Kimp Is A Clutch 2020 Top Global Creative & Design Agency

Kimp is thrilled to be a Clutch Top Global Creative & Design Agency. Clutch is a B2B market research firm that uses a unique ratings methodology to compare and contrast leaders across a wide variety of service industries!

The following in an excerpt from Clutch’s Press Release:

“Today, Clutch released their rankings for the top 210 creative and design companies on their platform. Located in the heart of Washington, DC their team selects Leader Award winners across multiple categories. 

Clutch highlights the top 15 companies in 14 categories:

  • Architectural designers
  • Creative agencies
  • Design agencies
  • Digital agencies
  • Graphic designers
  • Interior designers
  • Logo designers
  • Packaging designers
  • Corporate photography companies
  • Print designers
  • Product designers 
  • UX agencies
  • Video production companies
  • Web designers

Companies are selected for Leader Awards based on set criteria. Clutch’s team evaluates a company’s industry expertise and ability to deliver. 

“When it comes to these Leaders, one word comes to mind — innovation,” said Clutch Customer Experience Analyst Michael Trim. “These companies have demonstrated a level of passion and integrity that are valuable assets to anyone looking for a creative partner.”

“In a year like 2020 that has been so unpredictable, we’re grateful for the support of our clients and the opportunity to design for them.”

– Ven Velnaya, Co-Founder & Director of Sales

We’re incredibly proud to be a Clutch Top Global Creative & Design Agency. Especially as our wonderful clients are the reason Kimp has gained this recognition, and come so far in such a challenging year. They took time out of their day to engage with Clutch representatives to assess our impact on their operations. And they evaluated us based on our quality, attention to deadlines, and overall project management.

Take a look at the feedback they’ve left with the Clutch team on how we’ve served them and their projects:

I’ve been super pleased with their work. Whenever a customer sends me a picture of their printed item, I send the response back to so that everyone can see. It’s a nice thing when a designer receives positive feedback, and they’re doing a fabulous job.” 

– CEO, Multimedia Entertainment Agency

“I’ve done a lot of different tools through Kimp’s service, and every time I share them with the team or our customers, they’re met with overwhelming positivity. It’s hard to point to any one piece of content as the critical factor in acquiring certain levels of business. But the glowing reviews and the overall business we’ve been able to drive with Kimp’s work as a part of our sales process have been undeniably impactful. Being able to create this content through Kimp has been a huge enabler; I struggle to see where I’d be now without them.” 

– Director, Storage & Fulfillment Company

Thank you to each and every one of our clients for the opportunity to support you with your designs!