Covid-19 Response: Kimp Has Shifted To Working Remotely

Well, it hasn’t been the start to 2020 that any of us anticipated. But the course of this year and the overall impact of Covid-19 still remains to be seen. And we can still take action to minimize risks and ensure everyone’s safety.

At Kimp we have been carefully monitoring the news and implementing the recommendations from government and health authorities regarding the evolving pandemic. It’s been unnerving at times and we know our clients are going through the same roller coaster of emotions. Through emails, chats and phone calls we’ve learned of your uncertainty. We’ve related to your concerns about public health and safety – about the safety of loved ones.

And we are deeply grateful for the inquiries about the Kimp teams’ safety and wellbeing.

How We’re Tackling Covid-19

Over the past two weeks, we prepared our teams to work remotely and gradually shifted everyone out of our offices. Though we had already started implementing measures to ensure social distancing and educating our team members on how they could keep themselves, and their loved ones safe, we knew this was not enough.

Increasing measures were being taken for public safety each day. And we didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks and leave our team members or our clients negatively impacted.

How This Impacts Workflow

Fortunately, very minimally. All in-person meetings have become phone or video calls. And like so many of you, we’re doing deeper dives into the world of working remotely, and figuring out how to stay connected and support one another.

Sometimes that’s as simple as trading war stories as, for some of us, we get used to working at home with our difficult new co-workers, our children or our parents. 😉 And for others, that means sharing their OOTD for the quick commute to the living room/kitchen/home office – wherever creativity seems to strike best. Pajama chic is very in for Spring 2020. 🙂

Our Commitment To Our Clients

We are doing everything possible to help you through these tough times. We will continue to deliver our design services to our clients throughout this pandemic. And we’ve set up our new remote workflows to ensure that this will be possible.

We’re also ready to go above and beyond as well. Our designers have each committed to working additional time to provide more output to clients who really need extra support during this trying time. 

Our live chat will also continue to be available 24×7.

Supporting you and your organization during this uncertain time is a priority for us. If there is anything else we can do to help you, and your team, stay productive while working remotely, please feel free to reach out.

We’ve Got You, And We Know You’ve Got Us

From all of us at Kimp, we’re here for you. And we have never been more grateful for the opportunity to design for you.

Thank you.