Instagram Marketing: 6 IG Features Every Marketer Should Use

More than a decade ago, a photo-sharing app called Burbn was developed by Kevin Systrom. Today the app has grown to become one of the most visually engaging social media platforms – a powerhouse of marketing. Do you know which platform we are talking about? Of course, the title gave it away – Instagram. Businesses big and small spend a huge portion of their budget on Instagram marketing. If that’s you, then let’s talk about Instagram marketing in detail. And about the features on Instagram that you should be using. 

By the time you finish reading this blog post, if you do not get interrupted by an Instagram notification, we would be surprised. That’s the reach of the platform after all. The endless scrolling and the limitless possibilities of discovering ideas and brands have Reel-ed us all in after all. But yes, using Instagram as a brand might be very different from using the platform for sharing personal content. Because with your Instagram page you are painting a picture of your brand. You are creating a virtual experience for your customers and leads. So, let’s find out how you can make the most of the business-friendly features on Instagram to take your Instagram marketing game to the next level. 

Why Instagram marketing is something brands cannot ignore 

With more than 2 billion active users around the world, Instagram is a great place for brands to generate new leads and stay in touch with their existing customers. And one of the main reasons why brands take Instagram seriously is its impressive engagement rate. On average, the engagement rate of an Instagram post is estimated to be 13.5 times better than that of a Facebook post. 

Building brand awareness and staying ahead of the competition becomes simpler when you have a strong social media strategy. Knowing that nearly 63% of Instagram users use the app on an everyday basis if you strategically position your brand in front of the right audience and convince them to follow you, you get ample opportunities for engagement. People are more likely to trust and transact with a brand they see every day. 

Each month around 130 million Instagram users click on Shopping posts. So, besides promoting your brand, the platform can also bring in some direct sales when you plan it right. Summing it up, brand introduction to customers, consistent interaction, productive engagement, a boost in sales – everything is possible with a robust Instagram marketing strategy. Despite all these benefits, not all brands make the same impact. Some might earn thousands for followers but no sales and others might be running short on the follower count but see a lot of sales. And there are others who see neither the engagement they expect nor the much-needed boost in sales. So, what makes them different? The difference could be in the proper use of Instagram features. Remember that this social media platform is a gold mine of opportunities for marketers. Hence, let’s discuss those Instagram features that actually add value to your marketing strategy. 

6 Instagram features that can enhance your Instagram marketing strategy 

Just when you think you have understood Instagram and figured out a way to beat the algorithm, there’s a new update and you are back to square one. Has this happened to you? We get it! That’s the situation on most social media platforms. It’s not just your content on these platforms that are fighting for customer attention – even the social media platforms are. 

We all know about the recent outcry of people wanting to “make Instagram Instagram again”.

From an increase in the number of ads displayed to the volume of recommended posts constantly increasing, there have been many features on Instagram that have been criticized by users from around the world. Meta is therefore taking things slow and working on keeping the platform in line with the trends while also keeping things favorable for both the brands and regular users on Instagram. 

If all that makes Instagram marketing seem overwhelming, then here are the most useful Instagram features that you should be utilizing for maximizing your ROI. 

1. Professional Dashboard 

This is perhaps the most happening place for anyone with a Creator or Business account on Instagram. From insights into your audience to the engagement on your posts, the professional dashboard is where you track the performance of your brand page on Instagram. So, if you aren’t already using it, start using the Professional Dashboard more. 

For brands that are just starting out, this is also the place to find the most credible resources about new features and other updates on Instagram. 

There are two features that particularly come in handy – partnership inbox and creator marketplace. 

  • The Creator Marketplace lets you get in touch with relevant creators for partnerships. Influencer marketing is a huge trend and it is known to bring good ROI for brands. Instead of hunting for a needle in the haystack, you can narrow down creators based on factors like their interest in partnering with your brand, previous mentions of your brand, and others. You can also further narrow down the list based on geographical location, age, follower count, and other factors. 
  • The partnership inbox is where brands can track all their communication with the creators they are partnering with. So, this will be a place that gives you an overview of your creator outreach and communication with the creators who you had worked with in the past. In short, this is one place you will find handy if you are working on your influencer marketing strategy. 
2. Link in Bio 

You must have heard this a hundred times before and we would like to repeat it here as well. Adding a Link to your Instagram Bio is a step you simply cannot ignore. It’s the link that’s displayed at the top of your brand page where customers quickly read about your brand. 

A direct link to your homepage is one way to use Instagram to drive traffic to your website. But you only get to add one link to the Bio section. So, if you wish to provide your visiting customers multiple paths to proceed, then there are many tools that let you create a custom landing page where all your relevant links are displayed. You can also use these tools to add individual links to blog posts and product pages from the respective posts displayed on the landing page. 

Kimp Tip: Irrespective of the tool you use to create your Link in Bio, ensure that you fully customize the page for your brand. Most of these tools let you change the graphics like background images and other media. Ensure that they are all in line with your brand identity design. 

3. Instagram Shopping 

While bringing in new leads is a struggle, convincing them to place an order is an even bigger challenge. Cart abandonment continues to be one of the main concerns for brands. One of the best ways to tackle serious issues like cart abandonment will be to reduce the sales funnel. In other words, minimizing the number of steps involved in placing the order will increase the chances of an order getting placed. Instagram Shop can be your answer to that. 

Brands can now create a custom storefront on Instagram. This is where you list your products, add a brief description and link them to the respective product pages. Customers can also directly get in touch with the brand through messages to know more about the product. 

To make the most of Instagram Shopping, besides adding the “View Shop” button on your page, you can also start adding product tags in Reels and photos you share on your Grid and Story. This lets you showcase your products in action and therefore explain to your customers the value you create. 

Kimp Tip: You can add both photos and videos to your Instagram Shop listings and product details pages and collections pages. Catchy product images and clear demo videos can positively impact purchase decisions. They help customers know more about the product without leaving the page. Around 44% of Instagram users shop directly from Instagram Shops. So, make the most of this space. 

Want to create stunning product listing images and demo videos without worrying about these visuals deviating from your brand design? Choose a Kimp Graphics + Video subscription. 

4. Pinned posts 

Pinned post on Facebook, pinned Tweet on Twitter, Featured Video on YouTube  – we have experienced this feature on almost all social media platforms and now Instagram has it too. If you have a brand story video or a video that introduces your team, an image slideshow that summarizes what your brand does, you can always add it as a pinned post. 

The first 3 posts on your Grid can be pinned posts. This way, when you post regular content, your essential information like the brand intro information does not get buried in your Grid. As a brand, you should be using this more often. This will be like the homepage of your Instagram brand page. So, customers who are looking to know more about your brand will always know where to find the details. 

Kimp Tip: Instagram allows both photos and Reels to be pinned. Since these are going to be static on your Grid, create the most brand-relevant design that incorporates your brand colors, a copy that sells your idea instantly, and the right visual style to set the mood of your brand page. 

Want to create a short and catchy animated brand introduction video for Instagram? The Kimp team can help. 

5. Dual-camera mode for Story and Reels 

Reels have become indispensable items in a brand’s Instagram marketing content calendar. You need Reels to drive engagement and to increase your reach too. So, here is a little Reel feature for you to try. 

Instagram now lets you shoot videos in the dual camera mode both for Story posts and Reels. This way you can have both your front and rear cameras active while you record your videos. This comes in handy for brands that regularly post behind-the-scene content and other updates directly on their Story. With the dual camera mode you get to keep yourself visible on the screen, for that human touch, while also letting the process you wish to document take the center stage. 

Using this feature occasionally ensures that your customers get to see the person behind the camera and not just your products and processes. Did you know that Instagram posts with a face are estimated to bring 38% more likes than posts without? 

6. Remix with Reels 

Creating cohesive content is the key to consistently telling your brand story and communicating your ideas to your customers. Remix is one feature that lets you do this more effectively on your brand page. And this feature lets you remix old photos and videos from your own page as well as from the content of other creators. 

You can use this idea in many ways. For example, if you have an old post promoting an upcoming product, you can later add a Remix reel with the product demo. Or you can get into conversations by remixing an old post on your page, perhaps the first post on your Grid or the first sale you made. Throwback remix Reels are great ways to show your customers how far your brand has come. 

The Remix feature also comes in handy when you wish to collaborate with creators by remixing their content. For example, if you come across a video where a creator talks about problems or challenges faced in doing a particular task, you can create a Remix reel that shows how your products can solve the said problem. Use your creativity to reach out to potential creators who might be valuable influencers for your brand. 

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