March at Kimp: An Unlimited Motion Graphics Recap 

Part 3 of our recap on design at Kimp in March is all about the content rockstar. That’s right, we’re talking motion graphics.

Across all different design categories we get a ton of motion graphics and video design requests. Our clients just can’t get enough.

And there’s a good reason for that – video content gets results! 94% of marketers claim that video has helped increase understanding of a product or service. Meanwhile 86% say that video helps generate leads.

So let’s get to it – our recap of the motion graphic designs that we worked on in March. Curious to know about our graphic design and branding design recaps for March? Click on the links below:

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Motion Graphics & Video Design at Kimp in March

March is always an important month. The financial year-end is around the corner, and the campaigns that were in the works from January are getting ready to go live. All this means that our design team had their hands full. Not just with quantity but with diversity in design requests too. 

Even within the motion graphics category, the design requests ranged from simple promo videos to explainer videos, while the animation team worked with a vast range of requests in logo animations, GIFs, and animated static designs. 

We are seeing a burst of popularity for motion graphics in the marketing space, and our design requests dashboard is telling us that this trend is thriving. 

The team has picked some of their favorite designs to showcase our versatility, but trust us when we say that the selection process was a difficult one. We were truly spoilt for choice. 

So let’s dive right into seeing what kept our motion graphics teams at Kimp Video busy in March.

Kimp’s Motion Graphic Design Recap in March 

Do you want to stand out in the competitive world? Looking for a way to make your customers find you on social media and edge out your peers? Then, video marketing is the way to go. Designs that move are all the rage, and including motion graphics and video marketing into your marketing strategy is the best decision you can make for your business. 

But is it all just videos that you need? What is currently trending in the motion graphics industry? For a detailed guide on motion graphics, check out our blog here. But to know what brands are creating now, let’s take a look at the recap of the most popular designs that Kimp Video worked on in March. 

Shall we get started? 

1. Social media promo videos 

Promoting your product is the best use of social media for any brand. Customers are attentive, looking for entertainment, so why not educate them about your product? Of all mediums, a brand can choose to push its product ahead, a promo video works the best. 

Social media promo videos: 

  • Help you leverage the algorithm and reach non-followers too 
  • Showcase the benefits of your product attractively and engagingly 

But what makes a good promo video? Let us show you. 

Check out this promo video for Kajun Chicken and Seafood from the Kimp Video team. Within the first few seconds, the pace, styling, and music engage the audience and make them want to know more. The video is brief (within 30 seconds) and keeps the audience on their toes with the quick transitions. You will never know how you got to the end so quickly!

Quick videos are a blast and easy to consume. They can spice up any message you have in mind, and the next video is a great example of that. Even though it is a simple promo video about a company, it is far more engaging and engrossing than a carousel post or a presentation would have been. 

Social media promos are not just for products. You can leverage this medium to showcase any significant aspect of your brand. Just like OMK did with this well-edited footage of their corporate event. 

Customers love seeing the BTS of your brand’s work and getting to know the real faces that run their favorite business. So get recording and hand over the raw footage to Kimp Video to spice it up as we did in this video. 

2. Logo animations 

Did you ever think of motion graphics in the context of branding design? No? Well, if not, it is time to think again because logo animations are an extremely powerful tool for your brand. At least, according to the many logo animation requests that came our way in March. 

As brands and marketers start to leverage videos and motion graphics in their communication, having logos in every possible format is on everyone’s priority list. Having an animated logo can add flair to your branding designs and communicate your brand’s value seamlessly in your videos. 

For example, in this design, the animation of the sun rising and the sailboats coming up is fun and exciting to watch at the start of a video. But when the brand name comes up too, customers make the connection and appreciate the effort. 

The sound you use in logo animation matters a lot too as you can see from the next logo animation design. It is a simple 5-second animation where the brand name and mascot pop in, but the audio brings it all together. 

Another example of how simple logo animations can be. But the attention to detail here on the “X” with the audio makes it an instant hit. 

If you thought, we are done with the examples where audio matters, you are mistaken. This logo animation design is a company favorite where the brand’s playfulness and every design element in the logo come alive in this quick video. The sound at the end is truly the icing on this cake. 

3. Animated static designs 

Even without complex animations, you can make a huge impact on your audience by just animating your simplistic static designs. They can help you spruce up your marketing campaigns and can help you break the monotony of your social media feeds. They are easy to create, load, and are usually repurposed from the existing designs. 

Consider this design for a St. Patrick’s day promotion. Our team initially created the banner and animated it up so that the design pops out and is engaging for the customer. This design will be easy to spot on any crowded feed.

Animated static designs can be a little more elaborate too as you can see from the design below. The Puff Cannabis company chose to showcase its products via animation so that the customers can soak up the information they’re sharing more easily. 

4. Explainer videos 

There is no mistaking the popularity of educational content on the internet. Especially in the form of videos. EduTok and educational Instagram reels are taking over branded pages, not to mention the flood of this content on YouTube. Having a good explainer video for your brand can help you convert the customer who is on the fence. They may not read a blog or go through the instruction manual, but a video can work wonders. 

Explainer videos can be a little hard to create especially when you are not very comfortable with shooting or recording videos. But you can always spread awareness in your customer base with animated explainer videos.

Consider the video you just saw. Talking about mental health is not an easy task, and if the customer had to listen to someone talk, they may not even see the whole video. But a visual aid is a different story. You can design and animate a video that shares everything you want to, without losing your audience. 

We especially like how the video humanizes the concept with custom illustrations and keeps the transitions simple so that the content takes center stage instead of the presentation. 

5. GIFs 

If there is one motion graphic everyone loves and uses irrespective of their involvement in the marketing industry, it is a GIF. People from all walks of life love GIFs, and younger generations practically text exclusively via GIFs. 

For brands specifically, GIFs bring all the perks and features of videos without the size obligations and heavy graphics that make them tough to load. And the best part is GIFs are relevant across social media platforms for a variety of promotional and entertainment reasons. 

Just like how this simple recipe GIF can spice up anyone’s timeline and engage the audience.

How about this GIF of a product comparison creative that will be great to attract attention to any website, Twitter page, or even a social media story. The possibilities are truly endless. 

We especially love this color-changing announcement GIF that is perfect for stories, websites, and blogs too. 

Next up we have an example of how brands can integrate GIFs across their various marketing channels and maintain branding consistency. 

The same announcement works brilliantly as a social media GIF and a banner GIF too as you can clearly see below.

Kimp’s Motion Graphics Design Recap – March Edition 

And that’s a wrap on the Motion Graphics design recap for March. As it was with the graphic design and branding design, it was an exciting and fun-filled month for us in this department too. 

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