13 Of The Best Easter Marketing Ideas+ Design Tips

The smell of fresh spring flowers. The almost sudden burst of bright, beautiful colors. And just about everyone seeming to be in better spirits. Come Easter, there is so much to look forward to.

And for the marketers and brands, this means yet another frantic spell of refreshing their marketing campaigns.

Holiday marketing is all about connecting with your customers when they are in their happiest moods. It is about honoring their traditions and helping them celebrate their day, making it merrier for them. And of course, uplifting your sale and boosting your revenue in the process. 

But Easter comes every year. So, it is normal to feel like you are running out of ideas to design a refreshing campaign for Easter each time.

To get you started, we have put together some of the most interesting campaign ideas for Easter marketing. But before we get to the campaign ideas, here’s a quick history lesson. We promise we’ll keep it short and interesting. 

Easter Marketing: Brushing Up the History Behind the Festival 

It is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified. That much most of us know. But do you know how the whole concept of the Easter Bunny, egg hunt, and the grass-lined gifts-laden Easter baskets all began? 

Source: Wikipedia

Eggs are an important part of Easter celebrations as they symbolize birth. And this is a metaphor for Jesus resurrecting. 

The rabbit was an animal symbol of, Eostre, the German Goddess of Dawn or the Goddess of Spring. And as Easter occurs in spring, the association with Eostre became prominent over the years. 

While the origin of the Easter Bunny is based on some pagan cultures in German, most Western cultures now have adopted this tradition as well. But Germany also has the tradition of Easter fox and Switzerland has Easter Cuckoo. And within Germany, some parts also believe in the traditions of Easter Rooster and Easter Stork. You might want to know about such local variations in traditions in order to design campaigns that actually ring a bell with your target customers. 

Present-day Easter baskets have evolved from the concept of the goodies basket that people used to offer to the Church as a part of celebrating the end of Lent. And some say that it is based on the tradition of kids decorating baskets with grass and creating a cozy nest for the Easter Bunny to lay its eggs. 

There! You now know how some of the most popular traditions evolved. Now it’s time to talk about the Easter marketing campaign ideas we promised you. 

Easter Marketing: Campaign Ideas and Design Tips

The average consumer spending for Easter has been growing steadily year after year and in 2021, it hit an all-time high of $179.90. So, it is a great time to drive your sales with engaging holiday marketing campaigns. 

You have two options when it comes to designing such campaigns. You can touch on the traditions of the festival. Or focus on the feeling of fun and excitement that prevails. Based on these concepts here are some ideas to ensure that your Easter marketing this year can be as fruitful as your backyard egg hunt. 

1. Time for some user-generated content 

More than 50% of consumers like it when brands inspire them to create and share content. When your Easter campaign focuses on user-generated content, you get a first-hand account of how your reach has been so far. The response says a lot. 

Encouraging users to share content is one way to engage them. And sharing users’ content on social media and other digital channels will help strengthen your customers’ trust in your brand. 

The below campaign from Cadbury’s is an interesting example of leveraging user-generated content during Easter. They even have an official hashtag (#cadburybunnytryouts) for customers to share their versions on Instagram. With campaigns like these, you will find engagement across multiple channels. 

This idea is also great for recurring campaigns. If you manage to promote it well and recognize and reward customers who share content, your campaign will be a huge success. This will lead to customers eagerly looking out for your campaign year after year. And that is a great way to strengthen long-term customer relationships. 

Kimp Tip: For campaigns like these to succeed, you need a killer landing page to backup your ad. Landing pages that require customers to provide some information should be as interactive and informative as possible. Ensure that customers find all the details they need to be sure that it is worth providing their information. 

Need crisp landing pages to support your Easter campaigns? Get in touch with Kimp today. 

2. Show how you make Easter better 

Showing customers what they gain from shopping from you will be a good way to boost sales. And during festivals, you should focus on showing how your products can make their day better. 

Tattly, a temporary tattoos brand, sent an Easter email demonstrating how these tattoos can be used to decorate Easter eggs. Finding creative ways to decorate their Easter eggs will be a big challenge for most people. Suggesting a simple way to do it and then adding a link to the supplies that they need to get this done is a good way to increase conversions. And the campaign stays relevant to the occasion too. 


If your Easter campaign is going to make customers think, “Now why didn’t I think of that earlier?” they are sure to take an action. 

3. Add videos to stand out 

Almost every brand out there is decking up for Easter. You see flashy Easter wishes and posts on Easter everywhere. So, if you need something different, try incorporating a video. Any information you wish to convey will appear more engaging when you use a video. Like the below video from Township, a popular mobile game. 


Who doesn’t love a good old cups and balls game! This one works due to main reasons:

  • Customers do not have to make much of an effort to take part in this contest 
  • With simple rules, most customers will be ready to comment 
  • Customers will be eager to try their luck
  • They might even be happy to share the post with their friends or tag them. And this skyrockets the engagement of the post. 

Kimp Tip: Short videos that pack a punch will be easier options to increase engagement. You can use custom illustrations or even animate your mascot for the desired results. 

Want to try out some new video design trends this Easter? A Kimp Video subscription is just what you need. 

4. Easter-themed events, even virtual ones work 

Not everyone gets to spend Easter with their families or friends. Some are with their families but find no time to organize an egg hunt or a lavish Easter party. Either way, throwing a fun event will be a good marketing tactic. Virtual events and live events on Facebook are equally popular these days. Such holiday events strengthen your bond with your customers. 

Flyer Design by Kimp

Kimp Tip: Advertising for local events will be even more successful if you add print ads to your marketing plan. Flyers distributed in the locality or even billboards placed in the target areas will help spread the word. 

As you get busy with your Easter campaigns, if you need help with designing print ads, book a call with the Kimp team. 

5. Celebrate with a product launch 

If you have some product launches pipelined, festival times will be perfect. During the season when people are busy hunting for innovative gifts for their loved ones, they will be more willing to try out a new product. And if these are Easter-themed products, it will be even better.

The best way to engage your customers will be to get them to do something, like sharing a post or tagging your brand’s social media page. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. You can use your Easter campaigns to gain more followers or even engage the existing ones. 

6. Or tweak the packaging at least 

If giving a whole product an Easter makeover is not in the cards, you can also play with your packaging design. Releasing special combos for Easter or adding Easter egg-shaped packaging will also be effective in celebrating the festive cheer. 


Kimp Tip: Displaying your new product or introducing a new packaging design will be much better with a video. This gives customers a virtual experience and makes it easier for them to make a purchase decision. 

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7. Same products but an Easter-ready ad 

If changing the product design or packaging design feels out of your league, you can still create Easter-ready ads featuring your products. Incorporate Easter Bunny, chocolate eggs, and other visual imagery in order to customize the ad to fit the occasion. 

The above ad from Currys PC World keeps the product as the hero of the design. But uses the metaphorical connection of gifting yourself something useful, like the washing machine in the picture. 

8. Celebrate the togetherness 

There is one type of campaign you can use for almost all festivals. It is also the idea that works with audiences of all demographics. We are talking about ads that celebrate togetherness, perhaps the one emotion that every human being can connect with during festivals. 

Some ads trigger nostalgia, others make people yearn for spending their time with their families. These are strong emotional responses and they can have a huge impact on your brand. The below ad from Nestle cherishes the times spent with family during such special occasions. 

9. Boost conversions with a gift guide 

Most brands use shopping guides as anchors to drive traffic to their websites and product pages during festivals. Holiday gift guides have great conversion rates. You can have a whole blog post on it or create a sleek and simple one like the below email campaign for Easter. 

Gift recommendations like these direct customers to take an action. They tell them what’s trending as gifts this year and they will be eager to try them out. You can shorten the sales funnel with this concept. 

10. A subtle Easter wish 

The simplest and yet the most effective way to engage your customers will be to design an Easter wish that features your products in some way. Retaining a visual style that reminds people of your brand but adding a subtle Easter element into it will do the trick. The below social media design is a good example.

Social Media Design by Kimp

This is a subtle way to promote your product without a fancy copy.

11. What’s in it for your customers?

When you design your campaign, ask yourself this question, if you were the customer why will you interact with the post. What value does the post add to them? For this, look for the common challenges people face during such festivals and help address them. 

Finding recipes is one thing most people struggle with. They need creative platters to welcome the guests. In the below Instagram post, Tesco cashes in on this concept with its Easter-friendly recipe. Giving customers a recipe and then showing how easy it is to find all the essential ingredients in one place is a good way to keep customers hooked. 

12. You can never fail with holiday discounts 

Everyone loves a good holiday sale. After all, when you are busy shopping for everyone, it can be rewarding to be able to save some money on your purchases. That’s why most brands come up with Easter discounts. These can be in the form of discounts on specific products or even a discount code mailed to customers so that they can use it while placing an order.

Social Media Design by Kimp
13. Make Easter shopping simpler 

Customers will appreciate any step you take to help them save time while they deck up for the big day. Like gift guides, emails, and ads that show how simple it is to place an order with your brand will be equally effective during festivals. 

The below email shows how easy it is to send a gift to loved ones. And this will be an apt campaign during Easter. And this idea can be reused for most festivals. You just have to personalize your design with the right colors for the festival and feature the appropriate products in your email and you are good to go. 

28% of consumers who abandon their carts do so because of a complicated checkout process. So, an email that shows them how it is done, like the one above, will lower the cart abandonment rates. 

And Some Campaigns That Missed the Mark

While the above campaigns nailed it with their Easter campaigns there have been quite a few that were not tasteful enough to get a good response from the target audience. 

1. Lidl’s ad does not evoke the right emotions 

There’s nothing wrong with the ad. The subtle humor might have worked on any other occasion. But during a festival like Easter that celebrates the joy of coming together, an ad featuring a couple talking about divorce is the last thing you will be interested in. 

Triggering an emotional response with your ads is not enough. It should be a positive response during the festive season. 

2. Tesco’s beer ad didn’t go well 

Some festivals have a religious connotation to them and people have strong traditional values attached to them. Easter is one such. When Tesco advertised its beer for Good Friday, it did not go well with customers. This is not exactly an Easter campaign but for brands that combine Good Friday and Easter campaigns, this will be a point worth noting. Understand the sentiments of your audience and their beliefs before designing your ad. 

Elevate Your Easter Marketing With Kimp’s Design Subscriptions 

Whatever be the campaign you choose, the key is to design visuals that grab eyeballs and show customers why your brand deserves their attention during the festive season. For a better reach and good ROI on your campaigns, add a mix of images and videos across different social media channels and target the right audience groups with banner ads and more. Kimp Graphics + Video subscription is a cost-effective investment to boost your holiday marketing efforts. 

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