Online Employment Scam: KIMP Job Applicants Beware

It was recently brought to the KIMP Team’s attention that a fraudulent recruitment process is being carried out, under the guise of offering employment with KIMP. 

At this time the parties responsible for this matter have not been identified but we are working hard to determine who they are.

And in the meantime, we want to share the details of how this fraudulent process is being carried out, as shared by one applicant, in the hopes of protecting other potential applicants. 

Firstly, a fake posting has been set up via indeed. Applicants to this posting are being sent an email similar to the example below:

Following an interview via Skype, an offer letter is being issued, similar to the example seen below:

Within the offer letter is mention of the provision of funds to be used for the purchase of supplies and software as follows:

“The company will provide you check for the purchase of supplies and software’s, the vendor will install company portal and software’s before it will be shipped to your home, these software’s enable you to have access to your team members online you will be working with.”

This is entirely false and appears to be an elaborate ruse to have applicants deposit funds to their account and transfer to another, to ensure the funds cannot be flagged as being transferred from the initial sender to the final recipient.

Whatever the motive behind all this is, we ask that job seekers be vigilant, and keep these tips in mind:

  • Please confirm with whichever company that you are applying to, that the terms of your application and offer are valid. 
  • Be mindful of the fact that it is not a typical part of any job application or offer to be required to deposit a cheque and transfer the funds subsequently.
  • And please cross-check the name of the individual referenced as your point of contact to ensure that they do in fact work for the company they appear to be acting on behalf of. In the case of the scam we were made aware of, the perpetrators have taken the names of two individuals who work at KIMP and given them fake job titles as part of their communications with applicants.

With specific regard to KIMP, we would like to stress the following:

  • KIMP NEVER asks prospective or existing employees to deposit and subsequently transfer funds.
  • During the recruitment or hiring process, or during the tenure of employment at KIMP, KIMP will never ask for any form of payment for software and services. All such expenses are sorted out between KIMP and the respective vendor.

We ask those interested in working with us to reach out via our live chat at to validate any job postings or offers from KIMP.