Wedding Planning Marketing: Tips & Tricks You Need

If you have gotten married or seen someone plan their wedding, you know that the choreographed movement and picture-perfect images take a lot of work. And that usually falls on the wedding planner.

Wedding planning is probably one of the most challenging and exhilarating jobs in the world. The profession demands that a wedding planner pulls off the best of the best for catering, floral arrangements, decor, and so much more.

Amid all this stress comes the job of devising new methods of acquiring clients you want to work with. It sounds like a lot because it is. 

Wedding planning marketing is a niche that takes up a lot of time, hard work, and creativity. No two people want the same wedding, so you have to be personal and general.

But not to worry. 

Kimp’s put together the marketing tips and tricks you need to make your wedding planning business a sought-after brand.

Before we go any further, we must acknowledge the elephant in the room – the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Pandemic & The Wedding Industry

The pandemic halted all weddings worldwide and changed how people approached these events entirely. The wedding planning industry suffered tremendous losses. 

Experts, however, believe that there is a new dawn approaching for this industry, and it brings quite a few changes with it. 

Understanding and adapting to these changes will help you tailor your marketing strategies better, saving a lot of time, effort, and heartbreak too. 

So, let’s look at what’s in store.

A new Era in Wedding Planning: The pandemic effect – What should you look out for? 

2020 was not a good year for weddings. Almost 42% of weddings got postponed, with 21% of the remaining weddings seeing a cost-cut. But the wedding planning industry is seeing a revival in bookings and appointments thanks to vaccinations and the relaxation of rules in many corners of the world.

Pandemic weddings have smaller, intimate, innovative, and combined many online and onsite functions to accommodate people who could not travel. Experts from the wedding industry expect that even with the travel restrictions gone, most of these trends are here to stay.

Some pandemic wedding trends may continue even as the world opens up. 
Source: Unsplash

Covid protocols and adapting outdoor spaces to emulate indoor venues have been top of mind for quite some time now. 

What all this means to you as a wedding planner is that your customers are going to look for a unique skill set and you have to position your brand to be the one to seek. 

Knowledge is power. It will help you develop your game plan, identify your ideal customer, and position your brand accordingly. 

So let’s get to it.

Wedding Planning Marketing: Tips & Tricks

Marketing is now more crucial than ever in the wedding planning industry. All the wedding plans that were on ice are now back in action. And couples aren’t quite sure how to navigate this new world. So it’s time to pitch to customers who are looking for your help!

More customers in the market also means there will be immense competition to win over a client. 

You must be at the top of your game across all channels so that you can attract your ideal customer.


Branding supersedes any marketing campaign you have in mind. Before you tell your story, you have to be absolutely clear on what it is. And have the material in hand that can make the storytelling easy. That’s what branding is about.

You may be a homegrown wedding planning business, maybe just a team of two or three. But you still need branding.

Customers trust a brand with a clear mission, vision, USP (unique selling proposition), and strengths. We’re talking about the biggest day of your potential clients’ lives. And you have to earn that trust quickly for them to even consider putting you in charge.

Think of your ideal customer and wedding setup. Do you have a niche? What sets you apart? What do you bring to the table – is it intimacy or a buffet of services under one umbrella? 

Now, craft your branding story with the answers to this question.

And then work with a designer to translate this story into compelling designs. You need a strong visual identity – something that conveys you are in just a glance on a billboard or social media post. 

Strong Visual Identity + Story = Winning Brand 

Kimp Tip: If you want to make it big, think big. Create an elaborate brand with the best visuals and branded marketing materials. When you come up with your company name, design your logo, and brand image, consider how it would look on mugs, stationery, brochures, or even a banner at a tradeshow.

Hire a professional design team to create a brand that works everywhere. Kimp Graphics undertakes a wide range of design services to produce a cohesive brand identity for you.

Website Marketing 

Your website is the storefront to your business online. It has to be accessible, interesting, and in line with your brand. Take as much care of its design as you would in designing a physical space. Your website deserves it.

Everything from the headers, sliders, images, to the overall layout, has to be perfect and mobile-friendly. 57% of users say they recommend a business only if its website’s design looks good on mobile. 

And 75% of customers admit to judging a business based on their website. Even if you are marketing offline, people will Google your business and check out the site. 

Plan your website design as you would a wedding. Chances are, your customer will be judging your website with that in mind too. 

Kimp Tips: Poor image quality and resolution can ruin the user experience. Branding is vital when you design your website. The palette and style have to match your visual identity.

Need help with your brand’s designs? Get a Kimp Graphics subscription and work with a dedicated design team to avoid these issues. Our team keeps the user experience at the center of all our designs.

Source: Pinterest

Videos are nothing short of a trump card in your marketing strategy. They are versatile, high-performing, engaging, and give you a higher ROI than any other format.

You can also put the most important highlights of a 1000-word blog into a one-minute (or less) video for your audience that may not otherwise consume that content. 

People consume 1 billion hours of video content on YouTube, 140 million watch videos on Facebook every day with an average watch time of 26 minutes, and 80% of Instagram users consume video on the platform.

Creating video consistently can feel like a monumental task, but it can be quite easy. Check out some successful and engaging video content ideas for your wedding planning business:

How-to videos:

Create engaging, educational, and trendy videos on important topics for your business, like venue selection, photographer selection, or cake tasting. You can post them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your business. 


Everyone loves a sneak peek. Show what goes on behind making that perfect wedding, how you help your customers in their decisions, and manage crises too. It makes your brand personable, relatable, and trustworthy. Customers will know you will do the same for them. Keep in mind that BTS Videos perform well on Instagram stories. 


Want new customers to trust you? How about a video testimonial from a recent client talking about how you made their day perfect? Social proof in video format is content gold. It is shareable, personal, and puts a face to the review. Post your video on your Instagram feed, story (remember to save it in highlights), or Facebook page. 

Instagram Reels/Tiktok:

Short-form video content is blowing up in a way that has never happened before. It is perfect for someone who is busy and does not have a lot of time, and every platform is pushing it hard, so you get a lot of reach on it. 

Shoot videos with trending music, with your own voice, actual event videos, slow-motion shots of the bride and groom, and/or a drone shot of the venue decor – the options are endless. 

Kimp Tip: If you feel you cannot be present in all your videos, choose a professionally designed video that compensates for it. With a design subscription like Kimp Video, you can create consistent video content without having to shoot one every day. Ask us how on the live chat at!


Most couples have an aesthetic in mind when they think about their wedding. They may not know the exact way to describe it. But you know they have a vibe or a style in mind. How do you convince someone that your vibe matches theirs?

We have one word for you: Pinterest. Pinterest is a favourite amongst couples planning for their big day. 

The minute a couple says, “Yes”, they create a Pinterest board. They browse, curate, and create their own mini mood boards to imagine how their wedding day would look like. 

Next time, a couple tells you I have a Pinterest board, wouldn’t it be great to be able to say check out our Pinterest board on this theme.  

It makes the process easier. You can also improve the chances of a couple stumbling on you via your Pinterest board.

So, curate your favorite images on the internet, add your previous work( with branding, of course), and Voila! You have a branded Pinterest Board that sells what you have to offer.

Instagram Guides 

There is no dearth of content ideas for social media posts today. But what would actually work for your business? 

Well, a couple wants curated ideas and expert advice. They see countless posts on venue, decor, food, music, flowers, dresses, and gifts when they start planning. And it gets overwhelming.  

Enter – your brand with curated content packaged into Instagram Guides.

Do you want someone to visit your profile and decide instantly that you are the one for them? Create Instagram guides.

Some popular Instagram guides for wedding planning businesses are: 

  • Dress Guides for bride and groom
  • Tips for saving money
  • Location-based Guides for venue and other wedding vendors 
  • Product-based Guides for wedding gift ideas, jewelry, clothing, and other accessories. 
  • Review of Celebrity wedding trends 
  • Your previous events (sorted by theme or location) 

Kimp Tip: Now that you are making Instagram Guides a significant part of your Instagram content strategy, choose a unifying theme for posts that will go into the guide. It will help your feed aesthetic and provide a pleasing user experience to the customers too. 

A product-based Instagram Guide by WeddingSutra Source: Instagram

If you want to build organic reach, SEO strategies, and cement yourself as an expert in the wedding planning industry, you need a blogging section on your website. 

Create evergreen content that helps couples, talks about your learnings, and brings traffic to your website.

You can also repurpose this content into social media posts, videos, podcasts, and so much more. 

Kimp Tip: Weddings are a visual event, so even if you are creating blogs ensure you include many professional and branded images to make it a very visual experience for potential clients. Blog images also make it easy to consume long-form content without getting bored with it. 

Email Marketing

Most wedding planning businesses get a lot of referrals. Wedding pictures and videos get circulated widely on social media, between family and friends. So, stay in touch with your existing customers so that they remember you and recommend you.

A fool-proof way to do this is Email marketing.

Email marketing allows you to communicate your message to a focused group of customers who know you and care about what you are saying.

Via Email Marketing, you can: 

  • Stay in touch with your customers 
  • Share your current work
  • Wish them on their anniversaries
  • Send an exclusive discount code and so much more.

Check out the guide on newsletter marketing by Kimp for more content ideas. 

Offline Marketing 

A lot of the marketing for the wedding planning business happens on the ground – in networking events, vendor meetups, exhibitions, and local community events.

Look out for these opportunities and stay prepared to use them to the maximum.

Share your business card, one-page flyer, or brochure with vendors to create opportunities to cross-promote and support each other. And of course, make sure you get a lot of time to interact with potential clients. 

If you are attending a local event, find a way to distribute your marketing material as most of your clients would be local to that area. You can reach them directly with this method. 

You can also consider printing offline marketing materials such as posters, billboards, flyers, SWAG, and mailers to reach a wider local audience.

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