Print Marketing: 7 Types Of Print Designs Brands Should Try

Are you surprised at the title? Print marketing, really? Is it really that important? Especially now, when the whole world seems to be living off their cell phones? 

Well, yes it is incredibly important and especially now when mobile phone fatigue is becoming the thing everywhere. If you are only concentrating on digital marketing, you are missing out on a huge audience base and also failing to boost those digital campaigns effectively.

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Print marketing and advertising have been around since time immemorial and is still one of the most popular mediums for brands to reach their customers. 

Did you know that the advertising revenue in 2020 just for newspapers was 30.255 billion dollars? And newspaper ads are just one of the print marketing mediums. There is so much more to it. 

If you are a brand that wants to ensure no road goes unexplored or is looking to just shake things up in your marketing campaigns, it is time to get back into print marketing again. 

This blog by Kimp is about everything you need to know to ace print marketing for your brand in 2022. 

Why is Print Marketing important? 

Before we get into the print marketing designs for your brand, let us take a moment to understand why customers and brands still trust this medium. What is it that makes print marketing so special to withstand the great Internet revolution?

Yes, even digital giants like Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter do not miss an opportunity to leverage this medium.

So what does print marketing bring to the table, so to speak? 

1. Print ads stay longer with customers

What is the biggest complaint your marketing team has when it comes to your campaigns? That no one is spending enough time on the content? Or is it that it is hard to grab customers’ attention in the first place? 

With the average human attention span becoming lesser than a goldfish, brands and marketers are going to be dealing with this issue for a long time. 

But the fact is the attention span is much better when it comes to printed ads or printed marketing materials. There is less content competing for their attention and customers can actually stop and read the content instead of giving into the urge to scroll. 

Printed material stays with customers longer because of this, helping your campaign immensely. 

2. Reach the right target audience 

Advertisement targeting is one of the reasons all the players switched to digital marketing. But we know that has become a lot harder in the last few years with customers skipping ads, iOS changes, and Google scrapping cookies. And even when you have the data, clicks just don’t become customers as easily as before. 

But when you invest in print marketing for your existing customers (coupons, discounts, gift cards), event attendees, store walk-ins, or local customers, the odds are much more in your favor. 

3. Cost-effective 

Online advertisement is getting expensive by the day and organic marketing is a rollercoaster with platforms switching algorithms like it’s the breakfast menu. So what is a small business to do with a limited budget but a sky-high ambition?

You have to supplement your digital marketing strategy with print marketing to balance the costs. 

With print marketing, you can convey complicated pieces of information without having to invest in video creation or dancing for 15-second videos. Infographics, visual marketing, and graphic design can come to your rescue. 

A 2019 study tells us that people from all age groups process physical ads faster than digital ads. What more do you need? 

Moreover, surveys also show a 400% effectiveness increase in marketing campaigns that have both digital and print ads. 

This is your shot, take it! 

4. Local marketing made easy 

#Vocalforlocal is going global now. The COVID-19 pandemic has woken up the world’s attention on the need to support local businesses. A small business can stand a better chance by marketing to their local customers and this is becoming a major advertising trend online and offline. 

And what better way to enhance your local marketing efforts than a bus bench ad, vehicle wrap advertisement, or a billboard strategically placed in your target locations? 

You do not have to guess if the local community saw it because you know they will. 

  1. Building brand awareness 

When you start a new business or take the plunge into branding, all you want is your customers to know your name. Building brand awareness and working on improving higher brand recall can be a huge challenge. But the key to nailing it lies in deploying an omnichannel strategy and that includes print marketing too. 

In fact, 77% of customers in a survey agree that print drives higher brand recall and better attention spans offline can be a reason for this. 

All you need to know is that having print marketing as per your marketing mix can be your way to building brand awareness faster than ever. 

Are you excited by print marketing’s potential after this fact roundup? Well,  then let’s put the excitement into action and dive into the types of print marketing designs your brand needs! 

7 Types of Print Marketing Designs 

Digital marketing can become a little monotonous for the creator and the audience. Brands have to constantly come up with new ideas for SEO, social media, video marketing, and so on. It can get hectic quite easily. 

Are you looking for something simple but effective? Then you need to enter the world of print marketing now. With so many options, sometimes just sticking to the basics can keep your marketing calendar busy for months. 

So what are these options we speak of? 

Scroll on and see for yourself. 

1. Print Banners 

This is probably a marketing medium that you see wherever you go. Banners are an important and effective print marketing design for brands. Retail stores have been employing them to advertise their products, services, and the current marketing campaigns for a long time. 

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Print banners come in a variety of sizes and you can customize them to your liking. There is no rigidness here unlike most other marketing designs.

With some strategic placement and good design, print banners can be the marketing material with the highest ROI in your bag. 

You can pick any material to print your banners right from cloth, vinyl, to canvas materials. But don’t forget to include this in your design brief so that the design team can tailor the design to it. 

Designed by Kimp

Kimp Tip: For print banners to be effective, pick a single targeted message and drive it home with a focused design. The above banner has one message – a meal starting from $22 all day, every day. Stick to simple messages to see the best results. 

2. Billboards 

Odds are when we mention physical advertising or print marketing, a billboard is what comes to your mind instantly. Yes, this is undoubtedly the most popular of all print marketing designs. 

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned billboard, be it for brand awareness, generating views for a product online, or advertising the new holiday campaign. We all remember Twitter’s stint with billboards for the last three years, don’t we? 

A billboard is a very simple print marketing design, but many brands are known to let the creative horse run with it. With the right design, you can generate a lot of interest and buzz in your community. 

Kimp Tip: A simple but striking color combination is your best friend in billboard advertising. You want the customer on the move to take one look and remember the message. Choose colors, fonts, and images to attract attention, and don’t forget to make it readable. 

3. Packaging Design 

If you are a retail brand, you cannot discount the power of packaging design under any circumstance. Packaging design is usually our customer’s first interaction with your brand, especially if you have a physical store or your product is available on major store shelves. For ecommerce brands, this can be the decider if a customer comes back or is lost forever. 

This is their first touchpoint and the packaging design ensures whether they pick it up or not. And that is why we strongly classify them to be as print marketing design. They are your first advocates responsible for brand awareness, brand recall, evoking the right emotional response, and so on.

A good packaging design : 

  • Is simplistic
  • Celebrates your brand identity
  • Easier to recall
  • Tells a story 
  • Is functional and aesthetic 
  • Is the perfect marriage of the right material and the best design. 

Kimp Tip: Pick a theme that resonates with the product and the brand to enhance brand recall. Illustrations and color pop designs work the best as per the current packaging trends of 2022. 

Like what you see in our packaging design examples? Choose a Kimp Graphics subscription today! 

4. Posters and Flyers 

The next item on our list of most effective print marketing designs is posters/flyers. They are one of the oldest and if you ask us, one of the most underrated print marketing designs.

If you walk down a crowded shopping street or even enter a shopping mall, you will definitely encounter brands distributing flyers of some sort. This is because this is the fastest and most effective way to get your brand in front of potential and interested customers. 

Posters and flyers are extremely versatile print marketing designs : 

  • You can advertise your brand’s product and services 
  • They are best for spreading the word on your latest campaigns, events, and holiday discount schemes
  • You can use them to convey informational content about your product in an easy and visual manner
  • Poster designs can really make your in-store display stand out 

Connect with the Kimp team for attractive and engaging poster designs for your brand. 

5. Stationery Sets 

Are you worried about your branding? Do you want to become a huge name in the market? Well, the first step to that is definitely acting like one. Yes, even if you are a small business, you must put your best foot forward and ensure that you exhibit professionalism every step of the way. 

Start by using branded stationery sets for your brand so that every communication you make (internal or external) carries your branding. This comes in handy for building a sense of kinship within the team or to show a mark of seriousness in external communications. 

It is also much easier to build recall for your brand colors, fonts, and logos when customers and employees interact with it day in and day out. 

Branded stationery sets also work well as holiday merchandise or packaging inserts for your customers during a marketing campaign.

Items that we generally include when we design stationery sets for our clients are notepads, letterheads, notebooks, pens, envelopes, bookmarks, stickers, and so on. 

Cohesiveness and branding consistency are important hallmarks of a good branded stationery set. Need one for your brand? Sign up for a Kimp Graphics subscription right away! 

6. Business Cards 

No matter the size of your company and the industry you work in, a business card is always a good idea. If you want people to remember you and your company, you need to leave a souvenir. And no matter how digitally engrossed we are, all of us still carry wallets with card slots. 

We go to networking events, visit stores, and do a lot of shopping offline. So if a brand has to capture that market – what do they do? Well, they start with business cards. 

A business card is the smallest print marketing material but is easily one of the most used across all industries. You can build brand recall with that small piece of design and at the fraction of the cost you will spend on any other medium. 

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Business cards are no longer the old-fashioned designs with just your brand name and the executive’s name. No, they are an extension of your brand identity and it is a medium that your customers try to understand you from.

Designed by Kimp

You can choose from a wide variety of color palettes, design styles, fonts, and even shapes to make your business card stand out. 

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What more, you can use business cards to drive traffic to your website too. Yes, just add a simple QR code and see the traffic just zoom past you. People see a code, they want to scan it instantly. 

Explore the endless possibilities of business card designs with Kimp Graphics

7. T-Shirt Designs 

A new entrant to the print marketing industry, but a worthy entrant nonetheless. Do you love it when it is easy to spot a team member in a store just because of the T-Shirt they sport? What is your outlook on the immense popularity of T-Shirts that carry the Apple logo, IBM logo, and so on?

Well, the simple reason is that it gives people a sense of belonging to a clothing item that everyone loves wearing. So, if you are looking for a merchandise design that will immediately be a hit or want to boost team morale, start working on T-Shirt designs for your brand today. 

You can use branded T-Shirt designs to : 

  • Boost team morale 
  • Commemorate important company milestones 
  • Launch a new merchandise line for loyal customers
  • Demarcate teams during events 

If this sounds interesting to you, check out our guide on designing branded T-Shirts here

Kimp Tip: When you design branded T-Shirts, ensure that you pick a design that works on all styles, sizes, and colors. You want uniformity in diversity for the best results. And always ensure that the branding shines through without being overpowered by other elements. 

Boost your Print Marketing Designs with Kimp

We are sure that by the end of this article, you have realized the value of print marketing designs and are raring to get them for your brand. The best part of print designs is that they are so versatile, the right design team can help you repurpose them for digital marketing too. 

For all these tips and tricks, you need a team that can deliver excellence across design categories and knows how to design for print and web. And that is Kimp Graphics without a doubt. 

Our unlimited graphic design service offers unlimited design requests, revisions, user access, and brand buckets. You can design for each team and division without having to pay anything extra. It is truly unlimited. 

And if you need video design service, we have Kimp Video too. 

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