How To Sell Graphic Design As A Affiliate

If you’re a affiliate or interested in becoming one, this article will teach you how to get started. The following sections will walk you through how to partner with Kimp, what to expect as an affiliate, and how to start making sales and banking those sweet recurring commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra income on the side. Or even to build an online business. Of course, it helps if you promote amazing products and services with high value, strong pricing, and recurring commissions. That’s where comes in.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling products or services that belong to other people in exchange for a commission payment. Modern affiliate marketing uses special links that carry a tracking code to make sure the affiliate gets compensated for the sales they initiate. While this may seem technical, it’s actually quite easy to set up. Because of that, many online businesses have robust affiliate programs.

There are a number of advantages to affiliate marketing as a source of income. Unlike selling your own products or services, you don’t need to worry about things like customer support or meeting demand. Your only real responsibility is connecting with your audience enough that they regularly purchase products and services through your links.

Does Have a Good Affiliate Program?

It certainly does. Kimp offers affiliates 12% of all services billed to clients they refer. 12% may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind that Kimp’s pricing starts at $389 per month. That means even if your referral goes for the “graphics” tier, you’d still get over $45. And you probably wouldn’t get that only once. As long as your referrals stay with Kimp, you’d get paid every month. That’s what a recurring commission is.

There are more benefits than that to Kimp’s program though. Unlimited graphic design is what’s known in affiliate marketing as a “sticky” productized service. “Sticky” just means that it’s something clients are unlikely to suddenly stop paying for. A business that is profitable enough to afford $389+ per month in graphic design is likely to grow. Or at the very least stay afloat at its current level. And successful businesses need graphic design services, for their content, their social media, and more.

What Are the Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies?

There are a lot of different ways to drive traffic and connect with an audience. So there are many effective affiliate marketing strategies you can choose from. The key is finding one that works well with your skills, experience, passions, and goals.

For example, I got started as an affiliate blogger almost accidentally because I love writing and built a blog for my business. Affiliate blogging makes sense for me because I’m a skilled and experienced writer. I enjoy connecting with people and experimenting with new products, and I wanted to build a blog anyways. 

If you have existing marketing skills (or skills that can be easily applied to marketing like writing, graphic design, or video creation) you would be wise to lean into them. If you don’t have any of these types of skills yet, the easiest place to start is usually some form of content marketing. You can get started using nothing but a YouTube, Facebook or Instagram account while you work on learning relevant skills.

The basic beginner’s strategy is simple: 

  • Research and create content that’s valuable to your ideal customers. 
  • Connect with anyone who interacts with your content, and sell them something they genuinely need. 

You can do this on any social media platform as long as you obey the platform’s rules.

How Can I Earn More as a Kimp Affiliate?

The best way to earn more as an affiliate marketer is to pre-qualify the traffic you send to your links as much as possible. This is especially true for higher ticket products and services such as unlimited graphic design. 

As an extreme example, let’s consider two imaginary marketers. Marketer A does anything and everything to get people to click their link, but little to qualify or target their audience. Marketer B only creates content that is valuable to their ideal audience, and uses that to drive a smaller amount of traffic to the same offer. Who do you think will make more sales?

If Marketers A and B are both selling design services, I believe Marketer B would stand to earn much more. 

Here are some considerations for qualifying your prospects:

  • Do they have the budget for Kimp’s services?
  • Does their business need monthly design services?
  • Is their business likely to grow, allowing them to potentially upgrade the service?
  • Do they already pay or other similarly priced services?
  • Are they overpaying for similar services?
The Power of Recurring Commissions

Let’s do some quick math; if someone refers 10 clients per month and they all take the least expensive tier, that would bring in almost $490/month. If they did that consistently for a few months, they’d be on their way to creating a passive part time (or even full time) income. That’s the power of recurring commissions.

One of the reasons qualifying your prospects is so important is that, depending on your strategy, you may not earn back your investment on only one or two months of services. The easiest example in this case is someone who runs ads.

Let’s say Marketer C runs search ads to a blog post about Kimp’s services. If the ads cost $100, Marketer C needs to make three sales per month to break even. But if most of Marketer C’s sales become recurring customers, the recurring revenue will quickly absorb the cost of the ads, allowing them to scale the operation if desired.

How can Marketer C qualify people who click on their ads? By writing an informative and honest article that correctly appeals to their ideal customer, demonstrates the benefits, and explains the features of’s services.

The Advantage of Selling Productized Services

In some cases, selling products (especially digital products) is more ideal for affiliate marketers than selling services. This is because digital products can be sold an infinite number of times. If you’re selling an ebook, you can run traffic to the offer until it nearly crashes the website and you’ll keep making sales. On the other hand if you’re affiliate selling digital marketing services for a local business, they might reach capacity at a certain point, capping your commissions.

With productized services such as’s unlimited graphic design, reaching capacity is extremely unlikely, and it would be a temporary issue if it ever happened. Productized services are by their very nature designed to scale, and because graphic design is done entirely on computers it’s a simple matter to onboard new designers when necessary. This makes unlimited graphic design an excellent service to feature at the top of your offer stack.

Top Recommended Tactics For Kimp Affiliate Marketers

As with any service or product, there are specific tactics which are more likely to bring positive results when selling graphic design. A common thread when it comes to selling design services is that you should focus on selling experiences and/or results rather than the services themselves.

There are a number of ways to do this when it comes to selling unlimited design. You can focus on the business results and customer experiences it will provide, such as more traffic and higher conversions. But you can also focus on the more short term benefits. These include time, effort, and money that can be saved by employing’s services.

For example, not every entrepreneur is always focused on getting more customers and making more money. Folks with financially successful businesses might dream of being able to take afternoons or weekends off, to spend more time with their family, and to worry less about business related outcomes. These are all things that using Kimp’s services can help with. It’s just a matter of diagnosing the potential customer’s needs and desires. And then matching them with a solution such as unlimited graphic design.

But that’s enough theory. Let’s take a look at some tangible tactics you can implement today to kickstart your affiliate marketing efforts.

Play to Your Strengths

This sounds obvious, but so many people get it wrong. They hear a mentor, coach, or influencer say “do this”, and they do that thing regardless of whether they’re good at it or enjoy it. By playing to your strengths (and your passions), you increase your odds of success by increasing your attrition. One of the often ignored truths of affiliate marketing (and online business in general) is that a large percentage of people give up on it. If you choose a marketing medium you’re good at and/or enjoy, you’ll be giving yourself a big boost over folks who ignore those factors.

Use Kimp Assets

Kimp provides a number of high quality digital assets in the affiliate area which you can use to your advantage. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. And when it comes to design services compelling visuals are a key factor. If you don’t have something interesting for prospects to look at, they’re unlikely to find your offer memorable. 

Hit the Right Social Media the Right Way

While it’s best to work with any platforms you have an existing following on, if you’re just starting out on social media, pick a platform that favors visuals. Instagram and Pinterest are two social platforms that thrive on high quality digital images, making them ideal places to showcase Kimp assets. Facebook is also a good platform to start out on, both because of its massive audience and because visuals are favored by its algorithm.

Focus On a Niche

You’ve probably heard this before. What does it mean? Well, the idea behind niche marketing originates from companies that have a fixed marketing budget. In order to maximize their investment, they focus on catering to one subsection or “niche” of the global market at a time. You can check out a list of business types that frequently subscribe to Kimp’s services here.

As an affiliate marketer, unless you have the skills and resources to run self-sustaining ads, your efforts will be limited by both time and money. Focusing on a single niche of Kimp’s potential customers at a time may help you earn more in the long run. For example, if you create ads, articles, videos, or other marketing content targeted at wellness spa owners, it makes sense to use those resources to sell to multiple spa owners.

Final Thoughts and Inspiration For Kimp Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a massive industry. And Kimp’s affiliate program is in its early stages, so this is an awesome time to jump on board. Making 10 sales per month might seem like a lot, but if you pick a strategy and execute it properly day after day, you can potentially exceed that. How would it feel to have a second, completely passive income from residual commissions? You can get there, and’s affiliate program can help.

Ready to apply to be a Kimp affiliate? Fill out the form and someone will be in touch soon!

Author: Alex Tucker, Digital and Affiliate Marketer, and Kimp Affiliate.