March At Kimp: An Unlimited Graphic Design Recap

Recaps are funny, aren’t they? You already know about everything that’ll end up in them. And yet, every time when you sit down to do one you can still find yourself amazed by just how much went on. That’s how we feel about our monthly recaps!

And while we always celebrate our work internally and externally, we love doing this with a broader audience on our blog. It gives us a fun way to introduce Kimp, and what we’re all about to a new set of design enthusiasts too. 🙂 

So without any further ado, let’s look at some of our favorite moments at Kimp in March.

What did the month of March look like for Kimp? 

March was a loaded month here at Kimp, as it usually is. We are in the third month of 2022 and it is also the financial year end for many of our clients. And this usually means a lot of campaigns making our teams go into overdrive delivering for our customers. 

Of course, we expected the volume but the variety in design requests made us sit up and take notice. For many people outside of the marketing world campaigns are all about recycling the same five designs across social media and offline channels. And they might even think that every business uses the same format for success. 

But one look at some of the designs at Kimp this month will tell you the true tale. 

While we designed the usual suspects like logo design, logo animation, social media images, explainer videos, and promo videos, we worked on some other designs too. The branding design team has their hands full with requests trickling in for brand guidelines, icon design, mascot design, and packaging designs. 

We are also happy to report that Kimp is officially making strides in the NFT design arena with NFT design requests becoming a constant on our team’s plates. 

While we were thrilled to be working on such a wide range of designs, we were even more delighted to hear our clients’ feedback. Yes, customer reviews have made us quite happy in March. 

Let’s take a look at what customers had to say about Kimp in March. 

Kimp Reviews in March

What were Kimp clients enjoying the most about their design subscriptions in March? Here’s a quick snapshot: 

  • turnaround times
  • communication with their team
  • project management skills
  • design skills
  • and efficiency 

There is no better joy than seeing your clients willing to continue their subscription and recommending you to their peers. 

This is why we do what we do! So a huge thank you to the backbone of our organization – our customers for choosing us and standing by us!

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Kimp’s Graphic Design Recap in March 

As we mentioned in our opening section, Kimp saw a ton of design requests across a variety of categories in March. These design requests gave us some great insights into how brands are adapting to the trends in their niches and industries through marketing and design.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at the vast range of requests we got in the graphic design category. 

For you as the audience reading this piece, we hope it serves as a small snapshot of what our graphic design teams (and the Kimp Graphics subscriptions) are capable of. You may be surprised by how effective and versatile our unlimited graphic design service teams are. 

So let’s dive right in. 

1. Print Designs 

We are starting by displaying the myriad of print design requests we have received in March. It may seem like a bold decision given how it often seems like only digital designs dominate our world. But no, print designs are incredibly effective. And our customers are leaving no stone unturned in pushing the marketing envelope with these designs. 

We feel that every design request on our dashboard is a small insight into how the outside world is doing. For example, these standee design requests told us that physical spaces are opening up, and brands are leveraging those spaces to market themselves.

Standees & Pull Up Banners: 
An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

In this design, the focus is on the product and the problem it solves. Our design team kept it simple while also championing the brand color and its variations. The standee design also serves as a gateway to the brand’s online presence by urging viewers to go online to know more.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

 Here, the design is more traditional and focuses on the services the brand can offer to its customers. Given that the theme is wellness, we chose colors, fonts, and images that soothe and convey a sense of comfort to the customer. The muted tones also work well with the brand’s colors (red and blue). 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

Banners are a popular choice in the food and beverage industry. Now that the hospitality industry is getting back on its feet, here is an example of how they can bring more customers inside their doors. Simple pull-up banners like the design we see above are easy to use, affordable, and best for attracting the customers’ attention when they are passing your storefront.


The most traditional of all print designs are flyers and posters. But the Kimp team managed to spice them up for our customers looking to indulge themselves in print advertising again. We played around with colors, shapes, and typography to create the fun and informative poster you see below: 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

The combination of contrasting colors and asymmetrical layout of elements will make everyone stop and take notice. 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

The team took on a whole other approach for another client. For the design below advertising a golf club championship there were a lot more elements to contend with – ranging from text to imagery. So we had to strike the right balance between being visually engaging enough to get the audience’s attention and still providing all of the event’s details in a visually appealing and balanced way.

Postcard Style Print Ads: 

As we said before, everyone thinks of print ads as quite traditional in the realm of marketing designs. But they do not have to be. The creativity you see online can translate quite well offline too. One of our Kimp Graphics design teams delivered a print ad for an online travel agent and property management company that resembled a postcard. 

This design allowed us to appeal to their sophisticated wanderlust-filled younger audience base while also championing their brand. If you look closely, the design has snapshots of the online experience to create continuity between both their digital and print ads.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
Event Invites: 

In-person events are back in an increasing number of places around the world – yay! And this means that our dashboard saw many design requests for invite designs. Whether it was for a brand promotion event or a wedding invite design request from our agency clients, we handled it all. 

Minimalism is always the winner in invites, but the wedding invite design took it a notch higher and showed us how less is truly more very often. 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

The poster’s little friend, the flyer design, is here to help you spread the word about what is the latest with your brand. If you are looking to step up your local marketing efforts, this can help you reach a wider audience in the most cost-effective and engaging way.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
2. Icon Design 

Have you ever paid attention to the icons in a design? The interesting thing with icons is that they’re the kind of design element that makes everything around them work but they don’t draw attention to themselves per se. Even marketers consider headers, sliders, and the overall page layout more than anything else when they think of website design. While they are all important, sometimes the devil is truly in the smallest thing possible i.e. the details.

When someone is scanning your page, going through all the information you’re sharing, they need visual cues to help them navigate. And visual aids are much better at catching attention and keeping the visitor engaged than text can ever be. 

So what is the solution? A great icon design that:

  • Communicates the message 
  • Guides the visitor to the right place 
  • Establishes brand identity 
  • Creates cohesiveness in the website design 

This icon set by Kimp Graphics does all that and more. You can see how using the same color, size, and design style ties all icons together. This way, when they are on separate pages, customers know what to look for and navigate with ease.

3. Web banner designs

We told you that March was the month of variety, and every item line proves our point. While brands invested in creative print banners, creativity was brewing on the digital end too. We often see brands and marketers pushing the importance of SEO and social media marketing. 

But banner marketing is alive and kicking. Kimp Graphics had a ton of web banner design requests, telling us that brands are exploring all options in pushing their marketing campaigns. 

Since the clicks on banners carry a price tag, the design team needs to get the design right and ensure that the ROI is as per the customers’ expectations. And that is just what we aimed to do.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

All these web banners had one job – to direct the visitor to the brand’s website. So the CTA and the product images are front and center. One look at these banners, and the customer will know the content and the action to take. 

We chose contrasting colors in the first and third designs to bring attention to the CTA, while an all-green theme worked better for the St. Patrick’s day banner.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

Web banner designs can work well for spreading brand awareness or promoting a product. In such cases, we like to keep the product in the center over anything else, as you see in the design above. 

4. Static social media designs 

This is everyone’s favorite category, right? We think so too, because there is a lot of potential to experiment, and every brand has a unique style/approach for social media designs. Not to mention the change in design style that comes with each niche.

Promotional designs: 

Some brands like to promote their brands quirkily, like in the design below. How cute is it when two hairbrushes talk to each other? Very! Comic-style designs are always a big hit, and this was no exception. 

Notice how even in the smallest of social media images, our team champions the brand color.

In complete contrast to the first design, this brand went the formal way and approved a design that straightforwardly conveyed the message. But the icon illustrations definitely perk up the design and make it suitable for Instagram. 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
Educational content: 

Informational content is a winner on social media, but how do you ensure customers take it in instead of scrolling through it? You package it in visually engaging ways and turn a blog or a paragraph into bite-sized content. Just like we did with the infographic designs you see below.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

Or you can choose to showcase your idea via the ever-popular carousel posts. 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
Social media branding: 

But as much as the content is crucial, social media branding is extremely valuable for success too. And that means having a branded cover image that speaks well of your brand and celebrates your brand identity.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

Speaking of branding, did you know that the thumbnail of your YouTube videos is significant in branding? Yes, for someone scrolling through the platform, the thumbnail has to make them stop, connect with the brand identity, and click on it. 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

Above is a fine example of an effective YouTube thumbnail for you from the Kimp team. 

Another way of promoting your brand on social media is to share social proof of what you are doing. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are the perfect space for boosting your brand by showing what your customers feel about you. While the content may be all about a review it is important to focus on the visual quality of these designs to ensure they are engaging.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
Social Media Stories: 

Ephemeral content, or content that disappears after a set time, is extremely popular. Facebook and Instagram stories especially engage audiences through this content and make them interact by tapping through your content. Stories are also extremely exclusive, being visible to a target audience, so this is the space to put your best foot forward. 

Social media posts and stories have different orientations and aesthetics, so distinct social media story design is important to fully leverage this platform. 

Check out some of the Social media story posts Kimp has designed for our customers in March. 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

Want to do more with Instagram stories? While most stories disappear in 24 hours, you can make them stay forever on your profile by saving them to your highlights. 

Graphic Design by Kimp

And to make the highlights easy to access for your customers, design custom highlight covers for your Instagram profile. Just like the ones Kimp designed for our customer here.

Instagram Aesthetic:

If there is a platform that highlights visual content like nothing else, it is Instagram. So consumers expect visual excellence from your posts, stories, and profile design. That is why brands are now concentrating on designing a unique Instagram aesthetic to attract their target audience. 

Consider the design below by Kimp for one of our customers. The brand was conscious of how the profile looks and wanted their customers to experience wholesome branding when they visit their social media profile. We chose a puzzle aesthetic for them and carefully designed this attractive grid. 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
5. Landing page designs 

Do you run ads or lead generation campaigns? Chances are, your focus is on the ad creative to ensure it is perfect and generates the clicks your brand wants. But what happens after the click is also a vital part of the lead generation process. A click makes no sense unless you can collect the customer’s details, and you need a great landing page design for that. 

Kimp works on many advertisement designs for our customers, but we know they have to complement the corresponding landing page to be truly successful. Thankfully, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that make our customers very happy.

Consider this example: 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

With a calculator right above the fold, we ensure that the customer instantly interacts with the design before even thinking of scrolling. And once they have worked with the calculator, we share some more facts with them, building trust and eventually leading them to the CTA. 

Educational landing pages seem difficult, but a good design team can crack this challenge.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

In this design, the CTA is front and center after a quick and charming introduction for the brand. We start with the color blue to evoke trust in the customer and choose a contrast color for the CTA button to gain attention. Even if the customer scrolls, we have multiple CTA buttons and an engaging/mindful design that takes them on a comfortable journey. 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

If there is ever a complete landing page design, we choose this design to be its first example. This landing page has it all – an introduction about the brand, service list, offers, portfolio, and more. But because we chose to prioritize images over text, the landing page is balanced and easy to read. The white space and muted tones keep the focus on the content, delighting the visitor. 

6. Email designs 

Do you have an email marketing campaign in the works? If not, you should. It is one of the most effective ways to build a community and enrich your email list. What more can a brand ask than a platform to speak to its loyal followers?

Email open rates and click rates are challenges every brand faces. But our customers counter those with good design, and we had some fun design briefs to bring to life in March.

Just consider the designs below:

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design
An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

Aren’t we all tired of seeing long scrolling email designs that lose the customer halfway? Yes, brands have a lot to say and showcase, but what if you can condense all that in a better way? Just like how our team did with simple layouts where the product shines and you can capture the leads with a simple CTA. 

Customers will be happy that you did not make them scroll to the end to know what the deal is. Isn’t customer delight a goal for every brand? 

7. NFT Designs 

We have saved the best for the last, truly! The cryptocurrency world is an exciting new avenue for most people, and NFT art is the new cool kid on the block in this world. What started as a way for artists to make money and a mark on the world has become a valuable opportunity for everyone to have a slice of the metaverse pie. 

Everyone is excited, and we are more than thrilled to be a part of this journey. Yes, some of our customers have approached us to work on NFTs over consecutive weeks and months, and we feel this is just the beginning. 

Each design request to date has been unique and gives us interesting insight into what the creative world is experiencing. 

For example, we designed something along the lines of the Bored Ape avatars, telling us that the demand for the apes is not dying down any time soon. 

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

Surprisingly, we also designed a religious figure NFT for one of our customers showing us that there are truly no exclusions here. Everything has a place here, and we are loving it. 

Of course, we cannot leave Pop Culture behind, and the team accordingly received a design request for an NFT art from the Squid game universe. Pretty cool, right? 

One of our favorite works has to be the NFT art we worked on for our client, where we took inspiration from the Cryptopunks and delivered this pixelated design. How do you like it? Art truly has some unique new forms.

An example of Kimp‘s Graphic Design

Kimp’s Graphic Designs Wrapped – March Edition 

Well, so that was March for us. An exciting and innovative month, all thanks to the support of our customers. And get this was just the Graphic design wrap-up. The branding design and motion graphic design recaps are coming right up after this! 

In the meantime if you want to work with a team that can create a wide range of designs, like all the amazing designs you saw here, don’t forget to sign up for the Kimp Graphics subscription. 

Start a 7-day free trial here.