March At Kimp: An Unlimited Branding Design Recap

Welcome to the second edition of Kimp’s recap of the month of March! If you’ve had a chance to check out part 1 you’ll know what this is all about.

But in case you haven’t – we’re using this series to take a look back at some of the projects we’ve worked on and share them with you to inspire your design projects. 

One of the best parts of doing this is it allows us to look at the bigger picture and hone in on the details too. This past month in particular we had a ton of branding design and video design requests. So much so that we’ve turned our monthly recap into a 3-part series. 

You can check out Part 1 and Part 3 here: 

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And now, no further ado, let’s look at some of our favorite moments at Kimp in the world of branding design in March.

Branding Design Highlights at Kimp in the month of March

It was a busy March at Kimp as clients geared up for product launches, as well as seasonal promotions and campaigns. Our design teams went into overdrive delivering for our customers. 

But that wasn’t all. Though we often think of this time of year as one for ramping up marketing campaigns, many of our clients were also busy building, launching and growing brands. It just shows that the world of business and entrepreneurship stops for none. 

To that end, every branding design request we received was unique and gave our design teams a unique challenge to tackle. No two logos looked the same, and no two packaging designs looked the same even within the same niche. Our clients had unique visions in mind.

And our design teams had their hands full with requests flowing in for brand guidelines, icon design, mascot design, and packaging designs. 

While it thrilled us to be working on such a wide range of designs, we were even more delighted to hear our clients’ feedback. Yes, customer reviews have made us quite happy in March. 

Let’s take a look at what customers had to say about Kimp in March.

Kimp Reviews in March

What were Kimp clients enjoying the most about their design subscriptions in March? Here’s a quick snapshot: 

  • turnaround times
  • communication with their team
  • project management skills
  • design skills
  • and efficiency 

There is no better joy than seeing your clients willing to continue their subscription and recommending you to their peers. 

This is why we do what we do! So a huge thank you to the backbone of our organization – our customers for choosing us and standing by us!

Kimp Review Source: Trustpilot
Kimp Review Source: Trustpilot
1. Brand design style guidelines 

If you have been following Kimp for a while now, then you are no stranger to brand design guidelines or our fondness for them. In a world where consumers encounter at least 7-10 brands in a day, consistency makes them remember brands. And brand style guidelines are the way to achieve and maintain consistency across all marketing channels. 

The more details you include in your brand style guidelines, the better. When your brand grows, and new teams step in to take your work forward, these guidelines ensure that customers get a consistent experience. New teams stepping in or franchisees growing can be stressful, but marketing can be a breeze when you have brand style guidelines. 

As you know, the smallest of details matter in branding, and that is why the brand style guidelines we built for Naasht include everything from logo design, color design, pattern detail, logo spacing, font, font style, and more.

Some brands like to include possible usage scenarios with Dos and Don’ts to avoid any margin for error. For those brands, we detail the variations for logo usage, alignment, font combinations, color combinations, and so on. Just as we did for Clinic Sites. Documentation can save time and resources, so brand style guidelines like these are a lifesaver for brands.

2. Mascot Design

Nothing is better than putting a face to the brand to establish an emotional connection with a brand. Mascots have been widely popular with small businesses and big brands alike for a long time, and this brand asset is here to stay. 

The key to designing a good brand mascot is ensuring you bring your brand alive and project the right personality to your audience. When they look at the mascot, they must be able to connect it with your brand so that the brand awareness campaign becomes a success. 

Kimp Graphics handles everything right from ideation to sketches to the final design of brand mascots. 

Consider this design of the brand mascot that our team worked on for “Solar Done Right”. The company wants to build trust and reliability in the market, so a “friendly inspector” as the brand mascot works well here. And throughout the mascot design, you can see how the design team reinforced the brand identity via colors, cap design, logo placement, and accessories too.

Can you think of a brand mascot design where we don’t see the mascot’s face? It is possible and looks quite good if we may say so ourselves. High Vibe Network is a technology company building a community to take content experience in the wellness industry where no person has before.

What better to represent them than a person in a spacesuit? The best part is without the face, it can be anyone. This means the mascot can connect with everyone in the community. 

Design-wise, the colors and the design style works well with the psychedelic branding style of the company.

3. Logo Design 

How can we talk about branding and not discuss logo designs? Especially when this is a staple at Kimp. Every month we probably design logos the most but we never tire of it. The beauty in logo designs is that every business forces you to take a new approach. Every little design decision can change the look of the entire logo design. That is why our unlimited design subscription allows us to share multiple looks with our clients. It gives us the opportunity to be creative and it gives our clients the chance to explore different styles.

For example, a fashion company can experiment with a wide range of logos, and a brand will not know what will work best for them until they see it. So instead of trying to simply explain the potential options, the Kimp Graphics team whipped up two logo designs for Classy Chics’ Closet. This way the customer knows what their options look like. That is the beauty of working with unlimited graphic design services. 

In terms of logo design trends in March, combination mark logos seem to be the winners followed by an emblem logo design. Brands chose to popularize their brand names by including them in the logo design with a descriptive and representative image.

Below, you’ll see an example of how a Korean pet company went down a different path by choosing a cute brand mascot feature in the logo design but having the overall style represent an emblem. 

Just one more example of how every brand has a unique personality and needs something completely distinctive to match that! 

4. Packaging Design 

The value of packaging design in brand building is truly unmatched. Especially for retail brands wherein the customer comes into contact with the brand via the packaging design before anything else. And that is why we always maintain that as much as other customer touchpoints are important for branding, packaging design needs special attention. 

Packaging design also helps build sub-brands for your product lines while also tying them under the larger brand umbrella. Just like how the packaging design for this tea brand, wherein the styling is the same for all three products, but each of them has individual styles too.

Just like a logo design does, the packaging design for your product can also help you attract the right audience and evoke the right emotion toward your brand. For example, take a look at the packaging design our team delivered for the Magnesium Society. The color blue evokes trust and feelings of professionalism that goes with the “All-Star” name and magnesium too. 

And the strong geometrical lines will appeal to fitness enthusiasts.

5. T-Shirt Designs 

Do you know what makes us happy? Like really happy? The chance to be a part of our customers’ important milestones. Like launching a branded T-shirt. Building a community, boosting team morale, and working on brand awareness are just some hats branded T-shirts wear.

Isn’t it nice when you walk into an establishment, and the employees are wearing a branded T-shirt displaying their association with the business? Now even if you knew little about the brand before, you will now recognize its branding and logo And that is just one reason why every business should consider branded T-shirts. Just like SKC center did.

Our team designed two variations for this brand, and they loved them both. The message is clear, and anyone who sees it will easily remember SKC. 

Another branded T-shirt design our team delivered for a fitness and wellness center is a recent favorite. Being a wellness center, the choice of color purple for the T-shirt was instantaneous as it is a color that promotes mindfulness. The white text also ties into a sense of serenit and the brand value proposition quite well. 

Branding is not just for businesses and can be valuable for teams too. Designing professional sports T-shirts can be a challenge sometimes but is always a complete delight. 

That is why of all the T-shirt designs we worked on in March, this one stands out for us. This T-Shirt specifically exaggerates the brand colors and brings them across the whole T-shirt design.

6. Stationery Sets 

A good branding strategy ensures that the brand identity shines across all internal and external touchpoints at all times. So how can we miss speaking about stationery set design in the branding design recap? 

Designing stationery sets can be a challenge to design because the branding has to be subtle but prominent. We think our Kimp Graphics team understood the assignment on this brand’s stationery set’s design. What do you think?

This brand invested in a detailed stationery set, right from pen covers, letter pads, envelopes, badges, stickers, clips, diaries, CD covers, and folders. While the design varies a little across these elements, the brand color ties them all in. 

Brand stationery sets in solid colors seem to be the flavor of the month wherein another brand LGC featured all their designs against their brand color red. 

The brand’s trademark imagery features on all stationery items except for the employee card and is a great tool for brand awareness for this company.

Kimp’s Branding Design Recap – March Edition 

So that was a quick snapshot of the month of March for Kimp’s design teams and our work on branding designs. It was exciting for us to be a part of these brands’ journeys and help them build and grow their identity in the market. 

And we’d love to be a part of yours. If these types of designs are what you are looking for in your business too, you can sign up for the Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video subscriptions to replicate those. 

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