Logo Ideas: 10 Designs To Inspire Your New Brand + Design Tips

Logo – the one piece of graphic design that can get people to notice your brand or ignore it. The visual identity that speaks on behalf of your brand on every promotional material. The face of your brand on social media. 

One single graphic design and so many roles to play. That’s why businesses are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on logo design. 

Designed right, your logo will reflect your brand’s personality. Not just that, it will also be the foundational block in building your brand image. 

So, are you designing a logo for your new brand? We’ve got some stunning logo ideas for you. 

We’ll talk about these designs soon. But first, what are the different types of logos you can choose? 

Most Popular Types of Logos 

Do you see text on the logo or symbols or both? And the text that appears on the logo – is it just the initials of the brand name or the whole brand name? Based on all these tiny variations logo compositions are grouped into the following categories. 

  1. Lettermark – this is where you only use letters, ideally the initials of your brand name. It works well when consumers already know your brand name. The logos of BBC, IBM, and NASA are letter mark logos. 
  2. Wordmark – this logo design includes the brand name as it is. You might see a lot of font style variations and colors used to personalize the logo for the brand. The logos of Canon, Google, and LinkedIn are wordmarks. 
  3. Brandmark – this type of logo only has a visual element like a symbol or an illustration representing the brand. This again works well for brands that have already established a niche for themselves. The logos of Apple, Pepsi, and Target are recognizable examples of brandmark logos. 
  4. Combination mark – this is one of the most versatile types that work for brands old and new. It has both a symbol or icon and text. Burger King, Taco Bell, and Domino’s Pizza are popular brands with combination mark logos. 
  5. Emblem logo – heritage symbols that capture the history of the brand or its traditional ideals are included as a part of the logo design. The logos of Starbucks and Harley Davidson are among the popular emblem logos we all know. 

Read more about the different types of logos and how to design them in this other blog post by Kimp

So, are you ready to be inspired? We have 10 refreshing logo ideas to talk about.

10 Logo Ideas and Design Tips for Your Brand 

1. Versatility of monochrome logos  
Logo Design by Kimp

With clean lines and clear fonts, this simple yet stylish logo is the perfect example of minimalism in logo design. This design is particularly attractive because of its versatility. Its simplicity is precisely what makes it a hit. 

Imagine this logo on a light-colored background. Now imagine the same design in white but placed on a dark-colored background. Looks perfect either way doesn’t it? That’s what happens when you create monochrome logos like the one above. 

With such versatile designs, you have a logo that looks good on almost all types of backgrounds and all types of surfaces. 

Simplifying the design further, the serif typeface and large font size on the monogram draw attention. And the sans-serif typeface with its legibility conveys the brand name clearly. On the whole, this design makes the most of the classic font combination strategy of using a serif typeface with a sans-serif typeface. 

Finally, the perfectly aligned triangles create a sense of visual balance which is an indispensable trait in logo design. 

2. Creative use of negative space

Logos that innovate with the negative space around or in between the letters are rare to come by. The iconic FedEx logo is the perfect example. On the same lines, the below logo design taps into the power of negative space. 

Logo Design by Kimp

The bull and bear symbology formed in the negative space between the W and S is a catchy visual detail in this design. It instantly makes you think of the stock market. You thus understand that this is the logo of a business in the trading segment. So, the meaning is conveyed, and that too without using any additional space or text. 

Kimp Tip: To create an impact, keep your logo small yet meaningful. Using symbolism conveys the message clearly. But when you do not want symbols to take up additional space, creating shapes within the negative spaces will be a great idea. 

With a Kimp Graphics subscription, you get unlimited revisions on your logo. So, you can explore many such logo ideas to find the perfect one for your brand. 

3. Get literal 

As we mentioned earlier, symbols make a logo visually interesting. And they also convey the meaning quickly. But what symbol you use depends on your brand name or the kind of products you offer. 

Logo Design by Kimp

The way the above logo uses a symbol that literally captures the brand name makes it interesting. If you are hunting for ideas on the symbols to use in your logo design, look for cues from your brand name. 

Sometimes the simplest of ideas like these make your logo design work. Of course, you can personalize the symbol or create an overlap similar to the above logo. 

The above logo is a visually memorable design because it conveys more than one message. The pineapple captures the name of the brand. And the headphones depict the services the business caters to. That’s how you probably interpreted it to belong to DJ services or music. 

Adding to this, the use of a vibrant color palette sets a lively mood. And the display fonts evoke the right emotions as well. On the whole, this design immediately makes you realize that it is about something upbeat and fun. 

42% of consumers judge a brand’s personality based on the logo design and that’s why logos with a strong character, like this one, will work. 

4. Know what your audience will love 
Logo Design by Kimp

The above logo packs a lot of punch within a simple combination mark. 

First off, there is a lively palette. The Robin’s egg blue sets a chirpy mood for the design. And the playfully designed elephant symbol further emphasizes that kids are the target audience for the brand. Finally, the stethoscope on the elephant’s neck represents the kind of services the brand offers. Put together this is the perfect design for the brand and the target audience. 

To sum it up, fun colors that evoke the right feelings, symbolism that talks about the audience and the offerings of the brand, and clear fonts make a perfect combination in logo design. 

5. Visual metaphors

While using literal symbolism is one way to design logos, using a metaphorical representation is another way. Visual metaphors make you remember designs because they are unique. 

Logo Design by Kimp

In the above logo, the slant in the E combined with the crane symbol makes you instantly think of a vehicle being towed. Getting customers to visualize your products or services can add so much value to your logo. So this logo design works perfectly in that aspect. 

When logos use visual metaphors instead of giving a direct image they help create a mental image in the minds of the onlookers. And this image is what your brain instantly registers along with the brand name. This makes it easier to recall the brand when you think of the relevant services. 

Kimp Tip: When you use visual metaphors, always add a hint or a visual element that aids the interpretation. And use a metaphor that people understand easily. People easily give up on complicated logos. 

Want to try logo ideas with visual metaphors? The Kimp team is here to help. 

7. Add monograms
Logo Design by Kimp

When you want to arrive at a symbol but want to stay on brand, creating symbols out of letters is one way to do it. In other words, monograms. The creative combination of S and C to form the central symbol in the above logo design makes it attractive. 

With symbols like these, you end up creating a unique combination. After a period of consistent branding, the symbol alone can be used in promotional materials. And customers will still be able to recognize the brand. 

Kimp Tip: If you do choose to use symbols in your logo, instead of picking the usual ones that are most likely used by other brands around the world, have one created for your brand from scratch. These can be monograms based on your brand name initials as in the above example or even a simple illustration. 

Looking to add monograms to your logo? Work with the Kimp design team for logo design. 

6. Wordmark can be interesting too 
Logo Design by Kimp

Wordmark logos are simple and classy. But if you think a simple word cannot make an impact take a look at the above logo design. No symbols, no skeuomorphic details (three-dimensional). It is a straightforward design. And yet, a visually appealing one. 

The extension of the strokes in V and A creates an interesting visual hook for the design. The modified serif typeface keeps it legible and classy. Designs like these particularly work because they are beyond design trends. They are timeless. 

7. Illustrations for a personal touch 

So, there are times when you want to use a symbol but then considering the nature of your business most symbols are overrated. 

For example, a coffee cup for a coffee shop, a cake for a bakery business, or even the face of a woman for beauty services. You know that these are the most relevant symbols that customers will relate to. But then most brands in your industry have already used them. So what do you do? You use illustrations. Take the below logo design, for example. 

Logo Design by Kimp

The elegant illustration of a woman instantly makes you recognize that it is a brand in the beauty segment. The mellow gray illustration with the eye-grabbing pink detail makes it visually interesting and easy to notice even when there is a lineup of other brand logos next to this one. 

Along with the other details in the logo, the use of a traditional serif font creates a sense of reliability. Which is very much essential for beauty and skincare brands. On the whole, this one does its job perfectly and communicates its message clearly. 

8. Calligraphic script typefaces for personalization 
Logo Design by Kimp

Traditional calligraphic typefaces have their own charm. There are exquisite scripts like Copperplate, PF Champion Script Pro, and Medusa. And most people instantly connect them with weddings and handwritten invitations. That’s why the above logo strikes the right chord with the target audience. 

Notice the use of sans-serif typeface for the supportive text that appears below the logo. The font size variations also create the perfect hierarchy so you read the script font first, the services offered next, and the venue details at the end. 

Remember that script fonts have a strong personality. So, when you use them, you need a lighter font to balance the effect. Otherwise, the design might look overwhelming. That’s why the above design uses a lightweight font for the text supporting the logo. 

9. Choose colors that make an emotional connection 

A logo that looks good will grab attention. But one that stimulates an emotional response is what stays on people’s minds for a long time. 

With that said, you should know that colors are impactful visual elements in any design. Each color has a different mood and that’s why designers love to experiment with color psychology in logo design. For example, happy color palettes are perfect for the entertainment and media industries since they are intended to entertain and make people happy. The below logo uses this idea brilliantly. 

Logo Design by Kimp

The fonts and colors should all be of the same personality. And they should have a similar emotional connotation to them. The decorative fonts in the lettermark of the above logo and the symbolism in the form of the musical note and film create a holistic design that does its job well.

Logos that incorporate the nuances of the brand, like the above example, are the kind of logos that make your brand stand out in the crowd. And this is one example that shows how you can make your logo look unique even when you use the most commonly used symbols. 

Kimp Tip: When you have to choose colors for your logo, stick with one or two colors. Unlike the above example where a colorful logo will capture the vibe, in most cases, a combination of two colors is the safest to work with. You do not want too many distracting colors within one small visual. That’s why nearly 43% of Fortune 500 companies use a combination of two colors in their logos. 

10. Identify and stick with a theme 

Having spoken about various aspects of design in a logo, we would also like to emphasize the need for consistency in your design. 

You need a theme for your logo design. And every element you choose from the symbol to the color, the font, the alignment, and the orientation of each element should be carefully composed in a way that captures your theme. 

For example, when you have a bold symbol or an emblem in your logo, using an uninspiring sans-serif font will dampen the effect. Because the design elements should not send out confusing signals. 

So, your logo needs a font that has a personality similar to that of the symbols you have used. When you are confused about the fonts to choose for your logo, pick something that has the personality your desire in your design. You should then customize the whole design with colors that convey the same emotion as well. The below logo design does that perfectly. 

Logo Design by Kimp

In this logo, each design element is aligned with the caravan theme including the font and the colors and illustrations. 

Use Your Kimp Graphics Subscription to Explore Your Favorite Logo Ideas

We are sure that you are full of ideas right now. Capture them all on a moodboard. Add as many details as you like, like the colors, typefaces, and other details. This moodboard will come in handy when you give your design team a design brief for the logo design task. It is alright if your idea does not materialize on the first take. Remember, you have unlimited revisions with Kimp’s graphic design subscriptions

And if you would like to introduce your logo design to the world and perhaps use it in all of your social media videos and ads, you can try creative logo animations to leave a strong impression on your customers. The Kimp video subscription comes with a wide range of motion graphics design services. 
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