How We Pivoted From A Design Agency To Kimp

Hey, I’m Senthu Velnayagam, Co-Founder and Director of Innovations at, a productized service and graphic design startup.

Kimp provides professional graphic design services to clients around the world that range from startups, to SMBs, to nonprofits, to marketing agencies.

The common denominator for our clients is that they have recurring graphic design needs, but they don’t have the capacity to constantly be onboarding designers. In some cases, budget constraints are also an issue. Which is what makes our work so rewarding.

We offer a subscription for the flat fee of $389/mo, that kicks off with a free 7-day trial, making professional graphic design more accessible. Discounts are available for our nonprofit clients as well. Through Kimp, we provide clients access to a dedicated team, and consistent turnarounds, on a month-to-month basis. So our clients can sign up for our services as they need them, and cancel as they don’t.

This in turn helps them get new business ideas off the ground; or to scale in ways that they previously weren’t able to; or in the case of nonprofits and social enterprises, reach more people than ever with positive messages. And we get to do this while creating full-time employment opportunities for designers who love working on such a wide range of projects.

Kimp came together in 2018 and was launched in early 2019. To date we’ve served over 1400 clients. It took about 3 months to become profitable. And those 3 months were as excruciating as they were exhilarating. Because we didn’t just launch a new startup. We were pivoting a business model that was no longer working, into one that we believed would.

And here we are, nearly a year and a half later, making plans to innovate and grow, and supporting our team and clients through a pandemic. If you asked me a year ago where I thought we’d be when mid-2020 rolled around, I definitely would’ve said the first part of that sentence. And not the second. But Covid-19 is proving to be a bigger test than our pivot ever was…read the full interview on Starter Story!