5 Awesome Sticker Design Ideas To Promote Your Brand With

Brand promotion techniques don’t stop, do they? For any brand or marketer, the quest to dabble in every possible marketing channel is very strong. But it is not all smooth sailing. Many marketing avenues exist but executing them to perfection and choosing the right avenue for a brand is a challenge in itself. Not to mention the constraints of marketing budget and target audience. 

Irrespective of these challenges, brands are becoming braver by the day. And they are going where brands in their industry did not go before. Sticker designs for brand promotion is one such avenue. Originally, limited to either functional reasons or very niche brands, it is becoming a market favorite for brand promotion. 

As the world evolves and the younger generation starts assuming purchasing power. So, you have to embrace the communication channels they relate to. And that is why billboards and bench ads are giving way to small stickers for brand awareness. 

But like every marketing campaign, we land on design. Yes, your sticker design has a significant impact on your success, irrespective of your marketing intent. Being an inherently visual medium, you have the liberty to choose from a variety of styles, placements, and usages. 

Before we get into it, let us know the importance of sticker design for your brand promotional activities. 

Why Choose Sticker Ideas to Promote Your brand? 

Print media is a wide industry. You can opt for posters, flyers, billboards, and more. Many assume that these are more effective in comparison to stickers since they are bigger and may attract more eyeballs. 

But what many don’t know is that in print media marketing, it is all real estate. Yes, which means it is not just about the size of the creative, but how you design it and where you place it.  And we will get into all of it for sticker design ideas for your brand too.

Before that, as promised, let us take a quick look at what sticker designs can achieve for your brand. 

1. Build visual identity in the market 

Building brand awareness is on every brand’s agenda. But brand awareness comes in many sizes. While many marketing tools can build the presence of your brand’s name across the market, only a few can do that by building up your visual identity. Sticker designs for marketing are one of them. 

Stickers are full of color, easy to recognize, use across different mediums, and work for a variety of industries and target audiences. Hence, growing your visual brand awareness becomes much easier. 

2. Reach a wider audience 

Similar to vehicle wraps, stickers too are mobile. When you hand them off to a customer, they will take it somewhere and expose it to a wider audience. More importantly, sticker designs, when done well, can enable word of mouth, which is very important for small businesses. 

Additionally, patrons who are willing to sport your brand identity in public become your brand ambassadors. The simplest way to achieve this is by distributing stickers that customers can easily sport. 

3. Step up offline promotions 

In a digitally-oriented world, it is easy to underestimate the value of offline promotions. But a huge chunk of brand revenue still comes from offline channels across industries. Yes, customers are changing but that only means you innovate across offline channels and not ditch them altogether. 

Stickers merge the digital design trends and bring them to your offline marketing promotions. They also help bring in the attention of the younger generation (Gen and millennials), making it a huge win for your offline promotion needs. 

4. Delight customers 

Last but not the least, another reason to choose sticker designs for your brand promotions is to just simply delight your customers. Freebies and giveaways always spark joy, but stickers are special. Our current culture has a heavy influence from Pop Culture and that involves accessories for our possessions that set us apart. By developing aesthetic or cute sticker designs for your brand, you can award that experience to your customers at free of cost. 

Ideal Sticker Design Parameters – Tips and Tricks 

We used the phrase, “Sticker design is great when done well”. Now, this can be a very subjective opinion and we would be amiss if we do not define it well. So what is a good sticker design? What sticker design is good or bad and how do you evaluate that?

Let us take a look at some of the best tips and tricks for the ideal sticker design. 

1. Placement 

Sticker is not a standalone element for most cases. You design it for placing it somewhere – packaging, storefront, vehicle, gadget, or product. This placement determines how the customer sees it and interacts with it. Hence, before you finalize your sticker design, fix the placement before so that it goes well right from the start. 

2. Shape 

Sticker designs are probably the few creatives wherein the encasement or enclosure shape matters as well. Yes, your sticker may have a really great design and branding on it but if the shape does not resonate with the audience or your brand style guideline, it loses its purpose. 

Some popular shapes are circle, cloud, emblem, kiss, heart, and so on. Based on the messaging, brand’s style, and the target audience, you can pick one from these or go fully custom. 

3. Size

After the shape, it is time to consider the size as well. Yes, every design’s effectiveness varies based on the sizing. And this is especially true for designs that you print. So before you choose the design of your sticker and evaluate the ideas, you must figure out the size based on placement and the shape you chose. 

4. Color Scheme 

Speaking of design’s effectiveness, how can we not talk about the color schemes? Do you ever wonder why your sticker design looks more than perfect when you see it on your designer’s screen but it all goes for a toss when you print it? This is because some designers use RGB when they work on your sticker design but the same colors do not come out when the printer uses a CMYK color scheme. 

This is a teething problem and it is important for you to hire a designer that can handle print designs well. 

5. Marketing Intent 

Why are you designing a sticker now? How will it help your business? To answer these questions, you must clarify the role the sticker design plays in your marketing cycle. Is it for brand awareness? Or are you looking to build a loyal community that supports you in all your efforts? 

The design style, branding, and overall treatment will change based on how you answer these questions. 

A brand awareness sticker will mostly center on the product, service, and the brand above everything else. But a sticker design that aims to engage and build customer relationships will go beyond this and design something that delights customers. 

6. Messaging 

When we say messaging, we don’t mean to dictate what you can say using a sticker or not. On the contrary, we are here to tell you that whatever your message is, ensure that it is loud and clear on your sticker design.

Being small and limited in area, stickers pose a challenge on CTA placement. So plan it well in advance so that your design team does not have to create a last-minute space for it. 

Now that you know what to look for in sticker designs, let us explore the potential that lies in sticker designs for promoting your brand. 

5 Awesome Sticker Design Ideas to promote your brand 

Stickers can feel so small, simple, and uncomplicated. Even while reading this blog, we are sure that most are wondering why sticker design needs such a big writeup. We hope the importance of sticker design and the complexity of its design is now clear. It is a significant marketing element and needs all the attention it can get from you. 

And variety is the spice of life. So ditch the generic sticker designs you see on ecommerce sites and choose custom sticker designs for your brand’s promotion. And with Kimp’s curated list of sticker design ideas, this is going to be easier than you imagine. 

Of course, we don’t stop at just recommending sticker design ideas. With our unlimited graphic design services, we also help you bring those ideas to life. Book a call with our team to know more. 

With that, let’s spare no time and get into exploring the different awesome sticker design ideas for your brand. 

1. Minimalistic Sticker Designs 

Every graphic design trend report including ours, predicts that 2022 is going to be the year of minimalistic designs. The less is more trend here to stay and might be your best bet in capturing the audience’s attention. Surprised? You should not be. With reducing attention spans and overwhelmed content channels, customers look for respite from the chaos all around them. What if you can deliver that via your content itself? 

Moreover, stickers are either really small in size with the exception of storefront display sticker designs, vehicle wrap sticker designs, and so on. 

So overcrowding the design is not going to work in your favor. 

A simple branded and meaningful sticker design will. 

Kimp Tip: When you are designing minimalistic stickers for your brand, try to incorporate as much of the brand’s visual identity in it. With only a few elements on the sticker, customers have a higher chance of interacting with the branding design and remembering it for longer. 

And this does not mean putting just the logo on it. No, you can promote your brand by picking the brand color, font, and imagery too.

Connect with the Kimp Graphics team for branded and minimalist sticker design ideas for your business. 

2. Custom Illustration Sticker designs 

Moving on from the simplistic design world to the world of details. Many consider custom illustrations to be too extra for a sticker design. But take it from us, it works brilliantly. What is the aim of a sticker design? Engage the audience, spread the word about your brand, and make the identity stick. Custom illustrations can do all this and more. 

Custom illustrations that promote your brand’s identity resonate with the audience and make them pick that sticker up easily.

Some sticker design ideas using custom illustrations include : 

  • Mascot-based sticker designs wherein your brand’s digital representative connects with the audience 
  • Bring inanimate objects or products to life for a fun take on sticker designs 
  • Illustrated sceneries and nature-based designs 

These are just a few for you to understand the vibe we are going for. But if you truly want to, the world is your oyster in this case.

Read our guide on brand style illustrations and understand more of the connection between this design style and your business. 

Source: Design Hill
3. Unifying Monochrome sticker designs 

You may wonder how is it any different from the minimalist design style? It is because here we are talking more of a sticker design theme or a sticker design idea for a pack. Brands usually launch stickers for giveaways, freebies, product promotions, and more. Chances are you already have a color theme and design style for the products and brands you intend to promote. 

In this sticker design idea, we recommend leveraging the visual style of those products and developing a monochrome sticker design that connects with it. Pick a color from these product lines and your brand’s visual identity to develop the sticker design for the pack. 

Kimp Tip: You can also pick a color for the monochrome sticker design idea based on its usage, target audience, and more. By picking a single color, it is easy for the customers to separate this from your other sticker designs and remember it for long. 

Wondering what color to pick for this sticker design idea? We are here for you. Read our guides on color theory or connect with the Kimp Graphics team today. 

4. Typographic Sticker designs 

We have discussed many design styles till now. But one of the biggest sticker design ideas for all brands is to launch typographic sticker designs. Yes, quotes, brand slogans, one-word slogans, and more are a hot favorite for the crowd. 

They are also easier to design and market to a wide audience. Anyone can resonate with those and choose to work with your brand. 

Another advantage is that you can reinforce your brand’s color scheme, font, and values easily with these sticker designs. 

If you want to leverage sticker designs for vehicle wraps, bench ads, and storefront displays, typographic sticker designs are a great choice. 

Source: Avery
5. Pop Art Sticker designs 

Pop culture and sticker designs have an intrinsic relationship. One cannot exist without the other. So why not work with that style itself when you are looking for sticker design ideas to promote your brand?

Pop Art uses the design style, colors, fonts, images, and other cultural references from Pop culture to attract the audience and make them relate to your brand strongly.

This design style is tricky because customers feel very strongly about Pop Culture and one misstep can mean a mishap for the brand. And that is why we strongly recommend exploring various options and iterations before finalizing the design in this case. 

Wondering how to extend your budget to accommodate experiments? With Kimp Graphics’ unlimited graphic design service, you don’t have to. We offer unlimited revisions to bring the best out for you. 

  1. Symbolic Sticker designs 
  1. Brand Identity sticker designs 

Design amazing Stickers for your brand with Kimp

We hope you now realize the value a small sticker can bring to your brand. And isn’t that amazing that something so small and so easy can make brand promotion so simple? 

We know that the sticker design process and sticker design idea collation are still a challenge. But why must it be? 

As a brand, we know you want to focus on running it more than designing a sticker. And that is exactly why Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video subscriptions exist. 

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