6 Great Marketing Ideas For Mother’s Day To Drive Engagement

Mother’s Day is coming up! On the second Sunday in May we celebrate our moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, and everyone who plays that much-loved role for us. And since it’s an occasion marked across different ages and demographics, it’s a great opportunity to help you drive engagement by exploring marketing ideas for Mother’s Day.

Especially since everyone has their moms on their minds as they’re looking for gifts and ways to make them feel special. In the US alone consumers spend $21 billion on Mother’s Day gifts.

But you don’t have to be an ecommerce business to benefit. Any kind of business can get more engagement from creating a Mother’s Day campaign. The challenge is making it memorable and/or unique. Moms are universally appreciated. And since Mother’s Day has been around forever, it’s easy to feel like every idea is exhausted.

This is actually a good thing. You’ve got tons of examples to take inspiration from. As well as lessons on the dos and don’ts  – without the consequences. 😉

Before we jump into some ideas to explore, check out these great campaigns for some inspiration: 

This ad showcases tiny moments of life where we turn to our mother for help. The ad perfectly captures how involved a mother is in a child’s life.

This ad by Tesco mainly focuses on moms who aren’t acknowledged enough in conventional storylines – like adoptive mothers and stepmothers. It delivers the message that what makes you a mother is providing love and care for your child, and being there for them.

Now that we’ve tugged on your heartstrings, let’s get to some marketing ideas for Mother’s Day that you can try out. 

Run Contests To Give Moms A Treat

Contests are great for driving engagement in general. When you can link them to a much-loved holiday or occasion, they’re even better.

If you sell a product or service, you can set up a giveaway that invites participants to share your contest post, and/or to post their own content (like a selfie with mom) using your hashtag. This is a great option to choose, as it gives you a chance to show off your product or service, and position it as something to spoil a loved one with. Plus you’ll get user-generated content to share on your social accounts.

Another option is to set up a contest, that requires your followers to comment with a favourite memory or the reason they’d like to treat their mom. Contests that involve comments are effective ways to generate conversations and create a sense of community. Here are couple suggestions:

  • What is an important lesson that you’ve learned from your mom?
  • Why does your mom deserve a special treat this Mother’s Day?
  • Use 3 words to describe your mom

To drum up engagement, and nurture relationships with your clients, you can consider rewarding all entrants with a coupon code, while one winner gets the prize. Be sure to let your followers know whether the prize will be awarded based on specific criteria or if they will be randomly selected.

Build Your Email List With A Giveaway For Moms

All you need in this case is a form. You can set one up on your site. Or you can run lead generating ads that will include your form. Keep your form simple and gather only the details you need – name, email, and a question related to your giveaway. And depending on the platform you’ll be using, make sure you have appropriately sized pictures or designs ready to upload.

When it comes to the Mother’s Day related question in your form, consider offering multiple prizes and asking participants to choose a prize and explain why their mom would love it. In this way you’ll get valuable insights about your customers and get them excited about gifting your products or services.

By collecting emails you’ll be able to send thank you messages to entrants, including some tasteful updates on your upcoming promotions. Contests that include forms serve as great engagement boosters as they can increase traffic to your website and social media pages.

Offer Special Bundles For Mother’s Day

A special bundle of products or services is a great marketing idea for Mother’s Day. For one it’s a limited time offer which will generate interest. For another, it allows you to increase your average order value as customers are happy to purchase your bundle for the discount it offers.

With Mother’s Day coming up, you can test out upselling or cross-selling items through bundles and/or teaming up with another business to offer a co-branded deal.

And since we’re all practicing social distancing this Mother’s Day, offer curbside pickup or delivery if possible.

Give Moms An Opportunity To Treat Themselves

Mother’s Day gives us the chance to recognize and maybe even spoil our moms. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to treat themselves. Especially when they don’t always receive what they might be hoping for.

If you’ve got moms in your target audience, then run a Mother’s Day sale with ads on social media, posts in your newsfeed and updates on your site (your header image, pop-ups, banners, or even a dedicated landing page are some options for this).

And offer extras if you can. Free shipping, curbside pickup, and/or a free gift with each other are great incentives for your Mother’s Day sales.


Share Stories Of Moms In Your Company

When you’re thinking of marketing ideas for Mother’s Day, some can be as simple as sharing your company and team’s stories. Is your founder a mother? Consider sharing her story, and putting together a few posts to celebrate team members who are working moms. That can be an extremely difficult task on the best of days. Let alone in the middle of a pandemic. Go ahead and give them the kudos they deserve.

You’ll just need a few well-lit photos of your honourees and/or a simple design template if you’d like to create branded/themed posts. Be sure to also have your text ready for your post captions.

Put Together A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Everyone wants to give their mother something special for Mother’s Day, but that special something can be hard to think of. Enter your gift guide! This can be as simple as a blog post with links to the specific products or services you’re listing. Or a series of social media posts or a single infographic.

Even if you don’t offer a particular service or product that would be relevant for Mother’s day, your audience will appreciate your ideas. And if you can get exclusive discounts for them, even better. 

To make your guide easy to navigate, be sure to provide suggestions based on interests and preferences. For example, great books for the book lovers, devices for the techies, workout gear for those who love being active, gourmet treats for the foodies, activities for the crafters, and/or travel guides for those with wanderlust (you’ll have to hold off on plane tickets for a bit).

Boost Your Mother’s Day Marketing

So, have you decided on what to do for this Mother’s Day? Take a look at how much time you have, and the resources you can allocate, and get started. 

Just by trying out one or more of these marketing ideas for Mother’s Day, you’ll be boosting your engagement. From brand awareness, to building and strengthening relationships with customers, to creating community, and encouraging conversions, there’s a lot you can accomplish in the next week. 

And once it’s all over, you can use the insights you’ll gain to create more tailored engagement opportunities with your customers. Holiday and special occasion shoppers can become long term customers with the right strategies in play. You’ll also be able to repurpose these strategies for Father’s Day. 😉