Canva Fonts: Selecting and Pairing Them for Engaging Designs

Canva makes design simpler but when it comes to design decisions – there’s no shortcut. Nuances like finding the perfect font and the perfect color palette do not come easily. Yet, these decisions make or break the design and its effectiveness. That’s why we are going to talk about one such crucial decision today – choosing Canva fonts and font pairing strategies. 

canva fonts - font pairing

Because sometimes it is not about not finding the right fonts to use but it’s about finding too many of them and not being able to narrow it down to one or two. With Canva, the latter is true since there is a large assortment of free and paid fonts to explore. So, yes, it can feel overwhelming to pinpoint one knowing that these fonts possibly define the mood and message in your design. If that sounds relatable, you are in the right place. We have shortlisted a versatile list of 30 Canva fonts for various occasions and various design types. 

We’ve listed them down in the three most popular font categories namely serif fonts, sans-serif fonts, and script fonts. Without further ado, let’s go! 

Canva fonts – serif

Serif fonts are known for their signature serifs (decorative strokes at the ends of the letters). These give them a traditional and elegant look unlike no other. These serifs are also the reason why these fonts appear suitable for a formal setting. If you are working on a design that is meant to convey a sense of tradition, authority, and sophistication, serif fonts are your perfect choice. 

They have been popular in print materials like books mainly because of the legibility of these fonts. This is because the serifs help distinguish the characters eliminating ambiguity. Furthermore, when these serifs appear as thick slab-like structures the characters are bolder and attract a lot of attention. These are called slab-serif fonts. 

Considering these traits, serif fonts make an excellent choice for designs like:

  • Informative ebooks 
  • Invitations 
  • Logos for brands that need to portray a sense of refinement or nostalgia 
  • Editorial layouts like weekly/monthly magazines 
  • Marketing flyers 
Best free Canva fonts in the serif category 
1. Source Serif Pro 

Available in both Bold and Regular styles, this font is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. Its legibility makes it a great choice for both print and digital designs. 

2. Vidaloka 

An elegant typeface noted for its high contrast, Vidaloka is one of the best Canva fonts for impactful headlines and short text blocks. It works particularly well when you have to scale up the text in the design. 

3. The Seasons 

Available in Light, Regular, and Bold line widths, The Seasons is a unique serif font known for a subtle laid-back vibe against the rigid traditional mood associated with serif fonts. This is another high-contrast font known for its retro elegance. 

4. Noto Serif Display 

The modulated serif structure is what sets the Noto Serif Display font apart from the other serifs on Canva. Given the many stroke widths to explore ranging from Thin to Black, this is one of the most versatile Canva fonts. The characters are perfectly optimized for large-sized text and therefore make an excellent choice for headlines. 

5. Bree Serif 

For those times when you need a bold slab serif font but do not want the characters to appear too chunky, Bree Serif makes a great choice. Additionally, its legibility remains intact across various sizes, making it a versatile choice for both headlines and body text.

Best serif fonts in Canva Pro 
1. Afrah 

With its delicate strokes and graceful curves, this is one of the most sophisticated Canva fonts for designs for luxury brands. The Bold version of stroke width on Canva is a great choice for headlines while the Light version makes a good body text option in a design that’s meant to depict grandeur. 

2. Calgary 

Elegant and contemporary, the Calgary font is known for its clean lines and minimalistic structure. If you are looking for Canva fonts for sleek branding materials, then this one should definitely be on your list. 

3. Woodland 

Another versatile font available in five stroke widths on Canva, this font has a noticeable rustic charm. Its warm and authentic style also makes it a great choice for projects with nature-themed and eco-friendly designs. 

4. Singel

The sleek and tall characters in the Singel font family are hard to ignore. It’s the perfect modern serif font for minimalistic designs. 

5. Chloe 

If you are looking for Canva fonts to highlight the focal element in your design, this font is sure to make a statement. The contrasting lines and the sleek curves make it a bold and beautiful choice for a wide range of designs. In fact, it’s a head-turner when used in prominent designs like logos. 

Canva fonts – sans-serif 

The absence of serifs combined with the distinct modernity is what makes sans-serif fonts popular in the digital age. In addition to this, their minimalistic aesthetic imparts a contemporary and straightforward look, making them an ideal choice for designs that embrace simplicity and a progressive vibe. So, if you are aiming for approachability and clarity, sans-serif fonts work really well. 

The lack of serifs and other adornments enhances the readability of these fonts, especially on screens, in digital formats. Due to this reason, sans-serif fonts are the most popular choice for web content and user interfaces. 

Taking these traits into account sans-serif fonts look great in designs such as:

  • Minimalist websites and digital interfaces
  • Informal event invitations
  • Brands seeking a contemporary and sleek image
  • User manuals and guides
  • Social media graphics and web advertisements
Best free Canva fonts in the sans-serif category 
1. Belleza 

Belleza is a humanist sans-serif font with a clean and modern aesthetic. Its reader-friendly characters are what make this font a great choice for digital designs. 

2. Aileron 

Modern and minimalistic, Aileron is a fuss-free font and a versatile one. Looking a lot like Helvetica, this font scores high when it comes to readability.  

3. Francois One 

Known for its bold and distinctive letterforms, this is one of the best Canva fonts for titles and other text portions that need to attract the reader’s attention. Its clean lines contribute to its visual appeal and make it suitable for a variety of design projects, including branding, posters, banners, and more.

4. Eastman Pack 

If you are looking for a font that has the contemporary vibes of a sans-serif font and a cheery and approachable aesthetic, then the Eastman Pack is a brilliant choice. The geometric letterforms add a hint of fun to the appearance. Its distinct letter shapes set it apart from other sans-serif fonts making it a wonderful choice for branding designs of brands with a modern and forward-thinking approach. 

5. Martel Sans 

The clean and elegant Martel Sans font focuses on legibility. The open counters and balanced stroke width bring enough breathing room into the text, therefore making this a suitable choice for long text sections. There is also a serif version named Martel in case you are looking for the perfect font pairing for this one. 

Best sans-serif fonts in Canva Pro 
1. Rotis Sans Serif 

With moderate stroke contrast, this font is known for its harmonious letter shapes. It is both versatile and readable making it suitable for both print and digital designs. 

2. Optima

A humanist font, Optima combines the charm of sans-serif and serif fonts. Its curved strokes and open counters make the letterforms equally impactful and legible in various stroke widths. 

3. Sinclair 

If you are looking for Canva fonts with a lot of character this one is a blend of classic plus contemporary. This all-caps font is great for logos and other branding designs. 

4. Sackers Gothic 

This font is known for its straightforward letterforms that carry a hint of vintage in them. Another great uppercase font for logos and branding designs, the Sackers Gothic also makes a bold and eye-catching choice for title text in digital designs and book covers. 

5. Neue Montreal 

With its tighter kerning, the Neue Montreal font is a great choice for digital designs. Given the many stroke widths available in the Canva fonts library, this one makes a versatile choice for designs with a lot of text sections. 

Canva fonts – script 

If you are looking for fonts with a unique personality script fonts are a wonderful option. Mimicking handwritten calligraphy with their fluid and decorative strokes, the script fonts are known for their individuality. Just like human handwriting can be of various styles, script fonts come in various moods and personalities. Romance, artistic flair, a fun vibe – script fonts can convey a wide range of emotions. 

Their intricate cursive nature can add a touch of formality to an event, like weddings or upscale soirées. Alternatively, they can infuse a playful and imaginative touch to designs where creativity is paramount.

Taking these traits into account script fonts look great in designs such as:

  • Wedding invitations and love-themed events
  • Personal brand logos for artisans and creatives
  • Greeting cards and sentimental messages
  • Boutique branding and artisanal products
  • Artistic posters and typography-focused designs
Best free Canva fonts in the script fonts category 
1. Sacramento 

This is one of the best Canva fonts for designs that demand a casual aesthetic. The flowy curves and effortless strokes make it a warm and friendly design for social media posts, personalized business postcards, and other designs. 

2. Dancing Script 

The Dancing Script is informal yet elegant. It is a graceful calligraphic script font with contrasting strokes and legible letters. This font comes in handy in posters, flyers, website headers or anywhere you need to add a playful touch. 

3. Alex Brush 

If you like calligraphic fonts, you will love this traditional handwritten font. The flowing brush script and short ascenders and descenders add to the legibility of the font making it versatile for use in both print and digital designs. 

4. Daydream 

Daydream makes the best choice for those times when you need something more authentic, something closest to handwritten text. The casual aesthetic makes it suitable for personalized designs like packing inserts, social media posts, and emails. 

5. Moontime 

Moontime is a clean and elegant monoline script font with a strong personality. It looks great in a logo for a personal brand, or designs that call for a personal touch like business cards, email signatures, and more. 

Finding it tough to shortlist from the free Canva fonts to reflect the core message and mood in your design? Collaborate with Canva designers to make things simpler! 

Best script fonts in Canva Pro 
1. Citadel Script 

If you are looking for Canva fonts with ornate strokes similar to traditional calligraphy, the Citadel Script font is one of the most beautiful choices. It works well in designs for luxury brands given the air of sophistication it carries. But given the intricate letter shapes, this font is suitable for short text portions rather than long ones. 

2. Emitha 

With thin strokes and bouncy letters, the Emitha font is an elegant choice for personal branding designs. The unique letterforms distinguish this font from other script fonts. But given that this is not the most legible script font, especially in smaller font sizes, it is a good option for bolder text sections like the title text. 

3. Scandilover Script 

This is the perfect font for those designs that need to look effortlessly elegant. With sleek extended strokes, this font also has a playful ambiance.

KIMP Tip: If you are creating something fun, designed to target the young audience then this font can be combined with the Scandilover font which is a decorative and bold font. 

4. GoodTime Script 

GoodTime Script is a beautiful monoline font that balances a retro and modern aesthetic. The fluid letterform and subtle decorative elements make this an ornate choice for luxury fashion and beauty brands as well as for other premium designs. 

5. Intro Script 

With its clean lines and elegant strokes, the Intro Script is one of the best Canva fonts for designs that are meant to carry a contemporary theme. The modern and impactful font looks perfect on minimalistic designs and also in some professional settings. 

With all these fonts to inspire you, let’s now get to the next difficult part in Canva design – font pairing. 

Pairing Canva fonts – quick tips 

Just because you come across five different fonts that you like can you use all five of them in your design? Definitely not! For a balanced aesthetic, you do not need more than two fonts in your design. But these two fonts should be chosen such that they complement each other. In fact, finding the perfect pair of fonts is what takes your design from good to great. Let’s quickly go over some tips to pair Canva fonts for your design. 

1. Prioritize contrast 

Even from the examples listed above you must have noticed that based on their shapes and structures, fonts have different personalities. Combining a pair with contrasting personalities creates an ideal sense of harmony in your design. For example, if you are to choose a bold and traditional font like Vidaloka, something modern and legible like Belleza will be a great choice. Serif + sans-serif is a popular font combination in design. 

2. Use fonts to create hierarchy 

Fonts with bolder and thicker stroke widths attract attention. Therefore, they can be used in the title text. But since they are heavy on the design, something lighter used for the body text will create balance. Additionally, this contrast also helps in creating a visual hierarchy guiding users from one design element to the next in the intended order. 

KIMP Tip: If you are looking for a serif + sans-serif combination, the minimalistic aesthetic of Source Serif Pro helps balance the bold Francois One. 

3. Consider the emotional value of your design 

It is a well-known fact that marketing and branding designs that do not evoke any emotional response are not fruitful. And since fonts have a crucial role to play in the mood of a design, the fonts you combine should collectively capture the intended emotions. Understand font psychology and ensure that you do not choose two fonts with two different moods. For example, a font with a playful mood cannot be combined with one that looks like a symbol of luxury. Instead, a cleaner minimalist font without a distracting personality goes well with either of these. 

For a similar example in the serif category, the Noto Serif Display is a versatile and elegant font suitable for various occasions. However, the Chloe font fits a bolder and more contemporary setting where it is all about making a statement. 

4. Align the font personality with your brand personality 

As you consider the contrast or similarities between the personalities of the chosen font pairs you cannot ignore your brand personality. The font pairing should be such that the fonts do not just look good together but also visually capture your brand’s individuality. 

5. Test, test, test 

If you are not able to come up with the right font pairing based on their contrasting traits, hierarchical inferences, and emotional cues, then you can look for inspiration from the standard Canva font combinations available. 

Don’t settle on the first pair you find. Instead, experiment and compare multiple font combinations. And finally use Canva’s preview feature to visualize how fonts work together. Sometimes, what looks great in isolation might not translate well in the overall design.

Simplify your Canva designs with KIMP 

In addition to the Canva fonts available, you can also add your brand fonts and quickly access them from your Brand Kit. But as you can see, given the overwhelming amount of choices out there, design decisions like picking the right font can be challenging if you do not have prior design experience. This is where collaborating with a Canva design team feels like a productive decision for your design workflow. Want to know how this would benefit your brand? Set up a call with the KIMP team today!