KIMP’s Picks 10th July: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

Hello and welcome back to another weekly social media round-up from KIMP. In the KIMP’s Picks 10th July Edition we will talk about all the exciting happenings in the world of marketing, AI, and graphic design. And we have also gathered some of the most insightful posts shared by social media content creators and companies worldwide. 

From the biggest social media launch (Threads app) to big updates like code interpretation on ChatGPT, there are a lot of things that people were discussing on social media this past week. Are you ready to get a quick look at all these trending posts and the underrated ones to inspire your week ahead? Let’s go! 

In the Marketing Realm 

Instagram’s Threads is here 

We wanted to start the list with the most exciting topic that everyone has been talking about recently – Threads. And why is this a big deal in marketing? Because a new social media app means a new platform to include in your marketing strategy. 

Since March there has been news about Meta working on a possible Twitter rival, a text-based app. And on 5th July, Meta launched the app in more than 100 countries. The below Tweet from Instagram announced the launch of the app. 

In just 2 days after the launch, on July 7th, Mark Zuckerberg announced on his Threads page that the app passed 70 million sign-ups. We can safely say that this app has seen one of the biggest opening weeks in the world of social media. 

If you are a business owner or marketer struggling to keep up with the volatile social media algorithms you might find Threads to be an all-new way to interact with your customers. So, how do you plan to use Threads in your marketing strategy? 

Wondering how to get started with Threads? Check out our blog here for a quick overview. 

Advertising amidst the Threads Vs Twitter rivalry 

With Threads gaining a massive reach, naturally, people have started talking about the advertising possibilities on the platform. CNBC’s Squawk on the Street shared the below Tweet where Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify talks about the changes in advertising revenue amidst the Threads Vs Twitter rivalry. 

In the video, Mark Zagorski explains how crossovers in various segments and diversification in the offerings of big brands have become a common scenario. The discussion in the video goes on to highlight how such new additions might not replace existing advertising revenues but open up new channels to reach a wider group of audiences. In other words, several brands might start advertising on both Twitter and Threads instead of always choosing one over the other. 

Maybelline’s creative campaign 

Good advertising is about creating a buzz – getting people to notice your brand and start talking about it. Maybelline achieved both with its recent campaign in London. Several marketers and advertising companies have been talking about this campaign. Marketing Mind, a publishing house based in India shared the below Tweet giving a glimpse of the creative Maybelline ad. 

Deutsche Telekom’s ad about “sharenting”

For an ad to stand out and be remembered, it needs to evoke a strong emotional response. Ads that stand for a cause or raise awareness about an issue that needs to be discussed often leave a lasting impact on consumers. Ad Age, a global media brand, shared one such ad in the below Tweet. The ad is from Deutsche Telekom and it highlights the perils of parents oversharing their children’s photos online. 

The popularity of the ad and the impact it has created highlight the need for emotional marketing for better audience engagement. 

The strength of omnichannel marketing 

Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar is a well-known name in the digital marketing industry. He shared the below Tweet in the midst of all the Threads vs Twitter disputes on social media. Remember the CNBC’s Squawk on the Street we discussed a while ago? Similar to that one, the below Tweet also highlights the need to be present on multiple platforms. 

After all, when you know that different sections of your target audience are there on different platforms, an omnichannel presence is indispensable in marketing. The Tweet emphasizes the fact that small businesses can see a bigger ROI with omnichannel marketing. 

Marketing tasks and their priorities 

Marketing Week is a great place to gather all the big marketing updates. On their LinkedIn page, Marketing Week shared the below post highlighting the responses from marketers on what tasks they prioritize in marketing. 

The above graph is a good reminder that, while increasing profits might seem like a critical goal in marketing, most marketers do not give it the highest priority. Growing the brand’s market and creating a strong brand and consistent brand image are among the top priorities among the surveyed marketers. 

Engaging your social media audience 

Growing your audience on social media is not enough. You need to grow an active audience. In other words, you need to engage your followers effectively. That’s when they take that next step. That’s when the conversion happens and your brand’s social media page starts working in favor of your brand. 

On their LinkedIn page Pretty Little Marketer shares inspiring campaign ideas and marketing insights. The below post shared on their page talks about using the correct CTAs, shared ownership, and other measures to boost engagement. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Meta Holiday planning guide 

Constantly finding the right content for your brand can be challenging. Given that the holiday season is just around the corner, Meta shared its Sales and Marketing Guide for 2023 highlighting a few trends and ideas for holiday marketing. 

Social Media Today brings all the latest marketing news and updates on their LinkedIn page. The below post talks about the highlights in Meta’s Holiday Planning Guide. 

The featured post gives a quick peek into crucial details like the time when people start shopping for the holiday season, the use of Reels, and other content formats in the process of finding gifts. So, if you are looking for ideas to gear up for the holiday season, this post will be pretty useful. 

Generative AI in social media marketing content 

There are endless options for those who wish to tap into the potential of generative AI in marketing. Looking for inspiration? Then the below post is very useful to help you get started. 

The post gives the gist of the information shared in a recent Social Media Marketing Podcast. 

The post highlights the many ways in which you can use generative AI to make the process of social media content creation more productive. From writing content to rewriting content, coming up with a content strategy, and content ideation, the post covers various useful aspects. 

The power of good copy 

When you are looking for marketing inspiration, the Because of Marketing LinkedIn page is a great place to be. In the below post, they featured one of the recent ads from Lidl that show the impact a good copy can create in an ad. 

The ad uses the shortest possible copy but makes quite the impression because the copy feels relevant to the Wimbledon season. The ad not only appeals to tennis fans but also makes other consumers stop and take a second look. 

The clutter-free design perfectly supports the brilliant copy and results in a memorable ad. 

Reels without showing your face 

Reels and other short-form video formats continue to be some of the most popular types of content on social media. But not everyone likes to appear in front of the camera and shoot Reels. That does not mean that you cannot post short-form videos. The below post from Later, a leading social media management tool, features a blog that talks about some of the coolest Reel ideas where you do not have to show your face. 

So, if you are looking to join the short-form video craze but don’t know where to start, start with the ideas shared in the post. 

In the Design Realm 

A Generative Fill example 

Among the many cool AI features that Adobe introduced recently, Generative Fill continues to be one of the most popular. On the LinkedIn page of Generative AI, you will find all the important AI updates. The below post on the page shows a quick preview of how to use Generative Fill in Adobe Firefly. Examples like these keep inspiring us to explore new features and effectively use them to make our designs better. 

Adobe’s free baseball graphics for the MLB season 

The Major League Baseball season is here. Naturally, consumers and brands everywhere are sharing content discussing the topic. Custom digital stickers are a great way for brands to stay current. To aid this, Adobe has introduced an assortment of baseball-themed graphics including fun GIFs, Adobe Express templates, and more. 

Adobe announced the same in the below LinkedIn post. 

Finding the right Canva elements 

If you have designed using Canva you know that finding the right design elements is one of the most fun parts and also one of the most overwhelming steps. Because knowing where to find the ones that meet your expectations might feel tedious. Canva shared the below video preview showing how to tackle this. 

Want to make the most of your Canva subscription and customize your Canva designs to suit your brand? Work with a team of professional Canva designers

In the AI Realm


Businesses around the world are using the GPT API in the most creative ways to tap into generative AI. And now OpenAI announced the general availability of GPT-4 API which is great news for the existing paying API customers. 

Product Hunt the online digital products marketplace highlighted this announcement in the below Tweet. 

Decline in the traffic to the ChatGPT site 

From the time ChatGPT was introduced, it has steadily been a topic of discussion week after week. However, it was recently observed that the web traffic to the ChatGPT site declined for the first time since the introduction of the tool. 

Fortune Magazine shared the below post highlighting that there was a 9.7% drop in the traffic to the ChatGPT site in June. 

The AI Breakfast Twitter page, where you can find all the latest AI updates, shared the below meme highlighting the same topic. 

ChatGPT disabled Browse 

When Google’s Bard was introduced, its web browsing capabilities were one of the highlighted traits. This was also said to be a trait that gave the tool an edge over ChatGPT. In response, OpenAI introduced the “Browse” option in ChatGPT.

Since a lot of users recently reported inaccuracies in the Browse results on ChatGPT, OpenAI announced last week that it’s disabling the option temporarily until things get fixed backend. 

ChatGPT Code Interpreter 

While the Browse feature was disabled, there was another new feature introduced on ChatGPT and that is the Code Interpreter. 

AI Educator Kris Kashtanova shared the below Tweet demonstrating how to use Code Interpreter. 

This example shows how this new feature comes as a boon to developers. 

Humane AI Pin

There have been a lot of new AI-driven products in the market. While most of them are in the software segment there is a recent hardware innovation that several people are looking forward to and that is the AI Pin introduced by Humane, an AI startup. 

Rowan Cheung, founder of Rundown AI, shared the below Tweet giving a snapshot of what to expect from Humane’s AI Pin. 

Innovative products like these are proof that we are currently only scratching the surface of AI tech. 

Virgin Voyages Campaign campaign 

Among the many ways in which generative AI is being used in content creation, creating talking head videos is one. There are apps that can help create videos with AI-generated avatars. The below Virgin Voyages Campaign shows an application of this tech.

On Virgin Voyages JenAI, customers can create custom invites from Jennifer Lopez. The below post was shared on the Generative AI LinkedIn page throwing the spotlight on the JenAI campaign.  

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes 

Twitter Job Posting 

Twitter’s job posting feature is one of the most anticipated updates that several brands and content creators have been discussing. Adam Ryan, CEO of Workweek shared the below Tweet highlighting the strengths of this feature. 

Having received early access to the feature, he was able to hire 20+ resources for Workweek from their Twitter page. He cites this experience as an example to show the effectiveness of this upcoming feature. 

Instagram Live Activities on iOS 

Live Activities is a popular iOS feature. There are rumors that Instagram is testing a Live Activities option for the iOS version of the app. This will display the progress of uploads on Instagram on the Lock Screen. 

9to5Mac, a popular source of all Apple rumors shared the below Tweet highlighting this possibly upcoming feature. 

Audio and Video calls on Twitter 

While messaging on Twitter is great, it lacks the instant communication option like the video and audio calls available on Meta Messenger. But based on a Tweet shared by Andrea Conway, a designer at Twitter, it looks like the feature is soon coming on the platform. She shared snapshots of the new message interface with Audio and Video call options. 

That’s a Wrap!

We hope you discovered fresh perspectives and actionable insights in this selection of top social media posts. Be sure to check back next week for another dose of social media excellence. See you then!