Graphic Design Trends 2023 – What Brands Should Know

Have you found it overwhelming to keep up with the design trends in recent years? Blink and you miss the trend. That’s how it has been. We don’t blame you. But as a business owner, you need to know the trends that are making a splash. You always need to be one step ahead of your competitors. And to make that easy, we bring to you the graphic design trends 2023. This is a list of possible design trends that are likely to rock the world of marketing. And yes some of them have been gradually creeping in and so they might be no surprise to you.

And these trends matter why exactly? Because your brand is not the only one your target audience sees. They see brands everywhere follow a particular visual trend, they automatically start looking at brands that don’t follow these trends as outdated. You don’t want that for your brand, do you? And adopting the trends is one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of this social media-loving generation. 

For that reason, brands hunt high and low for graphic design trends to plan their campaigns. Planning this hunt at the end of the year gives you a head start. We’re preparing to bid adieu to 2022. It was 2020 only yesterday, we know. Reality bites! So, here we are with the graphic design trends 2023. The visual trends that we anticipate will make it big this coming year. 

Graphic design trends 2023 – what’s coming/going 

1. Say yes to geometric shapes 

Geometric shapes have been used widely in graphic design. And we think they might be used on a larger scale in 2023. Geometric shapes feel stable, predictable. But yes, you can creatively manipulate the dynamics of the design to display your brand’s authenticity. If you are considering adopting geometric shapes in your branding or marketing designs, 2023 might be a good time to test the waters. 

Fluidity is important in graphic design. In fact, it sums up the idea of creativity. But then, when it comes to branding designs, a sense of stability beats that. Stability or a sense of order helps establish credibility. There is visual harmony when you create designs with geometric shapes. 

Here is a logo created by Kimp incorporating geometric shapes. 

Logo design by Kimp 

As you can see, geometric shapes and patterns also carry an air of sophistication about them. What’s more? You can easily create flat designs with geometric shapes and flat designs have been a hit in recent years. We might see more brands using geometric shapes as background patterns in marketing designs or even in the core branding materials. Why, we have even seen the growing popularity of low poly art and polyline illustration styles. And these use the visual order that geometric shapes bring. 

2. Motion graphics continues to top the chart 

We live in the age of anamorphic billboards and animated logos. So, it should come as no surprise that 2023 will see more motion graphics in marketing. 

Product demo videos, testimonials – the choices are plenty but you have to try them out. And the best part is that you do not even have to have a professional video shoot or sophisticated equipment that lets you record videos for your brand. You can achieve similar results with simple animated graphics, and 2D animations to set your idea in motion. 

For example, take a look at this video below. It uses still images and animated typography to create a catchy promotion. 

Video design by Kimp

With the content overload on social media, users are more likely to stop and take a look at videos more than images. Don’t believe us. Monitor your social media usage. Observe how much time you spend watching videos and how much you interact with static image posts. You’ll have your answer right there, in favor of using more videos. 

In 2022, 66% of marketers report having increased or at least maintained their video marketing budget. So, this is a timeless trend totally worth your time. If you want to make a drastic move in 2023 and cut through the noise, try creating more Reels for your brand, use videos in Stories, or incorporate video ads. 

The good news is that video design is not as expensive as you think. There are video design subscription services like Kimp. Your video needs for different platforms are all taken care of in a single monthly bill. And with Kimp, you save even more if you choose to combine graphic design and video design for your brand. Set up a call with the team and find out what works for you. 

3. Time to go sans serif 

Serif fonts have a traditional vibe. There are some fancy decorative ones, vintage styles as well as convenient legible serif fonts that are easy on the eyes. And we have seen them quite a lot. However, we have recently noticed many brands ride the sans-serif wave. We see sans serif fonts on logos, social media designs, and several other places. 

Burberry and Yahoo are among the brands that went from a serif logo to sans serif in the past decade. This trend is more likely to continue. Sans serif logos are clean, modern, and versatile. They look good on both digital and print designs. And that makes them perfect for the current-day omnichannel marketing approach. Naturally, more brands are willing to explore sans-serif styles and you should too. 

Here is a clean and elegant logo with a sans-serif font. 

Logo design by Kimp

And look at this billboard design to see how sans-serif fonts make the text easier to read, even from a distance. 

Billboard design by Kimp 

Sans serif fonts even look good on irregular surfaces like packaging. So, brands that are looking for standard brand fonts to use across their designs are likely to explore sans serif more in the coming year. 

4. Be ready for new adventures in typography 

While we do see more sans serif fonts in marketing, one other font-related trend worth exploring in the graphic design trends 2023 list will be experimental typography. Elongated letters with extended strokes, distorted fonts, and decorative serif fonts are all likely to become more popular. 

Typography-heavy designs have been quite popular. We have seen many social media posts and modern logos using only fonts. We add visuals to add depth to the design and to capture the message more meaningfully. Typography has the power to bring in character and sometimes this happens even without visuals. And when visuals are used, they are merely there to support the typography. 

In short, one of the graphic design trends 2023 that has got most designers is the new experimental typography we are likely to see. 

Here is an example of how simple things like manipulating the kerning can cause a visible change in the mood of the design. Without the overlap, this would have been a simple logo. But the overlap makes the design unique and gives it a new dimension. 

Logo design by Kimp 

We anticipate that brands might start exploring creative manipulation of traditional serif fonts and use them on their social media ads and branding designs. Because serif fonts are sophisticated and there is a stability they carry. A modernized take on these fonts by reducing the stroke width and playing with the length and curvature of the strokes helps maintain stability while also keeping the typography relevant to modern times. That’s one way a modern brand can use serif typefaces in its designs. 

5. You might find more nostalgia-inducing styles 

Can you believe that it’s two decades past Y2K? We can’t either. But we saw a lot of Y2K trends resurfacing in the world of fashion, interior design, and graphic design too. From Vaporwave style to grunge, several Y2K designs might make a comeback. 

Y2K styles ruled the world of fashion both on the runway and in street fashion. Keeping up with the styles that won the hearts of consumers in 2022, brands have been exploring Y2K styles in design too. So, this is another style to add to your watchlist for 2023. 

Other than Y2K designs, we saw vintage colors trending in 2022. This trend is likely to continue in 2023 too. Besides using retro palettes brands might also go with muted retro themes as these have been doing the rounds in the world of interior design as well. 

In addition to Y2K styles, and retro muted palettes there might also be pop art and other vintage elements like pop art and neon styles. In short, brands exploring retro themes and evoking nostalgia might be a common trend in 2023 as it has been recently. 

6. Illustrations, but with a twist 

Custom illustrations are expressive and they bring your ideas to life. That’s why both in branding and marketing they come in handy. Among the digital marketing trends 2023, an increase in the use of illustrations is one trend worth your attention. And that’s a good thing because with illustration you can define your custom style and create a strong and memorable visual identity for your brand. 

Brands are getting more creative with all styles of illustrations including doodle art and 3D illustrations. These can be used to personalize packaging design, bring infographics to life, or even in explainer videos and other places. 

Infographic design by Kimp 

When brands like Instagram continue to use illustrations to get the message across to their audience, you cannot take the trend lightly. 

The sure-shot way for your brand to survive the competition and build strong customer relationships is through working on your narrative techniques. Tell a strong story and you make a connection. That’s why illustrations work. 

So, yes, start using illustrations in your marketing designs. If you think it’s just not your style, think again. There are several kinds of illustrations to explore. And you are sure to find one that fits your brand’s personality. We also have a blog on using custom illustrations in case you are looking for more inspiration on where to start. 

7. Prepare to experiment with brutalism and anti-design 

As more and more people talk about staged ads and phony ideas on social media, brands are trying their best to stay authentic, stay raw. And one visual style that captures the essence of “raw” is brutalism. This style focuses more on the textures, the patterns, and the feeling of the design rather than aiming for perfectionism. 

There is an intended lack of organization in some designs that follow the brutalism style. But it aims to create character out of chaos. It aims to mimic the uncertainty of reality. That’s what makes this style unique and worth your attention. 

With the rise of trends like minimal viable brands and minimalism, a visual style that also relies on keeping it fuss-free and embraces the crude strengths of the elements is likely to make an appearance in 2023. So, if you are a brand that likes to keep things original, as-is designs that break the silence and monotony on social media help you grab attention.  

8. Embrace the dark mode

Brands have been pretty cautious about designing for the dark mode. Because 81.9% of smartphone users use their devices in dark mode. So, one thing we predict for the graphic design 2023 trends is the increase in the use of dark themes in designs. Brands do not shy away from using black and dark themes in their marketing graphics anymore. 

Social media design by Kimp 

Designs like these look good against both light and dark-colored backdrops. So, we anticipate seeing more dark themes in the year 2023. 

Kimp Tip: 

Even if you go with a dark theme, remember to give your brand colors priority. Instead of using too many clashing colors, stick with just one or two. And there should be a clear reason to why choose each color and what role it plays in the design. For example, it could be because you want to capture the seasonal theme or because you want to create a hierarchy through color variations. With a simple palette and a clear message, optimizing for the dark mode is not that difficult, after all. 

Confused about the colors to choose for dark-themed designs, leave it to the Kimp team

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