brand. If your branding identities primarily cater to just the male population, then consider how you can update it for your campaign. Show people you are serious about this movement.

Kimp Tip: While the urge to go pink entirely can be strong, we do not recommend that. Customers can spot pinkwashing from a mile away, so make honest efforts to update your branding designs.

Does this sound like a lot of work? Not at all, especially when you can work with the Kimp Graphics’ unlimited graphic design service.

2. Showcase the women in your team 

So we’ve looked at how your branding can be updated to reflect International Women’s Day. And that is great. But your campaign doesn’t stop there. International Women’s day is not a time when people want to hear from the men on your team about women’s issues. 

So what to do?

Well, instead of roping in an influencer or celebrity to work on your Women’s Day marketing, show the people behind the brand. Yes, work with the women on your team for this marketing campaign.

Some ideas to execute this campaign are: 

  • Showcase the achievements of women on your team and highlight the contribution they have made to your products and/or services. 
  • Conduct interviews with them like you would with an influencer. Let them share their views on technical issues, societal issues, and other segments. This way, the world can see how talented they are. 
  • Ask  them to recount their journey within the organization and their future goals. 
  • Vlog your company’s International Women’s Day celebration for your social media channels. 

Representation is very powerful. By showing that you value your women employees and that women can do anything they want, you can inspire many. And you might just open a few minds too! 

Kimp Tip: While you can choose to do podcasts, static posts or blogs for these interviews, we strongly recommend choosing the video medium. When we are speaking about representation, nothing can beat out the impact of dynamic representation that video brings to the table. 

The production does not have to be too high-quality though. Don’t worry. Just shoot a simple video with your phone  and let a design team at Kimp Video enhance it for you with editing. 

3. Storytelling 

In the previous section, we mentioned how important it is to educate the audience on the important issues surrounding women’s rights. But that is easier said than done. Not everyone voluntarily wants to hear inputs on important issues and that too from a brand. 

But when the issue is so important, you have to find a way. And we recommend that way to be the route of storytelling. 

Yes, the conversation becomes much more interesting when you lead the audience to the message instead of dumping facts on them. That way, they connect way more than they will otherwise with the message. 

Now, you can tell a story via blogs and the written word too. But, the impact will be much higher when you opt for visual aids instead. Our brain reacts to color, fonts, and images much more strongly than it would to text alone. Not to mention that we remember images longer than text. 

Some mediums to adopt here are: 

  • Comic strip illustrations 
  • Animated videos 
  • Illustrated posts with captions 
  • Advertorial videos such as TV commercial type campaigns 
  • Podcasts with narrated stories

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4. Meaningful product placement 

Many feel that International Women’s Day is not a time for product-related advertisements. But if you think your product will make a difference in women’s lives or if you are launching a women-specific product, we say go for it. 

As you can see from the video below, the consumer will not mind that you are promoting a product if you show them the value. The key is to identify the target audiences’ pain points and then see if you can find the right solution. 

For example, in this video, the subject at hand is financial literacy in women. Even though Paytm is not prompting their product directly, you can see how an easy to use UPI payments app can help women transact easily. And that is a clear win.

Just a note here to say that when you are working on finding a solution for your consumers’ issue, ensure that you don’t fall prey to stereotypes. Work on an innovative solution to stand out. 

5. Limited edition packaging design 

In the retail world, packaging design is one of the biggest customer touchpoints and also a major part of a branding identity. So how can you not involve this in your International Women’s Day campaign?

Updating packaging design for holidays is not a new practice but doing it for Women’s Day is only a recent trend. And by doing this, you show your consumers that you treat the day, and all it stands for, seriously. 

Instead of changing the packaging color to pink or red for Women’s Day, take a step back and see how you can add value to the process. 

Some examples are:

  • Illustrated package designs to showcase an important woman figure that aligns with your brand, product, and target audience 
  • Leverage packaging design to showcase a cause you are close to such as breast cancer awareness, female literacy, domestic violence, education disparity, and so on. 
  • Create custom packaging design with the revamped branding identities you created in the first idea. 

Hershey’s launched a similar campaign with its packaging design a couple of years ago. They gave space to the brand’s followers, audience, employees, and other collaborators to illustrate the packaging design by allotting canvas space. This was a huge hit and the packages sold out instantly. 

6. Themed discounts and sales 

When International Women’s Day comes around, consumers actually expect some sales and discounts from certain brands. Especially those that work in women’s products all year around. So if you fall into that category, obviously you will launch special sales and discount campaigns. But what if you could take it up a notch this year? 

Pick a theme for your Women’s day campaign and center all your discount sales around it. For example, your theme can be self-care so the discount code will be SELFCARE2022, the creatives will all be around that, and the products that help in self care will have the highest discounts. 

But can you pick a design style to celebrate themes like this? Of course color gives out a very strong emotional stimulus to our brain, so just the color choice alone can make an impact in your themed collection. 

For example, for self-care you can pick combine colors like pastel pink, light blue, and coral for best results. 

7. Social Media campaigns 

The ideal target audience for your International Women’s Day marketing are Gen Z and Millennials. We have already established that they spend the most time on social media, so every campaign that you launch must find its way to social media eventually.

But the scope is so much more when it comes to social media for this occasion. Here are some ideas you can work with:

  • You can conduct polls on relevant topics on Instagram stories, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to mention a few. 
  • Host a giveaway contest to engage your audience 
  • Repurpose and redistribute the educational content you create on social media 
  • Launch custom women’s day themed AR filters on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok to improve engagement rates 

Create Instagram reels with the women of your team and repurpose existing video content for maximum reach.

See, the possibilities are endless! 

Ace Women’s Day Campaign designs with Kimp 

A Women’s Day Campaign is actually a very fun one to run. It is an excellent opportunity for you to show the world that you care and are happy to be part of the solution as well. So why hold back? Go all in with no doubts. 

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